It was already after nine. My sketch book was ready, the easel in place. My model was late and I wanted to work in the morning light. Close to ten the bell rang. I went to the door and opened it. My heart skipped a beat. My tongue froze to the roof of my mouth.

'Mr Elvers?' he asked.

'Yes,' barely escaped my dry mouth.

'Marty couldn't make it. He asked me to sub for him.'

I don't know what I answered or even if I answered.

Before me stood Olympian Apollo. My eyes swarmed across his in a panicked eagerness to seize all of his beauty as though in a moment it would vanish. Golden brown locks, rich and thick turned in a halo around a face of the finest angles. Nose, cheeks, brow, chin all cut from the finest parian marble: white and undercast with the softest blues and pinks. The blue of his eyes like the crystal waters of the Aegean. Lips, thin and pale parted to reveal to most miraculous teeth and tongue, wet and beckoning. A long a graceful neck, built upon the shallow of a delicate throat rolled beneath a fitted black shirt and expanded outward to shoulders broad and rounded. The curved arches of his pectorals crowned in the two sharp points of his unseen nipples. From there my eyes were drawn downward on his sides to the most slender of waists. And from the black short sleeves of his shirt, like full rich swells, his biceps, streaked with deep blue veins that, like shocks of electricity struck downward through his forearms and ended in the dense sensuality of his white hands and pink fingers.

A thick belt encircled his waist and his jeans rolled evenly down and over the outward thrust of his thighs. He entered and turned slightly to close the door behind him. The twist of his turn sung out with the narrowness of his waist and the broadness of his shoulders. But there below, like the fullest rose, the roundness of his hips enslaved my eyes. Such was his intense beauty that I had not realized that my cock had risen on its own to raging upright stiffness.

I caught myself and quickly turned sideways. 'The studio is straight through,' I sputtered.

He walked ahead of me. Such shoulders, such a narrow waist! How I pained to clutch them.

And that ass - was every anything so perfectly full and round, so richly tempting, calling to my balls to thrash against them, one on either cheek while my cock thrust itself inward and upward burying its desire up to the height of those spreading shoulders.

'In here sir?'


'You're working on nudes, right?'

'Yes, I am.'

'Should I undress? Do you want any kind of draping? I have done this before.'

'Yes, go ahead,' I stammered. I had no idea what I was going to do. I couldn't work, not with this god before me.

He began to lift off his shirt. I stumbled towards him. I was awkward. I was acting the fool. He was twenty years my younger. What was I thinking?

'No. Don't take off your shirt right away. Let me do some quick ten second poses. Hold while I get my charcoal.

I went to the easel. 'Now start. But do it in poses. Make a gesture then hold it for ten seconds while I do the sketch.'

He raised the shirt again. His hands were over his head. The shirt pulled to reveal one nipple and concealing the other. His head was covered. His tiny waist exposed. Hips cast to the side, his navel at the center. A hint of fine hair suggested more.

'Go'. I said. I was scribbling on the paper - there was no drawing.

The shirt came off. He held it in his right hand. 'Hold that pose.' His arms apart, his head turned sideways, I wanted to bend beneath him, to run my mouth and tongue up under his arm pits, to lick his nipples, to suck those delicate fingers.

'Go'. Now he undid his belt buckle. The jeans came off. Fully blossomed thighs sprang from his white briefs. A dark shadow bulged in the white cotton.

'Turn' he swung around. How small that waist. How broad those shoulders. And such fullness in the roundness of his ass, bound up in the white of his briefs.

'All off,' I said: now with more conviction. But he hesitated. 'Go ahead' I said, 'all off.' With his back still towards me, he turned his head slightly sideways. What was the look he was sending me? Still, he hesitated.

'Go ahead. All off.'

But he did not move quickly. Slowly he lowered his briefs, revealing first one ass cheek, then slower still the other. The whiteness of those globes hypnotized my glance. The tight elastic waistband held them even higher.

'Like this?' he whispered. 'Like this?' . Yes, it was a whisper. It was a call.

He flexed his ass muscles. He bent and as he bent he pulled down his briefs. The bending opened his ass cheeks. The darkness of his hole revealed itself through soft brown curls.

