The Kyoto Affair

I had arrived that morning on the Shinkansen after a manic week amongst the relentless pace of Tokyo. For the past seven days I had been criss-crossing across the vast metropolis running from one meeting to another. The one thing I hadn't expected was the Japanese's insatiable appetite for partying as hard as they work. Long days merged into equally long nights fuelled by a seemingly endless supply of sake and Japanese whiskey. All this to a dubious soundtrack of drunken businessmen impersonating Frank Sinatra. I felt exhausted.

Kyoto in comparison was a breath of fresh air. Free from the forest of imposing glass and concrete towers of Tokyo. The sky was grey. The rain, heavy and unrelenting, the humidity was intense. Within minutes my clothes were sodden. After several attempts of trying to hail a cab I reached the point where I couldn't get any wetter. I decided to head in the direction of where I thought my hotel was. The city is essentially laid out as a grid. How lost could I get?

After what seemed like miles it became apparent I could get lost. Very lost. All the streets looked the same. My bag weighed a tonne. There wasn't any real landmark on the horizon I could see to try and work out where the hell I was. I attempted to ask a little old lady for directions in my piss poor broken Japanese but she scuttled off down some alleyway mid sentence. Who could blame her? She was about four feet high; I was a drenched six-foot Gaijin speaking utter gibberish.

It was then I noticed what looked like a sign for an onsen halfway along the alleyway up which the little old woman had made her escape. My guidebook described the onsen (essentially a Japanese public bath) experience as something that bordered on the spiritual. My spirit was sinking and needed to be rescued.

I walked through the doorway of the ancient looking wooden entrance, which was overgrown with branches, leaves and moss. I kicked off my sodden trainers and placed them in one of the old cubbyholes and made my way to the counter. The proprietor who appeared to be engrossed in some game show jumped to attention as soon as he clasped eyes on me. With a big smile he looked up as I loomed over the counter, dripping looking every part the lost and weary traveler. I tried to string together what I thought was a coherent sentence. Whether he understood me or not, he didn't give any indication. I held out some cash which he accepted with a slight bow and in returned handed me a tiny white towel and some change. He chuckled to himself and then sat back down to his TV show.

The purpose of the small towel perplexed me for a moment until I remembered another footnote from the guidebook. The authentic onsen experience was a naked one. Being British I had been brought up with a very reserved outlook on public nudity. Even at the local swimming pool back home I would take my underwear off under a towel before jiggling up my trunks with the fear of baring my ass to all and sundry. My inhibitions would have to be left at the door in this establishment.

I looked to my left, then to my right. One entrance had a blue curtain, the other a red curtain. I vaguely recalled someone telling me which entrance was for which sex but that key piece of information suddenly eluded me. I tried to get the proprietors attention but he appeared to have been hypnotized by some scantily clad schoolgirls dancing on the TV screen.

I decided to head through the blue. This was going to go one of two ways. I would either end up in the right changing room or, I was about to walk into a room full of ladies in various states of dress causing much embarrassment and hysteria and my probable arrest.

Luckily I was right. I entered the changing room to find a couple of older gentlemen wandering around in their pants and vests casually chatting away. Another man in the corner was dressed in a business suit and was trying to get a hair dryer to work with little success. Everyone acknowledged my entrance with a respectful nod and then carried on. I took one of the small baskets and peeled off my shirt. I undid my belt; my shorts fell to the ground with the weight of all the water soaked into the fabric. I stepped out placing everything into the basket and placed it into the locker. The rain had been so heavy I was soaked through. I caught my reflection in the mirror. My tight white briefs were practically see-through. I slipped them off, grabbed my little towel to cover my modesty and headed towards the baths. As I passed the businessman he kindly held out a little bottle of shower gel with a smile. I thanked him and headed into the onsen.

I sat down at one of the little white tiled shower booths on a small wooden stool in the corner. There were only perhaps four or five people in the entire place. A couple of teenage boys sat a few booths down from me lathering up and antagonizing each other by splashing cold water. A couple of elderly gentleman sat in one bath seemed to be having a somewhat heated debate about something incomprehensible whilst a third the size of a walrus sat wallowing with his towel over his face.

