At least a month had passed before i saw my uncle again and since the lift home. I'd spent many a night wanking thinking about that night and fantasizing about him whilst fingering my hole. I desperately wanted to experience it all over again and improve on the last experience with him. I couldn't believe his wife had the option of letting him fuck her every night but wasn't interested.

Whilst walking home from college i heard the throaty roar of a powerful bike that always makes me look because leather bikers always got me hard as fuck. He pulled up beside me and took off his helmet dressed in a two piece leather sport biker suit with leather gloves and boots. With a cheeky grin he asked how my ass was. ' Hungry' i replied. He unzipped his leather jacket to reveal a sweaty white tshirt with his hard pecs and nipples protruding. 'Sounds like we need to do something about that' he said. My cock was rock hard and my heart rate began to rise as i looked into my uncle's eyes hoping he was being sincere. 'Got a business trip to London at the weekend' he said 'i'm driving a room booked for the night...fancy it?' My eyes lit up 'sorted' i said. He grinned and put his helmet back on...'i'll pick you up friday at 8'. With a roar of his bike he was gone.

Thursday night i started putting some stuff together. I had a black leather biker jacket and black jeans and some biker boots and got my pre-cum stained black zipped leather jock out. Nobody had seen it before and i wanted to share it with him. I also had a white biker jock i wore. I hardly slept trying not to get horny thinking about what might happen as i wanted to save myself.

Just before 8 i heard a loud engine roar and a car horn. I slid into the leather upholstery, my leather jacket creaking leather on leather. Two large sovereigns were on his left hand and a large keeper ring as it rested on the gear stick, then i noticed the padded leather biker jacket over a crisp white shirt unbuttoned to the base of his pecs and thick gold chain round his neck which made my cock hard; a gold hoop earring in each ear and aviator mirror sunglasses with stubble and shaved head. I wanted him to fuck me there and then. He started the engine again and i felt the vibrations of the engine through the leather seat and smiled. He moved his hand to my knee and moved closer as he removed his aviators. 'You're gonna do as i say this weekend you dirty little fucker', he said sternly with a grin. We were on our way. Before long he'd lit a big cigar and was teasing me with it in his mouth. He fucking knew i wanted a drag but instead had to settle for the smoke in the car. There was silence until he said 'she still aint fuckin interested'...'really?' i said. 'Yeah, all i seem to do is wank at the moment...really fancy fucking her up the ass but she won't even let me at her cunt so fat chance'. 'Frustrating..' i said as i moved my hand onto his crutch...he smiled and took a large drag of his cigar. I could feel his cock hardening in his jeans as i stroked it. 'you had any action lately?' nah, i responded...just wanking. He finally passed me his cigar and i took a long drag of the wet end thinking about it being in his mouth. 'What u thinking? I asked. 'I'm gonna fuck you hard' he responded aggressively adjusting his cock in his jeans, his gold thick bracelet clinking against his large thick gold ring covered hands.

