The Lawyer

I did my best to hide my new gender identity from my parents. I loved them dearly, but they were very traditional. My father was half Vietnamese and my mother was a Russian immigrant. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand. I wasn’t sure I understood the changes I was experiencing.

I was nearly nineteen when they died. When I went to their funerals, I went as my male persona. They'd left me some money and I was able to make the leap to being a woman full time. I felt liberated and uninhibited.

I frequently visited their graves as ‘Angie’ and tried to explain myself to them. Obviously, I carried a lot of guilt. I always wore black on my visits to their grave-sites.

One particular visit, the weather was dark and gloomy, hinting of rain. The weather suited my mood. I’d been there over an hour. I’d already cried myself out. Since Dave was away, I had no one for company and dreaded returning to my apartment.

I heard Russian being spoken behind me. Mom made me learn to speak it, but I never learned to read or write it.

“Niki.". (Only my aunt and uncles called me that.)

I turned and saw my uncle Nikolai. I was suddenly afraid. Nikolai was my favorite uncle. Ultra conservative. Would he condemn me?

He drew me into his arms and hugged me. I started crying again.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t attend the funerals. Sometimes, visas are hard to get.”

He held me out at arms length, smiling as he looked me over. “Anna (my mom) always wanted a girl. I know she would have liked how you turned out. You are a lovely young lady.”

I must have looked confused.

“Anna and Brian knew. They just wanted you to tell them when you were ready. I know she was going to tell you she knew, but death took her all too soon.”

I leaned into Nikolai and wept openly. All that time I lost, hiding. I vowed never to hide again.

Uncle Niki said he’d be in town a few weeks before returning to Leningrad. He wanted to see me often while he was here. Uncle Sergei would come see me in another couple of weeks.


I received a letter from my father’s lawyer. He needed to meet with me to discuss my parents’ estate. I’d met him before the funeral in my Andrew persona. For this meeting, I chose to go as Angie. My meeting with my uncles gave me the confidence to live as I chose.

I dressed conservatively. I looked like a gangly teenage girl. Unfortunately, I must have looked helpless, too!

The lawyer was smooth and sophisticated. His flattery soon went to my head.  As he escorted me out after the first meeting, his hand lingered on my lower back, a little to close to my bottom. I felt a delicious little thrill.

We met again the following week. He was a little more open in his desire for me. And…I was aroused by his desire. He leaned back against his desk as he talked, studying me. I must have been staring at his crotch too much, he unzipped and pulled out his cock.

I knelt before him and took it into my mouth. I took my time and gave him a slow blowjob. His moans encouraged me and when he came, I swallowed most of the load. A little had dribbled down my chin. I wiped it up with a finger and licked it clean while I looked into his eyes. I was still new to this and didn’t recognize the calculating look in his eyes.

We didn’t settle anything and scheduled another meeting the following week.

The next week, I wore something a little more casual to the meeting. I ended up sucking him again. And, again, I licked my finger clean. This time, the lawyer suggested I lean over his desk. I knew what was about to happen. He raised my skirt and pulled down my panties. Soon he was working a moistened finger into my asshole. I moaned encouragingly.

He worked two more fingers into me, loosening me up. He lined his cock in and pushed it in roughly. It hurt, but I kept quiet. He'd withdraw slowly, then ram back into me balls deep. He barely reached the end of my channel. He fucked me for about five minutes before unloading into me. He handed me a tissue to clean myself and then leaned back for me to suck him. I spent about twenty minutes sucking him before he grabbed my head and forced me to deep throat him. I gagged as his cum filled my throat. 

We finished the meeting with him telling me he wanted to bring in an associate the next visit since there were problems with the will. Suddenly, I realized I was being used, and would probably continue being used, then be told the estate was empty when they tired of me. I had visions of several of the associates sharing me in the weeks to come. One would fuck my mouth while another plowed my ass. I envisioned being gang banged by the whole group.

I told Uncle Niki about the run-around, but not about being fucked. He would have either let me solve things on my own, or kill the lawyer. Neither prospect appealed to me.

The lawyer and his associate was very surprised when my two uncles arrived with me. My uncles listened patiently as the two lawyers explained how complicated my parents’ estate was. 

Uncle Niki got up and left the room, while Uncle Sergei quietly stared at the two lawyers. The lawyer wanted to reschedule, but Sergei only stared. Nikolai returned with another attorney. This one handled my uncle’s American interests. He told the others he was now handling my case. I left shortly with a sizable check.

Uncle Niki recommended I meet with his lawyer to help set up a trust fund. Since this attorney speedily resolved my issue, I made an appointment for the following month.

 I showed up a little early and sat in the waiting area. I wore a shorter dress this time. Since, I hadn't yet started hormone therapy, I had no breasts to speak of. I stuffed tissues in my bra. I flirted with a couple of old men who were awaiting their appointments. It felt good to have a man look at me with mild longing, and approval.

When I met with my new attorney, I sat with my legs crossed, my short skirt giving him a view of my shapely legs. I was curious whether or not he'd try to take advantage of me. I might let him…….. Once!

He never looked up. "I have daughters older than you! Now behave yourself!" He said.

Suitably chastened, I uncrossed my legs and became a respectable young woman, listening carefully to his suggestions. I left very satisfied I was now in excellent hands.

As I left, he patted my bottom, "If I wasn't your attorney, I'd love to bend you over my desk like your previous lawyer."

I kissed his cheek and left smiling at the compliment he'd paid me!



Angie K


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