It was a magical moment. Like hearing a carol in July, or a cool waterfall in the desert. He walked into the barracks somewhat timidly.

They had told him at the orderly room of Headquarters Company to present himself to Master Sargeant Moss. "The Sargeant was taking his siesta,"

they said, "Better not wake him, let him sleep."

The afternoon was hot and humid. Torrents and sheets of rain muddied the the ground and suffocated the air. The rain drops falling hard, sounded loud as they struck the dense folliage and the wooden sidewalks that connected the buildings scattered in patternless array. Ah! The Philippines in August. It seemed always to be raining.

Upon entering the barracks, the elemental sounds were muffled, supplanted by the blaring of an up-volume phonograph. Could it be Brahms? The stirring march of the number one? A day of discovery and contrasts, for sure, full of the unexpected. It WAS Brahms. How impossible to hear it here, in this god-forsaken jungle. It was two years since he had heard anything so beautiful.

The great room of the barracks was empty. That is, empty except for the row on row of cots, headed by footlockers and spreaded by brown blankets, which were tightly drawn with mitered corners.

He paused and looked around. Where was the music coming from? He followed the sounds to the private room reserved for the non-com in charge.

The sign on the door said 'M/Sgt Michael Moss - KEEP OUT' The door was half opened. As he approached it, he looked into the small room.

Sgt Moss was on the bed, lying on his stomach. He was alongside the speaker of the phonograph. His head was cradled in one arm, encircled beneath it. His other arm hung loosely over the side of the cot, his hand resting on the floor.

Pvt Danny Tobin stood there for a moment. His breath caused a sharp pain that slashed down his back. He seemed momentarily paralyzed, and then the blood surged to his loins, and he felt the sensual thrill of getting hard. M/Sgt Moss was naked. Danny looked at him with a lust that he hadn't felt for over two years.

Since he had been drafted, he had sublimated his needs. His life became austere and celibate. The latrine, with its' row of toilets, and the huge communal shower-room, was ignored. He did not permit it, or the close contact with naked soldiers, to excite him. For two years, he had mastered his sexual needs, but in one brief and unexpected moment, he was consumed by a surge of lust, a hunger for body contact.

His dry throat tightened, and craved the comfort of a swollen cock and hairy balls, and a warm muscular embrace with a hard-bodied male. All the restraint that Danny had afffected over the past two years disappeared like a flash of lightning. He wanted to separate the cheeks of the naked sargeant and kiss his ass. To announce his servitude. To dedicate himself to pleasure once more. In a single moment, he was in love again!

Grappling with his self-control, he managed to pull himself away from the door, and sit weakly on the nearest locker. He listened as the music crashed to its' final climax and was silent. The rain intensified its'

poundings on the roof of the barracks and then, above the roar of thunder, he heard his name.

"Pvt. Daniel Tobin? That's you, Right?" The voice was rich and virile, an accent to the macho male, who now stood before him, fully dressed.

His starched shirt, opened several buttons at the neck, revealed a thick tuft of dark chest hair. He was handsome. His dominant feature seemed to be his dark eyes, smiling secrets, half-hidden by long lashes that curled upward. His expression was stern and military. He was square-faced, with a small lean nose. His mouth was large and, when it frowned, his cheeks creased. The were like elongated dimples. His dark hair was not long, but it was uncombed, and tumbled down, over his forehead in an unseemly way.

"Well," he broke the spell, "You are Private Tobin, aren't you?"

The boy nodded, still overwhelmed by what went before, not trusting himself to speak.

"You'll work with me. Starting tomorrow morning, eight a.m. You type, don't you?"

The boy nodded again. "He must think I'm an idiot," he thought to himself, but still he couldn't find his tongue.

"Well, go to supply and get your bedding. Number five, over there," he pointed to a bunk, "Is open and yours." And he turned back into his room and closed the door.

Over the several weeks that followed the abrupt introduction and infatuation of Danny to Sgt Moss, little changed or improved. The Sargeant retained his aloof stance with everyone, living like a shadow, entwining his life with no friendships. At C Company, there was none of the expected comeraderie associated with military life. Army discipline did not permit fraternization between ranks. Dan Tobin worked side by side with the only man who broke through his defenses, but he maintained a chaste and obedient demeanor. He suppressed secret longings with solitary satisfactions in hidden places.

