I had worked the second shift at a local motel for three years with the dream of owning my own. Working from three in the afternoon until eleven at night, I got most all the new arrivals. Some were hot as hell and made my mouth water profusely.

Every week, I played the lottery and as always, never won more that just a few dollars. I had thoughts of giving up on winning and fulfilling my dream. That is, until I met Jake.

Jake checked in one night about half past ten. He was a trucker and said he would be coming through every other week and needed a regular place to stay. I assured him that we would be glad to have him.

We always get a copy of the guest driver's license upon check-in and I found that Jake was twenty-nine years old, six foot three inches tall, and weighed one ninety. He was extremely muscular and his face looked like one from a Greek statue. His hair was jet black and hung to his shoulders and he had a thin neatly trimmed beard and moustache. He wore a tight tank top and skin tight jeans and boots. The outline of his cock down his right leg was something to behold.

When he entered the lobby, he caught me eyeing his bulge and smiled broadly.

After checking him in, I asked him to check his room and make sure it was satisfactory, and that if he needed anything to let me know immediately, as I was getting off at eleven and the lady that worked the overnight shift wasn't allowed out on property at night for security reasons.

He said he'd check it out and let me know if anything was needed.

A few minutes later the switchboard rang and it was from Jake's room.

"Front desk, Mark speaking."

"Mark, this is Jake Rivers. I just checked into room 138."

"Yes, sir. What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if I could get a couple more towels."

"Sure thing, Mr. Rivers. I'll drop them off as I leave."

"That will be great," he replied.

My relief arrived and I went over information with her before leaving. With the towels in hand, I explained that the guest i had just checked in requested them and I was dropping them off.

I drove back to his room and with towels in hand, knocked on his door.

"Come on in," I heard, "It's open."

Sure enough, the door had been pushed closed but not enough to latch. I pushed on the door and as it opened I heard Jake call from the bathroom, "Come on in, Mark. Have a seat, I'll be right out."

I stepped in and closed the door, saying, "I've got your extra towels."

"Thanks, I appreciate it."

I sat the towels on the desk and sat in the desk chair. A short moment later, Jake stepped out of the bathroom totally nude. I was surprised yet loved looking at his muscular body, especially is long slim cock.

Seeing me look his body over, he smiled and asked, "Is this better than it was in the lobby?"

"Sir?" I asked.

"Hey, I saw you giving me the once over when I walked into the lobby, especially my crotch. I wear my pants tight for a reason. I like to play and when another guy checks out my crotch, it usually means he plays also. I hope that's the case with you."

I noticed his cock slowly but steadily rising, and said, "What play you get into?"

"I'm totally open here. I love oral as well as anal, giving and receiving. Can you stay a while?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Why don't you get comfortable while I get us a beer from my cooler."

"Sounds good," I said as I began striping.

He got us each a beer and stood watching me strip. As he did, his cock reached it's full erection. It was beautiful and i wanted to swallow it right then and there.

Once I was nude, he handed me my beer as he leaned in to kiss me. We had a quick hot wet tongue kiss before sitting on his bed. We sipped our beers and casually groped each others cocks.

After a couple of moments, he reached out and took my beer, setting both on the bedside table. Turning back to me, he lay me down and lay over me, kissing me long and hard, our tongues rapidly exploring each others mouth.

after ending the kiss moments later he flipped around into a sixty-nine and we quickly began sucking each others hard cock. It was obvious that he had sucked cock before.

We soon brought each other to a roaring climax, hungrily swallowing each other's load. After another hot kiss, he held me and said, "Well, I know where I'll be staying every time I come through."

"I hope so," I replied.

we cuddled and talked and I found out that he was recently divorced. I asked if his wife had found out about him and left him. He said no and that he got home a day earlier and found her in bed with three guys she worked with.

"I play on the road when I can, and I figured she did when I was gone. I just didn't want to know it. When I walked in on them one was fucking her in her mouth, one in her cunt and the other in her ass. What really pissed me off is that she totally refused to suck me or let me have her ass, but here she was doing it with them."

I found out he had been bi since high school but since the separation and divorce he had gone totally gay.

Soon, we were both totally boned again and this time we took turns fucking each other in the ass, and it was awesome.

As I dressed, I told Jake of my dream of owning my on motel but the only way was if I won the lottery. i said I had played for several years without any success.

"Keep playing. Your time is coming," he said.

Jake came through every two weeks and we began spending the night together in his room, with me sneaking out before other employees began arriving the next morning.

It was about six months later that things changed. It was a Friday. As i drove to work, I stopped at the convenience store near the motel for my usual lottery ticket.

I seldom checked my numbers until Saturday morning and this week was no exception. I got up and started coffee and while it was dripping, I showered. After my shower, I poured myself a cup and turned on the local morning news. After a moment, I heard the announcer say, 'In last nights lottery drawing, some local resident is much richer this morning. Yes, a local resident won the three hundred fifty million jackpot. When ever he or she comes forward, we'll let you know."

