This morning I shaved my head again after a few months of growing out my hair and beard.

I started with masturbating in front of a mirror looking at my long hair and when I came I caught my sperm and rubbed it into my long hair. I then applied a strong gel to my hair and slicked it all back. Again my dick got hard and I had to use both hands on it to calm it down.

Next step was to wash my hair sitting in the bath tub. I lied backwards in the tub and put my head under water. Using one hand to get the gel and sperm out of my hair I masturbated my dick again with my other hand. Coming up out of the water I used lots of shampoo to wash my hair. With my head full of shampoo I now kneeled in the bath tub and put my head forward under water again. I could stay under water for about a minute and used the time to masturbate while my head was under water.

When I came up again my long hair was covering my face and I could not see through that curtain of my long dark brown hair. I got out of the bath tub and took my hair dryer and dried my hair brushing it in all directions. I bowed forward and brushed my hair from my neck and sides of my head upwards and finally my hair was dry and stood upright in all directions.

Now the time for a change of the colour of my hair had come. I applied bleeching stuff to my hair and worked it well through my hair with both hands. When all my hair was covered I slicked it back and while the colour developed I watched one of my older headshave videos and masturbated again watching my hair falling down on my naked body.

This took about one hour and I went back into the bath tub. I put my head forward under water again and then worked through my hair with both hands. I dived under again and now I had a blonde hair curtain in front of my eyes and also my next orgasm shooting my sperm into the water.

Again I washed my hair with lots of shampoo and rinsed it well. I then put my head backwards under water and masturbated a last time with hair. Coming out of the bath tub I slicked back my wet hair and let it dry while watching another video from an earlier headshave I had done.

After my hair was dry I put a black cape around my body and started masturbating again under the cape. With the other ahnd I went for a last time through my long blonde hair. Then I took the new tool to cut my hair, the Szabo Security Hair Trimmer. It has got two blades and can be adjusted between 9 mm and 0 mm. I started with 9 mm and with one hand under the cape I felt my dick getting bigger and bigger and with the other hand I started cutting my hair from my neck upwards to the top of my head. I then looked at maself in the mirror and cut my hair down to 9mm all over my head. I got really horny when I saw my blonde hair falling down on the black cape.

Now I wanted to see the skin of my head and I adjusted the hair trimmer down to 6 mm. I washed my hair again and left the shampoo in my hair for the next step of shaving my head. I took the hair dryer and brushed back my hair. Then the hair trimmer came again and my hair got shorter and had the same length all over my head after a few minutes. I was standing in front of the mirror and looking at my short hair I had my dick in both hands and when I had produced another shot of sperm I caught it and rubbed it into my hair.

The hair trimmer now went doewn to 3 mm and when I started cutting my hair again I could now see the skin of my head shining through. It was such a pleasure to see the skin of my head that I had to calm down my dick again. I prepared the last steps of shaving my head by adjusting the trimmer down to 0 mm. I rinsed my head with water and wet as the stubbles on my head were now I shaved them all off. I had made sure to keep my full beard and I got really excited about my bald head with a full beard.

To make my new look perfect I applied shaving cream all over my head and took the razor to give myself the last perfect touch. While shaving my head now in all directions I masturbated the whole time until my head was shiny and clean. I took of the cape and looked at my clean shaved head and then i took my penis in both hands and with my next orgasm I caught my sperm again and rubbed it into the skin of my clean shaved head.



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