The day began like any other, with our squad out for a double-time jog. Twelve Marines, shirtless, in combat boots and tight PT shorts running to the sound of deeply masculine cadence up the narrow road alongside a wooded training area out in the ass end of nowhere. I was to the side and behind Chip Hunter, my eyes glued to his big, rounded, solid butt. His massive thighs jolted under his weight and his calves bulged to propel his boots to the next step. His back spread upward to wide, powerful shoulders that swayed sexily as he ran. Tiny rivulets of sweat ran down his thick neck and on down the center of his back and darkened the gray material of his PT shorts. Yeah, I had those kinds of thoughts. Not about just anybody; just my buddies; okay, especially about Chip Hunter. I'd never acted on them but there was the constant attraction to their muscled bodies and their big cocks swinging around the barracks. Right beside me was Denver Lucas. I could see out of the corner of my eyes, his thick chest muscles bouncing each time his boots hit the ground, and his massive thighs bulging as he ran.

We were the best of the best; ask anybody on base. The Marines had a reputation for building men, but we went the extra mile. We had made a conscious, collective decision to be the beset and stand out among all the other Marines. We supplemented Marine chow with protein shakes and bars and we hit the weights three times a week. No more, no less. And the results turned heads any time we were out running; any place we went, actually, whether in PT shorts and combat boots or in full dress uniform.

With Sgt. Davies, our DI, sounding cadence, we rounded a curve in the road that opened up to a wide field with thick woods on two sides. A rushing stream separated the field from the road we were on, and on the other side was a group of boys horsing around and laying around in the thick grass. When they saw us they started waving and yelling at us, holding up bottles, offering us something cold to drink. We laughed and waved back and kept on running. Several paces further, the DI suddenly ordered the column right.

'Anybody use a cold drink?' he yelled as we moved off the road into the grass.

There was a loud 'Sergeant, Yes Sergeant!' in unison.

We halted, did an about face and ran back twenty yards and slowed down as we came to the stream. Sgt. Davies led the way, wading right into the water, and we all followed. The boys whooped and yelled with laughter. The water was cold and deeper than it looked. Midstream, it was waist deep. Some of us ducked our heads under and got wet all over to make the chilly water more bearable. We waded out on the other side and up the bank, water streaming down our bodies, our boots and shorts soaked. The boys looked in awe of us. As we approached the group, they came toward us with thermoses and jugs and bottles of drinks. There were nine of them, older than I'd judged from the road; late teens, all bright-eyed and healthy looking; extremely healthy looking, enough that they made me have the kinds of thoughts I had about my buddies.

I guessed they were on an outing, hiking, the way they were all dressed alike in boots and shorts and T-shirts with a bright-colored striped emblem on their sleeves. As we drank our fill the boys asked us questions about the Marines. One kid in particular caught my eye. Already well-muscled, he had a look about him that belied his tender age. He struck me as the type of kid that knew what he wanted out of life and wasn't afraid to go after it; the look I had when I was his age, which was about twelve years ago.

'What're you guys doing out here on base?' I asked as I squatted down on my haunches while he knelt to pour me another cup of cold water.

'Same thing as you guys, staying in shape,' he said.

'Well, it's working, in your case,' I said, giving him a quick once- over that couldn't be mistaken for anything but admiration and respect.

'Yeah, for you guys, too, big time,' he said, his eyes raking over my naked, wet muscles.

'But how do you get on base?' I asked him.

'Asked permission,' the boy said. 'We got a special permit to come on as a group and observe some of the training. Mostly, the physical stuff. We can only go into certain area. I mean, we can't go out to the rifle ranges or anything like that.'

I saw the way he was looking at me. I'd seen the look many times before, but not from someone so young. His eyes kept raking over my wet body, with little mistake of their meaning, aiming flirting glances right between my thighs.

'I didn't know they allowed the scouts base,' I said.

'We're not that scouts,' he said. 'We're GSAs.'

'GSAs? I was in scouts and I never heard of GSAs. Is it a new organization, or an off-shoot?'

'You could say that. When they wouldn't let us in, we formed our own scout group. We're not widely known. Actually, its just a local group, guys within a hundred mile radius.'

'Wouldn't let you in? What does GSA stand for?' I asked.

He patted the multi-colored patch on his shoulder. 'Gay scouts of America,' he said, without batting an eye. 'Well, that's what we call ourselves; we're not really affiliated with anybody. We just made the name up.'

'Oh.' It was all I could think of to say for the moment.

'Now that you know, I guess you want to get back across the creek where you'll be safe,' he said rather sourly.

'Any reason why I shouldn't feel safe here?' I asked.

'I guess not. You're a Marine, you're probably not afraid of anything,' he said. His eyes were still busy over my body but came to rest about crotch level again. He was awfully interested in my crotch and now I knew why.

'Your legs are huge,' he said.

I glanced down at my legs. I had big, powerful thighs, and squatted down on my haunches made them look even bigger. When I looked back up our eyes met.

'You're huge all over,' he said, looking at my arms, and when he saw that I wasn't hostile he looked back down between my thighs. 'Those shorts are so tight, you're about to bust out of them.'

'They look tighter, wet, but would that be a problem for you if I did bust out of them?' I asked with a tight smile.

'No. Absolutely not,' he said. 'How big are you?'

'Two forty one,' said.

'No, now big are you?'

'Oh.' I couldn't believe what he was asking, so bold. 'Nobody believes it when I tell them,' I said.

'I would,' he said, eyeing my crotch more openly now.

'Eleven inches,' I said.

His eyes popped and his mouth flew open. 'No shit!'

'I told you, you wouldn't believe it.'

'No, I believe it,' he said. 'I just never saw or even heard of anybody being that big. I didn't know it was possible to be hung like that.' He laughed. 'No wonder you need such big, powerful thighs, to carry all that around.'

'It's possible,' I assured him as I mentally explored all of the other possibilities that this kid and the situation presented. I couldn't believe I was squatted down here, talking about the size of my cock with a teenager who I'd just met.

'I guess you must attract a lot of attention around the barracks,' he said.

'The guys are used to it,' I said, with a shrug. 'Besides, there are a couple more guys in the outfit who are pretty impressive.'

'But eleven inches,' he said. 'I guess most guys have to see it to believe it when you tell 'em how big you are.'

'Well, I don't normally go around telling people how I'm hung, but yeah, when the subject comes up, that's the usual response; I gotta see it to believe it.'

'And do you show 'em, to prove it?' he asked.

'Not usually,' I said, laughing. 'Hell, I don't have to prove anything.'

'When you do, where is it? I mean you don't just haul it out, like in a bar or something. Where are you when you get asked, and what do they say, when you show them the proof?'

I laughed. 'It's usually standing at the urinal taking a piss, or in the shower. And they say something like, 'I'm seeing it and I still don't believe it.'

He kept looking at me, and I could see the hunger in his eyes. A lustful hunger that I'd never seen in such young eyes. I should've been ashamed of what I was thinking; that I would like to haul this cute, muscular kid off into the woods and show him my cock and see what he might do with it. Shit, I was thirty years old; like a big brother. But I wasn't ashamed. He was too smokin' hot for me to conjure up any feelings of shame or guilt.

'I never seen anybody as big as you up close; I mean with all his muscles showing like that,' he said. 'I wanta be a Marine when I'm out of school.'

