So there I was, finally moving out of my college town apartment complex. Moving onto bigger and better things, trying to force myself to grow up without the securities of the college life in the college town.

I was making my second trip with my SUV loaded full of boxes and lamps and odds and ends, when my landlord showed up at my door. When I answered, I was wearing gym shorts and a cut off tee shirt, and he was in his usual khaki shorts and polo. I let him in to see the place so he would know what needed to be done for the next tennants and just update him on the usual life stuff.

We began talking about our personal lives and our relationships. Him, being married and with one child, he had to complain to someone. That day, I needed to complain too, after all, I was moving out by myself. He stood in the kitchen up against the counter, while I packed stuff in the living room.

He started talking about how his wife was not 'giving it up' and how he was so worked up and such, especially with his new toy. Now, this is the same man that knows I was in a relationship with a guy, something didn't add up. I asked him what he meant by toy? He said he had his cock peirced.

Keep in mind I am a country boy and have only seen cock peircings in porns and such. I guess he could tell the excitement in my voice, so he asked if I wanted to see it. I said, 'Of course.'

We went back to the bedroom and he began to unzip his zipper and out flopped the biggest, thickest dick I have ever seen, atleast 10 inches long. He was not even hard...yet. He showed me and said I could touch it if I wanted. I dropped to my knees and inspected his huge cock. He started stroking it and told me to get my dick out.

I did as instructed and he began stroking both of our dicks off. He didn't take long at all to shoot his huge creamy load. He wanted me to see how far he shot, and my god he shot across the room. Then, he wanted me to shoot my load all over his face. So I did, and he sucked the last bit of cream from the head of my dick, and came up for a big, wet kiss.

We zipped up and cleaned up and he left, only to be back twice before the end of my move. That was by far the hottest thing that has ever happened to me. I still jerk off everytime I think about his creamy load and his huge ten incher with that ring just dangling between his thighs.




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