Summer band had been going on for about two full weeks now. Today we were going to spend only one hour outside and spend two hours inside working on the actual music. I learned quickly that this new school was very different from my old one meaning that the marching technique was completely different.

It was something called military style as opposed to my old school who did corps style marching. But what held my interest more than the marching or even the music for that matter was the dashing first drum major Cody.

I have been spending these past two weeks doing more than marching fundamentals. After summer band I go striaght to the local gym and do a vigorous workout routine. My chest was starting to tone up very nicely. I've noticed that most of the guys, including Cody, take off their shirts when the sun's rays get a little out of hand, so that's why I decided to bump up my workouts. I would wait for atleast two guys to do it first and then I would join them.

It only took about thirty minutes or so before one guy whose name I think is Mark got rid of his shirt. Cody wasn't far behind I took a look at every girl in the band look at him with lustful eyes. I still couldn't get over at how built he was for a guy in high school. I had to tear my eyes away from him before my thoughts got out of hand, I was wearing red athletic shorts so I wouldn't be able to hide anything if I were to pitch a tent.

I looked down in that direction to make sure I was in the clear before I decided to do anything else. About ten minutes had passed and nothing was happening down there that couldn't be easily concealed by strategically placing my instrument since we weren't marching at the moment. I decided to go for it.

I reached for the bottom of my old school shirt that I had cut the sleeves off of to make a shirt to work out in. I tried to draw a little attention to myself by moving my instrument slightly to make a little noise which was when I pulled my shirt over my head. Once I dropped my shirt on the ground I let the wind cool my bare chest and closed my eyes. Once I opened them i began to think that drawing attention might have worked to well because all the girls were now looking at me. I'm not gonna lie it felt kind of good, but there was only one person that I cared about if they were looking at me. But by the time I looked over to Cody's direction he was blowing his whistle calling the band to attention.

We were only outside for about twenty more minutes and then we went inside to sit and practice our show music. It was mostly fanfares and marches to go along with our military style of marching. I grabbed my shirt and put it back on and wrapped my horn around my shoulders to trudge back to the band hall in the cool indoors. I found my place and got my music in order we were allowed a fifteen minute break to relax before the second half of practice was to begin.

I put my horn down and joined the crowd heading toward the water fountain. I was waiting in line for about five minutes when I felt someone grab my arm and pull me with them. I looked to see who it was as I was about to object when I saw that it was Cody. 'I know I took you out of line but you're new and shouldn't have to suffer with the freshmen.' He said it with his slight southern accent that kind of amused me. I had no idea what he meant and I'm not sure that I cared. 'We have kind of a silly initiation here that the freshmen don't get to know where the other water fountain is until summer band is over and since you are not a freshman you don't have to worry or wait.'

He was right. There was absolutely no line. I went straight for the water I didn't realize how thirsty I was. I rarely took time to breath but after about thirty seconds I couldn't help but feel a little embarassed I got up and was gasping for breath.


I laughed at his sarcasm and he laughs too and winks at me. He walks past me and takes a drink too. I can't help but stare at his ass which isn't my favorite but certainly nothing to be ashamed of. He comes up for breath and I try to look normal but end up looking fidgety instead. He looks at me and winks once again and says, 'Let's head up to practice.'

I can't focus on the music at all the whole two hours we're practicing and am relieved when we are released to put our instruments up.

It's not too long when I get a text from my dad saying he's not going to be able to pick me up until 2:00 which is thirty minutes away. Another wonderful thing to add to Texas, my dad's job. So I pack my book bag and wait.

'Hey Jake.' I don't have to look to see who it is. 'what are you stalking me or somehing?' I ask him he just laughs and asks why I'm waiting. I tell him about my dad's job and that I have to wait until two o'clock. Then he offers me something I don't expect. 'well do you need a ride so you don't have to wait?'

I'm shocked but it doesn't take me long to accept his generous offer. I tell him that I have to call my dad and tell him he doesn't have to pick me up. Cody leads me to a blue pick up truck I know it's his because by this time it's the only car in the lot. He unlocks the door and I enter the passenger side. I'm shocked when he enters the truck once again shirtless. This time I get to see his hard chest up close. His abs are quite visible and has a trail of hair that leads down into his cargo shorts, a trail I want to follow so badly. I am so enthralled by his body that I don't notice him leaning in closer to me. 'Are you gay Jake?'

I'm silent for what seems like an eternity. 'I've noticed you looking at me these past two weeks and you know what? I've noticed you too.' now my whole body goes limp with anxiety and excitement. 'Even this morning when you took off your shirt, took you long enough by the way' I could hear the smile in his voice so I looked at him as he winked at me and leaned in even closer. He put one of his large manly hands on my chest and pushed me against the passenger's seat and planted his soft warm lips on mine. This was my first kiss and I wanted it to last forever, it literally felt electric as I started to kiss back our lips coming together like one. His hand that was on my chest moved slowly up and around to the back of my head his kissing becoming more forceful. I didn't want this to get too out of hand and I think he could sense my apprehension and pulled back into his seat. He started smiling and turned the car on. 'So where do you live Jake?'

we drove about ten minutes and it turned out that we only live about three blocks away from each other. Grabbed my bag and was about to get out when Cody stopped me. 'I had fun Jake,' he said with a slight nervous laughter. 'I'll pick you up tomorrow if you'd like?'

'I'd like that' I said and then I exited the truck and felt him watch me all the way until I entered the house.



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