'They'll take you when you're seventeen with your parents permission,' I said, thinking that couldn't be more than a few months off.

'I already turned eighteen. We all are. It's a rule we have, so we don't scare guys off. I just need to graduate,' he said.

I blinked, visibly surprised. 'You're really eighteen?! Wow! You look younger. I would've guessed you closer to sixteen. Well, I mean in the face. From the neck down, you could easily pass for eighteen, or older.'

'Yeah, everybody says that,' he said. 'Wanta see my drivers license?'

I laughed. 'Maybe I should be asking how big you are,' I said, jokingly.

'One sixty-eight,' he said.

I laughed again at the way he was playing with me. 'That's a damned impressive one hundred and sixty eight pounds you're carrying. But you know that wasn't the question.'

'About eight,' he said he said with a sly, proud grin.

'Dam, that's not too shabby for eighteen,' I said.

'Yeah, I'm the biggest guy in our troop,' he said. 'I guess I'll grow some more. I'm hoping so.' He laughed. 'We're all hoping so.'

'Chances are good you will,' I said.

'Yeah, I wouldn't mind being hung like you are,' he said.

'Don't,' I said. 'Sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass.'

'Oh, I'll bet,' he said, laughing.

I ignored it. 'Do you guys come on base often?' I asked.

'This is only our second time. But it won't be our last, that's for sure,' he said. 'When you asked what we're doing here, truth is, we're Marine watching. We're from different schools, all planning to go into the Marines when we graduate. That's another thing we've got in common.'

'Marine watching. Is that kind of like bird watching?' I asked.

'Yeah, except we found the eagles,' he said. 'Eagles are awesome. We never saw anybody who looked like you guys last time we were out here.' He was referring to find us; the eagles.....the best of the best. I liked that.

'And you won't,' I said.

'How do you guys get to look like that?' he said, his eyes raking over my body again.

'Just what we're doing. Running. And we work out regular, eat right and take supplements.'

'I'd like to know your workout routine, and learn what you eat,' he said.

'Maybe we can help you guys out with that; working something out,' I said.

'Do you think they'll let us in the Marines? Being gay, I mean,' he asked.

'Don't tell 'em,' I said. 'And don't advertise it. I would loose that bright colored patch you're wearing. Isn't that the gay colors or something?'

'Yes. We're proud of it,' he said.

'Well, you can't be proud of it and be in the Marines,' I said. 'Too bad, but that's the way it is till somebody at the top gets their head out of their ass.'

'So, you regular Marines wouldn't mind if there were gays among you?' he asked.

I laughed, and noticed the way he looked at stomach muscles when I did. 'There are gays among us; we just don't know who they are,' I said. 'No, most Marines don't give a fuck, if the guy is a good Marine.'

I wasn't paying much attention to the others around us, I was so taken by this kid and intrigued by what he had to say, and his boldness and honestly and his eagerness. I saw him glance between my thighs again and I got bold myself.

'I don't think you believe it, do you?' I said with a grin.

'That most Marines don't give a fuck? I do if you say so,' he said.

'No, that's not what I meant, and you know it.'

'It's pretty hard to believe anybody could be that size, but yeah, I believe whatever you tell me.' Then he gave me a sly, mischievous grin. 'But it'd be easier to believe if I saw it with my own eyes.'

'I would if I could, but this is hardly the place,' I said, looking all around at my buddies and his friends. But I was already thinking how I could maybe get the boy off to myself sometime, somewhere, and I was properly chastising myself again for the thoughts I was having.

'Hey, it's not like a pencil, is it?' he asked. 'I mean, long and thin.'

I guffawed, laughing. 'Not hardly,' I said. I held my hand up, my fingers curled. 'That won't fit around it,' I told him.

'Damn! No shit!' he gasped, wide-eyed. Then he smiled, a little crooked, mischievous smile. 'You know, it's not like you would be a dirty old man exposing himself to an innocent little boy. You know I'm gay, I'm eighteen, and you're certainly not a dirty old man. And for the record, I'm not all that innocent,' he added for good measure.

'Maybe we, uh.....should explore the innocent part,' I said.

'Take a look around you; everybody here, excluding you twelve Marines, I've had sex with.'

I was taken aback, apparently visibly so.

'That surprises you, I can tell from you face,' he said.

'Yes, it does,' I said.

'Its another rule we have. To join, you gotta have sex with all the other members.'

'Shit, I never got my first piece of ass till I was seventeen,' I said.

'If you were gay, you wouldn't have stayed a virgin that long, not looking like you do, if you looked anything like that when you were seventeen.'

'It's none of my business, but have you guys thought this through, about going into the military? It can be a rough place to be, with your sexual orientation,' I said.

'Or the best place to be,' he said with a sly grin as he looked me over again.

I was having feelings I'd never allowed myself to have before. Well, except for Chip Hunter and Denver Lucas, but I never allowed myself to dwell on those thoughts. I was having tingling, itchy feelings back between my legs and even in my asshole. Weird, but they were there, and they were being caused, undeniably, by this cute little hunk. Shit, if the guys knew what I was thinking, especially the DI, I would be toast; my career would be over, twelve years of service down the tubes, and probably a dishonorable. But all that aside, I was still thinking about how I could meet up with this little stud without getting in trouble.

'I didn't get you name,' I said.

'Austin. What's yours?'

'Marine name, Corporal Hunt. Dakota to my friends.'

'That's a neat name. Corporal Dakota Hunt. Real sexy and studly. You deserve a name like that. Or the name deserves you,' he said. 'Hey, now that we're not strangers, are you going to show me?' he asked boldly.

I laughed, dropping my head. 'Look, Austin, I....I really like you, I mean, I respect who you are,' I said, raising my eyes to his again. 'And I would really like to....well, shit, take us back in the woods and show you everything, but the Marines has a strict policy.....'

'I know, don't ask, don't tell,' he finished.

'I was thinking, though, if, uh...if you think there might be a way we up know, if you happen to be on base by yourself, or maybe I could meet you someplace off base. It would have to be discreet.'

'You can't imagine how much I would love that, but I'm just so curious right now I'm all tingly inside. What about if we just went back into the woods to take a piss? No policy against that, is there? You could at least show me what you're bragging about.'

'Hey, its no brag,' I assured him.

'I know. So, do you wanta go back?' he asked, nodding toward the woods.

'I....suppose we could,' I said, surprised at his ingenuity. 'But it still wouldn't look right. I mean, why does it take two guys to go take a piss together?'

'We don't have to go together. You could go into the woods first, saying you had to take a piss, and I could follow you a minute or so later. Nobody would even notice,' he said. 'Look. Everybody else is busy talking.'

Okay, this kid was getting to me, and I was considering his plan. I'd had my back to the group and I looked around to see if anyone of the others might be hearing us, and got a bit of a surprise. Austin was right, everybody was preoccupied; some not just with talking. There was Chip Hunter sitting on a rock back in a clump of trees, sort of hunched over and one of the boys was reaching to feel his thigh, almost to the point of groping his crotch! I would've never believed it of Chip. There was another Marine leaned back against a tree with a boy feeling his arm. Could be innocent, youthful admiration and muscle worship, but it wasn't acceptable behavior for a Marine to let them do shit like that, especially on base, and I suddenly had the feeling that I wasn't the only one being turned on by the hunky teenagers coming on to us so strong.

