Every week or two I work at the community art center to work with a live model. Usually the model is a woman and they came in every form from rotund inflations to high nippled water nymphs. Sometimes there is a man but today there was a god. As he left the dressing room wrapped in a thin striped cotton robe he caught everyone's eyes. Sandy brown waves crowned his brow hugged the back of a long neck emerging from the gown. Legs like alabaster columns rose delicate rose blushed feet. As he mounted the platform the strips of the thin cotton robe accented the broad v shape of his back and the full curve of his arching hips. He turned to his position and let the robe slip off him. There was an audible gasp through the room. Before us in the flesh was an Apollo, an Adonis. His torso was a series of curving planes that flowed from the high round of his shoulders towards the cleavage of his throat down around shield of his chest crowned with prominent but small pale nipples. His long fingered hand, limp at his side framed the slender waist and seemed partnered to his flaccid cock, small but of the type that even though not erect stood straight out from his crotch that was perfectly delineated by a soft silk lighter than that of his head. He moved to a contraposto with the weight on one leg thus emphasizing at once both the strength and the delicacy of his limbs.

It must have been an age that passed before I realized that everyone was busy at their work while I was just standing there staring. A slight nod of his head and the gleam of his deep blue eyes shook me from my daze. I felt the heat rise in my neck and my face burn with flames of embarrassment. Confusedly I fumbled with my paints and brushes but I was so shaken I could barely move. At length I mastered my hand and began the preliminary drawing. The work became another intoxicant. Through the drawing I was learning every part of him, caressing his thighs stroking his arms, running my fingers through his curls, my nose into his crotch. My lips kissed his nipples his eyes and nose. I was loving him with my paint. Soon it was time for the break. He slipped the robe back own and began to make his way around the easels, as models always do, to see the various renditions of himself. As he approached me the inner trembling returned. I was aware of his scent and they the warmth of his skin through the light robe. He was beside me. He leaned over my canvas. The back of his neck and the breadth of his shoulders were just below my mouth. My cock began to swell, my balls to ache. I sat back on my stool to conceal myself.

"Your work is very strong," he said softly. "But I think you make more of me than I am." No words could leave my mouth. My tongue was dry and swollen in my throat. He turned and patted my shoulder. The robe fell slightly opened and his body revealed itself. I would have fallen to my knees but the break was over. He resumed his place and I again took up my work, this time with colors. The lushness of the oil mixed into the ivory white and soft pink of his flesh intoxicated. I worked with a maddened vigor. Then the session was done. He replaced the robe and went to his changing room. He was gone. A vision was gone. A dream was gone. Pale and broken, I cleaned my brushes and cleared my space.

With my case in hand I left the studio and walked out to my car. There he was. He was sitting on a bench in the parking lot. He saw me. He nodded. My heart pounded. It nearly burst from my chest. I nodded in return. I froze in my place. Ne nodded again, stood and began to walk. Did I dare follow? He looked back and gesture forward with his head, the piercing blue of his deep set eyes surpassing even the sunlight. He walked. I followed.

He arrived at a small brick row home, unlocked the door and went in. As I approached I saw that he had left the door open. I moved to the entry. There he stood in shadow at the end of hall. "Close the door," he said. I could barely breathe. What interest could this young god have in me who was twice his age. He stood, his eyes pulling me like magnets. He was before me. His scent filled my nose. My hands, no longer in control gently move to clutch the back of his head, my fingers running though those thick curls. He pulled me close, his hands on mi hips, pressing me against him, my hard cock against his. My mouth raced across his lips and eyes and nose and neck. The orgasm was intense. I came in my clothes. It ran down my legs. Sensing my embarrasement he stepped back a bit and touching my chest he said," Wait here a moment." He went into what I saw yeo be the bedroom and closed the door. Was he too ashamed? Was he abandoning me? Then he called," Open the door."

I opened the door and there he stood in his godly nakedness before me. "Come here," he said softly, "paint me now. Paint me with your hands and lips. Paint me with your body." Again my hands clutched his head. My lips found their way in a frenzy to the softness of his tongue then to the small of his neck, his chest, his nipples. My mouth lingered slowly over his stomach and navel. My nose buried itself in the sweet smell of his pubic hair. My mouth closed itself over his small but full cock, upright against his stomach. He groaned with pleasure. "Take it deeper, deeper," he cried,"stick your finger up my ass."My hand reached around his full, firm ass and my finger found his hole. In rhythm with my sucking I plunged my forefinger in and out.

Suddenly he pulled me upright. With violent moves he stripped off my clothes. His mouth found mine. He was clearly obsessed. His neck and chest began turning red with desire. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to take me completely. He threw himself face down on the bed and raised the beauty of his fully round ass. He spread his knees. "Fast," he cried," Do it now.."

I was beside myself with confusion. I approached and slid my rock hard dick into that beautiful ass. It slid so easily, so warmly. The cheeks of his ass were like full warm pillows against my hip bones. I fell on his broad back and my lips melted into his neck.I was in but didn't want to move for fear of coming too early. "Long and slow," he said."For now, just long and slow." I began a careful thrusting that I alternated by pushing my dick from side to side. This seemed to drive him wild. He pushed back and rotated his ass against me. "Oh fuck, Oh fuck" he scream. That's it. That's the spot." Then he suddenly pulled away and flipped to his back. "Now fuck me for real. Fuck me hard." He raised his legs. The beauty of the muscles draw my tongue to his asshole and balls. "No, not your tongue, your dick. Fuck me with your cock deep inside me." Again I entered him. The heat of his ass was almost explosive. "Deeper, deeper," he cried,"yes, that's it. That's it. Oh fuck me." His tense legs grasped themselves around me. "Kiss me . Kiss Me. Now, faster, Yes faster> That's it, That's it." He screamed. "Now, now, come inside me. Come inside me." And with that I burst full inside him and I felt his come all over my chest. We collapsed in each other's arms. My lips found his. He nuzzled my ear. "I think I've found you," he whispered.




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