My heart raced as I dug my ticket out of my pants pocket and went to the morning paper to check my numbers. One by one, I began checking them. each ne was a match and when I got to the sixth number and saw it matched as well, I became weak all over.

I put the ticket away for safe keeping until I could meet with an attorney.

By the end of the week, I had claimed my prize, taking the lump sum payout of just under two hundred and fifty million.

I immediately paid off all my bills and bought myself a new car, donating my old one to charity.

That following Tuesday, Jake checked in. I didn't say anything while he was at the desk. We had agreed early in our relationship that whenever he was there, I would make myself a key to his room and use it without knocking.

I got off and drove to the back of the motel and after using my key, went into the room, finding him naked in bed as usual.

"Hurry up and get undressed. I'm horny and hungry."

"Hungry for what?" I asked, smiling.

"Your cock and your delicious load," he replied.

I was quickly on top of him, kissing him passionately. After the kiss, I flipped into a sixty-nine and we devoured each others cocks and loads.

Once we were laying side by side, I said, "I'm going to be quitting work here."

"What? You can't. I so look forward to stopping here and spending the night with you."

"Well, if things work out, you're going to have to drive a few miles farther down the road."

"Why? You changing jobs?"

"I've put in an offer for the Hide-A-Way Inn."

"What? I heard someone from the area won the lottery. Was that you?"

"Yep, and if they accept my offer, it will be completely remodeled and a restaurant added, along with plenty of truck parking. It be renamed the 'Americana Inn and Suites' and the sign out front will say 'American Owned'."

"Fucking nice. Letting people know it's American owned will keep you full. Just make sure I always have a room."

"Don't worry about that. Whenever you're in town you'll be staying with me in my suite. You'll have our own personal key."

"Nice," he said, "but I don't want to mooch off you good fortune."

"Jake, you won't be. You'll be visiting me and like all visitors, you will stay with me."

My offer was accepted and remodeling was soon started. The entire property was stripped down to the bare walls and new plumbing and electrical installed. Suites were added forming a third floor. And above them was my suite overlooking the property with a private elevator.

During the remodeling and expansion, when Jake was in town, I'd stay with him at the motel like I had done in the passed.

Finally, everything was finished and I called Jake to let him know. He arrived and I showed him around. He was duly impressed.

All rooms and suites had electronic locks except my suite. It had a regular hard key and the private elevator would only operate by a five number code. I handed Jake his key and gave him the code, saying, "Feel free to use it any time, even if I'm not here."

We had our usual night of sex and love making and as Jake prepared to leave the next day he asked,

"Mark, if I run into other drivers that play and are passing through, would you like for me to tell them to ask for you when they stop?"

"Are you saying that you would tell them to ask for me in order to have sex?"

"That would be up to you, but if they asked for you by name, it would let you know that they played. I play when I'm out. Why shouldn't you?"

"Sure. Tell them to ask for me by name and that Jake sent them."

"Will do, and I promise that they will be hot studs, not some older fat queens."

"Send the my way," I said before kissing him.

A week later, I as in my office when Greg, my hot, twenty-two year old desk clerk, called me saying that there as a gentleman at the desk asking for me by name.

I went out and met the gentleman. He introduced himself as Bo Davis and said that a mutual friend named Jake had told him about the motel and that he needed a room.

Bo was in his late thirties, auburn hair and emerald green eyes. He was right at six foot and well built. The hair on his chest showing through his open collar was a brighter red. That turned me on.

I gave him a room to the back where it was quiet and one of my cards from my pocket. The ones I carried with me gave my private extension number.

"Bo, it's nice to have you and if I, personally, can do anything to make your stay more comfortable, just give me a call."

Greg looked at me questioningly. I was hot for him and began to wonder if he'd get suspicious when drivers started asking for me by name.

I returned to my office and about forty-five minutes later my phone rang.

"This is Mark."

"This is Bo. I as wondering if you could stop by when you have a a few minutes to spare."

"Sure, say fifteen minutes or so?"

"Fine," he said.

I finished up what I was doing and told Greg I would be out on property. I went to Bo's room and he answered the door wearing only a pair of see through mesh bikini briefs. I could tell that his bush was red-orange.

"What can I do for you?" I asked after being invited into his room.

"Jake said you had an awesome cock for sucking. I'd love to find out for myself."

"Sure, I can take care of that. Shall we both get comfortable?"

As I began to remove my shirt, Bo quickly stripped off his briefs. His cock was about eight inches in length and rock hard.

Soon, I was nude and Bo dropped to his knees and devoured my hard tool, burying his nose in my bush. After a moment, he pulled off and said, "Man, Jake was right. It's perfect."

As he went to swallow it again, I stopped him, suggesting that we get in bed. We did and began a hot sixty-nine. Before long, we were feeding each other a hot load of thick creamy protein.

Afterward, we kissed passionately. When we separated, I gave him a card for a free dinner n the restaurant and said, "If you don't mind, I'd like to stop by later and make sure your completely satisfied."

"Sure, anytime."

