After a strenuous week at work, I was ready for a quiet relaxing weekend. I arrived home and retrieved the mail from the box next to the door.

I went in, got comfortable, grabbed a beer and went through the mail. There were a couple of monthly bills, grocery ads, and junk mail. One item in the junk mail was a card for a full body massage.

It said that it could be done at his place of business or in my own home for an extra charge.

Regardless of the location, the first massage was only fifteen dollars if you presented the card. I decided to give it a try.

I called the number and asked if he was available that day. He said he wasn't but he did have an opening the next morning at ten. After telling him I had received his mailer, I set the appointment and gave him my address.

He arrived a few minutes before ten. When I answered the door, he asked, "Mr. Young?"

"Yes, and you must be Buck."

"Yes, that's right."

I invited him in telling him to please call me Mark. He agreed and asked where he could set up.

I suggested my bedroom so I could change in the bathroom. As he carried his portable massage table and his oils to the bedroom, I noticed his magnificent build.

"While I get set up, why don't you change. Strip completely and just come back with a towel around you."

I did and when I returned he asked, "Have you ever had a massage before?"

"Not from a professional."

"Well, lay on the table on your stomach and drape the towel over your rear." I did, placing my face in the open padded hole.

He applied warm oil to my upper back and with his hands moved some to my neck. He worked his way down to my shoulders, back then waist. Moving the towel lower, he massaged my hips and upper buttocks.

After replacing the towel, he folded the lower part up toward my head exposing my lower buttocks. He added more warm oil then continued the massage, starting with my lower buttocks then my thighs. As he massaged the inside of my upper thighs, I felt his fingertips gently touch my balls. Fir some unknown reason this action gave me a raging erection.

He continued down finally ending at my feet and toes. As he lay my foot down he said "Okay, flip over."

"Uh, there is a slight problem with that."

"And I know what it is. It's very common. I'm used to it so don't be embarrassed. Just flip over."

Reluctantly, I did as he told. Laying on my back, My rock hard cock formed a large tent over my crotch.

As he returned to massaging the front of my shoulders and chest, he said, "Very impressive."

Surprised at his comment, I said, "I guess I should say 'thank you'."

He chuckled and said, "Mark, that happens to ninety percent of my male customers and with half of those you can't even see a small bump."

He went down to my waist then under the towel to massage my hips and upper thighs. as he did, his fingertips again touched my balls and this time the side of my hard cock. I don't know why but I found his slight touch electric and erotic.

When he completed the massage, I hurried to the bathroom and dressed. When I returned he was folding up his table. "How do you feel?"

"Like a totally new man. That was fantastic. What do you normally charge for an out call?"

"Seventy five, but you're close to me so if you schedule my first or last appointment for the day, I'll cut the price to fifty. I could stop on my way to or from the office."

"Book me for your last appointment every Friday. What time would that be?"


Put me down. Maybe next time I won't embarrass myself. "

"Mark, over half my clients, both male and female, don't even bother with a towel any longer.

If the guys happen to get an erection, they just let it show."

"I bet some of the females that don't use a towel have an effect on you, though."

"Yea, some, if they are younger. Most are much older ladies. And I have a few clients where I massage both the husband and wife together, both totally nude."

"Damn, no shit?"

"No shit. I have to laugh when the wives tease their husbands about getting an erection."

"I bet. Next Friday at seven?"

"I'll be here." I paid him the fifteen dollar fee and said I'd see him the following week.

I really did feel great and relaxed. It would be well worth the fifty a week to feel this good.

The following couple of Friday nights were a repeat of the previous weeks.

I was feeling comfortable with Buck and on the fourth appointment, I came out of the bathroom without the towel and climbed onto the table. Like the previous weeks, I again got a boner but when I turned onto my back, there was no embarrassment at letting him see it. I did notice him take several long glances at it though.

At each massage after that day, I noticed that when he massaged that area, he got closer and closer to my cock. After a couple of weeks he was slipping his hands under my cock as it lay on my stomach as he massaged my abdomen.

Then one Friday night he said something that surprised me.

As he massaged my lower stomach, he smiled and asked, "Does he need a massage also?"