In my mind i wanted him to pull over there and then but he began talking about his business meeting and i held the conversation with interest. There was an air of confidence about him that no-one was gonna challenge him and he was gonna get exactly what he wanted. After an hour he pulled in off the motorway into a service station. As he got out the car i noticed his black cowboy boots as his jeans lifted to reveal more of them and i got out of the car savoring every moment with this fucking sexy hunk. The service station was fairly busy with lots of suited guys on mobiles. We headed for the toilets and my heart was pounding as we entered to the subtle smell of mens urine. Two urinals next to each other were available and i took the opportunity to get a good look at my uncles thick pierced dick as i got out my hardening cock out. I could see my uncle looking at my cock and he began to piss the sight of which made me harder. I couldn't piss because my dick was so hard. I could see out of the corner of my eye a suited guy with his cock out on the other side and felt he was glancing at my hard cock. My uncle finished pissing and began to rub his cock touching his cock ring proudly. Another guy in a high viz vest the other side was blatantly looking at my uncles pierced cock and whilst i couldn't see his dick, i could see his arm moving massaging his own cock. I became embarrassed and tucked away my hard cock with my heart pounding. My uncle did the same and we headed outside. 'Okay?' he said. 'Yeah, cool' i said. The construction guy came outside and stared at my uncle and before i knew it my uncle had grabbed me in full view sticking his tongue down my throat kissing me aggressively. My hands wrapped round his leather jacket and i reciprocated. He pulled back and looked me in the eye and smiled. I knew people were looking but didn't care and he seemed to get a kick out of it as we walked back to the car. Once in the car he again pulled me towards him and began kissing me aggressively moving down to my neck, i soon felt my cock harden as he groped me and pulled down my zip. As he kissed my neck he whispered in my ear to pull my jeans off so i took off my boots and jeans down to my white biker jock. He moved back to my mouth again and i could feel the cold from his gold rings against my hard wet cock as he stroked and groped me. He then pulled back and put his fingers in my mouth and i could taste his masculine fingers he'd used to wipe his cock of piss mixed with my pre-cum. He pulled back and started the engine as my ass stuck to the leather seats and that is how i stayed for the rest of the journey, in my leather biker jacket, white tshirt, white jock strap with my cock hanging out and white socks. When he wasn't smoking a cigar i got a regular fondling teasing my hardening cock and hairy balls.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, i was hornier than i'd ever been before and it was becoming harder to keep my spunk in but the normality of putting my jeans and boots back on and booking into the hotel with our bags calmed me. As we approached the reception of the four star hotel, a male receptionist eyed up my uncles muscular frame and partially visible hairy pecs. He'd removed his leather biker jacket and was smelling of masculine sweat mixed with the leather from his jacket and i could see sweat patches from the tightness of his tight white shirt around his big biceps. 'Yes sir we have a twin room for you both?' the receptionist commented. 'No mate, gotta be a double as he put his arm around my neck and smiled i got a smell of his sweaty armpit that made my cock twitch'. The receptionist didn't challenge him but just smirked and got the room changed. We entered the lift with another guy and an awkward silence. As my uncle opened the door to our room i noticed he seemed to have a large suitcase for a night and wondered what was in there but before i knew it he had me by the scruff of the neck slamming the door and kissing me hard on the mouth pushing his tongue fully in my mouth, he hurriedly stripped me of my leather jacket, tshirt which he virtually ripped off me and pulled my jeans down to my boots, my cock was getting harder as he called me a dirty little cunt and said i'd made him wait long enough and that i was gonna get fucked. My heart was racing and i could feel the pressure and strength of him pushing his body against me. I pulled his shirt open revealing a hairy muscular chest and torso with hard nipples but before i could get to his jeans i felt his gold ringed fingers around my ass and his fingers fumbling around my needy hole. He began biting my neck again and spat on his fingers as he tried to push them into my tight hole. He hurriedly undid his leather belt pulling down his jeans and jock strap to reveal his hard precum covered pierced cock and shoved me around to get his hard cock in position. He was sweating and breathing heavily and i could feel his pounding heart. He took a quick break from kissing my neck to gob a couple of times on his hard pierced cock and forced it into my tight hole putting his hand over my mouth. It hurt like fuck and i tried to scream but ended up biting on his large thick hands. He was inside me again and my ass began to adjust to accept his hard pierced dick inside me. He whispered breathlessly that he was gonna fuck my cunt and began to push his cock deep inside my ass pulling out then ploughing it hard again..we needed lube which he took out of a pocket in his bag and applied generously fingering my ass and stroking his cock. He soon had me on the bed, both naked and he was forcing me into positions to give himself the most pleasure. His thick hairy arms held me tight and gave me clear instruction of where he expected me to be. His hands gripping my hairy chest, my shoulders and my hips as he fucked me hard using my body as his wanking tool flipping me to any position he wanted. It was a short sweaty aggressive fuck, at one point i licked his sweaty armpits tasting this muscular hunk and he said 'i fucking love that' groaning aloud. I soon noticed his expression change and his body tense as he thrust me hard and i felt his cock pulsating deep inside of me with his hot spunk and he let out a deep moan of pleasure. He snogged me hard then withdrew his cock and told me to get in the shower. He joined me in the shower forcing me to my knees as he pushed his dripping pierced cock in my mouth and i licked and sucked it clean whilst my curiosity got the better of me and i began to explore his hole. He looked at me angrily but i just pushed in a bit harder and he put his head back and began to relax as i explored his tight hairy anus with my finger. I then stood opposite him, our hard cocks rubbing together and kissed him pushing my tongue in. I pinched his hard nipples and he took a deep breath and groped my hard cock and my bollocks, his gold rings giving a cold sensation. I felt his hard pierced cock rubbing against my leg and then felt more wet pressure...he was pissing against my leg. I pinched his nipples harder and he groaned with pleasure. I could finally see his full naked body in front of me, his tattooed biceps, his hairy toned pecs and abs and his rugby players thick stocky legs. I began stroking my cock which he took over bringing me to start pulsating and my body tensing. He got down on his knees and took my heavy cumload as i forced my cock back his throat. He licked my sensitive twitching cock and i felt his stubble against my mushroom head, i grabbed his pierced ears and began rubbing my cock all over his stubble face. He stood up and shared my cum mouth to mouth and wrapped his hard muscular arms around me. I could feel his cock was hard again and so wrapped my legs round waist and he pushed me against the wall and pushed his cock inside my tired ass and slowly fucked me again. This time was slower exploring my hole with his hard pierced cock and was a gentler slower pace where i felt he wanted me to enjoy it because he's had his hard fast fuck before. Enjoy it we did and as the water made our bodies slippery together, he lifted me out of the shower and placed me on to the bed before kissing my neck and fingering my hole again gently replacing it with his hard cock, he slowly began fucking me again, squeezing my pierced nipple then rubbing my wet cock head. He then slipped his cock out and repositioned where i felt his warm tongue on my worn hole. My body shook with pleasure and i soon began to whisper that i wanted him to cum deep inside me again. As he explored my body with his hands he slowly thrust until he asked if i was ready and he erupted inside my ass again. We lay kissing before he noticed the time and quickly got up to open his suitcase and suit carrier. I watched him get ready for his business meeting and dress in a white jock strap, grey suit with white shirt, blue tie and hanky, and black shiny shoes set off by his gold rings and bracelet. I wanted him again but was worn out. As i lay on the bed naked he leant over, and kissed me pushing his tongue in my mouth and grabbing my cock and said he'd see me in a couple of hours. As he left i grabbed his leather biker jacket and fell asleep holding it tight in my arms smelling his sweat, aftershave and the leather. I awoke to the door slammming....




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