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The military academy was supposed to ‘straighten’ young men out. Primarily it was 18-year-olds who were send there by their parents, when they could not be bothered to deal with their sons’ shit any longer. Others were send there by a court rather than ending up in some prison, where they would be the bitch for some other inmate.

All young men send there, were put on a strict regime of exercise to tire them out. Healthy diets and strict discipline were supposed to force bad behavior out of them. Bad behavior in classes were punished – officially – by ten-mile hikes around the grounds of the academy. It was placed in the middle of no-where, surrounded by forests, with only a few access roads leading there and far from any type of civilian civilization. A marine base was connected to academy, it operating as a “special training area”; marines at the base ran the physical exercise, along with disciplining any ‘student’ who step out of bounds.

The strict diet and exercise, soon got all young ‘recruits’ into excellent shape. With 50-100 young, well-shaped 18 to 22-year-olds, with firm asses and tight bodies, and a constant number of 100 horny navy seals, it was invertible that most of them would end up with a navy seal cock up their ass; if not all.

All students wore the same uniform. Tight, black briefs; stretchy, skinny fit jeans; tight, stretchy black or white shirts and sneakers. In the warm summer months, the jeans were replaced with mid-thigh length shorts that could have been painted on them. After a couple months at the academy, the clothing looked like it was sculpted on their young, lean, muscled frames.


Casey had been sent to the academy by his father, after his mom had died. His father had decided that he didn’t want to bother anymore with his 18-year-old high school senior son. Casey had not been in trouble besides some detention at school and a bit of weed, but his dad was army, big time. So rather than trying to deal, Casey was shipped off to the college-academy, where he was to finish High School and college.

He dried off from his shower after their morning exercise, as he watched as his four dorm mates either do the same or got dressed.

Next to Casey a guy named Kaleb, who had had a run-in with the police after being involved with a gang, was pulling his jeans up his legs and struggled to get them over his well-shaped ass. Luckily it was stretchy fabric they were made of, but they could only just close and they hugged his butt firmly, making a dip in between his cheeks. “Fuck, I could just as well not wear any underwear – would probably make it easier to get these fuckin’ things on …” As he talked he pulled his stretchy shirt on. He filled the size small shirt so well, that there were openings between the buttons. The shirt contrasted his bronze skin well; he was half Latino, half Arab/Lebanese. He had half-long, black hair was cut in an undercut hair style; long hair was not allowed, while short cropped was not encouraged.

“I know,” Casey answered, pulling his own briefs up and arranged his soft dick in the pouch – hard he was about seven inches, not bad for 18 – “but they want us to wear them.” His jeans clung just as much to his legs and ass as Kaleb and all the other guys. But his upper body was a bit more developed and he could not button the top two buttons without the shirt bursting.

Kaleb laughed. “If I have to go for another ten-mile hike in my running shorts, they will burst.”

“As if they would care?”

“True …”

The five guys in the dorm started to leave, going down for a nutritional breakfast.


It was a reasonably quiet day. In the beginning of the year, the rowdier students would usually get one to two detentions a day or other forms of punishment, but things quickly quieted down. Usually the detentions and discipline was dispersed by one or more seals. As everyone realized what the disciplining consisted off, most started to quiet down. Except those who realized that they wanted to be disciplined.

Casey had not enjoyed the disciplining in the beginning, and he had tried to steer clear, but in some way or another everyone was drawn into the fuck fests that took place. He had been drawn in, when some navy seals had entered the showers with a couple of older students, who soon found themselves on their knees. Casey was not entirely sure how, but before the shower was over, he was too.

All boys were free game at the academy – and in some cases what was meant literarily. Once a month a handful of first-years would be let into the forest in shorts and running shoes and nothing else. If they could reach the safe zone about two miles into the forest, they would not get fucked – that day.

So far, no-one had gotten away; being hunted by navy seals in a forest they knew was an automatic loss.

The high point of the day was, when Johnny from their dorm got himself in trouble for bad mouthing a teacher. Johnny had been sent to the academy by his parents, after having been thrown out of five schools and arrested for stealing a car. As a reward, the seal that was present in the room, put him on report and promised him a long, hard hike. Code for ‘we will take you to somewhere in the forest where no-one can hear you and then plough you like there is no tomorrow’.

