Jordan got out of the back of the SUV, and hooked his mask in place. He had rented a tuxedo that afternoon, and borrowed some dressy shoes from his friend. He thought he looked good. He confidently approached the masked gentlemen standing on either side of the arched entrance. Neither moved, as he walked slowly by. There was a purple carpet down the center of a long foyer. Dimly lit chandeliers lined the tall ceilings, and large art pieces hung on both sides, all the way down. He walked through another archway, and down a large flight of stairs. 

           The stairwell curved sharply down a full story of the house. As he walked down further, the stairwell became darker, and soon he was in a ballroom of some sorts. He could barely see, until he walked through the set of doors at the bottom. The room was filled with many people. some people were dressed formally, others had nothing on but their masks and shoes. He was shocked at first, but slowly became aroused at the plethora of nude bodies he could feast his eyes on, without repercussions. 

                                                                                                 Jordan walked over to a large table, with drink options. A nude woman in a jeweled mask and skirt, poured him a glass of, whatever was in the crystal punch bowl. He nodded, and she nodded back. He turned and walked to the back of the room. There was an empty spot on a large wrap-around sofa, next to a naked man, in a horned mask, and a woman with a leather gown, and matching mask, in the shape of an owl head. He sat next to them, and realized that she was jacking off the naked man. He sipped his drink, and watched intently. The man turned toward Jordan, and nodded. Jordan nodded back. The man was pretty fit, with the slight evidence of a belly. He had a thin strip of hair from his naval to his dick shaft, with the smallest patch of hair above the base. His balls were completely smooth, as well as his thigh area. The woman had satin gloves on, and alternated her hands between the man's dick and balls.

                                                                                                                       No one else seemed to care what was going on. Jordan crossed his leg, as he was developing a raging hardon. He continued sipping his drink, and watched, while the man's head slowly tilted back as the woman stroked him faster. Her satin gloves must've caused quite the friction. She's was pushing down on his ball sack with her finger and thumb, and focusing her efforts on the head of his dick, which had turned a dark red. She kept her middle finger and thumb in a tight circle, and ran her pointer finger back and forth over the head. The man's chest was heaving, as his breath became more exasperated. His feet were arching, and his fists were clenching.                 

                 A few moments after, the man was ejaculating all over himself, and the woman's gloves. His load even reached part of his mask. The woman leaned over, and started to lick the man's chest and stomach. She had him pretty clean, when another naked man approached, and stuck his hand out, to assist the other man off the couch. He stood, still hard, with cumming dripping off of his dick, and was escorted through the crowd by a couple of ushers in red jackets. The newly arrived man sat in his spot, next to the woman, who had removed her dirty gloves, and started to caress his dick. 

                                                                                               He was much more endowed than the previous man, and had a more defined body, with chest and abdomen hair, all of which were trimmed shortly. She had him hard in a matter of a couple minutes, and started to play with his ball, as she had the previous man at all. Jordan was so intrigued. He was out of punch, but didn't want to leave the couch. He was hard, but also, he didn't want to miss the action. He instinctively raised his glass, forgetting it was empty, and dropped his hand back to his lap. The man next to him was starting to thrust at his hips, his big dick arching through the woman's fists, and poking his lower ribs. 

                                                                           Jordan was in awe. The man had plenty of dick for the woman's smaller hands to work with. Suddenly he felt a presence in front of him, and turned to see another nude man, holding a crystal server, and offering to take his glass. He filled his glass, handing it back, and walked away. Jordan sipped some more, while the man and woman next to him continued their pace. This man's ejaculation wasn't nearly as big as the previous man's, but it did shoot nicely, straight up in the air. Jordan heard a muffled cry coming from the man's black mask, and he watched as the man grabbed at the edges of the couch cushion. He shot a couple more times, and the woman repeated her licking on this man. She was just licking her fingers clean, when another naked man approached, accompanied by two ushers in red coats. Again, this man held a hand out, and helped up the other man.

                  Jordan stood, and adjusted himself, as he walked to another part of the room. Not that the new guest of the woman wasn't nice to look at (he had an athletic build, with hairy nipples, and hairy abs, and a very meaty dick, with long dark hair draping down his shoulders and back). Jordan found another lounge area across the dance floor, and sat, surrounded by  naked couples fucking. One couple was two men. The man doing the fucking had a gargoyle type mask, made of plaster and leather. The man he was fucking had on a goat mask, with jeweled horns. They were both hairy, and muscular. Jordan felt his dick hardening again. A woman sat next to him, sliding her hand up his pant leg. He almost dropped his glass, and felt his dick spasm repeatedly, aching against the suddenly confined fabric of his crotch. 

