A small cube truck stopped outside my flat earlier today and I saw that some folks were moving in to a flat across the road from mine. The driver of the truck was one of the handsomest studs that I had seen in a long time. I decided that then and there I was going to stand behind the curtain and jerk off while I watched him. He opened the driver’s door and climbed out. He was around 35, fair skinned, and dirty blonde hair. He had green shorts on and an open vest, from which I could see nice firm pecks and a nice pair of man tits with nice nipples. I had the window open and I could hear him speaking to the other folk. They were speaking about the cost of the move and settled on a fee. He was handed a cheque and I heard the people say they would be gone for about 5 or 6 hours running errands. When he was done just lock the door behind him. They shook hands and the owners left. He stood there a moment rubbing is hard six Pac torso god I found him hot and I imagined him in a uniform making me suck his cock and then fucking my ass good and hard. I bet he was hung like a horse.

It was hot today and he was drinking a lot of water from a bottle he had in his hand. I was standing behind the blinds looking at him - hoping he didn't see me. He went to the truck and opened the back doors of it. It looked like it would take him an hour or so to empty it. I thought to my self, damn there is time for me to go to the washroom and douche and then get my dildo out of my room and then watch him through the curtains while I pushed it up my ass. I practically ran to the washroom grabbed my enema bag and filled it with warm water and then douched. It only took 5 minutes. Then I darted to my bedroom and got my dildo and poppers out of my dresser drawer and rushed back to the living room window. Good, he had hardly started to unload the truck. He looked so hot. As I watched him I took a few deep sniffs of poppers and then placed the head of the lubed dildo against my puckering hole. Slowly I inserted it while I stared intently at the stud across the street from me. It took him about an hour to unload the truck and I had a good fuck session while I watched and fantasized about him. But I didn’t cum, I wanted to play with my various dildos after he left and pretend that he was working my body over. When the truck was empty I saw him put his arms in the air and stretch. His chest bulged out and his crotch tightened. Damn he must be hung. He closed the rear doors of the truck. I watched him take his vest off and wipe his face with it. I could see his sweaty body from all the going back and forth. Then he sauntered over to the driver’s door to get in. I thought that was the end of me watching him - He sat in the truck gunned the motor, but instead of driving off he came out and went to the other side of the truck. Right in front of my front window. He opened the passenger door, as if to hide himself looked around to see if anyone was watching and then he pulled out a rather large dick from his shorts and started to piss - right in front of my eyes. He had a large uncut dick at least 5 inches soft. I could see it very clearly. He was standing there pissing pulling the foreskin up and down as the yellow nectar was gushing out - he had drunk a lot of water during work. I must have moved out from behind the curtain for a second because suddenly he looked up and our eyes locked. I was in shock and moved out of sight afraid he saw me...but I couldn't stay long without seeing what was going on. I peeped again and he was still there, looking at me, his dick still out but not pissing anymore. I looked at his dick and wasn't sure if it really looked a little larger and harder then before or it was just my active imagination. Finally he put himself back in his shorts, and went back to the driver’s seat but he didn't drive away. He backed the truck up and then turned into my driveway and just sat there for a few minutes. He turned the engine off and locked the truck and walked across my driveway in the direction of my front door.

