Ben knocked on the door of the two story brick town house and waited for the prospective owner to answer. It was a cold November day but brilliant with sun and just a hint of a smell of pending snow. He could feel his bubble ass tighten with tension in his pressed khaki's as he gritted against the tempurature and anticipated meeting this new potential landlord and making a good impression. As he waited, he looked around the complex. It was a nice gated community of brick and stone townhomes. The landscaping was top drawer and it was a very limited collection of dwellings. It was obvious that further construction was going on to complete additional units. Ben's mind raced, imagining these to be way out of his league once he heard the asking price and had to make that final yes or no choice. New construction was always expensive. He could feel the oncoming heat of sweat breaking under his arms and he pulled back his jacket edge and did a quick pit sniff to be sure his button down oxford wasn't taking on his manly odor.

The door opened and a bespectacled older man in his early sixties greeted him. At once Ben could feel the tension in his ass and shoulders relax a little. He was gonna charm the socks off this guy with no problem. As they went from room to room, Ben knew this was the place for him. It had a nice garage, with remote entry, a great two bedroom two bath layout and a killer livingroom complete with a fireplace. It felt like home immediately even without his belongings and furnishings in place. After a brief discussion with this gray haired, non descript man Ben gave him a commitment to lease the place. 'You will need to go see my wife at our rental office to work out the details' directed the man. Soon Ben was off down the road and turning the knob to enter the rental office.

As he entered the room he was immediately met with the posh surroundings of expensive people. He could hear voices in the offices just beyond him and stood awkwardly in the front room waiting for someone to greet him. He took in the rich woods and trendy accents filling the reception area. The level of design gave him a nice secure feeling about who he was about to sign away his hard earned money to. Ben listened to the voices from the offices further in. He could hear the sound of an older southern woman. She sounded very professional, like someone who knew how to get things done. Another voice hit his ears as well, this one a low soft spoken man's voice. Ben was intrigued.

After standing for what seemed like ten minutes Ben gingered his way down the hallway towards the voices to see if perhaps he could gain an audience with someone. He glanced to the right at the first door he came to but the office was so deep it was almost impossible to catch the attention of the female speaker that was talking from within. Before he could reach the first office on the left that low male voice startled him with an alarmed 'May I help you?' Ben turned quickly to his left to respond and almost choked on his explanation for his venturing down the hallway.

There in the door way was a tall blonde man with just a touch of red to his beautiful short tossled hair. He was the kind of blonde that even his eyebrows and eyelashes matched. His square set jaw, ice blue eyes and expressionless face stared intent into Ben's as he waited for a response to his question. 'I was just over at unit 100 talking to an older man about leasing the property' stammered Ben. 'He sent me here to tie up paperwork and sign the agreement' he continued. 'That would be my dad' answered the man, looking over Ben as if to determine if he was a threat or an actual real client. 'My mother will get you taken care of as soon as she is off the phone.' he stated with finality. 'Just make yourself comfortable in the front and I'll tell her you are here.' With that he went down the hall, leaving Ben to follow orders with no questions asked. He could hear him momentarily rummaging through files in yet another room further down the hall.

Ben returned to the front and did what the young blond man said and he waited alone with his thoughts and imagination in one of the custom designed chairs. If he had been tense when meeting the landlord, he was much tenser now. Ben could feel his heart racing and his mind trying to catch up with the beautiful man that he had just encountered. He didn't seem like the office type with his faded red t-shirt, worn jeans, soiled work shoes and well used ball cap in hand. Ben looked him up and down once again in his mind's eye, memorizing and trying to recall every inch of him. He had the face of a warrior angel, his blonde hair once again coming first to Ben's memory. It wasn't white blond but it was as close as you could get to it with just that touch of red to tinge it the palest strawberry blonde he had ever seen. He remembered the blond stubble of his unshaved face, the square jaw and rugged good looks yet boyish at the same time. Once Ben had recalled his face he began reviewing the total package. The next thing that captured his memory was the very hairy strawberry blonde forearms muscling out of the faded red t-shirt.

He had a lean well built frame and a subtle confident swagger about him. Ben's impression was not of a macho shithead kind of guy but more of a man of quiet strength and few words. Ben decided he liked him very much, too much. His revery over this new aquaintence was interupted by a well heeled, shapely dark blonde woman. Ah! Here was the key to the young man's looks and hair color. He certainly and thankfully didn't get any attributes from his father! 'I understand you are looking to lease unit 100?' she inquired. She had that same non-plussed aura that her son had just conveyed, when he had encountered him. Ben could almost feel the woman snuffing in his presence as if deciding whether or not he was worthy of her attention.