'Now that you mention it, I do have to take a piss,' I said as I shoved myself to my feet.

'Ohh! Would you do that again?' he said, staying squatted down.

'Do what?' I asked.

'Squat back down and shove up to your feet again. I wanta see your thigh muscles bulge,' he said.

I squatted down and stood up again, slowly, so he could get a good look at the muscles in my thighs bulging and rippling.

'Damn, those are killer thighs!' he exclaimed, looking up at me almost worshipfully. 'They could break a guy's neck if you had him in that kind of hold.'

I laughed. 'And what would a guy's head be doing between my thighs?' I said jokingly.

Austin stayed squatted down on his haunches, looking up at me. I gave him a questioning look.

'I thought we were going to take a piss,' I said quietly.

'Yeah.....I just love this view,' he said, his eyes raking over my body and fixing on my crotch. 'Fuck, you chest and shoulders look even bigger from this view. And Godd, the way those wet shorts cling to your thighs and your crotch!'

My wet shorts clung like my skin, revealing the bulk and even the outline of my cock. Finally, he stood up.

'Man, you're really bulging out of those shorts,' he said as we walked toward the woods. 'I can hardly wait to get 'em off of you.'

'Whoa,' I said, holding up a hand. 'Not out here. Down, maybe, to take a piss, but not off.' I really did have to piss now, thanks to the power of suggestion. Back in the woods, I peeled my wet PT shorts down off my hips and butt while Austin watched my manhood being unveiled. I had to pull them more than half way down my thighs before my swollen cock swung free.

'Wow! That is a hunk of meat!' he exclaimed, wide-eyed. 'Here, I'll hold it for while you take a piss,' he said as he boldly reached out and wrapped his hand around it. I glanced over my shoulder in a panic, but we were far enough in the woods that I couldn't see the other guys and I figured they couldn't see me. 'Fuck, man, look at that! I can't get my hand around it, and you're not even all the way hard yet,' he exclaimed.

'I told you,' I said.

I started at his touch; it was the first time another guy had touched me there, except for the doctors. His hand felt good and my cock was responding fast, threatening to cut off my stream of piss. I had to force it out and Austin was even impressed with that, too.

'Dam, you piss like a horse,' he said, laughing. 'But why not, you're hung like one.'

When I was finished pissing he pulled on my cock, milking it in his hand, and shook it several times.

'Is it okay if I suck it now?' he asked.

I swallowed hard, somewhat stunned, unable to answer him. I was right about him; he wasn't afraid to go after what the wanted.

'Can I?' he asked again.

'Dam, you see something you want, you go after it, don't you?' I said, looking back toward the clearing and the other side of the woods. 'Yeah, go ahead,' I said, thinking it was the stupidest thing I'd ever done.

'Oh, Mann, thanks,' he said as he dropped to his knees. He wrapped both hands around my cock and a third of it still stuck out of his fists. 'Man, I hope I can do this,' he said. With that he opened his mouth wide and took my cock in his mouth.

I gritted my teeth and stifled an outcry. He could do it all right. He had the softest, warmest mouth, and his tongue was like a puppy's tongue lapping up milk.

'Ohhh, fuck,' I whispered through clenched teeth.

'Am I doing all right?' he asked, looking up at me around my cock with those big innocent-looking eyes. Looking into those eyes could almost convince you that this was the first cock he'd ever touched.

'You're doing great,' I said.

'Fuck, I can't believe the size of this thing,' he said as he eyed my cock with raw lust. He licked the shaft, up and down the sides, and underneath, causing it to throb and buck, and the veins to bulge and precome to bubble out. He licked it up hungrily. Then he went back down on me. I said I've got powerful legs, but this kid had my legs shaking in no time. Dam, he knew how to give head! I had to wonder when he'd started.

He let go of my cock and wrapped both arms around my right thigh and began kissing and licking the muscles.

'Godd, I love your thighs,' he moaned. 'It's like hugging a tree.'

'Thanks. I'm glad you like 'em,' I said as I took up stroking my cock myself.

He brushed my hand aside and pulled my cock over to suck it again but kept one arm around my thigh, running that hand up to squeeze my butt. 'Ohh, your butt is hard as a rock,' he cooed. 'Ohh, I'll bet you throw a wild fuck when you get these thighs and those butt muscles in gear.'

Oh shit, now, was he suggesting that he wanted me to fuck him? Fuck, I had to meet this kid someplace! Soon!

'Have you ever fucked a guy?' he asked between slurps on my cock.

'No, I never did anything with a guy, before now,' I said.

'Ohh, it would be so wonderful to have you fuck me and take your virginity,' he said.

I could not believe what was happening. I was standing in the woods on a Marine base with some teenage kid gobbling my cock and talking about taking my virginity, with the rest of my company only a few yards away. I laughed at the idea of this kid taking my cherry, but he was right; I was a virgin in that respect.

'I would like to take yours,' I said.

'Too late, that horse got out of the barn a long time ago.'

'One of your scout buddies?' I asked.

'My uncle,' he said. 'But he wasn't a dirty old man or anything,' he added. 'He's my dad's younger brother, he was only nineteen himself. He was in the Navy, home on leave. I've got a thing for military guys.'

I didn't say anything. I didn't want conversation; I wanted head, and if I talked, he talked instead of sucking my cock. He went back to sucking my cock and I started fucking his mouth. Such a beautiful mouth on such a cute, innocent face. Shit, when did I develop such a penchant for boys? My thoughts were always about men; Marines, specifically. I stood with my hands on my hips, watching his full, pouting lips, distended so around the girth of my cock, sliding back and forth along the shaft. I listened to his soft, whimpering moans of pleasure that he was giving himself. I longed to shove my into his throat till my balls hit his chin but it would choke him.

'Do you wanta fuck me?' he asked.

'Aww, I wish we could,' I moaned.

'You wouldn't have to last long; I could get you off real quick with my ass,' he said.

'You're gonna do that with your mouth,' I said.

'Maybe when we meet up, later, then?' he said.

'Absolutely,' I said.

He went back to sucking my cock and I concentrated on what he was doing, trying to work myself up. I was a Marine, on duty, I couldn't stand there in the woods all morning and let this kid slurp on my cock. The squad would be getting back on the road any time and the guys would be wondering where I was. They would probably be suspicious now, that I'd been gone so long in the woods.

'Listen, Austin, when we get done, you stay back in the woods while I go back by myself,' I told him.

He nodded and kept sucking. I put my hands on his head and shoulder to encourage him. I didn't her the snap of the twig till it was too late. I snapped my head around to see Chip Hunter.

'What the fuck......!' he gasped.

'Shit!' I swore, jerking my cock out of the boy's mouth with a loud slurp. Despite the interruption, the boy wrapped his hand around the back of my thigh to keep me there. I think I must've turned pale and my knees went weak under me. I could picture myself being placed under arrest. But Chip didn't seem to be all that bothered about what he saw.

'We're gonna be heading back in a little bit,' he said, his eyes raking over us.

'Yeah, okay, I'll be right there,' I managed to croak as I pushed the boy's head away where he was trying to gobble my cock again.