                                                                                                                                                     She was working his shaft over really well, through the thin fabric of the cheap pants. He turned and watched her. She had a feather and jeweled mask on, with long red hair draping down over her shoulders to her chest. She had a dramatically low cut dress on, which exposed almost all of her breasts. She worked her hand quickly up and down his shaft, and before he knew it, he had cum in his pants! He felt his toes curl in his shoes, and his knees were shaking. He bit his lip, so as not to cry out. She wiped her hand down his pant leg, smearing some clear cum residue down his thigh. 

                                                                    She got up and calmly walked away. He pulled at the hem of his jacket, trying to cover the shiny cum streak she'd left. It wasn't working. He stood, and walked along the wall, until he found a side archway, which led to another room. He walked through the short darkness, bumping shoulders with a couple of people making out in the shadows. He walked into another dimly lit room, and found this room filled with naked men. They were lounging in the buff, and he saw an occasional erection, and some jerking off. It was completely casual, and aside from a couple of men standing at attention inside the doorways, it appeared that no one had any clothing on in this area of the house. He went through another archway, and saw a man walking out of a swivel door on the right. He pushed through the door, seeing a line of stalls, and quickly went in. 

                                                                                                                    He stood before the sinks, and wet a towel, to dab at his pant leg. He was almost finished, when a naked man walked in, and came to stand next to him. He had an erection, and started to jerk off next to Jordan. The man had a slim build, with light hairs around his nipples and chest. The hairs continued down his torso, to his abs, becoming darker as they trailed down to his small dick. Small, in comparison to the dicks Jordan had seen earlier, but was most likely average, around 6 inches Jordan guess, as it looked similar to his size. The man had a simple white mask on, which covered just his eyes and nose. He had a chiseled face, with a light strap of hair that led around the outline of his jaw and chin. His lips were small and pink, and he kept his mouth tightly closed, while looking over at Jordan. Jordan stood calmly, and watched as the man continued to stroke his dick. He tilted his head down, and turned his body toward the sink basin, and ejaculated a thick, and large cumshot. 

                                                                                                  Jordan swallowed hard, as the man continued to pump his cum into the empty basin of the sink. He got a whiff of the man's cum, and pretty soon, the man was flicking his, quickly drooping dick, freeing the last drops of cum into the sink and onto the counter. The man wiped the head of his dick along the black granite, smearing a streak of clear cum residue, and turned, leaving the room. Jordan leaned back against the wall, activating the hand dryer, and jumped forward. He left the towel on the counter, and left the bathroom.

                                                      He walked to the right down another hall, and entered a brighter room. This room had a small stage, and there were a few naked men on stage, jerking off. Jordan walked up to the small crowd standing around, and saw a man and woman having sex on the floor of the stage. The man was on his back, and the woman was riding his dick. They were quiet and smooth, while the fucked. The men jerking off formed a half circle, in full view of the audience. One by one they ejaculated onto the man. He didn't make any noise, and kept his eyes closed. Some cum splattered across his face, and on his mouth, and chin. He had cum on his chest and arms as well, and down his abs. Some cum got onto the woman, but the main object was the man.

                                                                       Jordan stood by, and watched as the men slowly became replaced with new men, jerking their dicks and cumming onto the man, and woman. The man would occasionally wipe at his face, but otherwise, remained still, on his back, while the woman rode his dick. Jordan was hard again, and had completely forgotten his drink in the bathroom. He cleared his throat, licking at his lips. He was enjoying the show, when an usher in a red coat approached him, reaching his hand out, and pointing toward the right side of the stage. Jordan obeyed, and the man led him through the audience. As they got through the small crowd, Jordan could see a few more men had been herded on that end. There were men undressing, and jerking.

