One Year After

I was running through the airport to get to Maxwell my first real love. He took my heart the first time I saw him; he was tall,pale skinned and had big green eyes with beautiful,soft black hair. He was also a missionary for a Mormon church's his family had founded it in 1946 and that has been their religion since. Now they believe that Gay and Rights don't belong in the same sentence so when I come along and make him give a second thought to his sexual orientation and his family finds out. Well they make him come home and got to a fucking asylum. Like they are doing now,I saw that familiar black hair and ran faster before it disappeared. I grabbed the back of his shirt and flew him around so he was facing me. "Jace! What are you doing?!" He looked at me madly and slapped me across the face. I looked into his eyes with my lips quivering and shaking my head. I turned around and ran away with him yelling my name a racing after me. The memories of the past year went through my mind as I ran through the airport.

Chapter One

One Year Before

I never understood the concept of envy when I was little; everyone had everything and everyone was equal. Until I got to highschool and was made fun of for being more 'feminine', then people started to think that being a 'fag',wasn't good and it was disgusting. But my life wasn't ruined yet only because I was a sophomore because my highschool started with tenth grade and not ninth like most school's. I walked down the hall as fast as my little legs could carry me. I am only 4'11" and 85 lbs I am only small because I was born premature and I am very malnourished because of my stupid parents. They had me when the were 14 and 15 my 14 year old mom was barely alive when I was born and I almost died too. My parents don't love me and it's very plain to see.

I started to hum Cave Of Ice by Destery Moore/Smith from YouTube as I was walking down the hallway. I bumped into a very tall and hard body,I looked up slowly into the eyes of Max the new kid that was already the runningback for junior varsity. He was the biggest homophobe,he came from a Mormon family is what I heard and is here to preach to the people of Bend,Oregon. "S-sorry," I cursed myself for stammering in front of him. "What was that fag?" He picked me up off the ground and pinned me against the wall with my stomach pressed against it.

I decided to play around with him while he whispered little threats in my ears,I finally decided I was going to grind against him. As I did he moaned and I jumped down and pulled him down to my level. "Be careful pretty boy you might find yourself wanting a piece of this," I walked off as I swept my hands over my body suggestively. I walked into Health class and what was written on the board was: Parenting Skills. Oh God,Max was the last one to come into class with a flushed look on his face.He took his assigned seat next to me and scooted as faraway as possible.

"Today class,we are doing a Parenting Skills class with baby simulators,now as you can see there is more guys then girls that means two of you guys will be paired together. Ok now the people to the right you are going to pick a name out of the bag." Crap! I have horrible luck I might pick Max! I reached in and grabbed a piece of paper and read it. MAX! No! The teacher handed out babies setting mine to the middle setting. Aw I got... I mean we got a baby girl. I rocked her slowly and hummed Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping With Sirens to her till the teacher spoke.

"Class you are to sit with your partner at lunch and you are to switch the baby between periods." As the bell rang for Lunch after he passed the baby off to me I walked into the lunchroom staggering 'cause the baby weighed so much. Max saw me struggling and took the baby carrier away from since I was not going to give up my baby. He says he has to leave and he does. I sat there with his friends awkwardly till I decided to go find him. Once I walked out into the hall he staggered out of a janitors closet not noticing me. I write a quick note saying I was going to do the project on my own and left school that day.

Author's Note: Sorry nothing happens that's hot and sexy ;)



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