Every night, after chow, the First Seargeant showered and dressed in clean and sharp-pressed suntans. He went to the non-com club and drank in silent solitude until lights out, when he would stagger back to the quiet barracks in a semi-drunken stupor.

And every night after chow, Pvt Dan Tobin would position himself on the toilet that best presented a view of the shower-room. Except for a towel, carefully placed in his lap, he was naked, an unread book in his hands.

Danny learned the routine the first night, and every evening thereafter, he sat motionless, on the stool, watching the shower water splash over the nude body of his first seargeant, plastering down the voluminous hairs that covered it.

As indirect as it may be, Dannys' pleasure was real. After the Sargeant completed his ritual, he towelled himself dry and left. Danny would enter the shower and, using the same-positioned showerhead, would masturbate away his frustrated hungers. He was in love. In love with a statue, he mused to himself. Once sated, he joined his friends for a movie or a round of beer at the PX.

Payday came on the last day of the month. Because Danny had only recently transferred into C Company, and his records had not yet caught up with him, he did not get paid. He was broke. Every soldier who wasn't assigned to duty went into town that night. That is, everyone except Danny, who stayed in the barracks. "To write letters," he explained to cover his embarrassment of refusing loans from new acquaintances. He preferred to alone anyway.

Shortly after lights out, as Danny fucked his swollen and horny cock into the pillow, the door to the barracks opened with a bang, and a lurching body staggered from side to side down the aisle between the footlockers. Raising himself to the side of the bunk, Danny watched Sgt Moss as he weaved his way to the far end of the barracks and down the few steps into the latrine.

Though the light was dim, that it is was Sgt Moss was unmistakable. Then he heard the sound of groaning and the retch of vomiting.

Danny bounded off the bed, and grabbing a towel to cover himself, descended into the latrine. The sargeant was sitting on the concrete floor, hugging the toilet. Danny pulled off the towel that covered him, and moistened one end of it with cool water. He wiped the sargeants' face with a gentle touch, washing away the accumulated perspiration. The sargeant looked up at him. Rolling his eyes in grateful agony, he upchucked again and again.

When the last dregs had finally his protesting stomach, Danny secured the almost prostate man with his hands in his armpits, and helping him to his feet, led him to his room.

The drunken sargeant collapsed upon his back and promptly passed out.

Looking at him, Danny felt a surge of tenderness amd caring, flash over him.

He reached to the sargeant to loosen his necktie, to give comfort. Ah!

that was better. Turning to the door, he started to leave. The light from from the street lamp outside, flooded through the window and fell upon the supine body of the sargeant. He was sleeping now, his face relaxed and handsome, a smile on his full lips. Danny paused a moment, listened to the steady breathing, Perhaps I should take off his shoes, he thought, and maybe loosen his belt. He paused a moment and looked down at his erect cock jutting out from his hairy loins, he could feel the weight of his testicles. Pushing himself forward, they massaged the graceful arch of the sargeants foot.

It was then that the long-denied desire took over and cancelled all restraint. Danny didn't stop with just loosening the belt. He unbuttoned the top button and slid the zipper down so that the fly fell open. The growing mound of the sargeants' crotch, sent all the remnants of careful restraint away like a flock of frightened birds. He slid the pants down passed the buttocks and along the thighs. Very carefully he pulled them off. His excitement grew beyond all bounds as, with nervous fingers, he unbuttoned the suntan blouse. How enticing were the erect nipples pushing beyond the black hair that covered them. How could he ignore them as they beckoned to him? He leaned forward and kissed each nipple, sucking it with a warm mouth. His lust grew from the animal smell, the scent of sweat from the pits where tufts of hair grew. All control was gone now.

He pulled away so that he could look at this beautiful man. In a final moment of daring, he flipped away the buttons of the boxer shorts, and slid them down passed the ankles and off. My God! He's naked now!

A wild unruly spasm shuddered through Danny, his eyes concentrated on the huge, hard, swollen cock as it soared out of the tangled jungle of pubic hair, shining black in the reflected light. The foreskin had slipped over the ridge, and the red tip beckoned. Danny bent over and kissed the redolent testicles. Then sliding his tongue up the shaft to the knob, he took the cock into his mouth. A sudden flood of sperm ejaculated, striking the back of his throat. Sargeant Moss lurched, pulling his cock from Dannys' mouth, and flipped onto his stomach. His heavy breathing continued.

