My last holidays I started driving during the night and I picked up a nice looking guy who wanted a lift. I had been in the car the whole night and short time after sunrise we reached a motorway station where I wanted to stop for a shower and a breakfast.

As I had picked up my front-seat passenger in the middle of the night at the last motorway station I had stopped for filling up petrol I had not really seen how beautiful that guy looked and I was blown away when I saw him in daylight. He had dark hair about half an inch long and blue eyes. I invited him for breakfast but first I wanted to have a shower to be refreshed.

He said that he also would be very fond of a shower and so we went to the reception to ask for the keys of the shower. There were two shower cabins opposite to each other with no curtains but we did not care and entered the cabins after we had taken off our cloths.

As I had not managed to shave my head before I left for my holidays I wanted to do that now and then get to breakfast with a fresh shaved head. The other guy turned on his shower and turned his back to me. I did not turn on my shower yet but I took my clipper and started shaving my head in the shower.

The other guy had turned off his shower to shampoo his body but then he heard the noise of my clipper and I saw his mouth and eyes standing wide open watching me shaving my head. He smiled at me and started shampooing his body and as he reached his dick and balls he started masturbating.

I smiled back at him and also started to jack off. When I had finished shaving my head down to the skin I turned my shower on and as the water was coming down on me and rinsing my hair off from my body I took my penis in both hands and served it very well.

He did the same with his and finally we shot our sperm towards each other. Then I started applying shaving cream on my head and the guy came over to me, grabbed my dick and balls and started to do a really good job on me. My head was covered with shaving cream now and I could start shaving it with the razor now. My penis had grown to an enormous size by now and as I started shaving my head from my neck upwards to the top of my head, the other guy kneeled down in front of me and took my big tool into his mouth and sucked it still working on my balls with both hands.

Now I was shaving my head from my forehead backwards against the grain and I had the feeling that my penis grew bigger and bigger in that guy's mouth. Coming to the last spots that had to be shaved on my head I felt like having an explosion of my dick and I shot a big flush of sperm into the guy's throat. He swallowed it and said: 'Please, shave my head as well!'

I thought I had not heard right and said: 'Did I hear that you want your head shaved?'. - 'Yeah, that was so great what you did and I want that experience as well.' So we turned the shower off again and I dried his hair a bit with my hands. He was still on his knees in front of me and took his own dick now in both hands and masturbating it seriously he gasped: 'Shave my head, please, shave my head!' I took the clipper in my hand and looked into his eyes. 'Are your really sure that you want it?' - 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' he said and moved his penis that it got bigger and bigger. I then put the blade of the clipper on the skin of his forehead and shaved a track all over his head.

He started to quiver of excitement and panted: 'Shave it all off!' I shaved the top and the sides of his head down to the skin and then I told him to get up and turn around. My penis had got hard again and I pressed it against his back. He then bowed down a bit and took my dick and guided it into his ass. I then started fucking him and shaving the back of his head clean as well. He was still jacking off his own penis and when I had finished with the clipper we also finished with our dicks sending out another load of our nice juice.

We now turned the shower on again and washed his hair off from his body. Then I put the shaving cream on his head and started shaving with the razor. He touched my shaved head with his hands while I was shaving his and said: 'It does feel so nice, why didn't I get that idea before? This is the best sex I've ever had and from now on I will shave my head regularly and have great fun.'

When I had finished shaving his head he touched it with both hands and then he stood under the shower and had his fist orgasm with a fresh shaved head. We got dressed again and two shaved heads went into the restaurant for a really nice breakfast.

Then we continued our journey but before we had to say goodbye to each other we looked for a quiet place off the road and we fucked each other on the backseat of the car caressing and kissing each other's shaved head.



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