Ben dutifully followed her into her office and went through the drudgery of paperwork and contracting. Once they had tied up all the formalities the woman called for Zach. 'Zach' appeared at the door and to Ben's great pleasure he had just learned the name of the hot blonde man that seemed to be total counter culture to this expensive invironment. 'Zach, I want you to meet Ben over at unit 100 and make him familiar with the gate instructions and interior operations of the townhouse' she ordered. 'Yes ma'am' he responded. 'Are you headed back that way now?' Zach asked. Ben looked up from his chair into Zach's face and worked out an up and down nod of head. The truth was that even if Ben hadn't planned to go over to the new rental he was going now! 'I'll meet you over there' said Zach. 'I'll be right behind you in just a few moments' Had Zach seen in Ben's mind what 'right behind' you was conjuring up he would have probably rephrased his last comment.

Ben pulled back into the driveway of what would now be his home. He turned the key and walked into the now empty unit. The older man, Zach's father was long gone and Ben waited in icey silence for Zach's arrival. A large white four wheel drive truck was soon pulling into the complex and the strawberry blond, ball capped head of Zach could be seen behind the wheel. Zach sidled up to the curve, blockig Ben's car from behind. The two of them spent the next thirty miutes going over the gate instructions and interior instructions before parting company. Zach promised to be back in a few days to tie up some maintenance issues and to bring Ben a remote entry for the garage.

As he stood in the front window, he watched Zach walk back to his truck, his firm jean clad ass winking back at him with each confident stride of his long manly legs. Ben's head was still swimming with the heady pleasure of being in the company of this new blonde stranger. Just being close to him was intoxicating and he could hardly wait for him to return and to spend time with him again. As the next day went by, Ben moved in and things were coming together. He took in the coming and going of the neighbors and the constuction activity of his new surroundings. It didn't take long to realize that Zach was the chief builder of the complex and Ben found with great pleasure the coming and going of 'Zach' to be his new favorite past time.

The living room was long, so Ben decided to divide the room into a third for his office and two thirds for living area. He placed his grandmothers oak library table squarely in front of the double window just to the right of the front door. He used this as his desk and from this vantage he could work from his laptop and watch Zach come and go all day, every day, all week long. This was turning out to be a better investment than what he would have ever imagined.

Ben was sitting at his newly placed desk when he saw Zach headed his way through the front window. Ben jumped up and ran fingers through his hair to casually place it and tried not to look like an eager dog greeting the master as Zach rang the bell. Ben waited a moment and then opened the door to Zach's beautiful face. 'I brought you your remote' said Zach. 'You got a minute to go over how it works?' Ben thought to himself that a garage remote wasn't all that hard to work but willingly committed to as long of a lesson as he could squeeze out of this moment. They stood on the driveway side and by side. Zach, giving him matter of fact instructions, Ben barely paying attention but intimately aware of the body heat he could feel warming him being this close to Zach. As always, way to soon they were shaking hands and parting company. Ben reveled in the hand to hand firm warmth of this little bit of touch and the electricity that permeated his whole body from that little touch.

Weeks passed and months turned into Spring. Six months of watching Zach had become an obsession. Ben would feel his heart leap every time Zach would even look over at his unit when driving by in the truck. Anytime a new prospect came to check out the complex, Zach would always ask if he could let the prospect see Ben's place. Ben readily agreed to this and the frequency of seeing Zach began turning into a comfortable frienship. As the weather started warming up, jackets were tossed aside and short sleeves were back. On especially hot days, it was all Ben could do to not nut himself when Zach would come into view with a sweat stained t-shirt and those muscled hairy blonde arms dirty with hard construction work.

The door bell rang one late Spring day. Ben was just milling about the apartmet in a pair of plaid jam shorts, no shirt and bare feet. To his suprise there was Zach, in his usual faded jeans, t-shirt and ballcap. Zach grinned in at him as he answered the door. Ben could feel himself melt as soon as the pearly whites were visible even if it were for just a moment. 'I lost my cell phone' confessed Zach. 'You mind if I come in and borrow yours for a sec?' 'No problem Zach,' Ben replied. Ben stepped aside and Zach sauntered in. Ben could smell the strong sweat permeating off of Zach's sweaty t-shirt. Once inside Zach knelt down and began unlacing his work shoes. Ben's heart began beating wildly at just this simple act of undressing. Zach slipped off his first boot and the hot smell of white sweaty gym socks hit Ben immediately. He held the side of his desk and turned to grab his phone just to steady himself. Zach peeled off his second boot and then stood back up to his full height. Ben handed him the phone to the grunt of a thanks that was so typical of Zach's strong quiet personna. As Zach dialed out a number, Ben stood by and locked in on Zach's sock feet. They looked to be about a size ten. They were perfectly proportioned and Zach wiggled his toes in relief from the cage of his boots as if to get a little air between them in their momentary freedom.