Danny, in astonishment, leaned back a moment, relishing the vision of the naked man. He was amazed at what he had done. Still tasting the luscious cum, he kissed the ass-cheeks, and inserted his tongue into the crack for a brief taste of that part of him. Then he grabbed his towel off the floor, and wrapping it around his waist, left the room, shaken by the experience. He found his way to the bunk where he lived it over again in wakeful dreams.

When he reported for work Monday, Danny felt extreme trepidation upon entering the orderly room. He was afraid to face the violated First Sargeant, but the sargeant was as always, quiet and aloof. Was there a smirk of hidden knowledge on his face?

The days and nights continued as usual in the military, slow and monotonous.

The high point of Jodys' day was still the brief moments he spent in the latrine, watching his idol while he showered. Now the sight of this beautiful male animal excited Danny even more that it had before, for he had tasted him, kissed him, felt him, loved him.

Several weeks passed without incident, but then one night, as Danny sat on the toilet, his eyes riveted upon the hairy crotch of the sargeant as he towelled himself dry, an amazing thing happened. When Sargeant Moss passed him, in order to leave the latrine, he tossed his towel over his broad shoulders instead of placing it around his waist. His cock, partially tumescent, bounced from thigh to thigh as he strode in front of Danny. He turned his head to him and said, "Good evening, Sargeant Tobin."

Danny watched the rotating ass-cheeks as he walked out the door. As always his cock throbbed with pleasure, but was covered by his towel. Suddenly what the Sargeant had said to him flashed though his mind. Sargeant?

Sargeant Tobin?

In the excitement of uncertainty and wondering, Danny bounded from the toilet and out the barrack and ran, naked, to the Day Room. There on the bulletin board was the official notice that...'Private Daniel Tobin was elevated to Sargeant as of this date.'

How could that be, he wondered, a two-grade jump? But there it was, in an official document, "Sargeant Daniel Tobin."

He ran back to the barracks and knocked on the door of the non-com room.

He was so astounded at what had happened that he forgot he was naked.

Forgot even to cover himself with the towel he carried in his hand.

"Come in, Sargeant," the strong voice called.

Sargeant Moss was lying on the bunk. He was smiling at him. A rare twinkle in his eyes. "Close the door, Danny," he said, "Come, sit here on the bed."

As he moved his body toward the wall to make room, the sheet fell away revealing his hairy and ample testicles that spread out on the mattress.

His cock was so hard, the foreskin slipped back. It soared toward Jody, who was hypnotized by the sight of it. Both men were naked now, facing each other, and each was entranced by what he saw. The tug of lust and desire pulled Jody forward so the his lips brushed against the sargeants'

mouth. The moist breath of each mingled in a half-kiss, but then Sgt Moss turned away. The union was so brief that it was as though it had not happened at all. A sharp change of mood prevailed. Danny remembered why he was there in the sargeants' room.

"I saw the notice," he blurted out, I want to thank you." His voice was choked with all sorts of emotions. Danny forced himself not to look at the man, but to stare into his eyes, as he wrapped the towel around his waist. His erection stuck out making a tent.

The Sargeant didn't move. He lay still his back resting on the wall. He made no attempt to pull the sheet back to cover his hard-on, but instead, grasped it with strong fingers, stroking himself. "You deserved it, Danny, you should have jumped rank a long time ago," he paused a moment, clearing his throat. There was a tangle of emotion parked there too, an uncertainty of purpose, not common with the decisive First Sargeant. It was during this pause that he stopped rolling the foreskin back and forth over the glans penis. Then as though he suddenly realized the blatant display, he reached for the sheet and covered himself. Now the barrier of cotton towels and sheets had come between the two, and veiled their growing lust.

But a sense of harmony washed over them.

"To tell the truth, Danny, I did it more for me than you. You see Danny...."

he paused, and said in a whisper, his voice tight, almost choked, "I was awake that night.....when you helped me.....when you did that to me."

Danny was struck by what he said. Knowing that Sargeant Moss knew, knew him for what he was, sent all sorts of messages that had to be sorted out.