I returned to the front desk and Greg had a sly grin on his face. "I saw you go to 173 where we put the new guest. What did he need?"

"Oh, uh, he was having trouble with the remote," I said. It was all I could think of quickly.

"Man, he was hot looking," Greg said looking at me with a smile on his face.

"You think so?"

"Hell, yea. And was he ever built."

"Greg, just between you and I, do you like guys?"

"I may get fired, but yes, I do."

"Sexually?" I asked.

"Yes. I've been gay since high school."

"Well, you won't get fired, so don't worry about that. I'm gay also."

"I suspicioned that by the way you two were talking, he said, then added, "Mark, I think you're hot also."


"Hell yea. I'd do you in a heart beat if I could."

I smiled and went to my office. A moment later I called Greg in. Once he was in my office, I had him sit down in front of my desk. I slowly stood and walked around my desk, leaning against it right in front of him.

"Did you really mean what you said out front?"

"I don't say it if I don't mean it."

Spreading my legs slightly, I looked at him and said, "Prove it."

he looked at me and smiled. I could see that his crotch was growing. After a slight hesitation, he reached out and unbuckled my belt, then opened and unzipped my pants, letting them slide down. He reached for my briefs and slid them down. My hard cock sprang forward and he quickly swallowed it and sucked me to my second climax for the day. After swallowing my load, I had him stand and quickly got his pants down and sucked him dry.

As he pulled up his pants, he smiled and said, "I knew I was going to like working here."

"Just consider it a fringe benefit," I said. "But not with the guest, unless I okay it."

"Understood," he replied.

After that day, Greg and I sucked each other to to three times a week. During the second week of play, he asked me to fuck him. I did then had him fuck me. As he did, he laughed and said it was his first time fucking a boss.

I went back to see Bo later and he immediately said he wanted my cock up his ass. I obliged then had him fuck me. Greg had gone home and my night person was on duty. He as an older man that wasn't concerned with hat went on in the rooms.

After Bo and I fucked each other we showered together then later had another sixty-nine. He became a regular guest.

Over the next few weeks, a total of six more truckers stopped in saying Jake had sent them. I was surprised to find out that two of them were married.

When Jake would make his regular stop, I'd see his rig pull in. He never came to the desk. Instead, he went straight to the elevator, pressed in the code to operate it and when I went to my suite later, I'd find him there, usually watching TV in the living room and always totally naked.

On one trip, after a hot sixty-nine, I said, "Damn, I wish you could stop by more often."

"So do I. I've never enjoyed sex as much as I do with you."

"I feel the same way," I answered. "The only one that comes close is Bo, the red head. Red cock bushes have always turned me on."

"Yea, he is hot. We usually end up at the same truck stop on my alternate weeks and have sex in either his or my sleeper. He said he enjoys sex with you."

A month later, Jake arrived, not in his 18-wheeler, but in his pickup. When I got to the suite, he said, "I'm taking a weeks vacation. Mind if I stay with you?"

"Hell no! I'd love it."

During the day, he would leave and not tell me what was going on. But at night, we'd have wild sex. On Wednesday of that week, Bo came in and we had a wild three way.

Jake's vacation ended and to my regret he left. However, two weeks later he returned, his pickup loaded down with his clothes, all of them.

When I asked what was going on, he smiled and said, "I start work in a week for a local company. I'll be home every night except Wednesday and be off every Saturday and Sunday. I thought I might stay with you while I look for a place to live."

"Don't you dare think of living any place but here with me."

"Mark, are you sure?"

"Hell yes, I'm sure. Jake, now is as good a time as ever to tell you something. I've fallen in love with you. I want you here with me forever."

"Mark, I've fallen in love with you also. That's why I changed jobs."

"Will you be my lover?" I asked.

"Most definitely," he replied.

We kissed passionately, then moved his belongings into the suite. We then sealed our union with a hot fuck session.

We soon devised a plan for drivers to let us know that they wanted male sex.

In each room was a sheet of round red stickers. Drivers were informed by other drivers that if they wanted male sex to put one of the red disc on their door by the handle. Word soon got around and Jake and I were having three ways frequently. Some nights, we'd see more that one red disc on a door. He would service one while I serviced another.

I later invited Greg to the suite for a three way with Jake and I. Jake loved fucking his hot young ass while Greg was sucking my cock.

I've tried to talk Jake into letting me give him money t start hos own trucking business but he refuses to have any part of my money. I love him even more for that but he is my partner and I want to do something for him. I love him so much.

Greg now knows what the red disc mean and some nights he stops by and walks the property looking for them. Jake and I don't mind. It gives us more time to have sex together, just the two of us.

Business is booming and we're full almost every night. Even some of the salesmen that stop in have had sex with drivers who told them about the motel and the stickers. They now put out stickers.

Every day, I thank Jake for convincing me to continue playing the lottery. The motel is making much more that the expenditures. I couldn't be happier. I have my own motel. I have a great lover. And I have all the sex I can handle. What could be better?




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