"Does he need a massage also?" he repeated slightly tapping my cock.

I was shocked at what he said, yet curious about what it would be like to have another guy stroke my cock.

"Is there an extra charge?"

"Not at all. I do advertise a full body massage."

"Well, I've never done anything with another guy before or even had another guy touch me other than my doctor during a physical, but if you want to, sure, do it."

He gently lifted my cock and began slowly stroking it as waves of pleasure went through my body. Looking toward him, he smiled and out f the corner of my eye I saw a slight movement. Turning my head slightly, I could see that his own cock was steadily stiffening.

After a few minutes my breathing grew faster as my climax rapidly approached. Seconds later I gasped as my cock exploded, sending my load out onto my chest and stomach. he went tot he bathroom and returned with a warm wash cloth to clean me off.

As he wiped me off, he asked, "Now does he feel better?"

"Much. Thanks."

"Just part of the job." he said as he continued the massage down my legs.

As he began to pack up I asked, "Do many of your clients get that type of massage?"

"Oh yea. Most."

"What about the female clients?"

"With them I still use my hand and fingers, although they want something else."

"Interesting," I said.

"Shall I add the extra to my normal routine when I'm here?"

"Sure," I said, wanting to feel his hand on me again.

After that day, Buck would complete my massage, saving the cock massage for last.

He had also changed his body massage. Now, as he massaged my chest, he would circle my nipples several times with his thumbs and I loved it. I never knew a mans nipples were so sensitive. I commented about it one day and he said that lots of men enjoy having their nipples sucked as much as a woman does. I was stunned when he offered to show me. I let him and I was amazed at how fantastic it felt.

After that, while he gave me my cock massage, he would suck my nipples. Together, it was a an unbelievable fantastic experience.

I quickly grew to love the attention he gave me. For some reason it made me feel special and I looked forward to our Friday meetings.

Then one day, after the body massage, he lifted my cock and said, "Mark, there is one thing that feels better than the hand massage I give."

"Hell, if it feels better that the hand massage, then do it," I replied, not knowing what he had in mind.

He smiled as he lifted my cock. Then to my shocked surprise he leaned forward and swallowed my cock, massaging it with his tongue.

"OH MOTHER FUCK!!" I exclaimed loudly then moaned in deep pleasure.

As he sucked my cock, he played with my nipples with his thumb and forefinger. I was floating in space as he did it.

My climax approached quickly and I warned him. He continued sucking my cock and as it exploded, he collected my load in his mouth. I expected him to pull off and go to the bathroom and spit, but instead he smiled and swallowed.

As he stood back up, he said, "From your reaction, am I correct to assume that that was the first time you have ever been sucked?"

"Yes, definitely. None of the women I date will even consider doing it."

"I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did," he said.

"Believe me I did, probably more."

"Shall I substitute it instead of the hand massage?"

"Most definitely!"

The next few weeks he would give me my massage then play with my nipples as he sucked me dry. Knowing what was going to happen, I was always erect when he arrived.

I began to get extremely curious as to what it would be like to do him. As time passed the curiosity grew stronger.

Finally, one Friday when he arrived and set up his table, I said, "Buck, why don't you bet nude with me?"

"You won't mind?"

"Not at all," I told him.

He removed his tank top, shorts and finally his jock. His cock was about the same size and mine but slightly thicker, with a slightly pointed head.

He began his massage and as he moved lower on my body and his crotch was even with my hand, I nervously reached out and grasped his cock. It was semi-erect but quickly became rock hard. He moaned softly but never paused his massage.

Then, when on my back and he was in the right position, I did it again. Another soft moan.

He completed he massage and after the usual nipple play and blow job, I quickly slipped off the table and stepped up to him. Our eyes met and i smiled, then quickly dropped to my knees, taking his hard cock into my mouth.

He moaned as I began trying to swallow his entire cock. It took a few tries, but after I got control of my gag reflex, I soon had my nose buried in his thick dark pubic bush.

I was strangely enjoying sucking my first cock. After a while he warned me he was close. I wanted to see what it was like to feel a cock shoot in my mouth. I continued sucking and seconds later my mouth was filled with his huge thick creamy load.