After classes, all boys were ordered to the exercise field and later the gym. A pale Johnny was ushered of by two marines, not to be seen again before dinner, where he sat very lightly on the bench and had slightly swollen lips. By nine o’clock they were in their dorms.

All dorms were kept at a toasty 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The academy was already placed in humid climate.

It meant that all boy slept in their briefs, and more or less no-one used their covers, at least after the first weeks. It also made for some sweaty sessions in the dorms, when seals stayed there during the nights. Every night, a number of seals, usually ten to fifteen, would stay and be ‘night guards’.

Usually they would pick two or three dorms to bunk down in. On this Friday, it was Casey’s dorm that was picked.


About half an hour after lights out at ten p.m., the door to their dorm were opened. Casey and the others were almost dosing of in the warm, humid, musky air of the dorm and they had been worked hard on the exercise fields, so they didn’t immediately react. Five big seals stepped in, all dressed in snug combat pants and tight t-shirts.

A seal stepped up next to Casey’s bed and ran a hand up the inside of his thigh, before squeezing on of his buns under the black briefs. Casey usually slept on his stomach, without the cover because of the heat.

The seal pulled his t-shirt over his head and threw it on the floor, before pulling down Casey’s briefs and running a hand down between his ass cheeks. He spread the firm, 18-year-old ass cheeks and dropped a big glob of spit down on his sphincter, rubbing it out, before sinking his thumb into the almost slumbering boy’s ass, quickly finding his prostate.

Casey started to wake fully up, as his ass was penetrated and prostate massaged. He started to raise up his ass to meet the finger and moaned, as he looked up on the guy standing above him; about 6’3”, 190 pounds of pure muscled navy seal was towering above him. Casey recognized him as a seal called Cole.

Cole kicked his boots of and unbuttoned his combat pants and slid them down along with his boxers.

As he kept finger fucking Casey’s ass, he bent down, grabbed Casey’s light blonde hair and roughly kissed him, prying his lips apart, forcing his tongue down into Casey’s mouth. For a short moment, he slipped his thumb out, just to replace it with an index finger and his middle finger, forcing them past Casey’s pucker.

After several long moments of fingering and preparing Casey’s ass, the seal let go of him and pulled his fingers out, just to climb down onto of him. Cole grabbed both Casey’s hands and held them above his head, using the other to aim his massive, fat prick at Casey’s hole. This was the first time, that Cole had gotten around to fucking Casey, and Casey didn’t know, just how big the fucking thing was, which was probably a good thing.

Casey could feel something big being pushed against his ass, probing and poking, before the seal started to push. Casey gasped loudly, as he felt his ass having to expand to its maximum just to accommodate the width of Coles fat cock. “Oh my God … oh fuck …” Casey started to moan and cry out, as he felt the thick cock starting to force its way into him. It was not hurting him massively, but there was still some pain, as his ass stretched open. Cole allowed him to adjust, but just for a moment, before he started to slide further and further in, withdrawing a couple of inches each time and pushed back more in.

Cole moaned, as his cock was being squeezed and massaged by the tight ass on the 18-year-old below him. The tight, 5’11 170-pound frame, high and tight ass, ripped muscles and soft skin had his mouth watering, as he started to drive deeper and deeper into him. Casey had been a target of Cole’s since he first laid his eyes on the hot teen. He knew that he had not been fucked that much, because he had tried to stay out of trouble, and they were only about a month and a half into the year. He put more and more pressure behind his strokes, sinking more and more of his ten-inch shaft into the ass-pussy below him and buried his now free hand in the blonde hair.

When he originally was assigned to this place, he had been pissed about basically being a baby sitter for a bunch of fucking teenagers and college boys. But when he found out about the extracurricular activities, he had been fucking thrilled. An ass, he knew, could take more cock than most pussies and as they had virtually free access to this place – and you couldn’t knock up an ass, though it was fun to try.

Below him, Casey was crying and whimpering, but he could hear a distinct change in his tone, as he started to stimulate his prostate with his thick prick. The cries became less of pain and more of please as he started to moan more and more.

“You like that thick cock up your ass, don’t you, bitch?” Cole moaned into Casey’s ear, as he started to drive more and more of his cock into it. “It’s gonna go so fucking deep, I will cum in your stomach without having to fuck your face!”

