Jacob sat on the bench outside reading. It was a warm day in San Francisco and he would need to return to his motel room soon. Standing Jacob placed his worn out paperback into his back pocket, thus tearing it up even more.

'Let's see' he began 'if I'm here then that means the motel is, that way!' He said pointing in a random direction, not sure if it was correct.

'This isn't good; I don't want to get lost on my first day here'

The people around him looked friendly enough, but he had too much of an ego to ask for directions. He stopped worrying long enough to admire the way the sunset cast off the surface of the beautiful buildings. It broke the shadows into playful patterns that danced along the ground. Snapping back to a state of worry he began to look everywhere for a land mark.

'This sucks! I have the worst sense of direction. I'll get back way late if I get back at all!'

Jacob slowly unzipped his tight sweater to let some air in; his body was sweating, beads collecting just on the back of the neck, signifying more to come. He had on a tight white shirt underneath the sweatshirt that did its best to reflect the heat. He was wearing black tight jeans that were burning up.

'Why did I wear these pants today? Oh yeah! Now I remember, it was to show off my package'

He laughed to himself but was still on edge. His jet black hair was blowing around on his head. He began to think to himself.

'Alright! If I find a hot guy, ill ask for directions. That seems like the safest way to do things!'

'Excuse me?' came a voice behind him 'Excuse me, do you need help?'

The voice had the sexiest accent. It sounded; he couldn't place it to anything he had heard before that day. For some reason it got Jacob all hot. The fabric of his pants was pushing back any of that, plus the fact he was worried. He was lucky otherwise he would be giving the whole street a show. He turned with a slight apprehension that this guy was some ugly weirdo. He was hot! He had a nice body, about normal height, with sexy facial features. He had cute blonde hair that was cut on the shorter side. He had intriguing eyes. They seemed sweet and caring at the same time.

'Do you need help, you look lost?' the accent made every word he said interesting. Jacob against all generic ideas put into his head, talked to a stranger.

'Actually I do need some help' Jacob said it as he looked down the man's body; he wore a dress shirt and some sexy shorts. Knowing this would be a great excuse to flirt with a hot guy Jacob turned it on.

'Oh dear! I think that I'm quite lost. I would be eternally grateful to you if you could help me out, cutie!'

The man stood a little off balance, this kid was acting really bubbly and crazy. Hopping up and grabbing the mans hand gently Jacob said 'It would be great to have someone who knows where they are going around here!' he smiled

The man began to think that this boy was flirting with him.

'I would love to lend some help to a kid in need; my name is Cyril by the way'

'I'm eighteen so I'm not a kid anymore. My name is Jacob'

'So Jacob where are you staying and maybe I could help you out?'

'Umm I don't really know the name but I can give you the address'

Jacob handed Cyril a small piece of paper with an address. It took Cyril a quick glance and he looked up and said.

'This place is really close to my apartment, that's great'

'Why's it great C? Are you hitting on a young impressionable eighteen year old boy?'

'Well now all I can say is I like cute boys, eighteen of course!'

'You get so nervous, it's really cute! Alright then lead the way C. Maybe, after we find out where my motel is, we can get something to eat!'

'I don't know, aren't you here with your parents?'

'No, and don't be so shy! Let's go out on the town'

This boy, Jacob, he was so outgoing and fun. His personality was a powerhouse and Cyril was getting more attracted to him by the second, he wanted to be with him, and in more than a sexual way. The walk to his motel was long and filled with great conversation. They had talked about there lives, and where they were in them. Jacob had explained how he had come out there to try and go to an art school nearby, but it fell through. Cyril explained how he liked slender skinny smooth boys; this made Jacob feel good because he was all of those. Cyril was even kind enough to share his interesting ideas on romance.

'Oh Cyril your so old fashioned' Jacob found himself constantly saying

They did a lot of laughing on that walk, until finally they were standing outside the motel. It looked cheap but it was all Jacob could afford.

'Alright it was great meeting you goodbye puppy!' said Cyril walking away

'Hey bitch!' yelled Jacob after Cyril 'Hold on to my wallet I got to go change and we are going out!'

'I don't really' But Cyril couldn't finish before he was tossed a wallet, he caught it and tried to call after Jacob. It was to late, Jacob had already gone to change. Cyril waited outside, he was wondering why Jacob had to change, he had looked fine enough before.

Cyril looked at the doors to the motel and just as he did Jacob walked out. He looked amazing. He had on a skin tight black shirt that had the word live emblazoned in fancy letters on the back. It was a little to short so that if he moved more than a little is showed off his smooth flat stomach. His pants were black with rips on the knees; they were so tight they made his cute little ass stand out. He was wearing skateboarding flat shoes untied. His hair was straightened over to one side.

'You sure look good babe!' Cyril said wondering if that was too much.

'Well it's just something I threw on. So where should we go?'

'Well first here's your wallet, now I think we should try a nice new little place down the road a bit'

'Okay hottie, I'll follow your lead'

This walk was silent mainly because Cyril couldn't stop staring at him, and Jacob couldn't stop looking at him as well.

'So Cyril I have a question, why are you still single?'

'Because, I have certain expectations that I hold people to'

'Yeah I get what you're saying; you don't take peoples bull shit, that's admirable, I also don't let people control me'

They arrived at the small café, and walked in. The inside was an Italian look; it had an intimate glow about it.

'Lets go get a seat' Cyril was motioning for me to follow him.

Jacob followed Cyril into a small booth and they began talking until they were interrupted to order. They mainly talked about boys, it lasted all dinner.

The check seemed to come to fast; it had seemed dinner had begun two minutes ago. They stood up worked there way to the door; Jacob paid the check (as payment to Cyril for helping him). They exited the café feeling stuffed.

'So do you want to stay at my motel?' Jacob asked it and was surprised when Cyril said 'No, not at all. I don't sleep with guys that easy, and I don't like meaningless hookups'

'Yeah I guess that's a good thing' Jacob said, a little sad that he had been shot down. 'Well I guess I should head back, don't worry I remember where it is'

'Oh good I thought I would have to walk you home too'

'On second thought I might not know exactly where it is' the boy spurted out.

'Maybe I should walk you home sweetie, don't want someone as cute as you out alone'

They began the walk to the motel, saying occasional flirtatious remarks to one another. Jacob was thinking that he had found someone he really connected with, and Cyril thought the same. They arrived at the motel, it was almost eleven at night they had spent most of the day walking and talking. They stood in silence outside the motel doors. A gentle breeze was welcoming the midnight calm, as well as the calm between them. Knowing that Cyril was to shy to do it, Jacob leaned in and kissed him. He brushed his lips ever so slightly onto Cyril's. His tongue slowly tickled Cyril's lips. Cyril began to lean into the kiss. Soon it was deep and passionate. They both stopped breathing for a second, and then pulled away.

'You're a good kisser Cyril' his words were the truth to him

'Thank you, you taste sweet sweetie'

'Wow what a lame line. So I know you don't normally do this, but would you mind coming up to my room with me? We could just talk if you like'

Cyril would have normally said no, but this was weird. This to him seemed more genuine than just sex. He really wanted to wait, but his dick wouldn't let him.

'I would love to, but I can't. I'm looking for a deep connection. I think you and me could have that together. Although I don't think I've ever been so tempted in my life. I would love for you to be my boy'

'You sure do like to take it slow, alright see you here tomorrow night at seven for dinner' with that statement Jacob walked into the motel.

That went well, Cyril thought to himself. Then Cyril thought, wait did that boy just set up a date tomorrow without asking? This was getting more and more interesting.



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