An under-current of excitement began to stir in Dannys' conciousness. He was gay. Sure, a queer. That never bothered him. He loved this man, this male animal stretched out beside him. What had bothered him was that the first sargeant would reject him, turn away from him, hate him. But he didn't. Instead, he teased him with his cock, showing off his beautiful hairy male body. He jumped his rank from private, past corporal to sargeant in one swooping gesture. He was teling him something, wasn't he? Telling him he accepted Jody being queer, liked it, in fact. Ah God! If only that miracle were true!

"I did what I had to do, I guess. You were sick you know. All I wanted to do was help.....make you feel okay. And then I guess I got carried away...." Danny paused. The details of the night passed through his mind.

and predominant to it all, was the remembered taste of sperm splashing down his throat, so briefly, but there, and the touch of his tongue on the smooth tip of his cock, and the solid hardness of it. Ah! There was so much to remember.

He lowered his stare from the black eyes, liquid and shining, that tried to hold his gaze. He was embarrassed. But Sargeant Moss took Jodys' hand, tugged at it, pulling it under the sheet to his cock, solid and erect once more. Danny instinctively circled it with trembling fingers.

I liked it Danny, I wanted it. I knew you were queer, you know. It's coded in your service record. Then, you were there when I showered every night, just proved that you liked me, you know, the hunger in your eyes while you watched me. Yeh, I wanted it, so I planned it all."

He was taking fast now. Nervousness had taken over, and as it did, he tried to fit more and more words in. Yet he kept repeating the same thing over and ver.

"I wanted it, Danny. I want you, just like you must want me. We need each other. I had to do something so we could get know, like lovers or something."

Then a sudden fear flashed over his face. "Am I wrong, Danny? you do want me, like I want you, don't you?"

Suddenly the mantle of responsibility shifted from one to the other. Now Danny was the leader. 'He's a virgin," Danny thought to himself. 'He doesn't know what to do next,' and he bent forward placing soft lips, one on one, and gently drew the warm, moist breath into his mouth in a soft sucking kiss, and then he pulled away, looking at him, a smile on his face.

"Yes Michael, I want you. You see, I love you. With all my body, I love know I'm queer...well, I never did deny it. I told the guy at the draft board...well proved it to him even...but they took me anyway.

Ever since I got drafted I kept it hidden. Never needed it or missed it.

Until the day I walked into the barracks and saw you and heard the Brahms.

I loved you at that moment, even before I knew you....then, working with you all these weeks I've gotten to understand you, and the love just kept getting bigger and bigger."

He raised his head and their eyes met in a trysting now. "I've been with a lot of guys, Michael, but I've never loved anyone, not the way I love you." And he rose off the bed and kept his erection covered with the towel, for modesty was called for now. Now that the admission had been made.

"We have to be careful, Michael. The military dosen't take kindly to queers like me. I'm going to the PX and get the stripes and sew them on. I got all my back pay yesterday so we're rich. We'll go get a beer and celebrate," and he slipped out the door and was gone.

The sargeant looked about the empty room. Suddenly all life had left it.

He was alone. 'Well,' he thought to himself, 'the die is sure as hell cast now.' And now that it was all on the table he felt a wave of relief. The ti9me had come that he had been waiting for, for so many years. Everything had been held back, denied, unacceptable, until finally the pressure grew to such powerful proportions that he had to let go. To give in. Nature will out. All things eventually come to the surface.

He thought back to that day when he first saw the code on Private Tobins'

service record. He had heard it mentioned among the non-coms that such a code was used to identify and keep track of known homosexuals, but his tenure as first sargeant had been too brief to have had many new recruits transfer into his unit. But there it was, announcing to all who understood, that the incoming soldier was queer, a faggot, a gay caballero.

After years of denial, the thirty year old sargeant finally faced his own persuasions and, looking at them square and head on, felt a rush of excitement, an eager anticipation.

That afternoon, when Private Tobin walked into the barracks looking for him to announce his arrival to C Company, Sargeant Moss knew the force of an attraction that had to be responded to. Can one man love another before wrds are spoken? Or is it merely the ower of an infatuation, having its roots in invisible vibrations that blend in harmony from one being to another? Ah! He thought. The keyword is infatuation of course, but isn't that the dorrway to love?

Inexperienced as he was, he knew that he desired the boy. A boy barely twenty years old. But he didn't know how to reach him, to draw him into an embrace, giving of himself. How could he signal to the boy that he wanted him as a friend? As a lover?