Casey whimpered and moaned. “Oh, fuck me it is so deep … oh shit it is so good …” There was still a bit of pain, but the pure pleasure was exceeding the hurting by now.

“I’m gonna drill you a new ass …” Cole panted, as he finally sank the last bit of his cock into Casey in a single, hard push that made Casey almost scream. Now, Cole had Casey’s ass firmly impaled in his crotch, with his cock deep up the 18-year-old whore’s ass. “I’m going to fucking breed you!”

Slowly, but with increasing speed, Cole started to drill his ten inch, fat prick in and out of Casey’s ass. Their skin was slapping against each other, and sweat was running down Cole’s ripped, muscled body, covering him and giving on a shine in the dim light. Casey was trashing and twisting below him, moaning and whimpering loudly, as his ass was being pounded relentlessly, lubed by Cole’s spit and sweat. The bed shook and banged against the wall, springs crying under the weight and movements.

Cole could feel his orgasm coming, and with a couple of extra hard pounds, he slammed in to the hilt and came with a roar, breeding the young, tight ass with his thick cum. Below him, Casey had shot his cum under his stomach, from the relentless drilling of his ass, when he started to feel Cole shooting up his ass and brutal abuse of his prostate.

The seal kept his fat cock lodged up Casey’s ass, remaining hard, before rolling around, so that Casey was on top, face up and ass impaled. Cole propped himself up against the headboard of the bed, locking Casey’s legs with his own. Cole buried one hand in Casey’s hair, while running the other down his young, 18-year-old, ripped body, grapping his 7-inch fluffed cock in his hand and made Casey twist his ass in his crotch.

In the other four beds, similar scenes were playing out.

In the next bed, Kaleb was on his back, legs spread wide and a big seal drilling him hard. Kaleb’s mouth had slumped open, drool running down from the corner of his mouth and his eyes were glazed over. His dark-skinned cock was not entirely hard, but it was flopping around, slapping against his stomach, fluffed up,

Johnny, who had been on a ‘hike’ in the forest, was on his knees, face buried in a big, muscled, black navy seals crotch, struggling to take what looked like a cock as fat as the one up Casey’s ass, down his throat. The seal had his hands buried in Johnny’s chestnut hair, fucking him up and down his shaft.

In one of the last two beds, Paul and Erick was in a 69-position, the others cock down their throat, while two navy seals were ploughing one from each their end. Erick and Paul was the tone wise opposite of each other; Erick being ebony black, with short cropped, black hair and Paul being a redhead with clean white skin, even lighter than Casey.

The navy seal, who had his hands buried in Johnny’s hair, started to moan, until he declared that he was gonna cum, keeping Johnny’s face pushed down in his crotch, making him swallow his cream. The big muscles convulsed and spasmed, as he kept fucking in and out, dumping his seed in Johnny.

As he came down, he let Johnny of his cock, tears and saliva running down his face, panting after air. Still with a hand in the first-year student’s hair, the navy seal made Johnny bent over the food of his own bed, before spitting on his crack and lined his thick cock up. With a couple of hard pushes, the seal sank his cock into the screaming Johnny’s ass, quickly sinking in to the bottom; Johnny had been loosened up by the seals in the forest. The spit, sweat and the last cum from earlier that had not leaked out quite yet, lubed him up, allowing the seal to start fucking him hard and fast, pounding him. However, no matter how much he was whimpering and crying, Casey could see that his cock was hard as a rock. He was fairly sure, that even though Johnny said otherwise, he was on purpose getting himself in trouble; Casey was sure he liked it – a lot. And under any circumstance, he had four years to get used to getting his ass shafted.

Cole had remained hard in Casey’s ass, while making Casey twist and trash, and he was hot and ready to fuck again. The seal suddenly moved below Casey, making him put his hands on the food rest of the bed, as he started to fuck him in short, hard pounds, an arm around Casey’s chest and the hand on his throat, holding him against the big, muscled body, while the other was gripping his hair hard.

The night and following Saturday morning continued in the same fashion; all five boys were repeatedly fucked by each their seal, only getting a few hours rests, in-between rounds of sucking cocks and having their asses pounded hard. Casey was fucked in more positions that he thought existed and Cole had made him take his entire cock down his throat, with his neck over the edge of the bed, filling his stomach with cum.

