He was dragged in on his knees, bloody, scraped. His small 5'7" stature was no challenge for the muscled King's Guards. Their big arms yanked the chains of the captive twin and dragged his seeming corpse up the palace stairs into the grand chambers of the king himself. Tired, fatigued and heavy breathing, the cute, frail, hunger-skinny boy tried with all the fear in his heart to look up with his shaking face at his King, who looked utmost displeased.

"I'm sorry...uh...uh...I'm so sorry my King," the twink slave gasped out as he tried to dive his head in to kiss the foot of his king.

The king maintained speechless, sat upon his throne, his large 6'2" stature looking down upon his pathetic servant powerless enough that he'd be kissing his feet, pondering how he should handle him.

The king eats little slave boys like the pathetic one below him who helplessly began to lick his toes in forgiveness. The king enjoys the sensation of his slaves down on his big feet. It feels pleasurable and reassures him of his ultimate power.

"You have failed me," the King finally spoke.

"Yes! Yes! I know master!" The slaveboy gasped in fear, beginning to lick faster and faster in attempts to appease his king for his final mercy.

The King rose from his throne. He stomped his feet to the sides of his slaveboys face, who on the ground, began even harder to lick the tops of his kings big feet.

The King professed hid beautiful, short, golden hair, his well-chisled military body that allowed him to assert dominance over the skinny nature of his subjects. For he was the King of Twinks, beautiful and blonde, but an anomaly in his physical size, his attitude, his domineeringness. He only allows his guardsman to possess physical builds rough to the size of his, but his subjects, who are all legally slaves to him, he demands skinny, and scrawny, so that he could mercilessly fuck them with the authority he was born to assert, and does he certainly get his way.

The Kingdom is run as a totalitarian labor camp, with his subjects working long and treacherously to build and construct things that will glorify the King and his power. Their failure results in their imprisonment, their removal from society, their absolute torture, often involving sexual submission to the King himself.

The King enjoys to drag one or two more of his boys up on his muscles for them to helpfully lick, have another one down sucking his toes, and the most talented one of all gets rewarded by sucking his cock. Although most are terrified for their life as they service him, understanding the consequences of a fuck up, they are honored, as there is no greater honor in the kingdom than to serve their King, their overlord and absolute master for whom they actually do love despite the intensity of their fear for him.

As this poor, pathetic slave boy continues to lick at his master's feet, that same master above can only give him a happy grimace back down, an acknowledgement of the power rush that will never grow old as he subjects a lowly slaveboy to service him. He cues the bodyguards to then hold the failed slave up by his arms, his head up looking at his King who now approaches him, lowering his shorts. The King's massive cock, the largest and widest in all the Kingdom, is teased on the lips of this slaveboy, whose fate will now ultimately be determined by his ability to suck off his master. He kisses the head of the King's powerful cock, slowly opening it so that the King can roll the cock around his lips. The King holds his arms behind his head and smiles at the pleasure of his slaveboy lightly tickling/caressing his cock.

"Good slaveboy." The king announces. The boy begins to subtly smile, the opening of his face encourages the king to thrust his penis into his mouth and down his throat. There is no consideration, no gradual entry, the King plows through and feels the head and top of his shaft grind against the tight warmth of the slaveboys throat as he miserably and hopelessly on his King's magnificent cock. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder, the slaveboys head is about to pop up from the magnitude of the King's powerful thrusts. Finally he sees the King pop his head up in ecstasy and change his rhythm to something faster and smoother, he knows what's up. Faster and faster, more moaning and more moaning the King's eyes are shut as he begins to release out of the boy as he explodes buckets worth of semen down the throat of his pathetic prey and across his face, for a matter of seconds, five, ten, fifteen does his oozy, heavy cum fountain in and over his pathetic slaveboy. The King finds some on his hand and slaps the boy mercilessly. The boy knows what to do and returns to hold onto the King's arm and lick all of the cum off of his King's hand and fingers, sucking them one by one to get all the cum completely out. The slave finishes, and the King smacks him again, as a gesture of thank you.

The King returns to sit upon his throne, and cross his feet, his heel on the floor. The slaveboy in his chains crawls to his master's feet and begins to helplessly and hopelessly lick them again as his fate has yet to be decided. The King doesn't even look down at the slaveboy robotically licking his soles and sucking his toes. He looks out of the edge of the balcony, at his kingdom below, watching the slaves put together the empire that is rightfully his, enjoying the powerful moment of having slaves work for him out in the fields and down at his feet at the same time. He finally speaks, "Slaveboy, I have yet to decide what I should do with you..." and so the slaveboy just keeps licking.


Beneath My Master


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