I work my ass off and usually a couple of times a month, I like to treat myself to a nice massage. I don't mean the happy ending kind!

As a straight guy, I always preferred having a nice looking woman massaging me. On this particular day, my masseuse Karen was unavailable but Jeff was. I was thinking of canceling and coming back next week but I was really sore from a long day of work and driving, so I decided to give it a go.

While I was a bit nervous about having Jeff work me over, I decided to just relax and not worry. Good thing I did, because Jeff gave me a great massage! So much so, I started using him.

After a few months of chatting we got to be very comfortable with each other. I always made my appointments for 5 pm, so I could just get my massage and go home. When I went to make my next appointment, Jeff told me that the only time he had available was 7 pm. I knew my next week was going to be long, so I decided to take that time.

I finished work, stopped and had some dinner and a couple drinks, then went for my massage. I laid on the table and said, ok, you know what to do! Jeff laughed and said, yes I do!

I was very relaxed once Jeff started massaging my back and working his way down towards my butt and he hit a spot that made me emit a little moan. As he was rubbing that spot, I could feel my cock starting to get hard and myself starting to get very horny. He poured some more oil in his hand and started to massage my ass a lot more vigorously and I was enjoying the feeling. he asked me if I was ok with what he was doing and I said it felt really good. I could feel him gripping each cheek and spreading them and massaging them, what a feeling!

I felt some oil running down the crack of my ass and before I knew it, he had his finger inside me. He again asked me if I was ok and I said yes to my surprise. Another finger then slipped inside of me and I was now starting to moan. What was happening to me and why wasnt I stopping Jeff? He was massaging my prostate gland and the feeling was incredible!

Jeff asked me if I liked what he was doing and I said yes! Jeff said he has been waiting for the right moment to do this to me because he found me to be his type. He said he was bi and had been looking for a fun guy to share with some of his women friends and I fit that bill. He said a lot of his lady friends were bi and wanted to see him with another guy.

Jeff asked me if I was bi and I said no but I am open to new sexual experiences. Before I knew it, my time was up and Jeff asked me if I would be interested in finishing this up at his place? I could feel my heart pounding and a yes came out of my mouth. Good, he said, you can follow me. We got into our cars and I started to follow him. What the hell am I doing? Do I really want to do this? After trying to think of every excuse to just turn the car around, we arrived at his place.

I followed Jeff inside and there was Karen on the sofa. I looked at her in surprise and said Hi Karen! She jumped up and gave me a hug followed by a kiss on the lips, then whispered, I am so glad you came!

Karen said she and Jeff are fuck buddies and the she had the hots for me and told Jeff about me. Karen asked how the massage was and I told her I was pretty turned on! She said, let me see, then started to undo my pants, then took them off. She could see my hard cock in my underwear and said, you are excited! She rubbed my cock through my underwear, pulled them down and then took them off. She then licked the length of my cock and her warm mouth engulf it. I have a nice 8 inch cock then Jeff came over and joined her. Watching the two of them sucking my cock was so erotic. She kissed me again, then let Jeff have my cock to himself while she watched and coached. She was saying, suck his cock Jeff, thats it, your making my pussy so wet.

Then she said, stop and looked at me and said, I want to watch you suck Jeff's cock. Jeff was still in his pants, so I undid them and took them off. The Karen said, rub his cock through his underwear like I just did to you. My hands were shaking as I rubbed the front of his underwear. You like that dont you? Go ahead, take them off! I took them off then Karen said, get on your knees and suck his cock. I couldnt wait to see what this was going to be like.

I dropped to my knees, opened my mouth and put his cock in. It was so warm! I started to suck and could feel his cock starting to become erect and the more it became erect, the more I was getting turned on. Before I knew it, I was starting to gag a bit because Jeff has a nice 9 inch cock. I licked and sucked his balls and kept finding myself wanting to keep sucking on his cock.

Karen then asked Jeff if I liked the anal massage he gave me and Jeff said he did. She then asked me if I liked it and I said it felt great! Karen sat on the car across the room and said come over here and eat my pussy! I couldnt wait to taste her pussy. I know my technique always drove women crazy and Karen was no exception. Before she knew it, she was cumming and telling me not to stop! Thats when I felt a cool liquid running down the crack of my ass and Jeff hands coating my hole. While I was licking Karen's pussy, I reached behind me and was rubbing Jeff's hard cock. Then I did something that even shocked me, I guided it to me waiting ass.

I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my hole and the the head slipped in, God that felt good! I stopped licking Karen and was concentrating on Jeff's cock entering me. I was pushing back against him as I could feel Jeff filling me up. Slowly we got to the point where he was fully in me. Karen sat back and watched as Jeff fucked me, he kept hitting my prostate which was driving me crazy and making me fuck him back. before long, Jeff said he was going to cum and once again I shocked myself by saying, cum in me! With that, I could feel Jeff unload in me and cum dripping out of my ass, what a feeling.

I had never felt anything like that and now I was hooked, I wanted that feeling a lot more! Karen then asked me if I wanted to fuck Jeff and I said yes! This time we went up to the bedroom, where the got into a 69 and I slid my hard cock into Jeff's tight ass. It was only a few minutes before I came deep in Jeff.

We layed there for a moment, then we all jumped into the shower cleaning each other up, laughing and saying we are all going to have a lot of fun together.

Once we were showered, it was Karen's turn to get fucked. Jeff and I started kissing her boobs and sucking her nipples. Jeff went for her pussy and I climbed up on her and put my cock in her mouth and told to cock it. Dirty talk excited her even more, so I ran with it. I said, you like being our fuck slut of dont you, she moaned mmm hmm. Good, because Jeff and I are both going to fuck you and fill both of your holes at once. Karen's body shook with anticipation. I told Jeff, lie on the bed, then I lubed his cock up and told Karen, come put this in your ass! Karen sat down on Jeff's cock, then I got in position and shoved my lubed up cock in Karen's pussy. I grabbed her hair and pulled it back and kissed her. Feels good doesnt it? Come on, tells us how good it feels? It feels so good, yell it out you whore! IT FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD DONT STOP!! Jeff said he is getting close to cumming and I said fill her up. I could feel Jeff bucking and he shot his load in Karen, I knew I was close and told Karen I am going to cum and Karen Oh God, fill me up. I grabbed her hips and pounded and shot a big load into her pussy.

We stayed there for a minute, then I pulled out of Karen and Jeff plopped out of her as well. Karen said that was so fucking hot to me and kissed me deeply. I told her that was my first time with another guy and it was hot. She asked me if Id be into doing that again and I said sure! Good, because I want to go on an adult all inclusive at Hedonism and I want you to go with me! Absolutely, I would love to go with you!

We leave two days after Christmas!





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