'Fuck, man, go ahead and finish what you're doing,' Chip said, seeing how anxious the boy was. 'Just don't take too long.'

'Yeah, okay, I was getting close,' I said.

Chip took a moment to linger and watch us then turned then turned and walked back toward the clearing.

'Wow! That could've been scary. I'll hurry and get you off,' Austin said. That's when I discovered that he'd been just playing with me; sucking to give us both extended pleasure. Suddenly he got serious, and began devouring my cock like a hungry wolf on raw meat and I felt the blood pounding in my temples. It didn't take him more than a couple of minutes to push me over the edge.

'You're getting me close,' I gasped in a hoarse whisper.

He responded with his tongue and I about screamed from the intense pleasure. Suddenly, I was there. Not coming yet, but past the point of no return and it was building up at a horrific pace. The pressure was building up beyond control and I could barely breath from the anticipation. Finally it reached the boiling point.

'I'm gonna shoot,' I told him, but I think he knew it. I clasped my hands on his muscular young shoulders and hung on for dear life. He sucked for dear life.

'Awwww....awww, fuck, I'm coming!'

My cock felt like it swelled even bigger and it ached for the second or two that it took my load to gush up through the seminal vein. I cringed, waiting for the release and finally, it came. My cock exploded in the kid's mouth like a rocket going off. I could feel the stuff shooting out, almost painfully, and it quickly filled his mouth and I was gushing semen into my own load of come. He choked and gagged but held onto my cock like a true scout, his arms wrapped around my thighs, as if to keep from being blown backwards from the impact. I looked down to see cum running out the corners of his mouth. Fuck, I was drowning him. I put a little pressure on his shoulders to push him back but he hung onto my thighs for dear life, determined to finish the job.

Finally, I was drained. Usually I don't go down very quickly afterwards, and many times not at all, but the circumstances caused my cock to deflate normally and I was soon like rubber in his mouth. He took advantage of it by forcing my cock into his throat, and he swallowed me all the way to my balls, and even licked my balls with my tongue while he was down there.

'Ohh, shit!' I moaned, and spurted out some more come into his throat. Wonderful as it was, I had to get back to my squad. I tightened my grip on his shoulders and eased him back, almost having to force him away from me. It was an awesome sight, watching my cock pull out of his mouth, inch after inch; so damned many inches I swore it'd grown even bigger. He locked his lips tightly around the gristled rim to hold the head in his mouth as long as he could, but it finally popped free and swung down and smacked heavily against my thigh. Aaron pursed his lips but there was semen running down his chin. I wondered what he would do with it. It didn't matter if he spit it out, but I really wanted him to swallow it; to see if he would. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath through his nose and started doing just that. He gulped and swallowed and gulped and swallowed till he let out a big gasp and opened his mouth.

'Dang! I never had a load like that in my life!'

'It felt like the biggest load I ever shot,' I said as I struggled to get my wet shorts pulled back up.

Austin wiped the ropes of come off his chin then wiped his hand on his shorts, leaving a whitish streak where it didn't soak in. Just as my cock was about to disappear into my PT shorts, he leaned in and captured it again and sucked out the cum that had drained into the shaft.

'That would leave a big, embarrassing stain in your shorts,' he said with a smile.

'Yeah, thanks for taking care of it,' I said.

'Thanks,' he said, shoving himself to his feet.

'Shit, don't thank me. Thank you,' I said.

'Here, let me help you with that,' he said as he reached out and pulled the front of my shorts out so I could heft my manhood inside. It was the first I realized that my hands were shaking. I got everything arranged then brushed my hand down and hefted the bulge into a comfortable position.

'I gotta get back,' I said.

'Your buddy didn't seem to be all that upset,' Austin said.

'No, he didn't. I don't know what that was all about,' I said, still worried that I might get court-martialed if Chip blabbed, but somehow I didn't think he would do that to me.

'Did you decide how we might meet up?' he asked.

'No, it was pretty impossible to concentrate on anything but what you were doing,' I said.

He took a little memo book and a short pencil out of his pocket and wrote something on it. 'Here's my phone number. Call me when you can get free,' he said as he tore the page out and handed it to me.

'What if someone else answers the phone?' I asked.

'Its my cell phone. Nobody else answers my cell phone. Call me soon. This was great, but I can't wait to ride that big horse cock.'

I think I shot another spurt of come in my shorts just hearing him say that. I bent down and tucked the slip of paper in my sock. Austin let out a little squeal. I looked around at him.

'Ohh, you've got the most incredible butt!' he exclaimed.

'Okay, thanks, but get over it,' I said laughing.

'Still want me to wait here while you go back?' he asked.

'Yes,' I said.

I left the woods and walked back to the clearing. The other guys were standing around talking with the young scouts. Chip was with three of the boys, off to themselves, looking serious as he talked in hushed tones. Austin came out of the woods, walking up to me casual as you please. I was surprised to see Denver Lucas came out of a clump of trees with a boy, laughing, with their arms around each other's shoulders like the were old buddies. I had no idea what they'd been doing.

The DI barked out an order and we all moved into formation. He barked again and we moved off in a trot towards the creek. We splashed into the water and kept running across the creek to the other bank. Our boots sloshed as Sgt. Davies went into double-time cadence, and the water ran out of our shorts and down our legs.

'Hear me, troops!' the DI said loudly, in time with our sloshing boots hitting the ground as he double-timed backwards so he was facing us. 'We did not come this way and we did not encounter, engage or even see a scout troop. Is that understood?'

'Yes, Sergeant!' we bellowed.

'Do you understand?' he bellowed again.

'Yes, Sergeant! We understand!' we yelled louder.

Something made me wonder if the Sgt. Davies didn't know what had gone on, if indeed there was anything going on between any of the scouts and any of the other guys.

We returned to our barracks where we got out of soaked PT shorts, socks and boots and showered and got into dry clothes. It wasn't time for chow, and Sgt. Davies granted us that rare, little bit of space as free time. I felt compelled to approach Chip Hunter. I sort of thought he might be waiting for me to approach him. He was sitting out on the steps and I went out and sat down beside him.

'Listen, about what you saw back there.......,' I started.

He looked around at me with a scowl. 'I didn't see anything.'

'Yeah, you did,' I said. 'And we need to talk about it.'

He stood up and jumped off the steps. 'Not here,' he said. 'Let's walk around the barracks.'

We got in step, as Marines are prone to do when they're walking together, sort like marching, and headed down between the two barracks.

'So, you were getting a blow big deal,' he said. 'Just wish you'd called me,' he added.

'I didn't know.....I mean, the kid blew my mind the way he came on to me. It was a stupid thing to do. But, hey, I'll let you know next time. He gave me his phone number, wants to get together sometime. I know he would be glad to do you; he's a real nut about Marines.'

'I'm not talking about the boy,' he said.

I didn't know what he meant. The boy was who we were talking about. 'You lost me. Who're we talking about then?' I asked.

'Me. You,' he said. He turned to see me looking at him.

'I'm still lost,' I said, although vague thoughts were creeping into my head that shouldn't be there; wonderful, vague thoughts.

'Well, I'm glad I've been able to hide it,' Chip said in a low, even tone.

'Wait a minute!' I blurted out softly, and stopped in my tracks. 'Hide what? Are you saying?.....come on, man, don't fuck with my head,' I said.