Onsen etiquette requires bathers to scrub themselves clean before they enter the waters. I lathered up and proceeded to clean every inch of my body. After rinsing myself off using the plastic bowls provided I stood up and made my way towards a wooden tub at the far end of the bath house carefully making sure I didn't expose myself to any of the clientele. As I passed the two naked boys they laughed making me feel even more self-conscious.

I dipped my foot into the tea colored water. I jumped and yelped almost loosing my towel in the process. I must have sounded like a complete tit but it caused much hilarity amongst my co-bathers. It was like putting my foot into a volcano. I didn't fancy having the rest of my skin burnt off in the name of cleanliness so I looked to find something more tolerable. It was then I noticed a doorway that looked as if it lead to another part of the onsen. I walked through to find myself in a small-enclosed garden. It was still pouring down with rain yet it felt refreshing on my skin. Across a small stream that was filled with vivid colored carp was a steaming rock pool. I hopped across the stream almost slipping in the process and ending up with the fish.

I lowered myself into the hot pool. The contrast between the warm water and the cool heavy rain was mesmerizing. My entire being began to evaporate with the steam into the evening air.

I must have dosed off for a moment as I was woken up by the slam of a door. I looked behind me to see a tall figure emerge from a sauna room. He stood there, handsome, blonde, and naked apart from his small white towel that barely hid anything. His stacked, toned body was smooth and flushed. He closed his eyes for a moment and just savored the raindrops that appeared to turn to steam as soon as they touched his skin. I noticed he had a small tattoo on his chest that looked like Russian characters.

As he slowly opened his eyes he smiled as he noticed me. He approached the pool and casually dropped his towel. I wouldn't say I have ever felt insecure about the size of my manhood but the sight of what hung between this guys legs gave me a flash back to my school days. I was what you could call a late developer. In the showers after hockey my teammates would taunt me. They even used to compare their hard-ons further fueling my teenage angst.

He lowered himself slowly into the water next to me and let out a deep sensual sigh.

I sank further into the steaming water. The rain continued to fall.

"I'm Alek," he said. His voice was deep with a definite Russian twang. I turned to be faced by a pair of piercing blue eyes and a genuine smile. His age was difficult to determine. He couldn't have been older than thirty?

"Hi" I replied.

"You American?

"No no, I'm British" At that point one of the teenage boys I had seen earlier appeared and joined us in the pool, making sure his little white towel kept himself covered. His body was skinny, smooth apart from the thick crop of black hair peaking out from his towel.

An awkward silence descended on the situation. He sat directly opposite the Russian and myself. His eye's had a curiosity to them. I smiled and nodded in his direction. He just stared, barely blinking. After a while, I began to feel like we were an exhibit. I glanced at the Russian. I could tell by the look on his face that he was of a similar sentiment.

We both turned back to look at our observer when suddenly he jumped out of the pool in a state of panic, dropping his towel and dashing back into the onsen. I saw his friend sticking his head out of the door laughing hysterically. I looked to the Russian perplexed to see him laughing to himself.

"What was that all about?"

"I stroke his leg with foot" "I felt like animal in zoo" We both laughed. I soon discovered that Alek was a sailor in the Russian navy. He was on shore leave and had always wanted to visit Kyoto since he was a child. He'd arrived that morning and would have to return for duty the following afternoon. We chatted about where we were from, our experiences of Japan thus far. He had taught himself Japanese during his months away at sea. After a while I noticed his hand was on my thigh under the steaming water. I made no move to resist; I just continued to chat away. The other thing I was aware of was the fact my cock had inadvertently got hard. In my head the entire situation was becoming erotically charged. The steam. The rain, the handsome, blue-eyed stranger caressing me. I was about to reach out to touch him when the proprietor appeared and shouted something I couldn't quite make out. He then proceeded to sweep the garden in a somewhat flustered manner.