To give Zach a little privacy Ben wondered off into the kitchen and was making himself busy grabbing a few bottled waters from the fridge for him and Zach. Zach's voice came over him from the other room like a song you can't get out of your head. His low softspoken tone soaking into every crevice of Ben's all too accepting ears. Ben heard the familiar snap of the phone folding back to end the call and re-entered the livingroom to hand Zach a bottled water. 'Thanks bud' responded Zach. 'I needed a break!' They stood and talked for a while and then Zach thanked him and headed out the door. As he got ready to leave, he handed the empty bottle back to Ben and their fingers touched against each other in the exchange. Ben could feel the instant rise of his dick and was thankful for Zach to be heading back out and his natural urges to go unnoticed. As he closed the door, he shifted over to the window to watch Zach's sweat stained t-shirt and beautiful jean clad ass head back to the construction zone. To Ben's suprise, Zach turned to look back towards his door. Ben dodged away from the window and stood with his back against the door with a gasp.

It was getting towards five and Ben could feel the tension in his neck from the long day of work. zach had been the high point of the day and a very present thought for most of it. He watched as Zach loaded up the back of his white pick up with tools, feeling a little sad that his day of 'Zach Watching' was coming to an end. He watched Zach's muscular legs bend and stretch as he climbed into the cab of his truck. Soon he would pass by Ben's front window and he would be a memory until tomorrow. Ben sat back in his chair and waited to watch Zach's beautiful blonde profile glide by in his truck. To his suprise the nose of his truck never passed the window but rather pulled up into his driveway. Ben practically fell backwards out of his chair trying to clamour to the door.

Ben opened the door for the second time to Zach. The grin that looked back at him made his heart hurt with pent up longing. Sheepishly Zach asked if he could use his phone one more time and promised not to come in but could just call from the steps. Ben finally convinced him it was ok to come in. The same heady scent of Zach's sweaty gym socks poured into Ben like the finest cologne anyone could buy as he once again doffed off his work books in order to come in. Ben could hear from the conversation that Zach's plans for the evening were not working out and soon he had finished and was thanking Ben again for the use of the phone. 'Zach, anytime man,' said Ben. 'Anything you need bud.' 'How about a bathroom break?' Zach asked. 'You know where it is better than anyone' laughed Ben, 'you built the place!' zach padded off into the kitchen and then broke to the right and into the bathroom. The strong scent of his honest sweat filled the room as he passed by. Soon the torrent of his piss could be heard pouring out of his much relieved body. Ben just sat on the couch and held his head in his hands to steady himself from the erotica of it all.

'Thank you gain' came the unexpected voice of Zach, almost right beside him. Ben jolted up from his seated position. 'You alright?' asked Zach. 'Yeah man, just a long day of paper work' Ben said recovering. Ben thought, 'did he even wash his hands? Probably not and even that was erotic to him!' 'Tell me about it man' Zach countered, 'you and your paperwork, me and my construction work' 'Different work but the same long hours and aches' Zach said trying to relate to Ben. A moment of silence followed and Ben turned his head back and forth, as if to pop it. 'So what you have planned tonight' asked Zach. 'Not a thing man' replied Ben, 'sounds like your plans fell through for you by the sounds of it.' 'Yeah, responded Zach, 'was goona clean up and take out the girlfriend tonight but this whole lost phone has put me in a funk'.

'I'm gonna pop in a frozen pizza, tear open a bag a chips and pop open some beers' said Ben. 'You are more than welcome to hang and join me. Zach readily agreed and Ben headed to the kitchen to whip up the grub. 'I feel bad with my nasty work clothes hanging in your house' confessed Zach. 'I've got some clean stuff in the car if you don't mind me grabbing a shower?' Ben's heart leaped at that thought and without even hesitating gave Zach the green light. Zach was out to the truck and back in within seconds. As soon as he was back inside, he bent over and peeled off his white gym socks. Ben stood in disbelief as his beautful bare feet emerged, lightly coated with that same strawberry blonde hair that graced his head, his arms, his brows and eyelashes. 'Could it get any better than this?' thought Ben. Before the thought was even out of his head, it did. Zach then reached to the hem of his t-shirt and slowly peeled the sweaty thing up over his abs and over his chest and over his head. Ben stared in what seemed like a slow motion moment as his very furry strawberry trail, then strawberry abs and finally chest and sweaty strawberry pits were revealed to his grateful eyes. Ben turned away as soon as the shirt gave way to Zach's eyes and he could once again see.