'That's precisely what I wanta fuck with,' he said, glancing down at the front of my pants.

'Fucker!' I swore.

'What? Now we've both got something on each other. That makes us even.....and safe,' he said.

'No, Fucker! Why didn't you say something! Fuck! I've been hiding it too!'

He laughed. 'You weren't hiding much back there in the woods today,' he said.

'No, I've been hiding it just like you.....Shit!....yeah, I was happy to let that little teenage hunk swing on my dick, but I would be just as happy swinging on yours.'

It was Chip's turn to be dumbfounded. 'You're telling me you're a cock hound, too?'

'Shit, man, I've been hot for you since the first time I saw you in the shower,' I said. 'Damn, where can we go? We've wasted so much time.'

'Not on base,' he said. 'When we go on pass.'

'Fuck, Man, I don't know if I can wait that long, now that I know,' I said.

'Cool it, fucker. I really want to get down on that big, beautiful cock of yours, but not bad enough to scuttle my career,' he said.

'Motherfuck! I'm not gonna be able to concentrate on anything else now,' I said.

Over the next few days, I was going nuts just thinking about getting together with Chip. I got the impression he was going through the same thing, the way he would look at me in the showers. I didn't realize that he was so desperate that he'd been looking for a place on base, while I was creating plans in my mind how and where we could hook up off base, when we finally got a pass. But passes weren't easy to get and we were both getting awfully anxious. Still, I called Austin on his cell phone just to touch base. I told him that one of the other guys had come out to me and he asked right away if it was the big, good looking Marine who had come back in the woods to check on me. I told him it was, and he was overjoyed at the possibility of doing us both. I hadn't mentioned the boy to Chip but I was sure he wouldn't object if it were three of us. I mentioned it to him that night and he was really excited.

'Fuck, if we could just find a place and get that kid back on base; he was a hot little fucker,' he lamented. 'I did think of a place that I'm going to check out,' he went on.

'Where?' I asked excitedly.

'The old training barracks, in the woods on the back side of the base,' he said.

'The old World War Two barracks?'

'Yeah. I've checked around, and the only time they're used is when the weekend warriors come in the summer. Rest of the time, they just set there, virtually deserted.'

'That'd be great,' I said, excitedly.

'Can you get hold of the kid?' he asked.

I grinned sheepishly. 'I already have. I called him just to touch base, in case we got a pass. I didn't know whether you would go for it, a third person.....I was going to mention it to you.'

'I don't know if I would've either, but with him....fuck, yeah. Now if there's a way to get him on base......'

'Well, the scout troop manages to come on base, somehow, so maybe they've got some kind of special pass,' I said.

Chip checked out the old barracks....said it was perfect....and I got hold of Austin again and told him our plan. He was elated, and yes, he could come on base as a single visitor as long as somebody met him at the gate. Yeah, I would be happy to meet him; no fuckin' brainer! We set it up the following Saturday, two days away.

I shouldn't have laughed, but it was funny the way Chip was so excited and anxious; said he was like a cat on a hot tin roof. I felt the same way. A couple of times I was ready to chuck it all and go to my knees and suck him right in the shower.....fuck it, let everybody watch.

After inspection on Saturday I headed for the main gate to meet Austin. He was waiting outside the guard shack, looking fine in hiking boots, a pair of mid-thigh khaki shorts and a dark blue T-shirt, and baseball cap. He looked like the ultimate All-American boy. We shook hands, restraining ourselves, and he climbed in my car and we headed back to my barracks. We met Chip coming out of the barracks as I was parking the car, dressed in sneakers, PT shorts and T-shirt. They hadn't formally met so I introduced them. I saw the way they looked each other over as they shook hands.

'Are those boots good for running?' Chip asked him, nodding to his hiking boots.

'Yes, sir,' Austin replied sharply.

'Good, because you know the only way a Marine gets from point A to point B on this base is to run,' Chip said.

'Yes, sir, I understand. I just hope I can keep up,' said Austin.

'If you don't, one of us will carry you,' I joked. 'Hey, give me a minute to go inside and change.'

I ran upstairs to change out of my uniform into my PT shorts. I practically tore off my uniform. Chip was obviously not wearing a jockstrap under his PT shorts so I didn't put one on either. But when I pulled the shorts up, I had a problem. They were too short for me not to wear a jock; my cock would be hanging out the leg if I didn't. So I put one on and rushed back downstairs, taking the stairs two at a time. Chip and Austin were laughing about something; obviously getting better acquainted. Without a signal, the three of us took off at a lope along the company street, in the direction of the service road that went to the back of the base. It was a dirt road....very little traffic back there.....which made it an easy run. Chip began calling cadence and Austin quickly picked up on it as I responded.

Before long we were sweating pretty bad and I wondered about being so hot and sweaty, and if the showers worked in the old barracks. I guessed they would leave the water on. It was a long run; I couldn't be sure how long, but several miles. It was no problem for Chip or me but the young scout, despite his excellent physical condition, wasn't any match for our stamina.

'Dang, guys, how do you keep up this pace?' he asked, panting, as he doggedly tried to keep up with us.

We slowed a little so he could keep abreast, but by the time we were well into the darker cool of the woods, he was about to go down. He stumbled and we both caught him.

'You're the one who said we would carry him,' Chip reminded me.

Without hesitation, I ducked down and came up with the boy slung across my shoulder, and started running again.

'Ohh, Mann, this is awesome!' he said.

A good ways further, we traded off and Chip took Austin on his shoulder. Not too much further into the woods we came upon the old barracks. Chip set Austin down on his feet.

'Thanks. No wonder you guys have got thighs like tree trunks,' Austin said.

There were four of the barracks; old, two-story, wooden structures built at the start of World War Two. It was amazing that they had stood up to the element for so many decades, or that the termites hadn't devoured them.

Suddenly I wondered how we would get in. They would surely be locked. We checked all four buildings and they were all padlocked. But Chip wasn't deterred. We went around to the end of the barracks where he had me give him a hand stirrup to stand in and I hefted him up so he could reach the second story landing. He grabbed hold of the railing and pulled himself up with ease and tried the door. It was loose on its hinges; probably wasn't used anymore. He jimmied the doorknob and the latch till he got the door open.

'Okay, we're in,' he said. 'Send Austin up.'

I locked my hands together to give Austin a stirrup and hefted him up so Chip could grab his hand and pull him up. Then I climbed up on the railing around the lower porch and the two of them pulled me up. We quickly slipped inside and Chip secured the door from the inside.

It was eerily quiet, and dark from the heavy growth of trees around the buildings. We checked the place out, upstairs and down; it was nothing but empty. I checked the water in the latrine; it was on. But no electricity; not that we needed lights. There were rows of bunks on each side and wall lockers, and footlockers set at the aisle end of the bunks. Rolled-up bedding rested on the end of each bunk. I unrolled one mattress to find that there was a pillow and a blanket, but no sheets or pillowcases. No problem; the mattress and blanket would suffice.

'No need to mess up any more bunks, one will do us,' Chip said as he peeled his T-shirt off over his head, baring his massive, muscular upper body. He saw the way we were looking at him; especially Austin. 'We all know why we're here, right?' he asked, looking at Austin.

