In all the years I've been a mail carrier, I've had the fantasy of having sex in the back of my truck but never carried it out - until I met S. I hadn't told him about this, sometimes I had forgotten about it, or I just couldn't think of how it could be done. I leave earlier than him for work - we try to have lunch together as many days during the week as we could. I asked him if I could swing by today and pick him up. I didn't mention my plans...

All morning I was fighting off a hardon as I worked my route. It was really hard - I just had to concentrate on walking and working and tried not to think about it. I called him once and said I would pick him up in the truck and that I had a surprise for him.

Finally the time came and I was just beside myself - I pulled up to the shop and double parked and went in to get him. My knees felt weak when I saw him - that bright smile and sparkly eyes greeted me - he was wearing a faded Clash t-shirt that was just a little tight in the arms, showing off his gorgeous tattooed arms and made his muscles look more defined; he had on black jeans that hugged him in all the right places, ending with the new Converse high tops I bought for him (all black, black rubber). He was also wearing the bracelet I bought him.

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and said 'time's a-wasting, let's go!' and he grabbed his leather jacket and told the front that he'd be back later. We got in the truck and he said 'what's the surprise?' and I said, 'You'll see' and I drove around the neighborhood to this park that we've had picnic lunches at before. It has a parking lot with some nice big trees that shade it and was in a neighborhood that seemed to have a lot of empty driveways during the weekdays.

As I pulled in, he said 'are we having a picnic lunch today?' and smiled, and I looked at him and said, 'well, not exactly,' and I gestured with my head to the back of the truck and he saw that I had made space among the buckets and packages and placed a blanket back there and he turned bright red.

I parked and shut off the motor and made sure the doors were locked from the inside and said 'after you' and gestured towards the back. He was all smiles. We sat down together and I crawled over and kissed him gently on the lips and said 'my fantasy is to make love to you in the back of this truck,' and he turned red again and said 'fuck, yeah!' with a big grin and I was about to burst out of my pants. We started kissing, holding each other close, laying on our sides. I had my leg between his legs and pushed my pelvis into his as hard as I could and he was also really hard, pushing against his jeans. He softly moaned as he kissed me and put his hands under my shirt and ran his hands over my chest and back, coming around the front to pull on my nipple rings as he pushed his tongue into my mouth harder.

I pulled back and got on top of him and started biting his neck and putting my hands under his shirt. While we continued to kiss I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans and put my hand in his boxers and put my hand around his cock and squeezed him, him moaning into my mouth as I kissed him again. He reached under me to get into my pants and started squeezing my balls and then worked his hand back towards my ass and started lightly teasing me with his fingers, making me shiver with delight. I backed off him and pulled his jeans down so I could get at his cock and plunged him into my mouth, my hands under his delectable ass. S was moaning louder then and I had to give him a shhh so we wouldn't get noticed. I continued sucking his cock, and used some saliva to start fingering his ass, eventually putting two fingers inside him while I continued to suck his cock. He was lifting his hips up and pushing into my mouth a bit more and whispering 'yeah, oh that feels good, keep sucking my cock' which made me go at it a bit faster. He stopped me and said, 'pull your pants down and climb over me so I can suck you too' and I managed to get my trousers down to my ankles and climbed over, straddling his head. He started to suck my cock and squeezed my balls and I returned to playing with his ass and licking his shaft up and down. We stayed in this position for a few more minutes and then I sat up and crawled back around him.

At that point I pulled his shoes off and his jeans so I could get between him and took my boots and pants off, too. I climbed between his legs and fingered his ass a little more, and then, staring into his eyes, I entered him, plunging my cock into him as far as I could, and I laid down on his chest and started nibbling on his ear and neck and lightly thrusting into him. He started stroking himself at the same time and then I took over, backing up a little so I could watch him while I did it. I decided to stay in this position as it was pretty cramped in there, with all the mail and packages around and I wanted to keep fucking him this way so I could get him off and then look at his face while I came inside him.

Things escalated pretty quickly, with the idea coming back to me that I was actually fucking my insanely hot and sexy husband in the back of my mail truck. He must have been thinking the same thing because he all of a sudden squeezed his eyes shut and said 'oh, god, don't stop, keep stroking me, fuck, yeah, god, I'm going to come' and I quickly pulled out and moved down so I could put his cock back into my mouth and he moaned and I sucked him briefly and then felt him tense up and he started coming, ejaculating into my mouth really hard, his cum hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed all I could until he finished and then I entered him again, putting my arms around his back and started kissing him, my mouth still savoring the taste of him and grinding my hips into him for a moment while I held myself inside him. I felt a huge rush and tipped my head up to the ceiling and said 'fuck, I can't stop' and I thrusted into him hard and came, my hips taking over to thrust a few more times, my cock feeling every sensation inside him and feeling soooo fucking great. I finished and laid on top of him, exhausted and still inside him.

He stroked the back of my neck and kissed me on the cheek, holding his soft lips against my face. I finally recovered and pulled out. He lay there looking at me, smiling broadly, and I lay down alongside him and pulled his face towards me so I could kiss him some more.

'Wow - that was fucking awesome' he said and stroked my face, looking into my eyes. I smiled and said 'it was better than I imagined.'

We got dressed and didn't say much more after that - just smiled a whole lot. I said that I needed to get out and stretch for a moment, so we got out of the truck and stretched and he grabbed me and we kissed, leaning against my truck, holding each other close and once again I looked up and said to myself 'I am the luckiest man on earth.'

I drove him back to the shop, remembering that we hadn't eaten anything - so we ran into the coffee shop near his place and grabbed a couple of sandwiches. I had to get moving so I ate while I drove. Before that I gave him a really long kiss in the back of the shop and he said 'all my clients will wonder why I have this stupid grin on my face the rest of the day' and we laughed.

I whispered to him 'thank you for making my fantasy come true...I want to know what yours are sometime,' and he turned red again and laughed. I held him for a moment more and kissed him one more time and then left, hauling ass in the truck to get back to my route, eating along the way, savoring the memory of having made love to the love of my life in the back of my mail truck. The rest of the day was incredibly awesome...



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