He was what every gay guy dreamed about: smart, athletic, handsome, funny and had an ass that wouldn't quit. There was but one flaw...the ring that he wore on his left hand...or so I thought.

I was a college student studying criminal justice. And, as a 21 year old, my mind revolved around two things...my studies...and men. So, when I was given the internship by the justice department to work in the State Parole Department, I jumped at the opportunity. How many times in my life would I get to work with the justice department on such a deep level as a student? Or, get the chance to work with hot bad guys and their equally good looking captors?

I reported in June to begin my internship. And, as I waited nervously in the lobby oddly annoyed by the female receptionist ogling me every time I looked up, I imagined my life beginning. A chance at a dream career, at my hard work paying off...a chance to prove myself right. For the last two years, my parents had seen me as the name of shame. A football star in high school, Dad wanted me to take the football scholarship to the renowned University of Alabama. Mom, being the artistic woman she was, wanted me to take the fantastic scholarship offered by the University of Tennessee for Commercial Music. But, that was their plan...not mine.

Instead, I took an academic scholarship to an out-of-state college...far from the reaches of the parentals...far from the homophobic world I was born into. It was time for Chance to live up to Chance's standards. So, as I sat there nervously waiting, I couldn't help but smile. Here I was...living my life. No, maybe I didn't have a guy in my life...but, that didn't matter. I was fine being single. Who had time to share one's life anyway?

It was at that moment that I looked up to see the door open, and there stood a man that had me in every way...if he wanted it. He smiled and began walking my way. His stride was sure and confident. At about 6'1", he was just an inch taller than me I noticed as I stood. His body was muscular, tanned, fit and full in all of the right places. His smile was captivating. With piercing blue eyes and a shaved head, a protruding crotch and sexy baritone voice, it took all I had not to drop to my knees and worship him.

"Hi, I'm Clay. You must be my new intern" he said authoritatively. I was in love at that very moment with a 30 something year old stranger...until I noticed the ring on his finger as he held out his left hand to shake mine.

"Yessir! My name is Chance Markham. It's such a privilege to be here. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have this..." I rambled as he cut me off.

"Whoa! Cool your jets, dude. You're here because you've earned it. I've read your profile and resume. You don't have to front with me to prove anything. You've already done that. Now, I'm about to head out to smoke if you'd like to join me, maybe? Give you a lay of the land?" He grinned. I would fall in love with that grin.

"Sure" I replied. I didn't smoke, but for him, I'd do anything.

We walked around the premises, talked about sports since we both played ball in high school, discussed my future and then came the looming question.

"So, Chance, you gotta girl?" Clay grinned.

"No, no, not really. I've been too busy studying for that." I nervously puffed on the bummed cigarette.

"Well, man, let me tell you. You aren't missing that much. I'm 34, and me and the misses have been married for almost 10 years now. It's hell. But, it's nice to have someone to go home to, to unwind with...and, there is the sex." He grinned again and belted out a husky laugh. "Besides, a guy like you must get all kinds of ass. Don't just throw that away."

I looked him over, yet again. He was an easy 190 lbs of masculinity. His back, legs, shoulders, arms, chest...it all was so well made. We were closely matched in size. At 6' tall, I too had a well developed physique, chiseled jaw and plump football player's ass. And, yeah, Clay was right. I did get a good bit of ass...just not the kind he was referring to.

We ventured inside and began my internship. For weeks, we got to know each other even more personally. Clay had served in the military...an ex-marine. He was a volunteer firefighter. He and his wife rarely saw each other, and I detected a hint of dissention there. But, not one negative word ever crossed his lips about her. It seemed that he truly loved her...but, from his description, I was left wondering whether she truly loved him.

My initial reaction to his looks and demeanor were enough to captivate me, so it broke my heart to think of this wonderful man not being appreciated. At breaks, at lunch, during late nights and early mornings, we bonded over everything from football to television shows to common, stupid interests. He was my friend...and, though I wanted so much more from a god-like man like him, I respected the boundary there. He was straight. And, though by now I suspected that he knew I wasn't...like him...I figured that was just extraneous knowledge. Clay and I were friends...why would he care if I was gay and worshipped the ground he walked on.

