This summer I spent my holidays on a campsite. My hair had grown since I had shaved my head on New Year’s Day. This then was eight months of growing hair and I wanted to get rid of my hair again during the holidays.

I did have a lot of fun with my growing hair and I enjoyed shampooing it and masturbating with of full head of shampooed hair. On the campsite I went to the showers every day and washed my hair but I also looked out for someone who might enjoy shaving my head.

One morning standing under the shower I watched another man standing naked in front of the mirror shaving his head. I got hard immediately and I was still hard when I came out of the shower and I couldn’t hide my erection. He smiled at me and said: “I guess you like what you see?” – “Yes, very much, I use to have my head shaved as well from time to time and I like seeing other men shaving their heads.”

“Well, come with me and see me at my place. We can talk a bit and get to know each other. My name is Dave.” – “I’m John, I would love to come with you.” So, we went to his tent and had a beer together.

While we were drinking I told him: “Dave, I have planned to shave my head again during these holidays and it would be nice to get it shaved by you.” – “Well, that sounds great and I would love to do it for you.”

“Maybe you can come over to my tent as I’ve got all the tools we need.” I said. “What about doing it today?” Dave asked. “Oh yes, the sooner the better. I will come over and pick you up that you find me.” – “But we should do it before it’s getting dark. I have a special treatment for you.” Dave said.

Dave came over to my tent towards the evening and he brought some tools as well. Amongst them was a straight razor and I got very excited and hard when I saw it. “That was just the dream I had, getting my head shaved with a straight razor.” I said. “Then come on, I know a nice place where we can do it.”

We left the campsite and Dave led me to a hidden mudpool not far away.

“Now we take off our clothes.” Dave said and started taking off his own. Then he ripped my T-shirt apart and also he shorts I was wearing and I stood naked in front of him.

He turned me round and walking behind me he pushed me into the pool.

We went deeper and deeper into the pool and suddenly he grabbed me from behind and we both fell backwards into the mud. I was lying on top of him and felt his penis finding its way into my ass. He was obviously lying on the ground of the pool only his head above the mud. He grabbed my long hair and worked the mud all through. After a few minutes he pulled me backwards and we were both completely in the mud from head to toe.

“Now sit on the ground and let me see your muddy face and hair.” Dave said. He sat opposite to me and we grabbed more mud with our hands and put it on our heads. I enjoyed feeling Dave’s shaved head under the mud and he had fun putting lots of mud on my head.

Dave went out of the pool to get the tool for shaving my head and when he returned I saw that he also had brought a mirror. He gave it to me and told me to sit in front of him. He put again lots of mud on my head and with his hands he slicked my hair back. I had the mirror in my hand and watched the procedure that was going to start now.

He took the straight razor and started with the straight razor shaving my head from my forehead to my neck. I saw and felt my hair falling down on my naked muddy body and holding the mirror in one hand I started musturbating while he continued shaving my head. From time to time he put more wet mud on my head and shaved all my hair slowly off.

Finally he washed my bald head with lots of mud until no hair was to be seen anymore. He started masturbating as well and when he was hard he guided his penis into my ass again and while I was masturbating I felt his warm sperm shooting up my ass.

In the meantime I was also very hard and we took turns in fucking each other. While I pushed my penis up and down his ass I put lots of mud on my shaved head and soon I could shoot my load into him as well.

“Wow, that was a great session.” I said. “I enjoyed it as well very much.” Dave answered. Now it had got dark and naked as we were we took our clothes and went back to the camp site. Everyony seemed to be asleep and so we could get under the shower without being seen by anyone. But after such an event I wouldn’t have cared. We both went under one shower and washed off the mud from our bodies.

The next days we always met in the shower and I shaved shaved Dave’s head and he shaved mine. We also spent some time in our tents during the day and fucked our brains off. When our holidays were over we promised each other to stay in contact and it does work. We exchange videos from shaving our heads and all of them end with an orgasm. We also shave our heads while we are on Skype and these are the best headshave sessions we are able to have without meeting personally.




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