I had been wanting to visit the northwest United States but driving from my home in the southeast would waste to much of my vacation. I decided to fly up, rent a car and enjoy my time.

I purchased my airline tickets and when my vacation arrive, I flew to Boise, Idaho and rented a car. I didn't have any particular plans, so I just started driving.

I made a couple of photo stops and along the way I checked out a couple of truck stops. At one, I stayed a few hours, enjoying the activity through the glory hole in the restroom. I had several nice 'meals'.

After stopping for the night, I headed out the next day and about noon I saw a billboard along the highway announcing the state Lumberjack competition. It was being held the next two days in a town nearby. I decided to check it out.

Checking my map for the location of the town, I drove to it and managed to find a room, only because of a last minute cancellation. Seeing the muscular competitors in the hotel and around town that afternoon had me horny as hell. Some were extremely hot.

I arrived at the competition site early. The competitors were visiting with the visitors and discussing the competitions, which included tree climbing, log splitting, timed tree cutting, and log rolling among others. I stopped at several of the booths and admired the guys.

I came up to one booth where the lumberjack, who happened to be alone, was sharpening his axe.

"Hi," he said smiling.

"Hi," I replied. "What events are you in?

"Tree climbing, speed cutting, log slicing and log rolling."

"Okay," I said with a laugh. "I've never been to or seen any of these events, so could you explain them?"

"You're not from around here, are you?"

"No. I'm up here on vacation. I'm from Florida."

"Well, then, welcome to the great northwest," he began. "Tree climbing, speed cutting and log slicing are timed events. With tree climbing, you get to the top as fast as you can, chop off a section of the log, and get down as fast as possible. Speed cutting is simply how fast you can chop down a tree and log slicing is how many slices you can cut in a set amount of time."

"Do you use real trees?"

Laughing, he said "No. We use long logs secured in holes. All of them are the same size to keep things even. Same with the log slicing."

"What about the log rolling?" I asked.

"Logs are floating in the lake over there. Two guys stand on them and try to roll the log and make his opponent fall off."

"It all sounds very entertaining for the spectators but exhausting for you guys."

It is, but I love it. I practice year round and after the competition, I take a week off to relax. Then it's back to work in the forest. I'm a logger by trade during the week, and weekends I practice my events."

"No wonder you're so well built," I said, looking him over, especially checking out his crotch. He noticed me pausing at his crotch and smiled. I could feel my face turn red.

He began reaching for a cooler and as he did he asked, "Care for some water?"

"Uh, sure," I replied.

As he handed me a bottle of water, he said, "I'm Buck Rivers."

"Mike McCoy," I relied. "Nice to meet you and I really appreciate you explaining everything to me."

"Nice meeting you and it as my pleasure."

"You live around here?" I asked.

"No. I live about four to five hours north of here. I'm staying at the Inn of the Hills."

"No shit? So am I. I managed to get a room because a guest was cancelling his reservation just as I walked in."

"Man, that is luck. From what I hear, every room any where in the area is booked."

"Buck, if I'm not being too forward, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

"Yea, I would. Normally, I eat with some of the other competitors, but it would be nice to get away from all their bull shit about how they are going to win the events."

"Great, what time?"

"Why don't we meet in the lobby about seven, but after dinner I'll need to get back to my room to get prepared. You're welcome to join me."

Looking at him I saw a sly smile. "Sounds good to me."

I left him to his preparations saying that I'd be cheering him on. He thanked me and winked.

I cruised the other lumberjacks but to me Buck was the hottest and sexiest. His build was awesome and his smile beautiful. His long wavy dark hair reached to his shoulders and his muscular arms were also hairy. I wondered if his chest was also.

The competition began and Buck easily won his events that day, scoring enough points to put him in first place.

We met in the lobby and went to dinner at a near by restaurant. As we ate, I complimented him on his day.

"Mike, I've never scored this high before. The best I've ever placed is fourth. I think you just might be my lucky charm."

"I hope you're right," I replied. "I'd like to brag that I was friends with the top lumberjack."

"Well. this is just the state competition. The top winner here goes to national if he wants to."

"Would you?"

"Hell yea. I've only been as a spectator in the past. They will be held right here in the fall."

"Well, if you win, I'll come back and cheer you on."

"If I win, I'll hold you to that promise."

We returned to the hotel and went to his room. After getting us each a beer he said "I only have one a night during competition."

"I can understand that," I replied.