After six months as his intern, Clay approached me that morning to congratulate me on my hard work and achievement. "You and I, mister, are going out tonight!" I had never been around him outside of work. I had grown accustomed to his perfectly pressed khakis and polo shirts.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"I don't care. The wife is out of town for another couple of weeks; I've been roughing it at home by myself. So, I figured I'd let a hotrod like you show me the life I'm missing." He grinned...that damn grin. So, I told him to meet me at my apartment at 8PM, and I would show him what the night life was all about.

As I began to get dressed after my meticulous shower and shave, I realized that I was getting ready for a date...not just hanging out with my friend...but, subconsciously, I was preparing for a date. "That's stupid, Chance. You always go through all of this for a night out. Quit freaking yourself out." And, at that moment, the doorbell rang.

My heart quickened as I raced to the door. "Hey man, c'mon in" I offered. Clay stood there gazing at my unbuttoned shirt, my tanned abs, my Calvin Klein undies peaking out from my jeans. I began buttoning up, and noticed that his gaze hadn't abated. "Clay?"

"Oh, dude, I'm sorry. I kinda zoned out. Long day." He grinned.

"Well, have a seat. I'll be ready in a minute. Would you like something to drink?" I offered.

"Um. Water is fine" he said.

As I stood there pouring a glass for him, I checked him out in the mirror. He filled his jeans out perfectly. The curve of his ass and trunk like legs...the weight of his package filling out his crotch...a fitted white tee that showed his bulging arms when he moved and his developed pectorals when he took a deep breath...the sexy line of his spine between his shoulder blades...the shaved head and the smell of Chrome that he always wore.

I brought in the water, excused myself to finish getting ready and off we went. I took him to my favorite local sports bar, had some beers and bar fare and then to a club just a few doors down. We sat and people watched. We'd comment on drunkards dancing and stupid guy stuff. After awhile, the liquor started to get to us, so we decided to head to the roof top where the club owner had made an awesome pavilion for his smoking patrons.

The night air was cool and the gentle breeze was refreshing from the heat and humidity of the sex-crazed bodies below. "So, Clay? What do you think of my night life?"

He grinned. "Well, I'll say this. I'm missing out on a lot. I have been." I couldn't help but notice his smile was gone. As I searched the face of my dear friend for a clue as he looked off into the distance, I noticed the single tear fall from his eye and traverse the contours of his right cheek.

"What's wrong, Clay?" I hurt for him. This man, in the months I'd known him, had never had less than a smile on his face...and, here we stood atop a club in the dark velvety night, and he seemed broken.

"Have you ever..." he paused for a breath, "have you ever been in the place where you questioned everything in your life? Every choice, every road, every door?"

"Well, yeah, I have actually" I responded not sure where he was going with it.

"And, what did you find out about yourself?" he asked.

"Well, I've learned that living for other people, like Mom and Dad, doesn't work. I've got to live for Chance. Why do you ask?"

"Natalie left me. That's why she's gone. She left earlier this week with signed divorce papers for me...today would have been our 10 year anniversary." He sighed heavily.

"Oh man, Clay, dude...I'm so sorry. What happened? Nevermind, you don't have to answer that." I held my breath...I was getting way too personal.

"No, Chance. It's fine. Well, I guess I got married for the wrong reasons and stayed married for the wrong reasons. I wanted to love someone...and, I wanted to be loved. The problem was that no matter how much I loved her, it wasn't good enough. I was always just a liability to her, I guess. She didn't want children or quality time with me. She didn't want to have sex with me or even eat at the same table as me. But, I was hoping it would change. And, when it didn't...I don't know. I just figured that was my lot in life." He lit another cigarette.

"So, what changed? What caused you to give up?" I asked.

"Nothing changed...but, I did give up. I realized that I was denying the truth. She didn't love me. And, that if she didn't, someone out here in this world would." He took a long drag, and my heart felt like it was going to explode. If he only knew that someone was me.

"Clay, someone out here is going to love you. You're a great guy...any woman on this earth would be happy with a good-looking, hard-working, friendly and caring guy like you..."

"Chance, that's the thing..." he paused to take another long drag. "You're right, I do think someone could love me. But, I've realized that I'm in love with someone, too." My heart sank. But, Clay deserved it...whoever she was, she would get a good man.

"Well, I'm glad for you, Clay. You and Natalie were never right together, I thought. So, now it's time for you to live for Clay." I smiled and rested my hand on his shoulder.

