As a traveling salesman, I drive to and through towns both large and small. This encounter happened when my car quit on me outside a small country town.

I was about three miles outside Wiggins, a town of about 1200, most of which were farmers, when my car sputtered then quit. I knew I wasn't out of gas but it refused to start.

I decided to walk into town in hopes of finding a wrecker and a mechanic. The temperature was pushing ninety degrees and by the time I reached the edge of town, my thin sport shirt was soaked and clinging to my muscular upper torso.

As I entered the town, I began getting strange looks from the residents on the street. I asked one older gentleman I saw if they had a mechanic in town.

'Shor do, friend. You got trouble?'

'Yes, sir. My car quit on me about three miles out of town.'

'Well, Jake Turner is the only mechanic in this here neck of the woods. His shop is three blocks up ahead on the right. Just look for his sign.'

I thanked the old man and continued my walk. As I approached the third block I saw his sign. It said simply 'Jake's Garage'.

I walked in and not seeing anyone I called out, 'Anyone here?'

'Yep. I'll be right up.'

A moment later a man about ten to twelve years older than my twenty-seven came up from the pit under an old Ford he was working on. For a man in his late thirties, he was hot as hell.

He wore just a pair of overalls and no shirt, revealing a muscular hairy chest. His hair was dark and cut in a short military style. He had a goatee and moustach and when he smiled his perfect teeth were snow white. My heart began racing wildly when I glanced down the snug overalls and saw a nice big outline of his manhood.

'What can I do for you stranger?' he asked with a smile. I was sure he had seen me looking at his crotch.

'Uh, my car quit on me outside of town. I was wondering if there is a wrecker in town that can tow me in?'

'Yep, I got one, but first it looks like you need to cool down a bit. Come on in to the office.'

I followed him into the office where the air conditioner was going strong. He quickly opened the small fridge and asked 'Beer or water?'

'Water, please.'

He handed me a bottle of water and grabbed a beer for himself. He motioned me to a worn easy chair as he leaned against his desk, pulling the legs of his overalls tighter and emphasizing the bulge down his right leg.

'Now, what happened with your ride?'

'I gassed up back in Baker so I know I wasn't out of gas. The car sputtered some then caught and was fine. A few minutes later it sputtered again and quit. When I tried to restart it, it would just turn over but that's all.'

'Hum, that could be several things. You stay here and cool off while I finish changing the oil in old man Johnson's car, then we'll go get it and get it in here and see what's wrong.'

'Sure thing,' I replied, stealing another gance at the bulge in his overalls.

A few minutes later I heard him start up the old Ford and back it out. After parking it, he came in and said, 'Okay, let's go.'

After we climbed into his wrecker, I said,'I'm sorry. I should have introduced myself. I'm Mark Wilson,' and offered my hand.

'Jake Turner,' he replied. 'What you doing in this neck of the woods?'

I explained that I was a sales rep for a hardware company.

'Ah, the old proverbial traveling salesman, huh?'

'Yep, to put it simply.'

We talked and I found out that Jake was an ex-Marine and single. He was born and raised in New York city but having no relatives living, when he got out of the Marines he looked for a small town where is Marine training would be useful, thus opening his garage in Wiggins. He lived alone in his house behind the garage and had no girlfriend.

He joked saying, 'Hell, all the women here in town are always trying to hook me up with their daughers but that's not for me. I just haven't found the right, uh, person for me.'

That statement made me wonder if he was gay also. It sure gave me that impression.

We reached my car and he lifed the hood and checked a few things then tried to start it. No luck. After getting it hooked up, we towed it back into town.

At his garage, together we pushed it onto the rack and he began working on it. It was mid afternoon when he came in and said, 'I found the problem but I don't have the part. I need to make a call.'

He made his call and as I listened I heard him say, 'Can you get it shipped out today on a rush delivery?'

After a pause, I heard him say, 'If that's the best you can do then it will have to do.'

He hung up and turned to me and said,'Mark, it looks like you're suck here for the weekend. They can't get the part I need to me until Monday sometime.'

'Well, you did your best it seems. Is there a motel here in town?'

'That's one thing we don't have here, at least not yet. We don't even have a boarding house.'

'Mother fuck!' I exclaimed.

'Calm down, man. You can stay with me. I have plenty of room and I'd enjoy the company.'

'Jake, I don't want to put you out any.'