First one leg, then the other: he raised them and passed his delicate feet through. He stood upright and again he flexed and raised his hands straight upward, then he moved them to the side and clasped his hands together tightly over his head. He raised up on his toes. Like bolts of lightening, furrows ran down from his clenched wrists defining the line of sinew and muscle. The yoke of his neck widened, deep outlines described the span of his broad back and laterals. His waist tapered even slimmer and the swell of his ass plunged into the cavernous dimple of his gluts. From the crease below his pink globes two massive towers of leg tapered to the back of his knees and out again with the curve of his calves only to slip gracefully to the taper of his heels.

'Like this?' He murmured.

'Yes:' the words slid from my lips. My cock was throbbing, pulsing against my stomach, confined by my clothing.

He turned and spread arms and legs apart in the stance of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. But there at that masculine center, at the midpoint of his perfection, was not Da Vinci's modest and flaccid member but a fully erect and white and pink cock, upright from a delicate crown of light brown curls. And tight beneath it the rounded sweetness of his hairless balls, delicate and smooth

Yet, his cock was not massive. Indeed, it was on the small side. Delicate yet rounded, firm and thick and perfectly straight. The sight of this spear, launched below the rhythm of his rippling abs and above the mighty arch of those curving thighs, sent me into dizziness. I felt warm spurts in the cloth of my pants.

'Come' he said. 'Come.'

I approached, ever so slowly. The heat of his nakedness permeated my clothing. The blue of his eyes burnt into mine. The smell of his delicate moisture rushed through my nose.

Slowly his fingers moved to the buttons of my shirt. One by one, slowly downward, he opened each. His face came forward, his lips touched mine with the slightest of caresses. My eyes closed, my head fainted backward. In my falling ecstasy, he slid off my shirt. I felt his mouth against my neck, then down to the crease between my pecs. Then my left nipple. Then my right.

I felt his fingers at my waist, against the tenderness of my navel, softly rippling the slight hairs that lead downward. The belt was undone. My eyes were still closed in desire. The pants were open, the zipper down. The back of his hands curled against my hips and pulled the band of my boxers downward. For a moment the waistband caught on the head of my surging upright cock. Then with a tug I felt it spring free and in an instant I felt the wet heat of his mouth and tongue swirling over my dick head, lusting against the pulsing shaft. In uncontrollable fury, my balls tightened, my legs trembled, my chest collapsed and a gush of hot cum burned through my slit and into his devouring mouth. Greedily he thrust his head deeper and his fiery lips nestled against the blond crest of my pubic hair. My eyes partially opened as I swooned limply. He was beneath me, his legs apart, his small but dense spear aiming upward towards my throbbing asshole.

His hands reached behind me. The parted my asscheeks.

'Down', he said firmly ' Down'

In my weakness I collapsed and fell directly upon that delicate shaft. His hands pulled my cheeks still further apart. Fingers struggled at my hole, pulling, widening. The head of his dick was at my entrance. He spit on his fingers and quickly coated his cock with saliva. A push - his head was at my gate. A push again - he was in. Again a push. He groaned his head was captured.

'Now' he cried. 'Now' and with a might thrust he lunged himself up inside me.

The pain of his quickness, the intensity of his passion inflamed my entire being. In wild abandon I rode that dick. My eyes now fully open I was caught by his gaze. That infinite blue that penetrated me completely. His lips met mine. His arms embraced me. The muscles of his biceps molding around my chest. I pounded and rose, pounded and rose. Up and down, up and down, his cock stirred all my insides pulsing against my prostate, pushing upward to the wall of my stomach.

'Fuck me, fuck me,' I moaned. 'Deeper, deeper!'

And then in some mutual comprehension, I grabbed his godlike face within my hands. My lips opened to the depth of his mouth. He clutched me so tightly against the marble of his chest that we were as though one and in a final upward thrust of his hips, I felt his burning come inside me, frothing in the continued thrusting and then oozing slowly outward against my ass.

In complete surrender I fell upon him. He was still in me and still slightly hard..

'Kiss me again' he whispered.

As my lips fell delicately on his, I felt his slip softly from my hole. Yet, the phantom of his presence was still in me. We lay that way for some unknown time. Then I rose by his side.

I gazed at the length of that parian form. So white, so delicate, his cock now soft, sweetly resting sideways upon his thigh. Was this Narcissus at my side? Was this Adonis half asleep.

No Romantic painter, no artist of the Renaissance matched such beauty. And here he was before me.

The smell of his cum and the sweetness of his sweat rose to greet me, to beckon me. My hands traced the line of his muscles across the mounds of his chest to the valley of his stomach, through the sweet touch of his pubic hair. I reached under his delicate balls and soft white dick. I lifted them ever so lightly. They were so gentle in my hand, yet moments ago they were a raging beast devouring my insides.