'Yes, sir, I think I do,' the boy replied, rather shyly.

'Well, if you don't, we'll show you,' I said as I stepped up behind him and tugged at his T-shirt. He raised his arms for me to take the shirt off of him and Chip was immediately all over him, pressing his hands on his chest and abs, rubbing his hands up and down his sides.

'Shit, you would make a hell of a Marine,' he told him.

'Thanks. I intend to be one, if they'll have me,' Austin said.

I pulled my shirt off and shoved my PT shorts down and stepped out of them, under Austin's gaze. He moved closer to squeeze my jock.

'Yeah, you know what's in there, don't you?' Chip joked. 'I didn't wear a jock,' he said to me as he shoved his PT shorts down, exposing his naked manhood.

'Yeah, I could tell,' I said. 'I wasn't going to, but it didn't work. My cock stuck out the leg of my shorts.'

'I wanta see it sticking out the side of your jockstrap,' Austin said as he pulled the pouch of my jock to the side. My balls fell out but he had to reach in and pull my cock out. 'Ah, now I remember what's in there,' he joked. But it was no joke. He went right to his knees and took my cock in his mouth.

'Damn, he's hungry,' Chip said.

'So am I,' I said as I reached over and ran my hand across Chip's chest. I squeezed his thick, hard chest muscles and tweaked his nipples, which were already big and hard. I pulled him closer and leaned in to suck on his tits.

'Ohh, shit, I've imagined you doing that,' he whispered.

'I never imagined anything with you; I was too scared to,' I said.

We were all naked except for our boots now. He moved up behind Austin and laid his cock over his shoulder.

'Here's a spare when you get done chewing on that,' he said.

Austin turned his head and sucked Chip's cock into his mouth. Chip pulled me closer to him and started sucking my tits, his hands roaming all over my body till he found my cock. There, he stroked it with his fist, hard and rough.

'Fuck, you've got a big cock,' he said hoarsely.

'Not too big, I hope,' I said.

'Stand up on the bunk,' he told me.

I stood up on the edge of the bunk and balanced myself by holding onto an overhead beam. Chip turned his head and took my cock in his mouth.

'Uuhnnnnn,' I moaned softly, tossing my head back in disbelief. Yeah, I couldn't believe big, studly Chip Hunter was actually sucking my cock. He sucked like he was starved for cockmeat, slurping and moaning softly.

'Fuckin' tastes good,' he murmured as he slurped the head of my cock and squeezed my balls.

Austin let Chip's cock go and stood up to join him sucking mine. It was an awesome sight, watching the two studs both slurping and licking at my cock, sharing it like a Popsicle. Chip pulled Austin in tight with his arm around his waist, squeezing his butt while Austin jacked Chip's cock.

'Damn, boy, that's a nice, hard ass. You like to get fucked?' Chip murmured around my cock as he kept squeezing Austin's butt muscles. It wasn't a question, but more a reaffirmation of something he already knew.

'Yeah,' Austin replied.

Chip broke away from us and walked around to the other side of the bunk and stretched out on the mattress.

'Climb on,' he said to Austin, holding his cock up straight.

I stepped down off the edge of the bunk, a little disappointed that Chip had suddenly taken more interest in Austin than me, but I was still excited as hell to watch them. Austin climbed on the bunk and straddled Chip's hips and rode back against his big cock, riding it up and down between his butt muscles.

'This ain't fuckin',' Chip said.

'Okay,' the boy said, and raised up higher on his haunches. I gave him a hand, guiding him down, with Chip's cock in my other hand to bring them into contact. When they were on target, Austin tilted his head back with a little sigh and began to let his weight down. I sat down on the edge of the bunk to watch Chip's big, thick cock burst through the boy's tiny asshole then slowly disappear up into his body. It was hard to believe that such a tiny aperture could be stretched and spread open so wide.

'Ohhhhh, Godddd! You're so big!' Austin moaned softly.

'No bigger than him,' Chip said, meaning me.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around the shaft of his cock, as far as I could. 'You're thicker,' I said. 'You gotta be stretching him pretty awful.'

'Then you won't have any trouble going in,' he said. He clasped his hands around Austin's butt to guide him down, or maybe to keep him from raising up, while I sat stroking my cock and what was remaining of his. It was an awesome sight, watching the boy's butt slowly descend and swallow up the tall, thick tower of meat. Finally, Austin was sitting on my fist around Chip's cock and I let go so he could ride the rest of the way down on it.

'Ooohhh, My Goddd!' Austin moaned as he settled his butt firmly on Chip's loins. 'Ohhh, Mannnn, you are huge!'

I couldn't take anymore of just my own hand. I stood up and moved around to the head of the bunk. I set one foot on the mattress and hunkered over Chip's head.

'Awww, yeahhh, bring that big fucker to me,' he said as he tilted his head back with his mouth open, and gripped my cock in his fist to pull it down to his mouth. I eased forward and down and fed him my cock. I was surprised how easily he swallowed it right down to the balls, and I wondered what other experience he had.

As I was feeding Chip my cock, Austin began riding up and down on Chip's cock. He leaned forward, taking me by the shoulders to pull me down to kiss him. Watching us kiss sent Chip into ecstasy.

'Awww, you fuckers, that is hot!' he moaned as he humped his hips up of the mattress, thrusting his cock harder into young Austin's ass while he groaned around my cock. It was all too much for the boy. His tongue, which had been languidly exploring my mouth suddenly lashed out at my tongue and I felt the reverberations of him squealing and whimpering as he humped Chip's cock harder. I took me a moment to realize that he was about to go off. He clasped his hands around my head and practically pushed his mouth into mine and sucked my tongue into his throat. We groaned together as I felt my own climax building. It wasn't the way I'd pictured it....not going off this quick....and I didn't think Chip would be happy about it, but shit, he was the one causing it.

Suddenly Austin's cock exploded. The first spasm of cum spurted out in a long, thick rope that splattered against my chest. The second hit my chin and a third laced across my stomach. Several more shot out across Chip's face and in my pubes, and across his chest and stomach. The little fucker came like a pony. He was just coming down off his high when Chip started slurping and gobbling my cock, tilting and lifting his head to suck me deeper, and grabbed hold of Austin's hips to hold onto him while he plowed into his tender ass. Chip was cumming too. I was about to scream from the intensity of my own climax that had built to the explosion point but just wouldn't go off. As I knew Chip was blowing his load up inside the young scout, I leaned down and went down on Austin's still throbbing young cock to give myself the edge I needed. I smashed my loins hard against Chip's face, my balls smashed painfully across his forehead. With that, and the teenager's hot, hard cock in my mouth, I finally lost it. I came so hard I made the bunk shake. Leaning over, I collapsed across Chip's upper body and against Austin, pushing him backwards onto Chip's legs. We lay in the weird entanglement for a couple of minutes, trying to catch our breath. Chip finally shoved me up off his face to extract my cock from his throat so he could breath. I straightened back up and steadied myself on my feet.

'Fuck! What just happened?' Chip gasped.

Austin laughed, his tight abs rippling as he was stretched back toward the foot of the bunk in a rather awkward position.

'I didn't mean to loose it so quick,' he said.

'Did you loose it quick?....fuck, I never noticed,' Chip said. 'Seemed like we were at it for hours. Dam, you've got a tight ass.'