When the seals night guard duty finished, Casey, Kaleb, Johnny, Erick and Paul was laying sweaty and exhausted, filled and covered with both their own, each other’s and the seals’ cum.


Each autumn, for about two weeks, sometimes three, the navy seal base took over the academy.

Originally it was explained as the students ‘trying out the life of being seals’; exercise schedules, discipline, duties and so on. The seals would set up tents on the grounds of the academy. By the time Casey came to the academy, much of the pretense was gone. Some tents were still set up, and they were used; each tent comfortably fitted five low bunks, barely of the floor, but usually each bunk would be occupied by two persons – a student and a seal.

It was an early, frost clear Monday morning, when the navy seals arrived. Teachers, lecturers and other staff – all former students and seals – left, leavening the 75 students at the mercy of the 100 navy seals.

Within hours, all students had been ‘assigned’ their tasks and duties, primarily now consisting of entertaining the navy seals.

Casey was in a class room, watching one of the older students being gang fucked. It was a part of the entertainment for the seals. He was sitting with his ass in the crotch of a seal, coincidently Cole, who had quickly claimed him, only clad in his briefs. Cole wore a pair of boxers and Casey could clearly feel his fat, hard shaft.

On the desk, the senior had a cock lodge down his throat and up his ass and around the room different students were either sitting in the laps of big hunk navy seals, or sliding their asses up and down their cocks.

They still had to perform their exhausting exercise routines; cardio and strength training in the gym, athletics and gymnastics in the big hall, ten-mile hikes and endless laps in the pool.

By night time, it had been a long day for the students and it was not over yet.

It was fairly cold by this point in the nights, so in the tents they had to keep warm and the navy seals made sure that they all did; within half an hour, it was hot, humid and mucky in them, smelling of musk and sex. Some had never made it out of athletics hall; Kaleb had been fucked in one of the foam pits by two navy seals who had decided to share him, for the day at least. Some of the more gymnastic students was tied up in the climbing ropes, slumping exhausted down, only keeping on, while they were being shafted.

The common room had been reduced to an orgy and Casey had seen, that some of the dorms were being used for gangbangs of a single students by a number of seals, when Cole had brought him back from the gym showers. Johnny had been on the receiving end in one of the dorms, being laid out spread eagle on some gym mattresses. Casey was again confirmed in, that he was right about Johnny getting into trouble in purpose, so he would be disciplined, as he was effortlessly taking a cock down his throat and at the moment two up his ass, while three other seals were waiting for their turn on him. He cock was rock hard, and he was moaning and whimpering, as his nipples was getting tweaked.

Erick and Paul were being fucked with an audience in one of the living rooms, being made to make out with each other, kneeling on a mattress, asses strutting out; two seals was sliding their big pricks in and out of the two 18-year-old, ripped boys, who were in a tight embrace, mouths wide open and arms wrapped around each other.

Cole brought Casey to home of the study rooms, where the seal laid back on a chaise long, before making Casey mount him and had him ride the thick navy seal cock. They soon attracted three or four seals and their chosen fuck boys, the seals getting slow, slobby blowjobs, while they watched Cole expertly fuck Casey into oblivion.


It was the week before Christmas and the academy was in recess. The students who had not been sent to the school by the authorities, were free to go home on winter break. Casey had gotten an e-mail from his dad, asking when he would be coming home for the holiday, but Casey had not answered.

As he walked out of the academy’s front doors after the last day classes with his bag, dressed in his tight jeans and a winter jacket, not sure where to go, a black Mercedes AMG G-Wagen pulled up and the passenger door opened. Cole was sitting in it behind the wheel and he called Casey to the car.

“Get in,” he said, though not in his usual commanding tone but more like a request, “we’ll have a more fun Christmas together.”

Casey hesitated, before throwing his bag in and getting in the car.

Cole sped of down the driveway of the academy, putting a hand on Casey’s thigh, gripping the tight teen leg for a moment, before taking Casey’s right hand and braided his fingers in-between Casey’s. Casey wiggled his fingers deeper into Cole’s much bigger hand, and ran his right hand up Cole’s thigh, lightly groping the seal’s big, concealed cock.

Welcome to the Lautner Young Men’s Military Academy.

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