'Man, I love this town. It's quiet and peaceful but other than a few single women in town and just a couple of single guys, I'm close to being the youngest person here. At least for the time being.'

'Just how old are you?' I asked.

'Most people judge me to be in my very late thirties or early forties, but I'm actually only thirty-two.'

'Well, I would have put you between thirty-five and forty.'

'And just how old are you?' he asked.

'Twenty-seven,' I replied.

About what I thought,' he said with a smile.

He walked to the overhead doors of the garage and began closing up. Soon, he said, 'All done. Come on and I'll show you my place.'

He opened a rear door leading to a covered walkway thet lead to his house. It was a new construction and the huge yard was surrounded by a ten foot solid concrete wall.

As I glanced around at it he saw me and said, 'I like my privacy.'

We went inside and it was awesome, decorated in a western style. There was the large kitchen and dining area, huge den with about a 60' TV with a full surround sound theater system and a half bath. Down a short hall was three bedrooms each with a huge private bath containing a large jacuzzi tub and four person showers.

Off the den was a large patio with a bar area, and a large pool.

After he showed me around I said, 'Man, business must be fucking good around here.'

'Not really. When I was in the Marines, I was investing most of my pay in stocks. About a year before i got out, my grandfather passed away and left me his gear manufacturing business. I knew absolutely nothing about running it, so I sold it. Everyone here in town thinks I'm barely getting by, but I've probably got more money than the entire population all put together. Not one of the residents that I'm aware of has seen this house. I built it all myself. They all think I was reparing the shack that was back here.'

'Jake, if you're so secret bout it, why have you shown me and told me what you did?'

'Mark, I truly don't know, but after just a few minutes of talking to you, I felt comfortable with you. I felt you were someone I could trust and be myself with and someone that woould keep my secret.'

'I appreciate your trust very much. I, too, like my privacy when I can get it, and I assure you your secrets will be safe ith me.'

'I see you said secrets, plural,' he replied.

'For some reason, I have a hunch you're going to tell me more.'

'Probably,' he said with a smile as he unhooked the straps of his overalls, letting the bib fall to his waist, completely exposing his hairy muscular chest.

'Get comfortable and make yourself at home. That's what it's going to be for the next few days.'

'I can't do that. That is one of my secrets. When I'm in a motel room on the road or at home, I always go nude.'



He smiled broadly and said, 'Another of my secrets. why do you think I buit that wall so high?'

'I figured it was for security,' I replied.

'Partialy, but for privacy mostly. When I close up and get back here, everything comes off. There is an intercom from the front to here in case anyone needs me after hours.'


'So, shall we both get comfortable?'

'Hell, why not? You won't be the first guy Ive gone naked with,' I said.

'Me either,' he answered. 'Who else have you done it with?'

'Well, in college, it was common to go to and from the showers nude and my room mate and I usually stayed that way in our room. At home, I have met a few other guys that enjoy nudity and we all go camping and stay nude.'

'Fuck, I love taking a weekend and getting away and camping nude in the woods.'

'Who else you done i wih?'

'Guys in the Marines some. Several of us would lay in our bunks nude and sleep that way. Then before I bought this place I frequently went to an all adult nudist camp where I had a membership.'

As we talked, we had both been stripping. We now realized that we were both totally nude. We both began looking the other over.

When I saw his cock, without thinking I blurted out, 'Hoy shit! Is that thing real?'

Laughing, he said, 'Yep.'

'Fuck, I've got to ask. How big is it?'

'Just under nine inches when he wakes up. I noticed you glancing at it out in the garage.'

'What's not to notice. It was very visable.'

'Your's was also as it began to get hard,' he replied.

'Oh, you saw that huh?'

'Yes, I did, Mark. And another secret. I liked what I saw then and what I see now.'

'So do I. Very much.'

As he stepped up to me our eyes met and locked. ever so slowly, he lowered his head slightly and bought his lips to mine. Slowly our lips parted and our tongues began to explore each other's mouth.

When our lips parted, he asked 'Care to join me in the shower?'

'Definately,' I replied.

As we washed each others body, we kissed frequently. Both our cocks were rock hard and we took our time in washing each others. After the soap was rinsed from our bodies, Jake leaned down and began gently nibbling on my nipples, first the right one then the left.

Slowly squatting down, Jake began licking his way down my body as I moaned audibly. He bipassed my cock, going to my balls, gently sucking on each one.