After taking a sip of his beer, he removed his shirt, revealing an extremely muscular chest covered with dark hair before he started sharpening his axe. At this point, I didn't care if he saw me eyeing him or if he saw the bulge that was growing in my pants.

he glanced my way several times and I'm sure he noticed. He smiled a couple of times and finally said, "How long you going to be in town.?"

"I'm not sure. I have no specific schedule. I might stay and do some site seeing."

"Why don't you? I'm staying for a week of relaxation after the tournament and I'd love to show you around."

"Well, I guess that settles it. I'll stay."

We talked and I found he was twenty-nine and divorced. He said that he had married when he was twenty and after two years, his wife filed for divorce and married his best friend.

When I asked if they were still friends, he laughed and said, "Now yes, but not at first. At first, I was pissed as hell. Then, I did some soul searching and found my true self. As that happened, I found that the divorce was the best thing and renewed our friendship."

"Good for you. Really good friends are hard to find."

"I know, and if possible, I'd like you to be one of mine," he said smiling.

"I'd like that," I told him.

He said that he'd love to sit and visit but he really needed to get some rest and be prepared.

I stood to leave and he walked to the door with me. As I reached for the door, he said, "Mike, wait a minute. Now I hope you won't think I'm being to forward."

Suddenly, he reached out and puled me to him, hugging me tightly. I felt so warm and comfortable in his arms. Then, to my surprise, I felt him kiss my neck, after which, he said, "Thanks for stopping by today and talking with me."

I hugged him back and told him it had been my pleasure and that I didn't think he was to forward at all.

"Any expression of friendship is acceptable to me," I said.

The next days competition was a repeat of the day before but with only the top four in each even competing. Buck again won each of his events and was named champion lumberjack in the state.

I greeted him after the award ceremony and he said, "Remember your promise!"

"Baby, wild horses couldn't keep me away," I said, suddenly realizing what I had called him.

He just smiled and said, "I'm glad. The celebration party is in my room in an hour, and you're the only one to be invited."

I helped him pack his tools in his truck then watched as he placed his trophy on the passenger seat, pulling the seat belt around it.

I followed him to the hotel and as we went in he said, "I'll jump in the shower and see you in an hour. We'll order room service. My treat."

"I'll be there," I said.

I showered also and dressed in just shorts and a sport shirt. He had said to come comfortable.

I arrived and after closing the door behind me, he gave me another big hug, whispering in my ear, "You really are my good luck charm." He pulled back slightly and gave me a quick gentle kiss on he lips before letting me go.

I noticed then that he was also in shorts and shirtless.

He looked at me and said, "I wasn't sure how you would take me kissing you but I was so excited I just had to do it."

"Buck, like I said last night, any form of expression friendship is acceptable to me, but I'm glad it was here and not at the competition."

"That really would have drawn some stares and comments."

"Yes, it would have but it wasn't any of their business what we did."

"I like the way you think. I feel the same way, and by the way, I've ordered dinner. Steaks and potatoes and a bottle of champagne."

"Nice," I said.

We looked at his trophy and moments later dinner arrived. I toasted his winning with champagne and he returned the toast saying "And to friendship."

We ate dinner as he told me of places he wanted to take me, some, according to him remote and requiring some hiking.

After dinner, he rolled the cart out into the hall to be picked up.

After closing the door he gain stepped up to me and put his arms around my waist. I did the same to him as he said, "After all these years of trying, I just can't believe that I'm the state champion."

"Well, you are and you deserve it. I'm just glad I was here to see it. I wouldn't have been if I hadn't seen the billboard along the interstate."

"I'm glad you were here also," he replied as we looked into each others eyes. I couldn't resist and began pulling him closer. As I did, he leaned down slightly and again pressed his lips to mine.

However, this time I parted my lips and extended my tongue. He immediately responded and parted his lips and offered his. Seconds later both out mouths were open and out tongues explored each others mouth.

As we kissed passionately, he gently lifted me off the floor and took me to the bed. without breaking the kiss, we lay down exploring each others body with our hands.

After a moment we separated and he said softly, "I was hoping you were into this. i thought you might be when you didn't object when I kissed you last night."

"I wanted this last night," I said.

"So did I but I knew if it got started, I wouldn't be in shape for today's competition."

He reached toward me and unbuttoned my shirt then slid it off of me. He then went to my shorts and opened them and removed them. Seeing I was commando, he said, "I see you were prepared."

"Just in case," I said.

I began removing his shorts and when i found that he was commando also I laughed and said, "Looks like you were prepared also."

"Hoping," he replied.

