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Based on the Multi-awarded Video Game
developed by 
Naughty Dog

Semptember 25, 2013 
Paris, France

"Hey babe." Jackson Daniels yawned. His boyfriend, Parker Ryan just arrived. He fell asleep while waiting for him. "Hey sleepy head. Missed me?" He kissed him and Parker kissed back. They were having the best make out session of their lives when Jackson suddenly stopped.

"Aww, what gives?" Parker asked. "What time is it?" Jackson asked his boyfriend. "Well, it's way passed our bedtime and you know what we do then right?" Parker teased his boyfriend playfully, caressing his thigh and Jackson seemed to like what he is doing so Jackson gave him a peck before continuing with his thoughts. "I know that, but, it's still today right?" He looked at the clock trying to confirm the time. "Yup, it is still today!"

He said excitedly then he began pulling something from under the couch they were sitting on. Parker got confused and weirded out by the way his boyfriend was acting. Jackson grabbed a small box from underneath the couch and handed it to Parker. "Happy birthday babe!"

Parker opened the box and was completely taken aback. This was the watch he dreamed of having, but his modeling career has just only started to grow that is why he couldn't afford it. "Oh my God. Babe! This costs like a lot! Thank you!!" He was really delighted with the watch. "Well, the hundred runway days paid off, didn't it?" He smirked at Parker. "Shut up. I just thought you were hooking up with designer."

They laughed then Jackson suddenly said "I know how you can thank me." Parker looked at him after wearing the watch. "Just don't let any cum on it because that thing is really expensive." They both laughed then Parker suddenly kissed Jackson with more passion than before. Jackson was surprised but easily kissed Parker back.

Parker stopped then said "Let's take this to the bedroom." Jackson just nodded, unable to respond due to the heightened sexual euphoria he was feeling.

They made their way to the bedroom, shedding pieces of clothing along the way. Their hard bodies, perfected by gym for their modeling careers, started appearing before each other on their way to the bedroom. They were fully naked by the time they reached the room.

Their mouths connected once more before they reached the bed and they were kissing with so much passion that their cocks leaked so much precum between their sculpted abs. They couldn't stop wanting more of each other, both of them trying to get more. Parker was caressing Jackson's ass, the finest bubble butt he ever had, with his other hand on Jackson's back. Jackson's right hand is holding Parker's face while the other grabs his brown locks. They both fell on the bed, with Jackson on top, but that didn't stop them from making out.

Slowly, Jackson disentangled from their kiss then made his way down. He kissed Parker's neck, wanting to leave a hickey but decided not to. Parker held on to his boyfriends blonde hair, really turned on with what was happening. He was surprised that Jackson slightly nibbled on his pinkish nubs causing it to harden slowly. Jackson did the same to the other, then traced his pecs and abs with licks and kisses.

"Hey, babe." Parker said, causing Jackson to look up at his boyfriend's face. "I'm really really turned on and I might cum from those kisses of yours." Parker warned Jackson but Jackson just shrugged and continued his downward kisses.

Parker was really moaning now. It was a good thing that there were only two houses beside theirs. Living in a rural place really had some perks. Then suddenly he felt a warm hand grab the base of his dick. "Happy birthday babe." Jackson said, looked into Parker's dark blue eyes, before devouring his boyfriend's manhood.

Jackson sucked on his boyfriends dick like there was no tomorrow. He wanted to please Parker so much. He licked on the pulsing inches of his boyfriend before going in deep again. He knew Parker liked it when he deep throats. He knew this because ha also liked the feeling of the esophageal muscles contracting on his dick. Parker was moaning so much.

Suddenly, he felt Jackson move down. Jackson started licking his balls down to his ass. This was not new for Parker. Jackson loved eating Parker's ass out and Parker loved the feeling of a tongue inside his hole. "Babe, I think I'm getting close." Parker said. He didn't notice that Jackson was already three fingers deep in his own ass. He also didn't notice that his dick was already lubed up.

"Not yet. You still have to fuck me." Jackson said. He positioned himself on top of Parker and slowly sat down on his dick. Jackson, however, lost balance and the dick he was trying to put inside his ass slowly, made it's way inside, faster than expected.

"Oh my God. That feels sooo goood babe." Parker said, his eyes closed. He opened them to see Jackson struggling. "Babe, are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah. Just lost my balance and your huge dick went inside faster than expected. Let me get used to it first." Jackson said while trying to relax himself. Parker sat up, wrapped his arms around Jackson and kissed him. "Take your time. You know this is the best birthday I ever had." He kissed him again. They made out for like five minutes before Parker started thrusting his hips.

"Oh shit. That feels so good, babe." Jackson said in between moans. Parker started with slow thrusts then started gaining speed. "I need to fuck you harder." Parker said to Jackson. "Lie on your back, babe." They moved and Parker started fucking Jackson, much harder this time.

Jackson was cursing loudly now. "Yes! Oh God yes. Fuck me." Parker fucked him harder. They stared in each others eyes, thier connection and love for each other growing deeper than before. Parker kissed Jackson again while they were fucking hard.

"I'm gonna cum." Jackson said. Parker held Jackson's dick but didn't stroke. He wanted him to cum without touching himself. "Babe, I'm gonna cuuum." Jackson moaned very loud during his orgasm. This was enough to drive Parker to his own release. "Oh shit, I'm cumming too." They moaned together. Jackson grabbed Parker's hair and kissed him. They made out for a while then Parker moved and laid beside Jackson.

