I had been failing Mr. Bates' class when he asked me to stay after class and talk to him. After everyone left for lunch he motioned me over. "Kenny, I know you're trying hard in my class," he said, "and I don't think it's entirely your fault that you're not doing well." I smiled, hoping that he was going to give me a chance to earn some extra credit. "So I've decided to bump up your C to a B...but only if you do this assignment for me."

"I'll do anything Mr. B, wow thanks so much!"

"You're welcome Kenny. Now what I really need you to do is get under my desk and pick up those paperclips for me." Mr. B scooted away from his desk and pointed to about 400 scattered paperclips. "It would be so great if you could pick those up for me, I'm just so stressed and I have assignments to grade. It would save me a lot of time." He smiled at me and I nodded.

I got under his desk and began picking up the paper clips. I didn't notice but Mr. B started scooting back over to the desk, blocking my exit. His hairy, bulging thighs blocked my view of the rest of the classroom. "Thanks so much Kenny." Mr. B scooted all the way into his desk so that I was sort of crushed between the wall of the desk and his meaty thighs. "I really needed this." He started rubbing his crotch through his shorts and his bulge started growing. I tried to ignore it and kept picking up paperclips, I really needed the grade. Eventually the bell rang and people flooded into the classroom. I tried to get up to get to my next class but Mr. B just scooted farther into the desk. When I touched his legs to try to get him to move, his fat cock twitched and his hairy hand struck me across the face. I wanted to yell out but decided against it.

All I could see were his hairy legs and his throbbing cock. I couldn't see his face or any of the other students and I started to get hard. I'd secretly always wanted to be dominated by another man. After a few minutes he started teaching to the class and I moved my face up to his crotch and began to sniff it. I was so hard thinking about getting throat fucked under my teachers desk. I put my nose to it when Mr. B started talking about vertical angles. He was focused on the lecture and I guess when my nose touched his monster cock he got surprised and thats why he grabbed the back of my head and forced my face down. Mr. B kept his voice steady and none of the students seemed to notice that he was forcing me to sniff his demon cock. I loved having my face in his lap and began moving my hands up his shorts to feel his hairy man thighs. He exhaled and bucked his hips forward slightly. I took this as a sign of appreciation and moved my hands even farther into his shorts. I very quickly realized that Mr. B wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Will this be on the test?" Jacob asked. He was probably the most attractive guy in our grade. Super fit, plump ass, and thick, hairy thighs to boot. Mr. B moved his hands down to my ass as he answered him. His cock got really hard as he started talking to Jacob and a flood of cocksnot came  pouring out through his shorts and onto my pink lips. I licked it up and Mr. B thanked me for that by tearing my shorts down and exposing my virgin ass. Jacob asked a follow up question and Mr. B's cock grew out of the leg of his shorts, I gasped when I saw the thick beast. He pulled my head down onto it to shut me up. It twitched in my mouth and I nearly gagged just from the tip being in there. There was so much cocksnot leaking out of his dick that I began to loudly choke on it. The students in the class heard me and started looking around. "What was that Mr. B?" Jacob asked.

"I don't know Jacob but I think it must've come from outside the window." When Mr. Bates said that everyone looked to the large window on the other side of the room. "Now you'll get it." Mr. B whispered to me, scooting back slightly and showing his face. He smiled when he saw my teen mouth on his fat hairy daddy cock. 

"Get what?" I tried to respond but could only make a gargling sound. Suddenly, Mr. B's thick hand swept across my face and made my cheek glow red. I yelled out and Mr. B hit me harder, "Shut up you fucking slut!" He grabbed my soft blonde hair and pulled me off of his daddy cock. I looked up at him, nearly crying. He spit in my face twice. "I know you want my cock bitch!" He smiled at me and forced my face down onto his hairy thighs. "Lick my daddy thighs slut! I know you want it, I've seen you looking at me. I know how you stare at my fat cock while I lecture!" I started crying while I licked his hairy thighs. "Say it bitch! Say you want it!"I looked up at him and began to speak when he spit in my mouth. "Don't you want that grade slut? Isn't that why you came onto me and crawled under my desk? Say it or I'll fail you." He spit in my face again. I started to get hard again.

"I want it daddy, I want it so bad. You're right, I've been thinking about getting fucked by you for so long." He smiled when I said it and scooted back into the desk. The students turned their attention back to the front of the class and Mr. Bates began to lecture again. Mr. B got me so worked up that I just needed to have his hairy cock in my little boy mouth. I pulled his mesh shorts down and revealed his 13" cock and the rest of his fat thighs. His cock was slick with cocksnot and I began to lick it. It twitched like crazy and as soon as I put the tip in my mouth Mr. B put his hand on the back of my head and forced his hairy jizzing daddy cock down my throat. I couldn't breathe and I tried to scream but Mr. B started facefucking me anyway. I pounded on his hairy thighs to try to tell him to stop but all that earned me was a slap to my hairless ass. After what seemed like hours, Mr. B let me up, gasping for air. Cocksnot, actual snot, and spit all poured from my mouth onto daddy's cock and all over my little twink body. My face was red and I was crying like a bitch. Mr. B reached under the desk and pointed a finger at me. Somehow I knew what he wanted me to do. I wrapped my lips around his manly finger and let myself relax as he shoved two more fingers in my whore mouth. After he finger fucked my fuck hole he slapped me across my face and spun his finger around, signaling that he wanted me to spin as well.

I turned around so that my bare asshole was facing his mighty cock. He felt around and after finding my hole, slowly lowered his chair so that his cock was level with it.



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