Before I knew it there was a light knock on my door. I pulled myself together and grabbed my shorts and put them on and then opened the door. There he stood. No shirt, sweaty, and a slight tent in his green shorts. In his sexy deep masculine accent he asked me if perhaps I could let him have a shower. He was going to have one over at the place he moved stuff into but had locked the door before he could do so. Well I couldn’t refuse a stud like this and maybe just maybe he would let me service him. I let him in and closed the door behind him. I told him that I was Lucas. And he told me he was Nebraska. I showed him the way to the bathroom and got him a fresh towel. I asked him if he would like a drink, he mumbled sure. I also thought fast and said I don’t think you want to get back into these dirty clothes when you are clean, how about I through them into the washer and dryer and you can wear my robe till they are done. He said sure and then entered the bathroom. He then took off his clothes and standing full nude in front of me, handed me his stuff. God he was magnificent. I took his clothes and quickly turned away and went to the laundry room. I heard him turn on the shower and I let out a sigh. Oh God please please please let this turn into a fantasy. I went to the living room and opened the bar and poured him a scotch and soda. Then I poured myself a triple Vodka Stinger and downed it in one gulp. I poured myself one more drink but just a regular this time. I heard Nebraska call me from the washroom. I went into the bathroom with our drinks and could see him soaping himself up through the shower curtain. I asked what it was he wanted. He said would you mind scrubbing my back, I can’t get one spot. Then he said maybe you should take off your clothes so they don’t get wet. I was felt woozy I was going to be in the nude with this hot stud. I handed him his drink. He nodded to me clinked the edge of my glass and said salute. Then in one gulp he downed it. I followed suit. I quickly stripped and stepped into the shower with him. He turned around presenting his back to me and I grabbed a wash cloth and started to clean his back. Oh God, he was a hunk, he was firm everywhere. After a couple of minutes, he turned around. He had a warm smile on his face and then said ah, that feels so much better. Thank you for your hospitality my friend. He stood there for a moment looking me in the eyes with his deep blue ones. Then with his arms spread widely he wrapped them around me, leaning into me and looked deep into my eyes and put his lips to mine and kissed me with all he had, rubbing our bodies together. I could smell him, fresh, clean and manly. And horny. I could feel his hardening cock against my own. His cock was hard I saw how huge he really was. His masterpiece was at full mast. He was a good 10 inches long and thick too. It reminded me of Jeff Strykers Cock. Then he reached for the shampoo and put some in his hand. He rubbed them together to make lather and then he began to soap up my body, rubbing his strong manly hands all over me. He worked his hands up and down, first rubbing my tits and then down my chest to my hard cock and then put his arms around me and pulled me into him. He planted his mouth on mine and french kissed me passionately. Then his soapy hands moved down my back massaging it and over my butt cheeks and then they spread them apart and he touched my hole with one of his fingers. I trembled. Since my hole was loosened up from the dildo that I had used, his finger slid in without using any pressure at all. We both gasped at the same time. Me from pure pleasure and him from the amazement of such easy access. He pulled his head back from mine and looked me in the eyes and smiled and then said, you like, Ya. I nodded and replied, oh Ya, I like. He laughed and then hugged me tighter and slipped his finger into my ass as far as it would go. I moaned a sigh of pleasure. And he said OH YA, good Ya good. I reached around to his hand and pulled his finger out. He had a surprised look on his face. I guided his hands in circular motion over my ass cheeks. And then I looked at him deep in the eyes and then reached through the shower curtains for my poppers that were on the shelf beside the shower. I held them up and showed him. Then I uncorked it and took a couple of deep sniffs. He watched me intently. I don’t think he knew what I was doing. I recapped the bottle and put it on the shelf and then reached behind me took one of his hands and squeezed his four fingers together and then placed them against my eager hole. Then I did what I do best. I pushed out my inner hole and made the opening vibrate and pulsate, then urged him to start pushing them in. He smiled deeply and obliged me. His manly fingers entered my hole. It opened up wide to accept this stud. I was moaning in ecstasy and he was making little cluck cluck noises as he penetrated me further and further. He massaged the inside of my hole and kept saying over and over again. Oh Ya, Oh Ya. Gooood He played with my ass for a good 10 minutes. Then I took his fingers out of my ass and turned the water off. We dried each other and went to the bedroom - both of us understood what we both wanted.

He laid on his back on my bed and I was on top of him, kissing and licking, I went down to his nipples and started licking and sucking them and he was moaning - he was a huge man and I would have never guessed he was into guys, and that really turned me on to see him enjoy what I was doing to

him. After being done with his nipples, I went

down to his reddish pubes and then to that hard dick. It was like a

feast for me - I went up and down, pulling on his foreskin, licking his balls which were hairy and hanging nicely.

As I looked up while sucking I saw him pulling on both his nipples - damn that made me even harder. Then he reached down and took my head off of his pulsating cock and gently rolled over on top of me. He then kissed me deeply and then licked me down my neck to my nipples that he gently chewed and sucked on. Then he worked his was down to my crotch and sucked me. He lift my legs up to get a better reach of my asshole - He took his mouth off my cock and started eating my eager pulsating hole and I was moaning loud now - real loud. He pulled me up to him till our lips met again with my legs still up and now his dick was rubbing against my dick and balls. I wiggled my ass and looked at him as if saying - FUCK ME.

I was lubed from him eating me and there was a condom on the desk beside my bed, so he put a rubber on then handed my bottle of poppers and I took a few deep long sniffs as he just

rubbed his dick against my rear hole. I recapped the bottle and then he looked into my eyes. He knew it was time and started pushing in – Entering my hot hole with his 10 thick inches. Slowly going further and further in deeper and deeper until his balls slapped against my cheeks. I moaned deeply with pleasure and he smiled and pursed his lips and let out a gasp. And shook his head. Oh Ya Good Good. Then we were kissing and I could feel him move his cock around inside of me while I lay under him like a submissive bottom. I rested both legs on his shoulders

and he was going in and out of my sweet tight ass. He was moaning and still kissing me, and was fucking me and rubbing my man tits and hard nipples. I knew that it would end too fast if he continued in this position I love best, so I urgered him to pull out and then flipped over on all 4's and let him take me doggie style. He pushed my head into the mattress

and had total control over me. I was in heaven. He was piston fucking me hard and deep, and licking my back But his moans were the best part - I love to hear a man enjoying what he’s doing to me.

He flipped me on my back again and started fucking again knowing that it will end soon.

He started to pick up a pace and soon enough I felt his rock hard rod Cumming – filling my hot hole. He glued his lips to mine and as he French kissed me he poured his love into me. He hugged me in a big bear hug and he was shooting and shooting and shooting – then I started to cum too, without even touching my cock. Then I knew it was good because I had never cum that way before, it had been a long time since I had such a strong orgasm. He fell on top of me and we lay there for a few moments.

After a couple of minutes, he just got up, got dressed and

said only - Back to work. Before he left he kissed me deeply and then he slipped me his card with his phone number. No doubt I'll call him soon for another fucking session like the one he had.





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