My 21 year old nephew, Adam, lives with me since he and his parents do not really get along too well ; and besides .. a 21 Year old man should not be living with his parents for many reasons.

Anyway; Adam had went away early that day with some friends and was not going to be back until around midnight since it was an all day trip to Daytona Beach, here in Florida.

Let me introduce myself , at this point. I am Ken and I'm over 21 years of age. I also do Massage Therapy,Reflexology,Massage,and Reiki . combined.

Anyway; it was about 1:00 Pm and I was Just getting ready to take my cold 'Hulk' (a blend of Hypnotic and Hennesy) and slip into the hot tub without any trunks ...

I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and made my way from the back enclosed porch where the hot tub was to the front door .. and there was Eric or 'Easy E' as we call him .

He ask if Adam was home and I said no ..we made some small talk and I told him I wanted to go jump in the hot tub and if there was anything else I could do for him and put my hand on the door to close it.

Eric then said ask if I would mind if he joined me in the tub ; to which I said 'NO; BUT I need to tell ya' that i don't wear anything but my birthday suit when I get in the hot tub ...' To which he said something like , 'Fine with me ...' so we made out way to the back porch and the tub ..

I slipped off the towel and climbed into the warm bubbling tub and took a seat that gave me a good view of 'Easy E' as he began to undress. he noticed me watching him intently; and began to kina move and gyrate his hips as he took off his jeans .. and then the boxer brief , to reveal a nice cut , Dick of about 6 1/2 inches and it was firming up very fast. Eric tugged at it a little , still facing me and then climbed over into the tub and took a seat across from me ; all the while playing with his now very hard, firm, and thick Dick ...

We talked a little about his life and his break up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. And, for some reason , he started telling me that he had not cum since the break up and how horny that he felt.

I told him that was awful and hoped he found someone again real soon as 'blue balls' can be dangerous for guy etc .. and that he'll would probably begin having nocturnal emissions during the night if he did not release soon.

Then; he began asking about massages and the kind that i do etc .. I told him about the various types of massage and the benefits of massage. Eric then got a strange ; but funny look as he inquired about 'groin massage' and I explained to him that was actually called the 'Lingam Massage' as 'lingam' means 'Wand of Light' and is an ancient referral to the penis.

I explained that although it is a natural form of massage; it is not acceptable in American society since we are still kind of prudes etc .. and he quickly agreed.

It was then that he said something like he'd never refuse a 'groin Massage ; if he ever had a regular massage etc .. then started in about how sore his neck and back was his legs ached etc which i told him that I never volunteer a massage ; BUT that now and then if a friend will ask; I'll do one of my $125 -$150 Erotic massages for Free.

Eric stood up facing me , still quite erect and stretching his piece of young man meat ... and said .. 'do you think I'd qualify for one of those Free massages of yours ?'

So, I told him he'd need to sign the special release form that makes me free from all criminal and civil action as a direct or indirect result of the massage .. before, During and After ... and he about jumped over to my desk in the adjoining bedroom / office to sign the the legal documents ...

So; I had ole 'Easy E' to lay on his back .. I put on soft music , lite some candles and incense; then got out my special Eucalyptus Massage Oil (my favorite for many reasons ...) and then mint foot gel for his feet .

Then; I began to work on his feet at a time , doing each toe separately, the sides, the bottoms and the ankles .. sliding my hand and applying just the right pressure to be effective ...

Next; I had him turn over onto his stomach as I wiped the mint gel off my hands and poured the warm Eucalyptus oil on his shoulders and down his back .. then gently rubbed it all over the shoulders and down his back to his nice , firm virgin ass ...

Next; i moved on down and was rubbing his ass and letting my hands / fingers go clear down to his rectal opening .. and even then ; I took a finger and played around there and he was squirming and moaning in pleasure as my fingers played with those rectal nerves ..

I had him raise up and I reached under him and grasp that nice fat Cock .. pulling it down between his legs so he would not be laying on it ... and he gasp as my hand wrapped around it for a few seconds while bringing it down between his legs.

Next; I moved down and did his legs , had him turn over and started up the front .. taking my time as my hands slowly stroked his legs and brushed against those nice round balls and swollen Dick as my hands went up 'n down his inner thighs ,,,

He was beginning to drip pre cum .. as I moved around and did his arms , hand s, fingers ...very slow and moved onto his chest ..taking special time to rub the nipples and all around them .. as I moved lower to the abdomen and pubic area ..

I now was down with my hands slowly and gently doing / stroking his pubic area as he moaned and groaned .. Then ; I reached over and grasp the base of that hard cock of his ... took my other hand and began to slowly stroke it up 'n down .. lightly take my finger and run it around the head and underside of this fine meat .. I gently massaged the balls and tugged on them and then went back to the rigid Dick , about to explode .. I took and used one hand to apply pressure to his g-spot / taint and that did it . He came with such force that it hit me between the eyes on the first shot and about three or four more shots all over the place as he writhed in sexual pleasure .

he lay there for a second or two ; look up at me and thanked me for my services .. I was taking a towel and wiping off the cum ; when he reached out and grabbed my hard Dick and before I knew it ; Eric was giving me some damm great head ... it was fantastic and I just stood there as he sucked up and down on my throbbing meat and balls ... God; in less than five minutes; i couldn't hold it any longer and I came and came as Eric took it all down his boyish throat ...

We showered and got dressed ; BUT every time my nephew goes away for any length of time ; Eric and I hook up and it has been a GREAT adventure .. ...



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