'I'm so glad you liked it; I was afraid you would be mad because I went off so quick,' Austin said as he tried to bring himself upright.

I went around to help him come up straight then he collapsed forward across Chip's upper body. It was neat the way Chip brought his arms around him, clasping and patting his butt, like lovers.

'How the hell could anybody get mad at this?' he said, squeezing the boy's taut butt muscles. 'Hell, I think I wanta marry 'em.'

I let them lay like that and rolled the mattress out on the other bunk to sit down.

'Still wanta join the Marines?' I asked Austin.

'More than ever!' he exclaimed. 'Just tell he how can I get assigned to your platoon? Fuck, the guys are going to be so jealous when I tell them about this.'

Chip was so relaxed I thought he might doze off to sleep till Austin began squirming around on top of him.

'Ohhhh, you're coming back up already,' he moaned softly as he began sliding his butt back and forth on Chip's cock. Chip started easing his butt around in the mattress, responding to the boy's motions.

Now I was really feeling left out; Chip was going to fuck Austin again!.....while I sat and watched? No way. Chip and I had just come out to each other; I wasn't going to let this opportunity slip through my fingers. It was hard to tell when we would have a chance to be together again. I stood up and crawled onto the foot of their bunk, shoving Chip's legs apart. Austin started to raise up but I pushed him back down and brought Chip's heavy, muscular legs up around my hips. He got the hint and lifted them higher. I shouldn't have been, but I was a bit surprised that he was cooperating. I inched up closer and shoved his legs forward.

'Reach back and grab hold of his legs and pull 'em forward,' I told Austin.

Austin locked his arms around Chip's legs and pulled his lower body up so his butt was tilted up off the mattress and spread wide open. I spit in my hand and lubed up my cock, then spit again, letting it fall into the crack of his ass.

'Ohhh, Geezusss, this is gonna be rough,' he moaned as I worked the spit into his hole and inserted my finger deep.

I liked that he sounded a little scared. He was right, it was a little rough going in; I surmised that Chip hadn't had all that much experience getting fucked....if any. Maybe I was getting his cherry! I set the head of my cock against his clenching hole and rubbed it around. He seemed anxious, hunkering up against me. I shoved and he didn't retreat, but held steady. I shoved harder, pushing the muscles of his ass inward. When they were stretched to the limit, my cock had no place to go except through; the path of least resistance. Not that he didn't resist me; at least his asshole did....I think he was working hard to take me. His asshole put up a good fight, but it was no match for my hard cock. I clenched my own butt muscles and brought their strength and power behind my thrust that sent the head of my cock bursting through his tight hole.

'Uuuhhnnnn!' he moaned loudly.

I looked down at his asshole stretched wide around the girth of my cock, still wondering if it was virgin territory. I plowed deeper and heard him choke back his groan; it sounded like he was holding his breath. But finally, when I was more than half way in him, he let it out with a loud 'Fuucckkkkk!'

Before the sound was completely out of his mouth, I shoved the rest of the way in him with one, swift, steady thrust. It think it took him by surprise; he heaved out a loud swoosh of air that was half whimper, half a moan.

'Ohhhhhhhh!' It was Austin's outcry, not Chip's, like I would've expected. 'Ohh, Godd....he likes it...getting fucked!....His cock just got bigger and harder inside me! Ohhhh....Ohhhhh, Gawd....Ohhhh, he's cumming! I can feel it.....ohh, shooting up inside fuckin' hot!.....Ohhhh....oh, shit, now I'm cumming again! Ohh. AAAwwhhh! Ohh, fuck him! Fuck him harder!'

It happened the second time as quickly as the first. We all shot off again; one, two three...bang, bang, balls the last to empty into my Marine buddy's live, hot ass. Once again, we were a tangle of sweaty, heaving bodies, propping each other up so we didn't tumble off the bunk. When I was able to move at all, I moved first. I raised up from being slumped over on Austin and extracted my cock from Chip's ass. It didn't want to let me go. I had to pull hard and at the end, his asshole tightened around the gristle-rim of the head in one last attempt to hold me in. It popped free with soft suctioning noise. As I lowered his legs and let his butt back down, cum started running out of his ass and soaking into the mattress. I helped Austin raise up and steadied him on his feet as he got off the bunk, then put my hand down to Chip.

'We all need a shower,' I said.

The three of us stumbled and staggered down the aisle toward the latrine. I could see cum running down the inside of Chip's thighs. In the shower, we soaped each other up.

'How long are we staying?' Austin asked.

'Till we're all fucked out,' Chip said.

Back in the barracks, we shoved three bunks together and put Austin in the middle one. We all needed to rest. By now it was quiet, and getting eerily dark. There were no nightlights; just the light cast through the windows by the early moon. I stretched out on my stomach with my arms flung up over my head, my hands gripping the steel frame of the bunk. I barely dozed before I came awake again; my body didn't need as much rest as I thought it did. Actually, my cock made that decision for me; I came awake trying to drill a hole through the mattress. I lifted my head and looked over at Austin. He was on his stomach with the blanket pulled up low on his waist. I was hot for him again, or still. Even with studly Chip lying on the other side of him, sprawled out on his stomach, there was something about Austin that pulled me to him; he was that fuckin' hot; and young. I understood why Chip went for him.

I reached over and laid my hand on the small of his back. He squirmed and the blanket pulled down half way off his butt. I moved my hand down as well, spreading my fingers across his taut butt. He was coming awake. He clenched his muscles for me and I started getting hard again. Shit, I wanted that ass! And I knew he wanted me to have it. I trailed my fingers over his smooth, taut butt muscles, shoving the blanket down, exploring between them. He hunkered his butt up and I found his hot, clenching hole. He sort of squirmed around as I probed gently, rubbing the tiny aperture. I was working up spit on my fingers and when I reached over again he was already lubing his ass with his own spit. I found his hole and probed again, this time slipping the tip of my finger through the hole up to the first knuckle. I heard him stifle a little gasp. I probed deeper, through to the second knuckle, then I shoved it in as far as I could. He squirmed frantically on it. I wriggled my finger around inside him and found his prostate; not sure till he started going crazy; thrashing his butt around and fucking himself on my finger and humping the mattress, casing the bunk to creak. I fucked back with my finger. I've got big hands and big, thick long fingers, and I could make him feel like he was taking a small cock. At one point I pulled my finger out and shoved it back in with its partner. He loved it.

I worked my fingers around inside him, gently massaging his swollen, tender love nut till he was trying to drill a hole in the mattress. I decided to go for three. I pulled my two fingers out and wet them in my mouth and reached over again. But his ass was already occupied and busy! Chip's big, capable hand was on the other side of his butt and he was probing with his middle finger. I slid two fingers in alongside his and we worked the boy's ass together, in tandem.

'Ohhh.....ohhh, Goddd, both of you.......!' Austin gasped.

I wondered if he was saying what I thought he was saying. Couldn't be. No way the kid could take two cocks the size of ours up his ass. Chip and kept probing and fucking him with our fingers; Chip was using two as well, now. Austin raised up on his knees, his shoulders down on the bunk. 'I want both of fuck me,' he moaned. Yeah, that's what he was saying! Damn, was that possible? I think Chip was wondering the same thing because neither of us moved, except for our fingers in Austin's hot ass.

