David tried to be invisible in the lobby of the college sports complex. The football team was filing in for practice and his hairy auburn crotch was on fire anticipating his next move. He tried to busy his solid six foot frame by reading the bulletin board posts, one ear listening for the silence that would follow the locker room bravado that was filtering out into the commons. Soon enough he could tell the team was heading out unto the field with yells and helmets smacking together. He looked around and slipped into the locker room trying to look as if he was there for a regular work out.

He put his bag on the bench and took a quick scan of the interior to make sure he was alone and then headed to the team room. With precum filling his white briefs he opened the first locker and began sorting through its content. Score! He pulled out a pair of white Calvin's still warm from being stripped off some hot athletic body. He put them square into his face and inhaled the heady musk of whatever guy had just doffed them. It was strong and his cock reacted immediately. They were so strong he had to see if a t-shirt was in here too. Sure enough there was and he held the armpit up to his face and went ape shit horny at the slight scent of deoderant that had long given out to the stronger contender of this studs natural sweat. David was in fucking heaven, as he fondled his eight inch auburn pubed cock through his gym shorts. He moved down a few lockers until he came to another one that was unlocked. Nothing but a pair of jeans and a pair of flip flops. Damn how he wished he could get a hold of this guys gear after he returned from practice. He noted the locker number and schemed of a quick grab that maybe he could do sometime when they were all in the showers. Couple more lockers down he found some well used boxers that he could swear had dried precum laced into the heady aroma of this next studs musk. Fuck! David didn't dare to go any further so he made a quick jaunt back to his gym bag and loaded up his haul and headed for the exit.

While David lay back on his bed naked in his dorm room, body grinding and twisting with his trove of swiped shorts and T-shirt, the football team was coming in for showers. They jostled amongst themselves as they stripped and headed for the showers to clean off the grime and sweat from their toned bodies. Upon returning the mood changed as a ripped blonde smooth bodied hunk yelled out a string of profanity at the discovery of his missing briefs and T. A groan of team empathy met his anger as they all began to check their lockers for the same discoveries. 'Fuck' yelled a buzzed cut shorter stud. His headed buried in his locker and his tight bubble ass poked out towards the room. 'The fucking bandit took my favorite boxers!' 'Dudes, this has got to fucking stop.' commanded the quarter back. His dark curly hair still dripping down over his naked tight body. 'We need to catch this fucker and nail his ass to the wall!' A loud agreement uttered forth from the naked team as they dressed. 'Here's a T-shirt Blondy' joshed another dark haired team mate as he tossed it towards his buddy. 'We don't want you going out there shirtless and stealing all the pussy before we get a crack at it.' Before they left, a plan had been put into motion to nab this ass hole and stop his thieving once and for all.

It was a couple weeks before David worked up the nerve for another attempt at nabbing another load of sweaty man smelling gear. He figured two weeks was enough and the gear he had was beginning to fade. The team would be off their guard and the picking should be easy. As was his routine he waited for the sound of silence so he knew he was clear. Soon he was back into a heady high with three pairs of briefs and a couple of manned up T-shirts. 'Mr Jeans and flip flops' still eluded him. Feeling pretty victorious he decided to wait it out this time and lingered with his plan to nab this guys sweaty jock and T-shirt once the team was in the shower. They had to be good! He sat there on the bench in his own gym gear and imagined whose gear he had been smelling up. It was all he could do to stay flaccid at the games as he watched the football studs whipping ass on the field week after week. Soon enough he could hear the roar of the sweaty team headed for the entrance. He quickly stripped and headed his auburn peach fuzzed bubble ass to the shower. Operation 'jeans and flip flops' set in motion.

Little did he know that opersation 'locker room bandit' was also in motion and had been with relentless determination for weeks now. As the naked team began entering the shower one by one David felt dizzy with the man scented air that hit his nose. He could live right here in the middle of this forever! About twenty men were now jockeying for space so he rinsed off and headed to his locker, postioned with full view of the team room entry. A few more naked team mates swaggered by with balls swinging and asses winking as they snapped and slapped at each other, laughing and cussing accordingly. It was now or never. David took one more look around and sprinted the few feet to the team room naked. He counted down the lockers to the one he was intent on and pulled out a hot sweaty jock and t-shirt just like he had hoped. His head was just filling up with the fucking hot man smell that he knew would be there when the once ajar door to the team room slammed shut and a buzzed headed brick shit house of a naked man stood in front of it with a very vengeful look. 'Well well, it it isn't the locker room bandit himself' sneered Buzz. David stood there in utter shock and dropped the clothing he was whiffing straight on to his hard cock. 'Well aren't you polite you mother fucker' continued the naked footballer. 'You even hung up your latest steal on your faggot cock!' 'Let me go dude, I promise I won't ever do this again.' stammered David. 'Tell that to the team faggot!' quipped Buzz. David removed the clothes hanging off his cock and put them back into the locker he had just thieved. The two stood in silence as Buzz continued to guard the door. Buzz began to approach him and David backed naked into the lockers behind him. 'Time to get you ready to meat the team faggot' laughed Buzz. Buzz then took David by the arm and twisted it behind his back. He forced him over to the locker he had been smelling up and took out the jock and T. With his free hand he pulled the jock over David's head with the crotch covering the front of his face and then took the sweaty T-shirt and tied David's hands behind his back. He then layed David front first over the length of the bench and held him down with his bare muscular foot and leg while the team began shuffling in naked and wet.