It was pleasant and exciting to stand naked in the shower knowing that the boy watched him as he soaped his body, touching secret places. He had only then learned the pleasures of exhibiting himself. Modesty was the code he lived by. He was aloof to everyone and a friend to no one.

But not by choice. The source of his disattachment from his fellow soldiers was the bashful shyness that seemed to grow within him as the knowledge of his deviation grew. Perhaps it would all change now.


The Making of Sargeant Moss Part two

by joe wilson

The non-com club was crowded, and the noise level was high, but the two sargeants were unaware of anything but each other as they occupied a booth in the far side of the room.

"On Monday we go to Laoag. Just you and me. It's on the China Sea about a hundred miles from here. That's why I had to jump you to sargeant.

It's kind of R&R with a little duty thrown in. Like I told you, we have a relay station there,,,,on an island. Radio and teletype. It's my turn to go, and I have to take someone with me. For two weeks. Only sargeant and up are permitted. So you see what I mean when I say I jumped you more for me than for you."

He lowered his eyes, again flooded with bashfulness, and tried to cover it as he took a swallow of San Miguel. His next thought renewed the blush that covered his face, but he said it anyway, "It'll give us a chance to get to know each other. We'll be all alone on the little island without much to do....."

They were separated by twenty-four inches of chrome and formica, but it might as well have been a whole continent. Danny wanted to reach out to touch him, that would pull him into an embrace that would show the world his love, but this was impossible. Restraint was not only prudent, but required procedure in the strictest term.

Still the thought of going to Loaog was incredible. Danny had heard some of the non-coms talking about it, and of the pleasure of fishing and swimming in cool clear waters, and the exquisite and rare solitude. But it never occurred to him that one day he would go there. "Monday," Michael said. Jesus! That's the day after tomorrow. The blood surged and passions rose in anticipation. The day after tomorrow. Jesus! He drained his beer and ordered another.

Monday morning awoke to the usual dark and heavy clouds that predicted a summer storm. The sargeants loaded their jeep with two weeks supply of food and drink. If one watched what was put into the vehicle, he would notice cases of beer and a fair supply of grass. The phonograph with a selection of records was among the treasures that accompanied them. The under- current of excitement bubbled into frequent laughter and delight, and those who knew SM/Sgt Moss could not fail to remark the change in his personality.

How buoyant and friendly he had become.

It took three hours to make the treacherous drive on narrow rutted roads.

The warm rain soaked into their clothing, but did little to alleviate the heat. But another cloud of dampened spirits fell between them. It was the cloud of uncertainty, for as their goal of isolation from army life drew nearer, the fears of shyness, of inability to perform, of disappoointment washed over Michael. Though he was the older of the two, his lack of experience forced a feeling in inadequacy into his psyche. Could he satisfy the beautiful young boy, a boy who capitivated him so? All the common fears of the inexperienced virgin consumed him and ate his confidence away.

Danny was sensitive to this withdrawal. There was no touching of swollen cocks, or brushing lips on lips, as there had been in Sgt Moss' room Saturday night. This morning they had been alone for three hours, yet whenever Danny reached out to the sargeant, he pulled away, his head averterd, his body stiffened.

Was the love they felt for each other so fragile that it could disappear so quickly? As each wallowed in his private thoughts, the chasm between them widened.

By the time they came to the small pier that jutted out into the sea, a disturbing silence prevailed. The happy chatter that began so early in the morning as they started their journey, disappeared.

The two soldiers they were to relieve, were sitting under a shelter waiting for them. They were anxious to return to the companionship of army life.

The solitude, "Was great for a day or two, but two weeks was overdoing it,"

they laughed. But then, they were not lovers.

After helping them transfer the supplies from the jeep to the small boat that was to carry them the three or four hundred yards to the island, the two soldiers got into the jeep and drove back to the base, and Danny and Michael wer left alone.

By early evening the clouds almost disappeared and the rain disappeared with them. As the sun neared yesterdays' line, great splashes of color in the remaining strips of clouds proclaimed its' triumph. Danny and Michael rested on the veranda that surrounded the house, watching natures'

theatrics. They each inhaled a joint. The first of the day. And its'

searing smoke caught in their throats, caused a rampant coughing that they eased with swallows of beer. They were settled in now, chores and duties completed, time to renew their friendship.

"Did I do something wrong, Michael? Are you angry with me?" Danny asked, his voice tight.

"No, of course not. What could you do wrong?"

