Ben had been going ninety to nothing all fucking day. His tossled curly dark hair was damp with sweat against his dark tanned skin. He longed to just finally sit down and take a load off! His last stop was his local auto shop and he raced the clock to get there before closing, hoping beyond all hope that they could fit him in for a much needed oil change. He pressed with his thick muscular legs into the floor boards of his SUV, one heavy on the gas pedal,one braced into the floor with stress and tension. He had missed lunch and stress had another diverse affect on him. Stress made him incredibly horny and even now while speeding to the auto shop he drove one handed and played with his cock and ball sack through his dress pants with the other.

Ben screeched into a parking spot and heaved out of his drivers seat with his muscular legs, his bubble ass flexing firm as he rose up and headed for the front door. With three strong strides he was in the front door and greeting a very discouraging looking girl, operating the counter. 'You have time for one more oil change?' Ben panted. 'Let me check' she said through a fake smile. It looked pretty hopeless but Ben continued to hold unto hope. 'Bo, please come to the front counter' the sour faced college girl barked. 'Bo to the front counter.'

From the side door came Bo. Ben took in what he hoped was a very discreet gulp of air. Through the swinging door that led to the garage came a dark strait haired man with equally dark bedroom eyes. He was covered in grease and oil but still neatly poured into his undustrial grade dark gray uniform pants and lighter blue gray shirt with 'Bo' emblazened over the company logo above his shirt pocket. Ben had never considered mechanic clothes sexy but Bo put the sexy to good work. His strong chest and arms more than filled the shirt. His strong legs and workboots more than sexualized his standard uniform pants into something beyond special. The familiar smell of garage and man sweat hit Ben's nostrils like a woman's heavy perfume and his groin immediately twitched.

'This gentleman needs an oil change' cooed the girl. 'You have time for one more?' It was obvious that Bo was a favorite with the co-ed. 'I can fit him in' grinned a tired white toothed Bo. 'I will have to stay a little over to do it but if you can get the payment worked out ahead of time I'll get it done.' Ben and the girl both thanked Bo for his generosity and the wheels were put into motion. 'I can make sure things are locked up when I'm finished so no one has to stay over' suggested Bo. The girl smiled with obvious relief that her evening was not going to be delayed and thanked him again. Ben made the payment, handed over his keys and found a spot in the waiting area and slumped down. The sounds of closing time could be heard all around him. A dozen or so mechanics made their way to waiting vehicles and a sweet faced receptionist swished past him with a change of heart in her kind good bye. He was plunged into semi darkness as she hit the lights around him, leaving just the section above him to read by. The sounds of silence and the occassional sounds of clanging metal from the garage were all that Ben was left to.

Left alone to his thoughts Ben's mind raced over the counter meeting of Bo. Having now made his last errand on time, Ben had relaxed somewhat but his horniness had only been enraged at the sight of Bo. He was slightly shorter than himself but as solid and fit as any man he had ever seen. He wasn't a gym bunny by any means but strong and self assured in the best of ways. Ben could see the pre-cum wetting through his briefs and now his light chino dress pants. 'Fuck!' Ben thought. 'How the hell am I gonna hide that!' The sidedoor to the garage swung open and Bo emerged back into the waiting area. 'You are welcome to come back here with me if you want' invited Bo. 'No one left but us.' Ben jumped up at the chance, forgetting his precum stain at his groin and trying to be casual about joining Bo in the garage. 'I'm Ben' said Ben. 'I'm Bo' returned Bo. 'But you already knew that' he laughed.

They talked back and forth. Ben leaned against the closest wall as he watched Bo's firm strong ass in uniform gray bend into the engine area of his car. Bo's muscular calves and thighs were outlined as the fabric of his pants fell forward with his angled position under the hood. Ben gulped and cupped his hands over his precum soaked fly, remembering it suddenly and knowing it was an ever ever growing problem. 'I don't remember seeing you here before' offered Ben. 'I'm relatively new' replied Bo. 'I've known the owner's for years so it was an easy shift to come over here and work as head mechanic.' Ben admired Bo's easy way of presenting himself and thought maybe he was perhaps Hispanic or Greek from his dark features and dark piercing eyes.