'Look what I found boys!' shouted Buzz. The team erupted with cheers in a chorus of victorious male voices. 'Where's my Calvin's faggot?' jeered a blonde set of balls and thick uncut cock swinging in his face. 'Where's my favorite boxers you little shit?' yelled Buzz as he made his presence known by forcing his foot deeper into David's back. 'Lock the door boys, coach is already gone' commanded the QB. 'We have a little lesson to teach here.' A dark bush of pubes framing out another set of wet hanging balls with a long substantial cock now joined the blonde. 'You belong to us now faggot' instructed the QB. 'Any questions?' 'No sir' whispered David. 'Sorry sir, I didn't mean any harm.' 'We don't like knowing our gear is out there being sniffed up by some unknown queer.' stated the QB. 'Thought maybe we all should get to know each other better so we can laugh just as hard as you the next time our gear comes up missing.' 'Form a line boys' ordered the QB. The team lined up behind QB laughing and stroking their flaccid cocks. 'You ready to give that nose and ass a workout bandit?' barked the QB.

QB stepped up and took David by the shoulders and flipped him on his back on the bench. Buzz untied his hands and retied them under the bench once David was in place. QB then stepped over David's face, removed the jock off his head and squatted down until his balls were tea bagging David. 'We all expect you to get your money's worth out of this bandit so start sniffing' ordered QB. With one last kick in the ass from Buzz, David did as he was told and began to inhale. QB began to grind his balls into David's face to the hardy laughs of the team and David went into orbit. Maybe out of fear and self protection or maybe out of pure lust David lost himself in the antics that were now being played upon him. QBs ass was now planted firmly on David's face. Automatically David's tongue darted out and began licking. QB jolted and then went into moans as he cock began to stiffen. The rest of the team began rising up as well. All around him were naked buff men waiting there turn to musk his face with their balls and tools.

'Next' shouted QB as Buzz took his place and ground down unto David's waiting face. Buzz was the only one that hadn't showered yet so this was incredible. No soap to mix in with the man smell like the QB. This was pure man musk and sweat! Suddenly David felt his legs being pulled apart and he darted a look towards his fuzzy exposed ass to see the QB in position to wreck his hole. The QB looked back at him with an evil grin and shoved his precum dripping cock deep into David's screaming guts. The pain slowly turned into heady pleasure as the team tea bagged their genitals acrossed his face and then reformed another line on the other end to fuck him when QB was finished. Soon QBs fast pivoting thrusts turned into screams as he unloaded his sperm into David's gut. 'How was that faggot?' sneered QB. Buzz barely gave him time to breath as his big nine incher disappeared into David's ass and went postal driving it home. The blond 'Calvin' wearer now had his balls slapping his face, David's head being pounded into the blonde's thighs By Buzz's relentless fucking until the balls were replaced with his blond cock sinking into his mouth. Buzz yelled out and shoved deep into David's auburn haired ass and unleashed months of revenge in the form of jetting cum.

One after another the team fucked and filled him until David had lost count. He knew that there were many guys on the team and now he was finding out just how many there really were. The final guy was 'jeans and flip flop'. It was evident why he liked to go so commando in his jeans as his cock had to be 10 to 11 straight up. The darked haired athlete, layed his bushy pubed cock up into David's ass until his balls slapped his wet sweaty cummy as and one final load jetted into David's gut. Once he was done, QB came back for one more round and about gave himself away as his cock slid into his team mates slick cum, dripping from David's hole. He came almost at once with one last driving, sweaty, man smelling ejaculation. 'Don't ever let us catch you in here again' demanded the QB. The team then broke out into a chant 'Locker Room Bandit, Football Faggot!' When they had enough of the chant they all began to dress and slap each other on the back, assuring themselves of their exacted revenge and their manhood. When the room was empty, David lay there with his legs splitting with pain and a slow drain of cum still making it's way from his well used hole. He managed to finally work his hands free from the T-shirt that tied his hands together and got up painfully. He put the shirt to his nose and inhaled one more time. When he pulled it away he could still smell the musk of thirty men's balls and groins covering his face. As he stowed this T-shirt momento into his gym bag he resolved that he would never stop being the locker room bandit.


Matthew Barrett

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