I am in a gang of 3 Our names are: Andrew, Connor, Hugh and Dave. I had a crush on all 3 since they were all muscular and after PE they are always dripping with sweat. And I hug them all. Secretly taking in their scent.

As i'm in the locker room Hugh stands over me and starts hugging me. His sweat his damping my t-shirt a hell of a lot

'Why don't you take your top off?' Hugh whispers to me

I am fairly muscular but not as much as Hugh or Dave or Connor. As my shirt unmasks my chest I feel this certain feeling for Hugh.

'Come follow me' Hugh says to me as we walk towards his room

as we go through I see pictures of half naked men beaming at me and baring their ass flesh to me

I started licking my lips like mad. As we end up sitting on his bed

'Dude your really cute' Hugh says to me with this sexy smirk

'not as cute as your smirkiness' I replied back

'Why don't we make out?' Hugh asks me

'Erm ok but I don't wanna hurt you with my teeth'

As our lips are coming closer and closer I start running my hands all over his body

Whilst our lips are together Dave and Connor enter

'Can we join?' they both ask together.

'Sure' I somehow say as i'm still sucking on Hugh's tounge

Hugh gets his lips off mine for one minute and starts taking off the rest of his clothes. The other two join him.

As I stare at the glorified cocks that are being released they are all big boys with the biggest standing at 10 inches

the other two have got 8 and 9 inches.

As we are about to start someone enters the room....

- - - - - - - -

As we began to undress someone enters the room...

It was Coach Branson. His thick muscles bulging in his short sleeves.

'I know what your doing. Your getting primed for my next coaching session. Why don't I help you?' the coach asks

Andrew walks up to the coach and quickly takes his clothes off. His 7 inch cock being released like a prisoner on parole.

Me and hugh offer up our ass to the rest of the group. Suddenly I can feel something wet entering me I look up to see Connor. I smile at him

' go on conner go deeper' I moan and I stare at hugh being pounded by branson

I then swallow daves cock and can hear the sounds of good old gay sex.

'I'm coming in that sweet ass of yours' I hear Connor says

I then feel his cum shooting out in torrents

'That was amazing' I say to Connor.

'I know and your so hot' Connor replies to me

as me and Connor stare at brandson and Hugh still shagging dave has cummed all over dave

I start playing with Connors ass whilst he's playing with my 10 incher I finger him and cover his mouth with my lips

'mmm' he moans in my mouth


Me and hugh are lying in my bed naked he wakes me up by kissing my dick

'Morning babe' Hugh says

'Hey' I reply

'Babe I don't want to hurt you but I hated that 5 some yesterday. I just want to do it with you'

'Aww that's sweet' I reply to hugh as I run my hands all over his muscles.

'Will you move in with me?' I ask hugh

- - - - - - - -

Today seemed like a day like no other. Hugh was mowed down by a car. Upset and confused i walked into college truing to hide my tears

As i try and sit down theres a new guy sitting there with his sexy looking glasses. He has black skin which turns me on amazingly

'i'm ben' he says as he introduces himself

'i'm andrew' i reply as we shake hands

'God theres sone hot guys in college' ben says as he winks at me

So your gay then?


Well thats different he says

Thats noce i reply

The bell rings as we unpack our stuff

Before i walk away from him

He wraps his arms round my waist and we kissed each other

- - - - - - - -

'Hey guys I'm Ben' Ben says to the group at lunchtime.

All of a sudden a mobile phone rings and Conner goes and answers it.

Ben: I'm so Glad to found you Andrew as he kisses my lightly on the cheek

Andrew: steady on I'm not single

Ben:you not being single turns me on even more. He then runs his muscular hands all over my chest

Connor: Guys. Highs died in a car crash last night

Andrew: What!!

Ben: Finally I get to have you now

Andrew:OMG you complete teatyou shall never hVe me

- - - - - - - -

Thank god Ben has moved on from me and I obviously have.

When our gang met up there was another guy there

God what is it with new pupils and our group I thought

However this new person was the fittest of all jocks

He looked like Enrique Iglesias. God was I salivating anyways this new hunk walked up towards me and started shaking my hand. I nearly died

I'm Jason. He says as he introduces himself

I'm Andrew nice to meet you. I repl

Then the bell rings for next lesson and I pack my bags when I can feel Jasons lips on my neck




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