When I was twelve, I got home from school one day and saw my dad crying. He grabbed me and cried even harder. I asked what was wrong and between sobs, he told me that my mom had been killed in a car accident. Together, we cried.

After the funeral was over, Dad and I tried to settle into a routine of just the two of us. Dad sat me down and said that the insurance money would carry us through for a few months but that we could not live on just his salary after it was gone. I asked what we were going to do and he said that he was going to start looking for a better job.

After a month long search, he told me that we would be moving. I asked where we would be going and he said to a beach in North Carolina.

'What are we going to do there?' I asked.

'Son, I've been hired by the National Parks Service to train to become the lighthouse keeper at Bulls Point. The current keeper will be retiring in a few months. The salary is very good and it will be fun I think.'

Dad said that there was a two bedroom cottage next to the lighthouse for us to live in and that he would have a pickup truck for him to use. The park service would be moving us and soon it happened.

Our belongings were packed and shipped to North Carolina and put in storage. Dad began his training and after three months Joe, the current lighthouse keeper, moved out and our furniture was brought in.

I loved it and all the work we had to do. Dad was responsible for maintenance on the lighthouse and all buildings there. The lighthouse grounds had a picnic area and beach that was open to the public during the day and at certain hours tours were given up into the lighthouse.

I would get off the school bus and race to the house to join dad. His rule was homework first then I could help him. By the time I was fifteen, I knew as much about maintenance as he did and even conducted the tours of the lighthouse, spouting out all the details that were in the prepared dialog for the tours.

When I gradutated high school, Dad asked what my plans were for the future. I told him that I had talked to the Marine recruiter and taken an apptitude test and wanted him to go back to the recruiter with me. He told me that basic would be hard but he knew in his heart that I could handle it with no problem.

We went to the recruiter and he reviewed the results of my test.

'He's scored unbelieveably hign in mechanical ability. He'll be perfect for the motor pool or other maintenance field.'

I signed the papers and was soon on my way to boot camp. I completed it with the highest scores and was assigned to the motor pool. After my training period I was sent to Iraq and after fifteen months was sent home. I was stationed in California and loved it.

Then, one weekend, my life changed.

Jeff Taylor, my closest friend on base, and I went into town for a weekend of we called P & P (partying and pussy). It started out like shit. First, we couldn't find a motel with a room available that had two beds. All they had available were rooms with one bed. All the doubles were reserved. We took what we could get and tried to make a joke of it.

'If we score, you can fuck on one side and I'll fuck my bitch on the other,' Jeff joked.

We changed into civies, and after eating dinner we went on the hunt. Another problem arose. Due to problems on the local college campus, the school was under a lockdown. Students were restricted to their rooms in the dorms. At the bars, there were at least ten guys for every available female. We struck out on finding pussy. Discouraged, we bought two six-packs of beer and returned to the room. We already had a good buzz going from what we had drank at the bars, and decided to just add to it.

We began drinking and watching TV. After a while, we were bored and Jeff suggested a game of 'Dare'. That's where one player puts money in a pot and dares the other player to do something. If he refuses, the one making the dare gets the pot. If he takes the dare, the pot stays and he then adds to the pot and makes a dare. The first to refuse, wins the pot.

The game started with silly dares such and doing pushups or dancing around the room like a ballet dancer. As we got drunker, the dares became more daring. We each began daring the other to remome articles of clothing. We did without too much hesitation, because we had seen each other nude in the showers on base.

Before long we were both totally naked. Jeff threw a twenty into the pot and said, 'I dare you to stroke my cock.'

'What? I asked.

'You heard me. I said I dare you to stroke my cock. Are you going to do it or chicken out?'

'Fuck, man, I got too much money in that pot. I'll do it but this better stay just between you amd me.'

'Fuck man, it will. If it gets out we'd both get kicked out of the Marines.'