'Towels are under the sink Zach' said Ben with false calmness. 'You like pepperoni?' 'Thanks man, pepperoni is fine' answered Zach. Ben busied himself in the kitchen until Zach entered and then moved towards the bathroom. As he passed into the adjacent bedroom and headed to the bathroom Ben turned to watch his wet back, shiney with sweat, walk away from him. His body was perfect and muscled in all the right places without being so bulked up to intimidate someone. Ben ached to see what was hidden yet behind the jeans and underwear but didn't figure that to happen. Zach disappeared behind the closed door of the bathroom and Ben leaned back into the counter and took a huge cleansing breath and let it out. The sound of water could be heard as the shower turned on and then Zach's head popped out of the bathroom door. 'No towels under the sink man.' Zach yelled. 'In the dryer' said Ben 'hang on'. He slid open the laundry closet and pulled out a couple fresh towels from the dryer with trembling hands. He then walked through the bedroom to the open door of the bathroom. He could see Zach's naked body reaching on one leg into the shower to test the water tempurature. From the mirror Ben could see the pale skin of Zach's total body. His ass flexed and dimpled with the balance of testing the water. It was covered in that same strawberry blonde hair. To Ben it looked like a wonderland of sex that he could have played and fondled all night! The hair flowed down without stop down the back of his legs and over the back of his calves. 'Here you go' announced Ben. 'Just put em on the counter' yelled Josh as his naked form dissapeared behind the shower curtain. Ben walked into the bathroom and slowly layed the towels on the counter, his eyes riveted on the mirror watching the profile of Zach's naked body behind the shower curtain.

Ben felt as if his heart would blow out of his chest. This blonde god was not only an obsession for him, he was now naked in his bathroom. Ben turned to go and caught the edge of Zach's white briefs on the toe of his foot and accidently flung them into the bedroom. He bent down and picked them up and just for a moment held them up to his face and breathed in the musky essence of Zach's sweat and the heady aroma of his cock and balls. He tossed them back into the heap of his clothes just inside the bathroom and tried to clear his head and hide his growing erection all at the same time. This was overload for his senses. Something had to give. Ben went back to the kitchen and hit preheat on the oven. He was pulling out the frozen pizzas from the freezer when the water stopped and he could hear the rush of the shower curtain being pulled back. How he wished he could see in that bathroom now!

To his shock, Zach came out of the bathroom rubbing his groin with the towel and walking into the kitchen as he dried off. 'Thanks man for saving my evening and my phone life' laughed Zach. His hair was wet and tossled and slightly darker than it's normal color. He had rubbed his hairy chest into blonde perfection and stood in the kitchen doorway drying off one foot and then the next with the casual comfortableness of a lockerroom after a game. Ben stood with his back to him and kept a locked down stare in the reflection of the microwave at Zach in all his glory. 'No problem man, we kinda saved each other really' confessed Ben. 'I had no plans!' 'Good' bantered Zach as the zing of a wet towel cracked on Ben's ass with a loud snap and a roar of laughter from Zach. Ben whirled around to see Zach recover the towel from it's target and was redrying his head, leaving his cock and balls to be seen without guarded glances.

His groin was as hairy as the rest of him. The pubes in plently, slightly darker than the rest of him were freshly fluffed from a good towel rubbing and the hottest set of blonde hairy hanging balls hung like art in a museum with a good flaccid six inches of very thick cock as the center attraction. This man was perfection! 'That was a cheap shot' Ben retorted. Zach laughed all the harder then suddenly sobered to just a grin as Ben's now exposed hardon became evident. 'Looks like we both feel the same way' Zach teased. With that he dropped the towel and came to stand in front of Ben, cupping his balls in his hands. His stubbled blonde face then melted into Ben's with a kiss as strong and quiet as his personality. 'Do you know how long I have wanted to do that?' Zach gently asked. 'Since November?' Ben replied. 'Since November!' repeated Zach. I could feel his six inches now pressing up against me in what had obviously grown harder and considerably longer.

He turned and took Ben by the hand and led him upstairs to the upper bedroom. At the top of the stairs they embraced and Zach gently pushed Ben backwards into the bedroom until they fell together across the bed in a tangle of arms, bodies and legs. There wasn't an inch of Zach's hairy blonde body that Ben didn't cover in kisses and touch. There wasn't a hole on Ben's body that Zach left untapped. By the time their sweaty naked bodies gave into hunger Zach had released his pent up seed into Ben's belly no less than three times. They went back down to the kitchen and sat naked eating pizza and beers before going back upstairs to consumate their lust one last time. They woke around midnight spooned agaisnt each other and Zach's nine inch cock, now limp but still deep inside of Ben linking them together.

Ben drew a bath in the large jacuzzi tub in the Master bedroom that they shared and they both climbed in and just soaked and held each other until Zach finally climbed out, wet, hairy and glorious. He kissed Ben and get dressed to leave. Ben heard him go and the sound of his truck firing up in the driveway. Ben finally got out of the tub too, blissfully happy and wondering what would happen next. As he made his way back downstairs he headed into the downwstairs bathroom to set it straight. As he entered the bathroom his toe kicked something on the floor. He bent down and picked up Zach's forgotten briefs and headed back upstairs to bed with his face buried in them and his lungs full of Zach's now all too familiar scent.


Matthew Barrett

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