Suffice to say the sexually charged atmosphere evaporated into thin air.

"He says onsen closing" the Russian said sternly.

"Fair enough" I replied and began to stand up. I looked down at the Russian and he was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. It was then I realized I was still rock hard and inches away from his face. I laughed nervously grabbing my towel and headed back towards the changing room. The Russian followed me swiftly.

Back in the changing room I found my clothes were wet through. The rain had even penetrated my bag soaking all my other clothes. I put on my underwear, which bulged, with my erection. I turned round to see the Russian pulling up his trousers. For a moment we both just starred smiling at each other. He didn't have any underwear. He stood there, topless; with his trousers open enough to see the base of his flaccid cock and the trimmed fair pubic hair that crept up towards his navel. We both continued to get dressed, glancing over intermittently with a knowing smile.

The proprietor slammed the heavy wooden doors shut behind us. The rain had really started to come down again and it was dark. We looked at one and other.

"You have hotel?"

"Somewhere in this town" I replied sounding despondent.

"I'm in Ryokan up street, you can stay with me"

He grabbed my bag and we made a dash through the rain narrowly avoiding being hit by a rickshaw. We came to a small wooden doorway with lanterns lighting the entrance.

"Shhhhhsh" The Russian slid open the door quietly a peaked his head inside.

"Come" He ushered me quickly along the corridor and through another sliding door. He quietly drew the door closed behind me and vanished for a few minutes. I could hear him talking quietly to a woman. I looked around at the tiny tatami matted room. A double futon had been immaculately laid out in the center of the room. The door slid open and closed behind me. I turned to find the Russian standing in a tiny blue cotton dressing gown.

"Japanese very small" he said chuckling. The seams of the arms looked about to burst and the sleeves ended near his elbows. As I looked down I could see the head of his flaccid cock hanging lower than the dressing gown covered.

I was still soaked through. Without a word the Russian began to unbutton my shirt maintaining eye contact and smiling. He slowly undid the buckle of my belt and undid the buttons on my shorts allowing them to drop to the floor. By now I was rock hard once again. My white briefs pretty much see though. He put his finger into the waistband pulling gently enough to allow the head of my cock to peak out. His smile widened. My hand reached out and pulled at the belt of his cotton dressing down allowing it to open. He knelt down on one knee and slowly pulled down my briefs releasing my uncut eight-inch erection. As he stood up I noticed he too had grown. Significantly. He was cut. He must have been a good two or three inches bigger than me and the girth had swollen. I slightly struggled to get his arms out of the sleeves of his dressing gown but after a momentary kerfuffle he stood before me wearing nothing but a smile.

Standing a good six inches above me, he learnt forward and kissed me straight on the lips. I stepped into his open arms. As I did he worked his way down my neck, kissing me slowly. He continued across my shoulder then down across my chest biting each nipple. I quivered. His hands held my arms reassuringly as he got down onto his knees. He continued down my stomach sticking his tongue in my navel making me giggle. His arms slid down around my hips and round clasping my ass cheeks. Face to face with my hard cock, which was by then glistening with pre-cum he kissed my head before taking the full length into his mouth and down his throat. I almost fell to the floor as my knees began to buckle with excitement. He held my ass tight and worked at cock repeatedly taking me all the way stopping occasionally to work his tongue around my head and lap up the pre-cum, which by then was in full flow.

I pulled back and bent down to be face to face with him. I urged him to stand with a kiss and then headed back down. His girth was such that I couldn't get my hand around the entire package. I took him with both hands and opened my mouth as wide as I could with the slight fear I would dislocate my jaw. I could only fit about 2 inches in before I could feel myself about to gag. I withdrew to re-assess the situation. I stood and led him to the futon by the hand. He lay on his back as I lay on top. We kissed intensely, almost without breathing. I began working my way down. Kissing his pecks, brushing my tongue across his tattoo. His arms held me whilst his hands stroked my back. I worked my way down across his abs. Holding onto his cock at the base I ran my tongue up along the full length before working the head with my mouth. I stroked the shaft, lightly pulling on his smooth heavy balls. He groaned as I continued to work my way down, licking and sucking. I sat up briefly and raised his legs opening up his smooth ass. I worked my way into his hole. His breathing was deep and I could feel him shudder. His hand reached for my head and he drew me back towards his mouth where we kissed more. He wrapped his thighs around me clenching me like a vice.