Placing his hands on my hips he turned me around and gently spread my ass cheeks, burying his tongue in my hole. I said loudly, 'Oh fuck yea.'

After a few minutes of eating my ass and tongue fucking me, he turned me back around and began sucking my raging hard cock, burying his nose in my bush. Before long, he brought to to a raging climax, and as I shot rope after rope of my hot thick load into his mouth, he eagerly and hungrily swallowed every drop.

When he stood, we kissed and I gadly did the same to him. when I got to his ass and began working on it he said 'Oh yea baby, eat it.'

Igot to his cock and with some effort, I managed to swallow it all. 'Oh fuck yea! So few can take it all.'

I brought him to a climax and thought I would drown. It was huge and thick, but I hungrily swallowed it all.

As we dried each other off, he said, 'When I sawyou looking at my crotch and saw you getting boned, I had a hunch that you were into men.'

'Some of the things you said gave me the same impression,' I replied.

As we stepped out of the bathroom he said, 'We've had the appitizer. Shall we go and fix dinner?'


As we cooked on the grill poolside, he said, 'Mark, I have a confession. I could have had the part here for your car early tomorrow morning. But hoping you played, I wanted to spend the weekend wih you.'

'well, when you said that there weren't any motels or boarding houses in town and I'd have to stay with you, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest with excitement.'

'I lied about that also. Mrs. Weaver rents out a couple of bedrooms to people that need it.'

'I'm glad you did.'

We ae dinner poolside and went for a swim before going to bed. As we cuddled, I whispered 'Fuck me please.'

Everly so gently, he was soon easing his huge cock up my ass and I was loving it. Once in we kissed and I said, 'Seed me. i want to feel it shoot up my ass.'

'Only if you promise o seed my ass when I get through.'

'I promise.'

He fucked me lovingly before eventually speeding up in anticipation of his impending climax. Suddenly, his cock swelled and fired off another huge load, this time deep into my ass.

I kept my promise and before long I was making my deposit up his hole.

As we lay together, I asked if there was anyone in town he played with. He said no because if he did and it happened to get out, everyone in town would know in less than five minutes. He did say that he would love to do the county deputy sheriff that lived just outside of town. He said he was at the cafe once and when he went into the restroom the deputy was there pissing and he saw his cock. 'Hell, it is bigger than mine and he's only twenty-three years old.'

All day Saturday and Sunday, we sucked and fucked and rimmed each other. All too soon, the weekend was over. Monday afternoon my car was ready but I didn't want to leave.

Slipping into his office where it was private, we kissed passionaely. I told him that I passed through every week and he immediately said he wanted me to stop and spend the night. I quickly agreed.

We spent one night together every week for over nine months. I knew I was falling in love with Jake and wanted to be with him twenty-four hours a day.

On one trip, I asked him what would happen to his business if it was found out that he was gay.

'I don't think it would affect it at all,' he said. 'George Banks, that owns one of the two gas stations in town came out that he was gay after he met a guy in Sommerville and they became lovers. It hasn't hurt his business at all. They are both accepted in church, at the cafe, and everyhere else in town. Why did you ask?'

'I love you nd wan to be with you. You are all I think about. I want you to be my lover if you will have me.'

'Hell yes, I'll have you. I love you so much. Are you willing to move here?'

'Yes, or you can sell this place and we'll find someplace new. I've cashed in my stocks and savings and was thinking of building a small moel here in town.'

'How soon can you move here? And if you need help financing the motel, count me in.'

'Is a week to soon?'

'Hell no! I want to meet you and help you move.'

It was agreed. I sold my furniture and packed my clothes. I picked Jake up at the bus station, and we rented a trailer for my personal belongongs and headed for Wiggins.

A year later I opened Wiggins Inn, one lock from Jake's Garage. Surprisingly, the townspeople openly acceped us. They weren't as prudish as we had thought.

That was six years ago and things are going great. The town has grown some with new residents moving in. I have been asked to run for Mayor.

Oh, one other thing. That deputy sheriff that Jake said he wanted.....well one Friday afternoon I was at the garage waiting for Jake to close up when he pulled in. His name is Brad Sims and he is single. He saw me in the office and told Jake he needed to speak to him. Once the three of us were in the office, he suddenly gropped both of us and said he was gay also and would we be interested in a three way. We both said 'Hell yes' at the same time. Brad now comes over a couple times a week for play. He, however, has remained in the closet because of his position.



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