"I don't know, you seem different today. Not at all like last Saturday night. It's like somethings' come between us."

"Maybe it's just happening too fast for me, Danny, or maybe I'm scared.

It's all new to me, you know. What if I don't do it right, or when it's all done and over with, you're disappointed. There're lots of guys around more experienced than I am, I mean, maybe you'd like them better. Shit, I don't know what I mean."

It was warm, with a gentle breeze coming off the sea. The crimson and peach colors blended with the darkening blue, and reflected in flushed colors on the soldiers' suntans. Danny looked at his first sargeant with an appraising glance. A great rush of love and caring washed over him.

He knew this feeling of inadequacy. The fear of jumping into the pool of water. Was it too deep or shallow? Too hot or cold? And he was reminded once again that is was he, who would have to make the first move.

Rising abruptly from the chaise, he put the Brahms #1 on the phonograph and turned up the volume. It was loud and stirring. No reason to soft- pedal it here.

"There's no one to disturb," he said, "We're alone....just you and me."

And the brilliant first chords accented that fact. He lit another joint, and after sucking a great gust of smoke into his lungs, he passed it to Michael, and then opened another San Miguel to share, and in the dimming glow of the tropical twilight, he stepped back on the veranda, and placing himself directly in front of Michael, he began a slow dance calculated to the marching rhythm.

He unbuttoned his shirt with a tease and a knowing smile, slowly and enticingly revealing the bronze satiny flesh that covered him. He tossed the shirt onto the floor, his chest exposed. There was a small tuft of brown hair growing in the sternum, between two rust-colored and erect nipples. They were large and prominent, jutting outward from the spreading aerole, The thin line of hair that trickled down past his navel and into his pants, wriggled back and forth seductively as he undulated his hips in time with the music. Michael said nothing, but watched every movement of Dannys' torso, his eyes concentrated on the growing bulge in Dannys' crotch.

While he felt the delicious thrill of anticipation, he unbuttoned his own shirt, and slipping his arms from the sleeves, let it fall behind him.

His fingers found his nipples and connected them to his swelling cock by the rush of pleasure that surged from one to the other.

Danny smiled encouragement, but backed away out of range, delaying the pleasure of a gentle caress. He sat down on the chaise and bending forward removed his shoes and socks, and stretched naked toes that capped his long and graceful feet. He reached to Michael and untied his shoes as well, peeling off the damp socks. His hands tenderly massaged the high arch and narrow heel.

Michael sat back, resting on his haunches, enjoying the sensation created by twisting, ever so lightly his sensative nipples, while Danny sucked on his toes, separating them with his warm and wet tongue, loving the soles of his feet with kisses.

The grass reaching its' full effect now, intensified the tactile pleasures and expanded time. The music thundered over them and obliterated their sighs and moans.

Danny pulled away, and sitting back on his heels looked at Michael, whose hands had now found their way to his erect cock, shielded only by the thin material of his cotton pants. Their eyes locked in a lovers glance and Danny mouthed the words, "I love you," and Michael smiled and did the same. Reaching to Michaels' hands, he pulled him off the chair.

"Let's go inside," he said as he embraced him. They confirmed their love by tender kisses, their lips soft and pliable, their mouths open and accepting each other. All restraints had disappeared now, gone withthe sun, lost behind the horizon. And Danny led his lover into the bedroom.

It was dark. Michael fumbled for the switch, but Danny struck a match.

He had noticed a large candle placed on the table by the bed. A practical solution to the frequent power outages resulting from the tropical storms.

Lighting it, the room expanded as the flame flickered its' romantic glow, caught momentarily in the light breeze.

Danny stook apart, separated from his lover. He unclasped the buckle of his belt, and let his pants and shorts slip to the floor. Stepping out of them he stood alone and vulnerable. The light from the candle danced over his bared skin. His swollen cock jutted out obscenely, pointing to Michael.

The foreskin had fallen back over the ridge, and a tear had formed on the tip of the piss slit.

Michael was spellbound by the sight of this beautiful young male animal offering himself to him, and he stood motionless, as he absorbed the reality of this experience. It was not a dream, a fantasy, conjured out of inward heat and passion. Here, only inches away, within touching distance, was the boy he loved.