I reached over and took his cock in my hand. It began to stiffen and as it did I began stroking him. It fet strange yet erotic to feel another man's cock in my hand. Surprisingly, my own cock began to stiffen. I stroked a while and then stopped. Our previous dares to each other had been the same and I knew that he was expecting me to dare him to stroke mine. I decided to change that.

I looked at Jeff and said, 'I dare you to suck my cock off and swallow my load.' I knew he'd refuse and I'd win the pot.

'You've got to be kidding,' he said.

'Nope. You ready to give up?' I asked as I reached for the money.

'Fuck it Brad, wait a minute. I have to think about this.'

We sat in silence as Jeff looked from my cock to my face then to the pile of money on the bed. It was now near two hundred dollars. Finally he said, 'This stays between us right?'

'You got it. Our secret.'

Jeff got up and walked around the bed closer to me and as I lay back, he sat next to me and slowly took my half hard cock in his hand. He looked at me then at it and slowly leaned over and s;owly slipped it into his mouth. The feeling was fantastic. It was not only his first time sucking but my first time being sucked by a guy.

He soon began to get more involved in what he was doing and before long I felt my climax rapidly approaching. I warned him to get ready. Suddenly, I exploded and filled his mouth with my hot load. He held it for a few seconds then quickly swallowed and more shhot into his mouth. He swallowed that also.

He raised up and said, 'Damn, Brad, I don't believe I just did that.'

'Me either,' I answered.

He returned to his previous seat on the bed and after tossing another bill into the pile ov money said, 'I dare you to do the same to me.'

I looked at him for a few seconds, smiled and said, 'Well, if you can do it I guess I can too.'

I moved closer and began sucking his cock.

'Oh, damn that feels good. No wonder you were moaning.'

After a few minutes he warned me of what was about to happen. His cock suddenly exploded and as it did I collected all I could before swallowing, taking more and swallowing it.

When I sat up he looked at me and said, 'Damn, I could get used to that real easy.'

'Yea, so could I,' I answered. We each grabbed the last of the beer and sat back. I looked at Jeff and said, 'Well, what do you think of what we just did?'

Laughing he said, 'Well, I don't think either of us are as horny as we were before it happened. I loved having it done to me.'

'I feel the same way,' I said, 'but what about the other part of it? Be honest. This is just between us.'

'Brad, I have to admit that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.' Then, lowering his head he said, 'I hate to admit it but I kind of enjoyed it.'

Taking Jeff's hand, I said, 'Jeff, don't feel bad about it. I enjoyed it also.'

'You did?'


We looked at each other then slowly leaned toward each other and hugged. As we seperated, we paused and for reasons unknown to either of us our lips met. Then slowly we each opened our mouths and our tongues began to explore each others mouth. We fell onto the bed, oru arms wrapped around each other holding each other's head in the kiss.

Afterward, things relaxed between us and we each took back the money we had contributed to the pot. The game was over but not our weekend. We had oral sex twice more before going to sleep cuddled up with each other.

The next day while we were out, Jeff excused himself and went into a drug store, returning with a bag.

What's that?' I asked.

'Oh, just something for later maybe,' he replied, stuffing it down into a pocket.

After eating lunch we returned to the room and without hesitation, stripped. It seemed normal.

Once we were both naked, Jeff came up to me and kissed me passionately.

'Brad, I think last night released the real me that has been hidden deep inside. I think I'm gay. I really enjoyed what we did last night.'

'Jeff, I feel the same way. I've wondered why I liked looking at the guys cock in the shower, not admitting to myself that I might be gay.'

'I want to take it further, Brad.' Reaching for his pants, he pulled out some condoms and a tube of lube. 'Brad, I want you to fuck me.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yea. Use a condom if you want to but I'd prefer you didn't' We're both clean.'

We got in bed and kissed and gropped and soon I was working on his ass with my fingers. Before long, he said softly, 'Fuck me.'