He opened his eyes and looked up at me.

'Did you like me?' he asked.

'Move again,' I whispered. 'Slowly.' He sat upward and moved to the edge of the bed. He parted his legs. His cock, still pulsing with visible heat, stood stiffly upright, mounting to the fold of his belly just below his navel. The soft crown of light brown hair like a halo at its base. His balls, full and tight rose up on either side of the base, the skin pulled taught. And below his taught stretched sack, the folds of his ass curved upward to reveal just a hint of that dark hole that beckoned to my throbbing cock. His legs flowed outward on either side. Above the great arc of his solid thighs, below the rounded pink of his back leg muscles. From the bend of his knees my eyes followed the graceful curves and arches of his calves that slipped to the small of his ankles.

He raised his chest and lifted his arms to rest his hands behind his head. Oh, the curves of those biceps, the hollow of his arm pits and that soft hair parted in the middle: small tufts floating upward, others slightly darker fell downward. Downward to the inward curving of fully rounded pectorals crowned by deep pink nipples whose tips, hard like two small cocks, called for my lips.

I fell to my knees between his legs. My hands rested upon his parted knees. 'How can any person be so beautiful' I muttered. My eyes were transfixed: first his arms, then his armpits, then the chest and the nipples, the small of the throat, the flat of his stomach. And there at his center the rod of his cock, stiff, hard, small yet commanding. I glanced at his eyes. They glistened in the fire of their deep blue, the lashes fluttered, long and dark. My mouth fell to his dick. In one thrust it was deep to the back of my throat. Its head pulsing against the inner softness of my mouth. The heat was intense. My lips closed tight and I sucked with the deepest force of my lungs. Instinctively my fingers seized the muscles of his ass, one hand on either cheek. Then captured by his power two fingers thrust themselves into the darkness of his hole; deep, deep up to the joint. He moaned. His cock pulsed. His hips thrust upward. My fingers went deeper. His dick hit hard against the back of my throat. He pushed and pushed. Such ecstasy! My mouth struggled to contain even more of him. My lips and nose buried themselves deep within his lush young pubic hair. The smell intoxicated. I was drunk with his young manhood. My tongue licked around him but not for the slightest second did I release my ever intensifying suck. I felt the thick flesh of his rosy cockhead against my teeth, He pushed harder raising himself up from the edge of the bed, The muscles of his thighs tensed. His ass cheeks squeezed tight around my fingers. The soft down that covered his calf muscles rippled in delight. His slight toes curled and arched his feet upward. This blue eyes folded behind the pale white blue of his delicate eye lids.

Soft breaths past from his parting lips.

'Ah, push, push deeper! Suck it! Suck it.!'

His ass trembled in my hands. Those fully rounded muscled hips quivered in my tight embrace.

'Your ass!' I muttered. 'Your ass!' I lifted my mouth from his cock. Wetness covered my lips. Saltiness flavored my tongue.

Like a bolt of lightening my mouth fell upon his lips. His lips parted. My tongue thrust against his. At the same time I pulled him upright. My throbbing dick, its head red and pulsing immediately found its mark. I bent at the waist and pierced his dark hole. The first thrust only allowed the thickness of my cock head.

'Yes!,' he screamed as he pulled his mouth away from mine, the saliva slipping down his chin.

'Yes! And the move came from him. With a roaring cry he thrust his hips against my intruding member. 'Yes!' he cried again an pushed himself down on my burning cock until his ass, warm and round and pink stirred even the smallest hairs of my crotch.

I thrust. He pushed. Again and again, Our mouths met. My hands maniacally clawed the muscles of his elegant back. My thighs strained to grasp his legs within me. His arms clutched me desperately. He pulled my tight against the folds of that white skinned chest. My hands seized the back of his neck. The silk of his hair charged my fingers. His cock, small yet hard and full, pressed deeply against my stomach. I felt the moisture of his precum against me. His warmth pervaded me and mine his. We were one. One. Pressing. Pressing Thrusting. Pushing. And then I came in explosive torrents, pulsing again and again. He and too burst against me. His cum hot and thick exploding against my stomach, flying upward to my chest and nipples.

'Now!' I screamed. His clasped his ass tight around me. I clenched my arms like a vice around his back. Our mouths met again, deeper and deeper.

'You are mine' I whispered.

'And you mine' he wept.



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