He thought of what had happened just a few moments before, outside on the veranda, when the boy wshed his feet with his tongue, kissing the soles and heels and sucking on the toes, and he knew the boy was his for whatever he wanted. Suddenly he was jolted by the certain realization that he was master. His inexperience had no play here. Danny had made that plain. Danny, on his knees, sucking on his toes, silently claimed his slavery, and a great gust of power surged through Michael. He was now in control once more. It was as if it had to be.

He released his belt and stepped out of his clothes so that he too was naked. Standing with his feet apart, he thrust his hips forward, his huge cock demanded adoration. Now the gears of their love affair slipped into the position it was destined for, and Danny, the slave, fell to his knees and kissed the genital altar. He took the hairy balls lovingly into his hands, and he slid his tongue up the swollen shaft of Michaels'

cock to the angry red tip, and taking it into his mouth began to suck.

He sucked until Michael could stand the increasing pleasures no more, and with a sudden jolt, the cum splashed, hot and creamy, sweet and salty.

The ejaculate hit Dannys' throat. The spurts came one by one, and he swallowed them, and swallowed again, to make room for more, not to lose a drop of the precious liquid. And when the spouting stopped, Danny reluctantly pulled away. Sitting on his heels he looked up at the towering god, still hard and firm, and yhe kissed it on its' tip.

Lookimng into Michaels' eyes, he said, "I love you, Sargeant Moss," and Michael, looking down at Danny said, "I love you, Danny."

They fell onto the bved in a lovers embrace. As they lay together, their silent thoughts followed opposite sides of the same pattern. "I am his

]slave now," Danny said to himself. "Whatever he wants or needs gives me pleasure. I will do anything, anything for him."

And as Michael stretched his body, he thought to himself, "He is my slave.

He will do anything I ask." And a spasm of pleasure washed over him. He turned his head toward Danny and said in a loud voice, "I am Master."

"Yes Sir," Danny replied happily.

And because by now it was late and dark, and they had gotten up early that morning, and the emotion had drained them of their surface energies, Danny snuggled close to his master, and kissing him on his neck, between the ear and his shoulder, he fell asleep.

Sgt Moss remained awake. The excitement of his hew-found power jolted him like an electric shock. His arms encircled his young lover, drawing himn to him, thrilling to the touch of the warm and silky skin. He bent forward and brushed his loips against dannys' lips. The flame of the candle flickered its' weak light over them. Their cocks were erect, hungry for nore of each other; more giving and taking, expressing love with sucking tongues and kissing lips.

"He's mine," he said to himself. "He loves me. I know, but even more than that he worships me, like a god. I'm his God, and I love him. I'm his master now."

He pulled away from his embrace. Suddenly he needed affirmation of what he knew to be true, but he needed to test his power over the boy. He grasped the candle. It's light increased by the swift movement, as he lifted it off the table. He wanted to look more closely at the boys swollen penis, and at his testicles, rhw round globes covered with wrinkled skin and fine golden hair, swirling in all directions. The balls were full of the elixer of love.

He held the candle at a slight tilt and a searing drop of wax fell into the abundant patch of pubic hair, where it ressted, caught in the many strands.

lowering his arm, the wax fell on Dannys' scrotum. Here the hairs were sparse, and the searing heat of the wax caused Danny to wince in pain. He did not wake up. There was an unexpected thrill in Michaels' loins as he watched the boy, his body lurching with each drop of hot wax. He directed it to Dannys' cock, where drops fell on the tender underside, and on the tip, red and shining.

As the wax fell from the candle and struck its target, Danny moaned. He moved his sleeping body as though to avoid the hurt, buy Michael, whose cock was now so hard, so gushed with blood that it reached a painful erection, continued to torment. Danny opened his eyes. Pleasure began to build in him, too. Watching each drop of wax as it fell on his naked body increased the pain, which somehow translated itself into an exquisite and supreme sensation.

Michael pulled away to replace the candle on the table. He wanted his hands free now, available to caress the naked boy, tolove his with his mouth.

The wax covered the cockand balls, and some had splattered over his stomach and chest. Bending forward, Michael buried his face in the boys' throbbing genitals and ate the wax that covered them.

Once he had peeled it away, he took the boys' penis into his mouth, He rooled his tongue over the smooth skin, tight and expanded and, for the first time, he tasted cock.

He was not prepared nor did he expect, the supreme pleasure of the suck.

A great sense of harmony and peace flushed over him. He learned for the first time that this was the way it was supposed to be. The generous exchange of lovers, the giving and taking of so exquisite a pleasure.