He flipped me over so I was on my back with him hovering over me. He held my wrists above my head firmly using his legs to spread my own. He leant over and whispered into my ear

"I want to be in you" My initial thought was "good luck with that one" but another part of me was desperate for him to have a go at least.

He rolled me onto my front and raised my hips so that my ass was in the air. He spread my cheeks and spat into my hole. Then slowly he slid a single finger in. I could feel him massaging my prostate which made the room spin, slowly he slid in a second, and then a third gradually opening me up whilst his other hand stroked my cock back and forth.

Moments later he paused for a second. He produced a condom and a small packet of lube from somewhere. He unraveled the condom down his shaft, however it only went as far as two thirds down. Squeezing out some lube into his hand he slowly massaged his cock before squeezing the remaining contents into my ass. It was cold and I could it drip out and down by balls. He leant forward. I felt his head push gently against my hole. I pressed back against it and then moved away, teasing him. His clammy hands held my hips as he pulled me back towards him. As he began to penetrate me I buried my head into the pillow. I could feel myself resisting but he held me firm. It began to burn and I made an uncomfortable groan. His hand reached around across my mouth as he whispered

"Quiet, Mrs Takashi will hear"

Further and further he pushed, the pain becoming ever more unbearable. My body was so tense and by then dripping with sweat. Slowly he began to pull back and forth; the pain gave way to ecstatic pleasure as the rhythm picked up pace. As I relaxed I was able to take more and more of his cock until the point where his balls softly bounced again my cheeks. As he fucked me harder and harder I bit into the pillow to prevent me from screaming down the house.

After a while his pace slowed and he withdrew slowly. My hips slumped down and I could feel my hole contracting in relief. As I rolled over onto my back the Russian worked his tongue up my body to my mouth where he kissed me with such frantic passion. He picked me up in his arms and lifted me to my feet. I was weary and my legs almost went from beneath me. With that he lifted me up. My arms and legs wrapped around his strong body. As we played with each others tongues he slowly lowered me back down onto his cock. His arms budged as he maneuvered me up and down. The sweat made us both so slippery than I could feel his fingers digging into my skin so not to drop me. Eventually he lowered himself to the floor whilst I was still impaled on his shaft. He laid me slowly back down onto the bed before pulling out and flicking off the condom. Stroking himself furiously he moved himself to straddle my chest. Looking up his cock looked even larger. His balls bounced on my chest and he was stroking his nipples, eyes closed, breathing furiously. Suddenly his body tensed up. His thighs tightened around me and he somehow managed to swallow his groan as his cock erupted shooting well clear of his shoulder. More and more cum spewed out as he pushed his cock down towards my open mouth. My face was covered, my mouth full. It was warm and sweet and flowed down my throat. We both gasped for breath as he collapsed on top of me kissing me. His cum flowed from my mouth to his and back again as we held each others trembling bodies.

As we lay there his hand reached down and began to stroke me rigorously until I myself was ready to blow my load.

"Cum on my face" The Russian whispered. As my body began to shudder, the Russian positioned me over his face. His hands held my hips as the blood began to rush to my head making me feel light headed. The feeling that pulsated through every part of my body was overwhelming. I pointed my cock towards his face and spurted stream after stream into his waiting mouth. I pushed my cock into his mouth where he devoured every last drop.

We fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.

We were abruptly woken the next morning by the crashing of crockery. Mrs Takashi had dropped the breakfast tray at the sight of two naked Gaijin lying together. She scuttled off in a tizz slamming the door behind her. The Russian just laughed and pulled me back on top of him where he proceeded to fuck me senseless until it was time for him to return to duty...


S. Starling


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