Fifteen minutes later, Bo seemed to be finishing things up. He pulled a rag from his back pocket and wiped his hands and then shut the hood. 'I did a few other things under there for you that should make things work a little better.' reported Bo. 'Don't worry about the cost, it was just a few adjustments.' Ben contested and pulled out his wallet. 'Put it away' said Bo as his hand pulled the wallet from Ben's hands, folded it shut and then reached behind Ben and pulled open his back pocket and slowly slid it into his slacks. He stared lustfully into Ben's face and never lost contact as Ben's skin pocked up in shivers as Bo put his wallet into his pants. Their faces were inches apart. 'Looks like someone has a leak that needs seeing to' whispered Bo. As he said this, he planted his hand firmly over Ben's cock and balls and gave a playful squeeze. As he pulled away a black hand print now stained Ben's growing crotch. Ben could smell Bo's sweat, the grease and oil that covered his groping hands and clothes and the peppermint gum that rolled waves of warm inviting breath into Ben's face as Bo spoke.

Bo sunk his fingers into the front of Ben's pants and slowly retreated to the steps that led into the oil change pit. Ben had no choice but to be pulled along and led down the steps. Once they were below in the oil change bay, Bo asked, 'Going anywhere tonight?' Ben managed to stutter a no in return. 'Good' countered Bo. With that he pulled at Ben's tie until it came free from his neck and dropped it to the dirty floor. He then placed his greasy hands on either side of Ben's dress shirt placket and ripped in opposite directions, sending buttons flying in every direction. The t-shirt was next. Bo began at the neckband and gripped until the edges began to tear. Once the fabric began to fray, Bo ripped through it to the waist and flung it back to reveal Ben's soft mat of hair covering his chest and torso. He peeled it off Ben's shoulders and let if fall with the destroyed dress shirt and tie unto the pit floor.

Bo's savage kisses came next. He kissed Ben hard on the mouth first and then everywhere else on his naked upper body. Ben groaned lustfully as he focused in on his nipples. The whole time Bo kissed his body he was pulling himself out of his own uniform shirt and tee. They now stood face to face, bare chested and fevered with anticipation. Bo pulled Ben against himself and began unbuckling his belt. Soon Ben was naked and covered in black greasy hand prints from wherever Bo touched him. For a while Bo was content to shove Ben's naked body down to a squat position and grind his uniformed groin into Ben's face. He pushed Ben back with one hand and indicated for Ben to unbuckle his pants. Ben fumbled with the belt, then the snap and zipper until to his heady pleasure Bo's pants released and dropped down around his work boots to expose the dark haired muscled legs of this stud in nothng now but his white Haynes briefs. With one hand still holding Ben back, Bo grabbed the waiste band of his tight whities and yanked them down to his knees, releasing a nine inch monster cock that flopped squarely into Ben's face as he pulled him back into his groin.

The musky smell of Bo's cock and balls filled Ben's lungs as he took the waiting cock into his mouth and began to suck for all he was worth. From time to time Bo would pull him away and rub his sweaty balls heavily into Ben's face. After Ben had lapped up what seemed a good glass full of precum from Bo's throbbing cock Bo finally pulled him back up into another savage kiss before spinning him in his shackled ankles of dress pants to face the wall. The hard head of Bo's cock could be felt teasing Ben's ass. Suddenly the hot sensation of wet streamed down Ben's legs and splashed and deflected off his ass crack. The smell of urine filled the already rich scent of garage and Bo. With a few last jettisons of remaining piss shot directly unto Ben's exposed ass, the full force of Bo's cock now broke through the wetness and penetrated Ben's tight hole.

The blast of pain that filled his head and his gasp for breath was soon filled with the erotic rhythm of a master fucker, claiming his ass. The pain gave way to the pleasure he knew would come but was intensified by the abrupt entry. Bo racked him against the wall, gripping him tightly around the hips to pull him deeply unto his tool. His jack hammer penetration engulfed Ben with lust and he soon shot his stress filled load of cum all over the painted cement block wall in front of him. Shortly after, Bo thrust into him one final time and pinned him against the cum covered wall, releasing his own pent up seed deep into Ben's hole. Shudders of sperm convulsed Bo's body as he lay against Ben's back, their sweat comingling into the black handprint proof of Bo's presence upon his body.

Bo pulled out and turned Ben back toward him. He raised his arm above his head and planted Ben's face directly into his sweaty pit. 'Lick it clean' ordered Bo. Ben did as he was told and soon his cock raged fresh with the scent of Bo's sweat filling his lungs. He repeated the cleaning to the other pit before Bo forced him down upon his now flacid cock and made him lick it clean as well. With both of them fully released from their cum loads, Bo gently pulled Ben to his feet and full body embraced Ben's naked body into his own naked body. Their members merged into one sweaty crushed concoction of balls, spent cock and wet sweaty pubes. 'You need to always come for your oil changes at the last minute' suggested Bo. 'Don't be too long in getting the next one.' Ben smiled and they fell into another kissing embrace before parting ways. To anyone seeing Ben heading home that night, you would have thought he had been in a fight. The smile on his face would have given you the idea he had won.


Matthew Barrett

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