I collected it all and as I pulled off, I looked up into his eyes again and swallowed.

"Awesome," he said, "but what brought that on?"

"Curiosity, but I have to admit that I totally enjoyed it," I said as I stood facing him, our bodies almost pressing together.

Casually he reached out and put his hands around my waist and pulled me against him. A second later, he gently pressed his lips to mine. My experiences with women took over and I parted my lips. Immediately, he responded and offered his tongue. I quickly accepted and offered mine. Our tongues hungrily explored each other mouth.

After the kiss, I looked into his eyes and all I could say was "WOW!"

"I take it you enjoyed that."

"Very much," I replied. we kissed again.

He began packing up his table, and as he did, I began writing out his check.

"What are you doing?"

"Writing out your check like I always do," I replied.

Smiling, he said, "You've already paid me."

I walked him to the door and before opening it he asked, "May I have another kiss?"

"Of course," I replied.

After another hot passionate tongue kiss, I looked int his eyes and asked, "Buck, you're totally gay aren't you?"

"Yes, I am. I have been since my teens."

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow evening?"

"No, why?"

"How about coming over for dinner? I'd like to talk to you."

"I'd like that. What time?"

"How about around six?"

"I'll be here," he replied.

He arrived and greeted me with a hot kiss. We went to the kitchen and as I prepared dinner, he stood in the kitchen with me leaning against the counter. Our conversation was very casual.

After dinner, we sat on the sofa slightly turned toward each other.

"Buck, how did you realize that you were gay?"

"I was almost seventeen. I had a girlfriend and we fucked often. I hadn't thought about sex with another guy. Then one weekend she was out of town and a buddy from school invited me over to his house. His parents were also out of town and he had some beer. I went over and after a few beers he pulled out some of his older brothers porn magazines. One thing led to another and we were soon both naked and jerking off to pictures of couples fucking and some of two guys and one woman. In them one guy was fucking her and sucking the other guy. After a couple more beers, we started stroking each other. Then he said he wondered what it was like to suck ad get sucked. We decided to try it and sucked each other off. we both had enjoyed it and when we could we continued it. Before long, we started fucking each other. I started having sex with guys I'd meet at a local park. My bud decided sex with a guy wasn't for him but I enjoyed it more than sex with women. By graduation, I was totally gay. I went strictly with men and never had any second thoughts."

"I think I'm getting there. What we have done is so much more satisfying that sex with a woman."

"I totally agree."

I reached out and took his hand in mine and asked, "As you know, you are my first experience with another man. I've never asked this before, but I was wondering if you would like o spend the night with me."

"I'd love it. I have lots to show you if you want to try different things."

"Show me."

We leaned toward each other and kissed passionately. Afterward, I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. We stood and kissed again as we undressed each other. Once in bed, I experienced my first sixty-nine.

Before the night ended and we went to sleep cuddled in each others arms I had been rimmed and rimmed, as well as fucking and getting fucked.

Buck stayed with me all day Sunday and we had sex several times. I found that after my first time getting fucked, I really liked it.

On Monday night I put myself to a test. I went to a local singles bar and met a nice attractive lady. Sitting alone in a corner, I got my hand up her skirt with no objections from her. Before my experiences with Buck, when I did it, my cock would be rock hard. Now there was barely any response. She later excused herself and went to another guy.

Later, I was at the bar and began chatting with a hot masculine executive type and my cock got rock hard. I knew then for sure that I was gay.

Buck continued our Friday evening sessions with us either sucking or fucking each other. he began teaching me some massage techniques, and since i was off on weekends, he began taking me with him to see some of his male clients.

With those that anted it, after the massage, buck and I together would suck them off ad share their load. That really turned them on.

After almost a year, I invited Buck to move in with me. He did and we were soon lovers. We each continue our separate jobs and I would go with him on weekend calls.

I did find out that some of the couples that were his clients, the wives got off watching their husbands either get sucked by us or their husbands sucking both of us.

Our love for each other is stronger than anything could be. We trust each other totally.

I continue to thank the day I decided to get a massage.




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