But strangly, the pleasure seemed to be his and his alone. It had never occurred to him that the greater sensation, the most consumate fulfillment of the suck, would come to the cocksucker himself.

He explored Dannys' phallus as it plunged in and out of his throat. His tongue felt the swollen blood vessels that rode up the side of the shaft.

It sensed the smooth tip and found the piss hole. And he swallowed the cock all the way into his mouth, and his nose was buried in the pubic hair, where he could smell the rising passion of randy lust. Danny began to cry, his body thrusting up and down in agonized excitement.

Instinctively, the master drew away in order to prolong the foreplay.

The grass they had smoked sharpened the sensations and, at the same time, strengthened control, so that Dannys' passion receded momentarily from its' peak, and Michaels' tongue slid down to the balls, licking the fine curly hairs that covered them. Then back up the shaft again. He teased the sensitive tip with his tongue. And Danny cried for release.

By now, each of the lovers was lost to his own needs. Michael had reached the edge and could tease no longer. The fires that burned in his throat needed quenching. He took the whole of Dannys' cock into the recesses of his mouth. Moaning his need, calling out to hi lover, Danny raised his body off the mattress and pushed his cock even deeper into Michaels'

throat, and the pulsating spurts of hot creamy cum exploded into it, and the whole of Dannys' body shuddered with a pleasure that transferred itself to Michael, who was lost to his own excitement as he swallowed the sperm of his slave.

When the spouting receded, and the pleasure turned to pain, Michael sensed Dannys' sweet agony and released his cock. They fell together in a lovers embrace. Each was satisfied in his own way, and each loved the other for it. The inexperienced master and the experienced slave drifted into a deep and satisfied sleep.

The days that followed were clothed in brilliant sunshine. Scattered tuffs of clouds contrasted with the deep color of the blue sky and added passion to each sunset. It was then, at twilight time, that Michael resumed his role of master, and Danny responded to his every need.

The mornings and nights were warm, the afternoons, hot and muggy, heavy with humidity. There was no physical need for clothes, so they remained naked in their garden of eden. Soft breezes caressed their skin with natures gentle touch. They walked the beach that surrounded the little island, and swam in the warm waters of the China Sea, rippling waves lapping their cocks into exciting erections. It was fun exposing their beautiful bodies to the occasional fishermen who passed by, grinning and waving to them, puzzled at their hard-ons. They were free as the nearby polynesians, romping in a natural paradise.

Sargeant Moss lost all his inhibiting forces in a cloud of marijuanas'

smoke. By the end of the second night he discovered the pleasure of the sixty-nine, the simultaneous suck that exaggerated exquisite sensations by sucking Danny' cock, and being sucked by Danny at the same time. He learned that postponement increased their pleasure, expanding it to almost impossible limits. They sucked balls and cocks and licked hairy ass-holes for hours upon hours, while their tensions and needs grew bigger and harder like a giant balloon, until finally it could expand no more, and burst in frensy of pleasure. For Michael there were no secret places for his tongue had found them all.

And then, one night, Michael discovered the fuck, the greatest of all connections. Dannys' ass-hole sucked Michaels' cock into itself like a vacuum. The sleeve of his rectum wrapped around the throbbing cock and milked the precious cream as he ejaculated in pulsating spurts.........


And the last day arrived before they were ready for it. They had too much need for each other to return to the restricted world they had left so short a time ago.

"I hate going back, Danny."

"Yes, so do I."

They were clothed now. No more freedom of the natives. The hated uniform covered their beautiful tanned bodies. They were waiting for their replacements and the jeep that would carry them back to the base.

"At least we have each other. Someday the war will be over and we can go home. Then we'll be together for always."

"That's so far away, Michael. This war can last of years. Sure we got the Philippines back, but we've got to go into Japan yet. That can take forever."

They saw the jeep as it approached, coming down the dirt trail in a cloud of dust.

"You won't forget I love you, will you Michael?"

The jeep stopped and two soldiers got out of it. "Hey you guys, I'll bet you're glad to get out of here. Did you hear the news? We dropped a bomb on Hiroshima. Something they call an atom bomb."

And Michael and Danny got in the jeep and drove back to the base. Slowly.

What the soldiers said didn't mean anything to them, for they had never heard of an atom bomb.


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