                                                                     Jordan quickly realized he'd been selected to participate. He got nervous, but almost came in his pants just thinking about being part of the excitement. He quickly undressed, and was grouped by another usher, with 5 more guys about his size and build. They were all jerking off, and a couple of the men started jerking each other off. Jordan was afraid of cumming too soon, and avoided any strong motions with his fist. He kept it light, and barely squeezed his shaft. His balls were high and tight, and his dick was throbbing in his fist. His group was two behind the other groups of men, and then quickly they were the next group to go on stage. He leaned his weight on one side, to take the pressure from his center of gravity. He was relaxed, and slowly jerking off. He glanced down, taking in his body. He was glad he had been working out the past couple of months. his chest was strong, and his stomach was flat, although he wished for more muscle. He had some chest hair, and a dark line of stomach hair, that spread to a bushly amount of pubic hair around his shaft and balls. His dick was about 6" long, but he had girth, which set him apart from the others in his group.

                                                   It was their turn, and soon, he was one of six men jerking off around the fucking couple. The woman seemed bored, and the man was motionless, looking up helplessly at the men jerking their dicks over him. He was completely covered in cum, and Jordan realized that the cum around his crotch was lubricating his sex with the woman. She would occasionally scoop some toward her, and finger herself, and his lower shaft. Jordan closed his eyes, feeling his orgasm building. The guy next to him started moaning, and shot cum clear off the edge of the stage. A couple people in the crowd silently applauded him, and he aimed his dick down toward the man on the floor, hitting him right in the mouth. The man wiped at his lips, and opened his mouth to breath, when another man started cumming. Jordan watched as some of it got into the man's mouth. He started to gag, but remained motionless, choking down the cum that had entered his lips.

                                                                                                       Jordan felt a sudden rush in his loins, and turned toward the man, shooting his load across the woman's shoulder, dripping some cum onto her breasts, but unloading a nice thick stream across the man's chin and lips. Jordan always cam a lot when he jerked off. He loved the feeling of shooting a thick wad when he was alone, and this took his pleasure to a new level. The man on the floor had clamped his mouth and eyes tightly shut, while Jordan emptied out on him. Their group had finished, and they turned and walked off the stage.

                                                                                      Jordan dressed quickly, and felt an arm under his. It was a man from one of the other groups, who pulled at his arm. Jordan followed him down the hall, to the bathroom. The man led Jordan through the bathroom to the stall at the end, and closed the door behind them. He started undressing before Jordan, and he soon realized it was the man who jerked off at the sink. The man smiled at Jordan, and reached out to help him undress. Jordan remained calm, and let the man undress him fully. Soon the man was on his knees, sucking on Jordan's limp dick. He usually needed a good 2o minutes to get hard again after he came. He felt the vibration of the man's moaning on his shaft, and was hard, faster than he'd imagined he would be.

                                                                                    The man was so good at giving head, and Jordan was rock hard in a minute. The man was slurping loudly on his shaft, and working it over pretty good. Jordan leaned back against the wall of the large stall, and felt the man let go of his dick. He stood and turned from Jordan, bending over. He spit in his hand, and started lubing his ass up with it. He repeated this about six times, and grabbed Jordan's dick, pressing it to him. Jordan had never fucked a man before, but as soon as he felt the tightness of the man's ass hole, he quickly felt a craving to own it. He grabbed the man's hips, and started thrusting in and out. He quickened his pace, and was soon fucking the man wildly, slapping his balls and abs against the man's crouching body.

                                                                                                       They had been fucking for only a few minutes, when Jordan felt his cum rising. He continued fucking the man, and came in his ass, letting out short grunts and growls. The man had been bracing himself against the wall, and was almost bent completely over, to the floor. Jordan pulled out, and the man reached up, spreading his ass cheeks. Jordan watched as cum started to ooze out of the man's ass. It was kind of cool. Jordan dressed quickly, and opened the stall door, to see an Usher in a red coat standing before him. He was grabbed by the arm, and led through the halls, and rooms, back up the stairwell, and down the foyer to the front steps. He was practically thrown out the front doors, and walked down the steps, confused. The SUV pulled up, and the driver got out, walking around, and opened the door for Jordan. He wasn't sure what had happened, although it felt amazing to fuck a man's ass.

                                                                                                              The driver said nothing, and as Jordan got out, the driver turned around, handing him a card. Just a date, for the last day of the month. The driver turned back around, and Jordan stepped out. "Sir." He looked up, seeing the driver turn his head slightly. "Next time, only fuck in public." He started to laugh at himself, as he closed the door. That was some fucking party.



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