I threw the condoms aside and greased my cock and with Jeff on his back and legs raised I began my insertion. As the head popped in he yelled 'Oh fuck that hurts.'

'Want me to pull out?'

'No. Just give me a minute.'

After a couple of minutes he said 'The pain is subsiding. Keep going.'

Slowly I began pumping in and out, going deeper which each forward thrust. Soon I was in all the way. 'I've got it all in. How does it feel?'

'I feel full but it really does feel pretty good. Fuck my ass, stud. Show me what it's like.'

I began fucking Jeff's ass and the more I did the more he said how good it felt. Before long I filled his ass with my hot load. 'Oh yes, Brad, I can feel it spraying up in me. Oh, damn, that felt so good.' We bot realized that he had had a spontaneous climax and his stomach and chest were covered with his own cum.

After pulling out I kissed him and told him that when he had reloaded, I wanted him to fuck me. A short while later, he was prepping my ass and soon was fucking me. He was right, it did feel great.

Jeff and I would get together every weekend for hot sex in a motel room off base. We now readily admitted to each other that we were gay.

With a year left to serve, Jeff was transferred to another base and we kept in touch. One day, I received a letter from him saying he had met someone and that they had become lovers. I wrote back that I was happy for him and hoped to soon meet his partner. Secretely, I was jealous. I loved Jeff.

Then, with six months left before being discharged, I received a letter saying that my dad had had a heart attack and that I was needed at home. I took an emergency leave and went home. While there, I took over at the light house as dad recovered. With the help of the Red Cross and the Chaplin on base, I was granted an early release from the Marines.

Once back home, dad let me take over and when he passed away six months later I was asked if I would like the position. I accepted and became the new lighthouse keeper.

While I had been gone, Dad had hired a seventeen year old kid to help out when needed and had even let him handle the tours on occasion. Mike and I hit it off right away and became good friends.

Mike was hot and I was attracted to him but didn't dare suggest anything. At least not until that one certain day.

I missed Mike and began looking for him and when I approached the maintenance shed heard strange sounds that I recognized. I peeked in and saw Mike on his knees sucking another teen boy. I quietly slipped away and left them do their thing.

That afternoon as Mike and I were closing up the park, I told Mike that I needed to talk to him. When we were through, Mike came up and said 'Brad, you wanted to talk to me?'

'Yea, Mike. I'm not sure how to approach this but I saw you and your friend in the shed earlier today.' His face turned bright red.

'Am I fired?' he asked.

'Fuck no. Mike, no one else know this but I'm gay also. Just be more careful. If you want to, let me know what's going on and I'll cover for you.'

Brad, I don't knw how to thank you. No one but a few friends know about me either. And I have to admit, you've turned me on ever since you got back.'

'Oh, really?'

'Yea, I think you're hot.'

I smiled and said, 'Well, you're pretty hot yourself.'

He gave me a hug and said he'd see me the next day. I went inside and remembering what I had seen, my cock got hard and I stroked it off.

Within the week< Mike made a pass at me and i accepted. We would have sex about two to three time a week.

Time went on and Mike and I became close. I became his confident and when he needed a place to bring a friend for sex, he'd call me and I would let him come out to the lighthouse.

About six months later, it was a Thursday and a yung Marine was there with his parents and little brother. The Marine was about nineteen and handsome as all get out and extremely well built. I saw something in the way he looked at me and smiled.

When time for the tour, they were the only ones there. I let Mike handle it and asked if the Marine would like to stay and have coffee with me. He said yes he would. I told Mike to give the little brother, who was twelve, a good long look through the telescope we had up there.

As we entered the office and I poured coffee the Marine thanked me for what I was doing for his bother. I smiled as I handed him his coffee and when he took it, I began unbuttoning my shirt. He watched attentively. When I had it completely unbuttoned, I pulled the left side back to reveal my tattoo. There above my left nipple was 'USMC', and below it in small letters was 'Semper Fi'.

