I don't remember exactly how the three of us ended up like this. The last thing I remember was being in the kitchen with Ted and the guy he works for, Matt, drinking warm punch and talking about Matt's new girlfriend. She wasn't at the party, Matt had arranged the bash before he met her and she couldn't make it to his house that night. He was telling us all the details of what sex they'd had on their first date and how she couldn't get enough of his cock, he couldn't get enough of her licking it and stroking it and sitting on it and...

And the next thing I know I'm waking up, the room is spinning around me and I'm lying next to someone. Sunlight is coming in through a window I don't recognise, someone is snoring near me and my mouth feels like the bottom of a parrot's cage.

After a few moments I realise where I am; still at Matt's house, but in someone's bed. I figure it's not mine so it must be his. I stare at the ceiling. No posters of pop stars or footballers like in my room. I look at the walls, a few photo's in frames, a suit hanging on the wardrobe door, it's the room of a thirty something man. Not the room of a nineteen year old student.

I hear a grunt and look closer to me. As I turn my head I realise that it's actually lying on someone's chest. A hairy, firm chest. A man's chest. Matt's. I try to move quietly away, but my arm is trapped beneath him. I raise my head a little - I can hear some other breathing. I see Ted. His spiky bleached hair looks even more out of place than usual. He's waking up too, his eyes are bleary, his face filmed with sweat. He has a hangover like mine. He blinks at me, works out where he is and somehow moves his face closer to mine.

We are staring at each other across the naked chest of the guy who was just bragging about his girlfriend. I look down. Matt is naked. I can see his toned chest give way to his flat stomach, dark hair around his belly button, rising and falling as he breathes quietly, lying on his back. I look down further. I can see the really black hair above a large cock that's lying against his thigh, soft. I can see his feet.

I can see Ted's feet too. My eyes move back up. I can, if I lift my head a bit more, see Ted's legs. Thin, hairless, shining in the morning light. His flesh is white and this makes his pubes stand out, jet black, short, in straight lines they frame his cock. He is now lying on his back and his cock is hard. He's woken up with a morning glory. Its head is purple, angry looking, swollen and glistening. I look up his chest, hairless, pink nipples circled with dark brown. His face, looking back at me, he's smiling.

I realise I am naked. I can feel the heat from the sleeping man's legs pressing against mine. I know I am hard too, I need to pee, but my arm is trapped. Now Ted is looking at me.

'What do we do?' he whispers. 'I'm trapped.'

'Me too,' I hiss back. 'How did we get here?'

'You don't remember?' He sounds incredulous.


Our whispering is interrupted. Matt grunts, smacks his lips, lets out a sigh. Something moves beneath me and I realise that I am lying on his arm. It pushes me and his large hand rests on my shoulder. I see the same thing is happening on Ted's side. We pull faces at each other. What now?

And then Matt's strong hand moves to my head and he holds my head in his palm. He is pushing me down, sliding me down his body. He is doing the same to Ted. Matt raises his back a little and my other arm is free. But the rest of me is now controlled by Matt's forceful grip. To accommodate him I slip a little further down his chest, but he pushes my face into his nipples. They are hard. I look at Ted. He is smiling. He opens his mouth and his tongue, dark from the punch he drank last night, starts searching for the nipple on his side. I don't believe it. I watch fascinated as Matt pushes my best mate's head down, right over his nipple and Ted starts to suck on it.

Matt's hand is pushing me in the same direction. I don't know what to do. I open my mouth and he guides my head onto its target. I feel the hot, hard mound of flesh in my dry mouth. I suck.

I feel something pushing and I raise my left leg up as Matt's heavy thigh pushes in, rubs its course hair against my straining cock and pins me to the bed. Somehow it feels good. Having an older, stronger body rubbing against my cock. It was hard before but suddenly now it feels like it will explode.

I don't have time to think about it. I am being pushed further down. I look at Ted, we are both being pushed lower. Whereas I just stare at my mate he never stops licking and kissing the muscled body that his lips are passing. Until our faces are only inches apart and there is nothing between us except dark pubic hair.

Matt can push me no lower. As I slide down his legs slides up between mine and now his foot is resting against my cock. His toenails are on my balls, and he starts to move them.

That feels good. I look at Ted, he smiles at me.

'Kiss me like you did last night,' he whispers to me like through some dream.

I don't understand. He slides towards me. He kisses me and looks downwards. I follow his gaze.

Matt's cock is now rock solid and waiting. Pointing straight up at us, his foreskin is pulled back, his single eye slippery and oozing. It's huge in my vision. I see Ted's hand on it, I see Ted slip just a little lower and then I follow.

And the next thing I know my lips are around the edge of Matt's cock, Ted is doing the same on the other side. We are kissing each other with this huge shaft of another guy's cock between our lips. Ted is sliding up from the base to tongue around the head then sliding his mouth down to the base again. I do the same so our lips meet around the cock-head and we kiss with it between our mouths.

The toes on my cock are starting to act like fingers somehow, I feel them pulling at my flesh, Matt's ankle is rubbing against me. I feel like I'll piss myself or come at any moment.

And all the time me and my best mate are using our mouths to wank the straight guy in the bed. I can feel Matt's hands around my face as he grabs me and Ted together. He's using us to wank himself off, using us two lads to get his cock real hard and wet. And in return he's now rubbing the sole of his foot against my burning nob. And I'm pushing back, thrusting my cock against it as I don't care anymore. I need to come.

Now my face is gripped tight, right against Ted's, with Matt's hot cock-head between our lips. My tongue is stabbing at it, trying to find Ted's on the other side. Ted is doing the same. Matt is shoving his cock-head into our mouths, first mine, then Ted's, then we're either side of it again, fighting for it. My hand has gone to the older guy's balls, I'm wrestling with Ted's fingers as we both grope and play with the huge heavy sack. I've never felt anything so big and hot. I've never felt a cock between my lips and a foot wanking me. And I've never kissed my best mate before.

And I'm doing all of these things when my own balls give in and I shoot my come against the sole of Matt's foot. I gasp and as I open my mouth his cock lips in. A strange salty taste fills my mouth and I am swallowing something hot. The cock slips out and darts into Ted's waiting mouth. I see the cock spasm and hear Ted choke. Ted is twitching, he's coming too. My cock's still spurting. I can feel it slipping against the now wet underside of Matt's foot. Matt's cock is between both our lips again as it blasts off one more round of come. This lands in his pubes and both me and Ted fight to clean it. I want to taste more, I want to be the one to lick it up and drink it.

And then I'm pushed away. My spent cock starts to shrink as I roll onto my back, panting, my head thumping and I stare up at the ceiling again. When I have recovered I glance back across the bed. Matt has gone. I hear a shower running. Ted is lying on his back too, his own cock now limp between his legs. He rolls his head to look at me.

We stare at each other. He plays with his cock. I watch. Until he reaches out his hand towards me. And I reach out mine towards him.


Luke Preston

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