After another hot kiss he began working his way down my body, sucking my nipples then going to my balls. Lifting my legs he began rimming my as hungrily before going back up to my cock and swallowing it.

He sucked my cock eagerly, massaging it with his tongue as he did. Soon, I climaxed wildly, filling his mouth with my built up load. He took it all, milking me dry with his mouth before hungrily swallowing.

After another hot kiss, I did the same to him. His cock was as hot and beautiful as he was and I sucked it with gusto after eating and tongue fucking his ass. I wanted hos load and soon got it, devouring every drop.

After yet another kiss, we cuddled together and I asked, "Is this what you meant when you said you had found yourself after your divorce?"

"Yes, it is. I had been somewhat curious about sex with another guy. Shortly before she left me, I was working in the forest and came upon a nude camper. He had an erection and seeing it gave me one. He offered to take care of it and I agreed to let him. He sucked me off and being curious I did the same to him. It was okay but I guess it was affecting my sex life with my wife. I wanted to do it again. After she left, I had more time to experiment and soon found that sex with men was what i wanted and admitted to myself that I was gay."

"Do any of the other lumberjacks know anything?"

"Just one. He's gay also."

"How did you find that out?" I asked.

"Two years ago at the competition. I had left my axe at my booth and returned to get it. I heard some strange sounds off in the brush and went to investigate. I found him and two other guys there all nude. He was sucking one while the other was fucking his ass."

"What did you do?"

"When they saw me they stopped and he began begging me not to tell anyone. I said I wouldn't if I could join in. I stripped and started sucking the guy he had been sucking. Before we left we had all sucked and fucked each other. It was early in the morning an neither of us did worth a shit the next day."

"Was he here this year?"

"Not as a contestant. He broke his arm a couple of weeks ago."

We did some more making out before he asked, "Mark, will you spend the night with me?"

"Of course," I replied.

Before going to sleep, we later fucked each other and it was fantastic.

The next morning after a hot kiss we had a hot sixty-nine. I loved feeling his muscular hairy chest pressed against my body.

After the sixty-nine, he asked, "When are you scheduled to check out?"

"Today, but I told them at check in that I might be staying longer."

"Well, go ahead and check out and move your things in here with me."

I did and we spent the rest of the day nude in bed having sex whenever we wanted. The rest of the week was spent with him showing me around. Most days we would find a secluded spot with a great view after hiking and have sex there in the woods.

When it was time for Buck to check out, he invited me to his place for a couple of days. I accepted and followed him to his log home on wooded property he owned.

It was a beautiful place and private and we were able to have sex outdoors if we wanted.

When it was time to leave, we exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers. I promised to return for the national championship.

"Mark, whenever you want, you're welcome here. I know we haven't known each other long, but you mean a lot to me."

"You mean a lot to me also," I told him.

I left and returned to my job back home.

As the national championship lumberjack competition neared, i decided to check out the job situation in the area.

I did some Internet searching and found several companies in the area of Buck's home. I sent out resumes and got a couple of interviews. I went out for them, wanting to see Buck but not wanting him to know what I was doing. I was doing it because i had realized that I had fallen in love with Buck and I prayed he felt the same toward me.

I secured a job and gave them the date i could start. It was a week after the competition. they agreed.

I gave my notice and had a mover come and get my things and hold them until further notice. I drove to the competition and at Bucks insistence, Stayed with him in his room. I told him sex would be off limits until after the competition. He agreed reluctantly.

He won the championship, again calling me his good luck charm. As we celebrated in his room later that night, I asked if he would like a guest for about a week. He was thrilled and grabbed me and swung me around, his six-four frame doing it easily.

Back at his place I casually asked if he knew of any apartments or homes in the area to rent.

"Why are you asking that?" he asked questioningly.

"Buck, I can't stand being so far from you. I've secured a job in town and need a place to live."

"Fuck, are you serious?"

"Yes, I am. I start Monday."

"Mark, the only place I'll allow you to live is here with me. No arguments."

"You sure?"

"Hell yes I'm sure."

I moved in and two weeks later, as he held me on the back deck, he casually said, "Mark, I love you so much. I've never been happier. Will you be my life partner?"

"Most definitely. I've loved you since the state competition. That's why I moved out here. I was hoping you'd fall in love with me."

"I knew I loved you moments after you left here the last time. And I loved it way back after the first competition when you called me 'baby'. I know it was an accident but I loved it.

Buck and I vowed to love each other for life. We do have sex with others, but only together, never separate.

Every day, I am glad I saw that billboard.




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