He looked hard at my exposed chest and reached and brushed his fingers across the tattoo and said 'Semper Fi.'

His touch was sentual and made my heart race. We talked and he said his folks were leaving Saturday to return home to Alabama. I asked if he had plans for that evening and he said no. I asked if he'd like to join me for dinner. He smiled and quickly accepted.

I asked Mike if he could come out Saturday evening for a while because I wanted to go out to dinner and he said yes. Before he asked< I said he could bring his friend if he wanted to. If anything went wrong with the light, Mike knew almost as much about repairs as I did.

The young Marine, Greg, arrived and we headed out.

'I thought we were having dinner here at the lighthouse,' he said.

'I thought I'd take you out for a good meal and a few drinks and then we'd go back to the park.'

'That would be nice, Brad, but I'm underage.'

'Don't worry about that. I know the owner.'

He laughed as we drove to the restaurant. After a few drinks and a good meal we headed back to the park. When we arrived, Mike and his friend looked like they had just finished a hot round of sex. They were both breathing heavily.

Mike and his friend left and Greg and I were alone. We talked and I asked Greg if he'd like a private tour of the lighthouse since he had missed it when his family was there. He said he'd like that.

I led him out and up to the walkway around the top.

'What a great view,' he said.

'Yea, it is. I love it. Some nights if I can't sleep, I'll get up and come up here. I just hope no one sees me.'

'Why's that?' Greg asked.

'Well, between me and you, most of the time I'm as naked as the day I was born. I sleep that way and when I get up I just walk out and come up here. Most of the time it's two to three in the mornings.'

I bet that's a wonderful feeling to be up here nude with the breeze blowing.'

'It is. Uh, I you want to you're free to give it a try and see.'

He laughed and asked, 'Are you serious?'

'Yea. Feel free to strip down and see what it's like if you want to.'

'Well, I will if you will. I'm not going to do it alone.'

I smiled and quickly removed my pullover shirt. Greg began removing his shirt. Before long, we both stood there totally naked, looking out over the Atlantic. After a minutet or so, I glanced down and saw that Greg was completely hard as was I. He noticed mine and said, 'Does that happen often?'

'Every time I come up here,' I answered.

'Ever do anything about it when you're up here?'

'Yes, I have on many occasions.'

'Shall we do something about it tonight?' he asked.

'What are you wanting to do about it?' I asked.

He smile and slowly squatted down and took my hard cock in his mouth. As he sucked me I looked down and said, 'That's what I was hoping you'd want to do.'

Before long, he brought me to a climax and I quickly returned the favor to him, Loving the hot thick man juice he fed me in huge quantities.

We gathered our clothes and returned to the cottage naked. Once inside, we quickly headed for my bedroom and once in bed, made hot passionate love. I asked if he could stay the night and he said yes and that he was hoping I would ask. Before sleeping whe had not only sucked each other again but also fucked each other. Greg became a regular weekend guest and once he was out of the Marines, he moved in with me as my lover.

A few months later, I heard from Jeff and he and his lover came to visit. Both his lover and Greg gave us our time to have sex together again while they had sex. It was a weekend orgy, with Mike in charge of the light house and tours.

Mike continued to bring visitors to the light house for sex and on occasion would invite Greg and I to join them.

For Greg and I we still love having sex up on the walkway around the top of the lighthouse where we discovered each other that first night. Since I have no sons to pass on the job to when I retire, which won't be soon, I'll probably recommend Mike if he's interested.

In the mean time, Greg and I love to have romantic walks along the beach and sex whare ever we desire when all the visitors have gone. Greg knows a couple of other gay Marines that are making a career of the Marines and they each visit occasionally and join us in sex. Ourlove for each other continues to grow. Greg finally came out to his parents and brother and they have accepted it and me with open arms.

Right now, Greg is napping and when I finish this, I'll crawl in next to him and when he wakes up we'll fuck like wild animals.

Wish you could join us.



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