"Best birthday ever. Thank you babe." Parker said and followed it with "I love you so much." Jackson replied "I love you so much, too." They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Paris, France

Jackson woke up to an empty bed beside him and a blaring ring of the phone. He picked it up and was surprised by the sound of panic on the other line. "Jackson, thank God. Where's my brother?" Jackson was confused "What's wrong Mike? Is everything ok?" Then suddenly the line went dead. "Hello? Hello?" Jackson tried redialling but the service was gone. "What the hell is going on?" He grabbed his boxers and his sweat pants then made his way down to look for Parker.

"Parker. Where are you?" He tried the bathroom but found no one. Instead, he saw a newspaper with an article that read:

(Mysterious infection kills a family of four... Doctors haven't been able to find a cure... It has spread to various parts of the world... can be contracted through spores via bites, scratches, inhalation, and direct contact... hospital lock down... quarantine...)

"What the fuck? How come I never noticed this?" He looked at the date and it was the current newspaper. Jackson started to panic "Parker. He calked out then started walking downstairs. He saw that the television was on and the news was on air. "There are multiple casualties inside and no one knows yet what is happening..." Suddenly, there was an explosion behind the news anchor wiping out the signal of the television. At the same time, he saw from their window an explosion go off. "Shit! What the hell is happening. Parker! Where the hell are you?" Jackson started shouting Parker's name.

Parker was nowhere inside thier house. he checked everywhere except for the office room. He went in then that's when he saw Parker coming in from the back door. Parker had blood splatters all over him. "Jeez, where the hell have you been? Is that blood." Jackson looked out the window. "Babe, get away from the windows, now." Jackson was bewildered. Parker is acting strange. He was starting to panic. "What's wro..."

(Blam) Something hit the glass door beside them. "Shit!" They both saw that it was Mr. Baker. Their neighbor from the left house. "Babe, move." Parker said. They both backed away from the door. Jackson moved behind Parker and that's when he saw the gun in his hand.

(Crash) The glass door broke and they saw Mr. Baker's face clearly. His eyes were red. He was sort of growling or groaning and was looking at them like a meal. "Mr. Baker, please leave now. Please." Parker said. But Mr. Baker had other thoughts. He ran towards both of them, and tried to grab one of them but before he could even grab any one of them, Parker shot Mr. Baker and he dropped dead. "Shit! Babe, you killed him!" Jackson announced, completely surprised. "He wasn't looking good. He attacked me outside. Tried to bite me but I got away and you know the rest." Parker said.

They both heard a car horn outside. It's Parker's brother, Mike. "We have to go, I think." Parker said, dazed over the dead body beneath us. They ran outside and met with Mike. "Jesus, get in the car, we have to get out of here. Is that blood all over you?" Mike asked Parker. "Yes it's blood but it's not mine. Long story. Get in the car." The three went in the car then started driving. They were headed out of the country.

"Did you hear the news? People in the cities are getting infected." This was freaking Jackson out. "I saw the paper. They said it still doesn't have a cure. What the hell is this." Jackson said. "Turn on the radio so we could find out." Parker pointed out.

(Coming in from you live... people are attacking each other... seem to wanna bite... no cure... cordyceps are the cause... mutation of the fungus... spores... what the hell? Run. Aaaaaah.......) The radio went dead.

"Shit. I think everybody had the same idea of getting out of town." Mike said. "Babe! Look at that guy. Shit! He just broke that car window!" The crazy fella stared at them then started running towards them. "Mike! Drive!" Parker shouted. "Shit!" Jackson saw the mans face hit the window beside him. It had blood all over his mouth.
"Where do we go n..."

A loud crash echoed through Jackson's ear. A car hit them and they toppled over. "Babe. Are you okay?" Parker asked Jackson. "Yes. I think so but I think my leg is broken." Jackson tried moving his leg but the pain shot right through him. "Fuck. Yeah it's broken." "Let me get us out first." Parker smashed the windshield then made his way out.

One of the crazies suddenly attacked him, still trying to bite him. He thought it was over when he heard it's head crack. Mike smashed a brick through its skull. "Mike. Jackson is injured. Take this gun and cover us. I'm gonna carry him."

Parker helped Jackson out the car. "Babe, can you run?" He asked, really concerned about his boyfriend. "I can walk but I can't run." Jackson said, wincing through his leg pain. "I'll piggy back you. Let's go."

They ran. The town was in complete chaos. People tried to attack them. They have no idea what it was. All they had to do was make it to the border. Things were going smoothly when mike had to block the door because there were too many infected trying to get to them. "Go! I can handle this. I'll meet you at the border." Mike said.

Parker ran as fast as he could. Ignoring the sound of snarls coming from behind him. He knew they were fast but he had to be faster. It was almost about to get them when they reached the bridge to the border.

They stopped because a man in a military armor tried to stop them. The man shot the bout of infected that were behind them.

"Stay where you are!" "Sir, I assure you, my boyfriend did not get bitten. Please let us pass."
"My orders are to terminate everyone!" The man aimed the gun at them. Parker tried to dodge the incoming bullets. He succeeded but the man wasn't finished. He was about to shoot Parker.

A gunshot was made. Parker wasn't hurt. He was surprised to see that he was still alive. It was Mike who shot the officer.

"Babe." A soft voice called from behind. It was Jackson. He got hit with one bulket through the stomach. "Jackson! No, no, no please no!" Parker said trying to carry Jackson with panic in his eyes. "Babe. I'm sorry. I love you." Jackson looked into Parker's eyes, the life slowly leaving him. Babe! I love you too. Please no. Don't leave me. Please no, no, no!" Before Jackson died, the last words that he said was "I love you so much Parker Ryan."

Rain started pouring. Parker has yet to see the horror that have just begun.

This could be...
The Last of Us

to be continued...

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