Last time I got it shaved by a friend in October last year and after that I decided to let my hair grow until Labour Day this year to do then a good job on me shaving my head bald again.

I did enjoy watching my hair grow and played with it and with my whole body. I shampooed my hair and slicked it back with lots of gel and I always masturbated when I did whatever with my hair. I did have many orgasms and I had a special plan for the Labour Day. I had an 1.5 litre bottle Coke and whenever I jerked off I collected my sperm in that bottle and put it into the fridge until the next time I masturbated.

The night before Labour Day I took the bottle out of the fridge and filled it for the last time with my sperm and this time I did not put it back into the fridge as I wanted to use it next morning. I fell asleep with my thick penis in my hands and had a nice dream about shaving my head again and looking like Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad the next day. I had grown a goatie which I would keep.

I woke up early in the morning and I knew already that I would be naked all day and have some orgasms during the next hours. I started my business with mixing the henna powder I had bought before according to the instructions on the package. Then I applied the paste on my hair. The time it took to develop the new colour of my hair I spent with my penis in my hands and it got really big and hard.

When the waiting time for the colour was over I bowed my head over the bathtub and washed the paste out of my hair and shampooed it. My hair now had a nice reddish colour and I took a hair dryer in one hand and my penis in the other and dried my hair and masturbated again. I didn't care about a hairstyle as I had not yet finished with my hair.

Next step was to fill the bathtub with water and then I stood naked in the bathtub with the coke bottle in my hand. I poured the whole contents of the bottle over my head and body and enjoyed my sperm running down my face and body. Thoroughly I worked my sperm all trough my long hair and then I lied down in the bathtub and took a bath in water and my sperm. Finally I washed all sperm out of my hair and from my body and dried my hair again.

Now I was getting closer to my shaving my head but there were a few things left to be done. This time I wanted to shave bleached hair off from my head but that was not all I wanted. But to this detail I will get later on. So I took a first package of bleaching powder and mixed it up. I then put it on my hair and worked it trough thoroughly again and slicked my hair back with all the paste in it.

Now I'm coming to the next detail which was that I had to shave my whole body while the bleaching paste in my hair was doing its task. So I took a body groomer and started shaving my arms and then my armpits.

When I shaved my chest I masturbated my penis again and finally the groomer went down and shaved my dick and balls. Finally I shaved my legs as well and then I applied another package of bleaching paste on my hair to get all colour out of it.

The waiting time for the second bleaching I spent with shaving my whole body totally clean with a razor. After the clean shave of my body I came to the last detail before shaving my head. My plan was that my white hair should fall on a naked black body and what would make my body black better than black shoe polish?

As I still had to wash the bleaching paste out of my hair I started with the shoe polish down from my toes and up my legs and my dick and balls. Then I did my chest and arms and up to my throat. Now I could boy my head over the sink and wash my hair and when I saw the result of the bleaching I was quite satisfied as my hair was really white now. I combed my wet hair back and did the final job with the shoe polish covering my face, ears, neck and throat with it as well. Now I could see a completely black naked man with white hair in the mirror.

Now I kneeled down on the floor and took the clipper in one hand and my penis in the other. I started shaving the back of my head and masturbated my penis at the same time. After the back of my head was done I shaved the sides of my head and watched my white hair falling down on my black naked body. Finally I got the clipper to the top of my head and shaved all remaining hair off still masturbating at the same time and when all hair was gone I had a nice orgasm and rubbed the sperm into the skin of my shaved head.

The clean shave of my head then was the next step. After applying shaving cream on my head I took the razor and shaved my head clean in all directions. I shaved it against the grain several times to make sure that nothing was left. I looked at my clean shaved head and thought that something was missing. I took the black shoe polish again and coloured my shaved head as well. Now I was a completely black naked man and I masturbated my penis now with both hands.

In the meantime I had filled the bath tub with water and I went in to get clean. I kneeled down in the bath tub with my penis in both hands and put my black shaved head under water. It took a while to wash off all the shoe polish from my body but enjoyed touching my naked body all over and getting clean.

Finally I took the razor again and shaved my head and all my body again. I started with my head backwards under water and masturbating again while I shaved my head. Then I shaved my whole body again and when I saw myself in the mirror naked and bald headed I was satisfied with myself. For a rest I went to my bed masturbated again and when the sperm came I spread it all over my head and body and fell asleep having a nice wet dream about shaving and masturbating.



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