After a few minutes of listening to Austin moaning and begging to get fucked, I raised up, moved over onto his bunk and mounted him. He was still stretched nicely from Chip's cock and it was an easy, smooth entry. He moaned into the pillow as I buried my cock to the hilt, then he started humping back against me.

'AAWwwhhhh!' he cried as my cock raked across his prostate.

Chip raised his upper body, his incredible abs lifting him effortlessly, and climbed on Austin's bunk behind me. I heard him spit in his hand and knew he was gonna fuck me instead of joining me in double-fucking Austin. Fine with me. I'd been waiting on it; I just didn't know when he would get around to giving it to me. He slicked up my asshole and worked his fingers up inside me. I pushed back on them, then thrust forward, shoving my cock deep into Austin's ass. I fucked myself and Austin like that for several minutes before Chip moved up behind me and I felt the heat of his cockhead pressing against my hole. I braced myself as he pushed against me. I took in a slow, deep breath and laid my head back with my eyes closed as he put the pressure on. Then he entered me. The blunt head of his cock burst through my tight hole like a fist had punched through it and I grimaced a silent yell. He didn't wait, but shoved right on in. I hunkered forward to ease the entry, but he shoved harder, pushing me deep into Austin's ass as he impaled me on his. Austin wasn't begging to be double-fucked anymore; he was too caught up in what was happening, his hand clasped around the steel framework of the bunk.

Chip wrapped his muscular arms around me and clasped his big hands over my pecs. His thick fingers closed against my tits, mauling them painfully.

'Awww, shit!' I said as I clamped my hands over his. It hurt, but I didn't try to move his hands. His big cock sliding in and out of me overrode the pain.

'You like that?' he asked, slamming his cock into me. 'You like that big cock in your tight ass?'

'Yesssss!!' I hissed.

'Oohhnnnnn!' Aaron groaned under me. 'Awwwhhh....Ohh, Fuck!'re making me come again?'

Chip took hold of my hips and began working them back and forth, moving my ass back and forth on his thrusting cock and forcing my cock in and out of Austin's ass, turning me into some kind of fuck machine for the two of them. Not that I wasn't getting anything out of it, but it was the first time I'd ever fucked a guy or been fucked and had no control over it.

'Fuckin' gonna come again!' Chip growled behind me.

I was helpless but to go along with the ride. Austin was cumming under me, his asshole clenching madly around my cock, and Chip was cumming behind me, his cock buried and throbbing deep inside me, about to explode. It was all too much. It was like two live strands of electrical cord coming into contact, causing an explosion of sparks, and I was quickly spurting my load up inside the young scout's hungry ass.

When his hips stopped lurching, Chip's hands fell from my hips and he slowly toppled over backwards on the bunk. His cock pulled out of my ass almost brutally, ripping back through my guts then popping free with a loud sucking noise. Austin collapsed under me and I lay on top of him.

'Next time,' I said, patting him on the butt as I raised up. 'Next time we'll double fuck you.'

'Lucas,' Chip said in a husky, almost guttural tone.

'Huh?' I said, weakly. Was he so far out of it he didn't know who he'd been fucking? Or was I hearing him right? The only Lucas I new was Denver Lucas, with the big chest and thighs that could move a tank. I shoved myself up, pulling my cock free, and crawled over onto the next bunk.

'Denver. Lucas,' he said.

'What about him?'

'We should've brought him along.'

'Yeah, right,' I scoffed. 'You gonna ask him?'

'He's hot for you; you ask him,' he said.

I looked at him; a blank look, not even surprised, it was such a ludicrous thing to say.

'You're just trying to get my head knocked off my shoulders,' I said.

'Watch him,' he said. 'Watch the way he looks at you.'

'Yeah, and he sees me looking at him like that.......'

'Make eye contact,' he interrupted. 'If I'm wrong.....if he don't smile or wink or can line up the entire barracks and I'll take 'em all on, either end.'

I laughed softly. 'That's a pretty safe bet, with no credible witness to hear you say it,' I said.

'I'll write it down on a piece of paper for you,' he said. 'If I'm wrong, all you gotta do is show it around the barracks and I'm toast.'

I laughed. I so wanted to see his gorgeous butt toasted. Bad as I would like to get it on with big, studly Denver, I would forego the pleasure just to see Chip get his due.

I couldn't forget what Chip said about Denver. I was still scared of tangling with the guy but he was worth the risk. Shit, if I could get my hands on him......!!! It was a good week before I worked up the courage to make the eye contact. I thought it was the ideal time when we were the only two in the shower. I got real bold. While we were talking, I let my eyes rake over his muscular body several times, not really knowing if he was noticing the way I was looking at him. Then finally, I lifted my eyes and FUCK, he was looking right at me. I guess he was the one who made the eye contact. Bravely, I held his gaze; didn't look away like a scared deer, and he sure as hell didn't. Then came the smile. At first it wasn't noticeable; it could've been his eyes smiling, but then his lips sort of turned up at one corner and he was smiling. But barely. I smiled back. Barely.

'No Shit!' he said under his breath.

My smiled broadened. He left his shower and walked past me to the doorway, where he peered out. Then he came back, not to his own shower, but under mine. He wrapped those awesome arms around me and smashed his mouth over mine, bold as you please. When I let out a little gasp he shoved his tongue into my open mouth. I about blew my load and I wasn't even hard! He kissed me so hard it was like he was raping my mouth, except it wasn't rape because I was soon kissing him back just as hard. My cock was getting hard fast, and I cold feel Denver's cock swelling against my thigh. In another half minute we were both boned and writhing against each other, panting. Then suddenly he broke away and moved to his own shower. Maybe he heard something, or had a sixth sense; another guy came sauntering into the shower.

'Well, fuck, what do we have here?' he said, eyeing our hard cocks. 'Did I interrupt something?'

'No, we were waiting on you,' Denver said as he boldly soaped up his huge cock.

The guy didn't say anything else; just turned to the wall and got on with his shower.

I was reeling from shock as I made my way back to bunk. This was even better than finding out about Chip. Even better because now we all three knew about each other. My hands were trembling as I dried off. Denver, standing beside his bunk, saw it and laughed.

'Hey, I got a favor to ask,' I said.

'I got a LOT of favors to ask,' he said.

I told him about Chip and me. He was only mildly surprised. I told him about Chip's dare and my evil plan.

'Write it out; make him sign it. Don't tell him we've connected,' Denver said.

I wrote it out: 'If I'm wrong.....if Denver Lucas don't smile or wink or something when you make eye contact, you can line up the entire barracks and I'll take 'em all on, either end.' I had to badger him into signing it. Told him he had no balls, but he expected me to have the balls to come on to Lucas??? He finally signed it. Denver got a huge laugh when I showed it to him.

'Okay, next time we're in the shower together,' he said, laughing.

It was a few days before it worked out that just the three us were in the shower. When the fourth guy walked out, leaving us alone, I saw Denver smile as he started across to my shower. Chip was next to me. He looked at Denver with a what-the-fuck look and his mouth dropped and his eyes popped out when Denver smashed his naked body against mine and started kissing me. Then he said it.

'What the fuck!'

We both broke out laughing. I think Chip might have turned a little pale.

'Just so you know, I'm first in line,' Denver said.



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