"I just wish I knew how they felt before I put myself out there again. I just don't wanna get hurt, you know?" He sighed. I knew exactly how he felt. "Chance, how would you tell someone that you loved them?"

"Oh, wow. Well, I've never done that before. But, I guess if I was going to tell someone I loved them, I'd have to just blurt it out. Otherwise, I must just chicken..."

"Chance," Clay interrupted, "I love you. I have for months now. You're all I think about...all I dream about. I know...I know...what a catch I must be. A 34 year old divorcee, but..." before he could finish, I leaned in to kiss him. As our lips met, and the heat of each others breath caressed our mouths, I felt Clay's gentle hand on the back of my head and small of my back. Fiercely, consumed with passion, I locked my arms around him, probing my tongue into his mouth and finding him exploring my mouth with his as well.

After several minutes, he pulled his head back, breathing heavily and asked, "Which place is closer? Yours or mine?" Moments later, we were rushing down the stairs to the street to hail a cab. And, as luck would have it, we were being escorted to my apartment within seconds. As we sat in the back, we held hands-my right and his left-and there stood the tan line of a ring that was the symbol of his oppression and my opposition. Where there was a mark of forbidden was now just a simple tan line.

When we reached the apartment, I closed the door and pulled him to the couch. As he lay on me, the weight of this man was sheer ecstasy. I began to kiss him and pull at his shirt. He leaned up, pulled it off and revealed a wall of muscle and fur, his abs contracting with every breath. He stayed there, simply looking at me, and grinned. "Chance, I've never..."

"It's okay, Clay. It's okay." I whispered. He collapsed on top of me again, kissing me furiously, biting at my neck and making me groan and writhe. He began pulling at my shirt and once it was off, began bathing my pecs and abs in kisses down to the happy trail at my navel. I sat up, pulling his arm along with me and led him to the bedroom.

We stood there, at the foot of my bed, locked in an embrace that defined the moment as more than sex. It was love. As his massive hands explored my back and ample mounds in my jeans, I nuzzled his neck and nipples. "I love you, Chance" he said. I stopped and looked into those fiery blue eyes that dazzled in the low light.

"I love you, too, Clay." He swept me up in his arms and carried me to the bed and lay me down. As he stood next to me, my trembling hands began to unfasten the belt around his narrow waist as he kicked off his shoes. I unbutton the jeans and unzipped them to release his 8" uncut cock and plum sized balls.

I engulfed him, taking him into my throat with muffled sounds of my own pleasure escaping around him. He moaned and whimpered as he rubbed my shoulders and the back of my head, thrusting himself into my waiting mouth. I licked his shaft and lay on my back as I sucked on his perfectly shaved balls.

"Oh my God," he muttered as he began crawling on the bed to me. In a perfect 69, he undid my pants, sliding down my underwear and began kissing the head of my waiting cock before plummeting down upon it like a hungry beggar. The sounds of slurping and moaning filled the room as we dug our fingers into each other and gave ourselves up the wild passion between us.

As I released his tool from my mouth, I said, "Clay, I want you inside of me...I need you." And, with that, he lifted my legs and began probing my tight hole with his tongue and fingers. Again, I began to moan as this mammoth of a man knew what I wanted and showed every intention of giving it to me.

He moved himself from on top of me and turned around, again laying his weight on me as I embraced him. As he sat up, holding my legs open exposing my waiting hole, his blue eyes met my brown eyes, locked in a gaze of love...and, he grinned. As he positioned his helmet head at my hole, he bore down on me, stretching me with unimaginable kindness and care while never breaking the gaze we had with one another.

Once his head was inside of me, my mind was spinning at what was transpiring...this god of a man loved me and was making love to me. He began to lean in as he pushed deeper inside of my body until the hilt met its resting place. As I writhed and gasped for breath at the sheer pain of this man, he lovingly kissed my forehead and began thrusting forward and withdrawing just so to make me beg for more.

With each thrust, my body willing accepted him...I was his. And, Clay never once broke his gaze at me. My hands explored his sinewy back and grasped his haunches to make him go deeper, harder, faster. Our breath quickened as I felt his hand grab my aching cock and begin to stroke it. His thrusts became much deeper, and quicker, as he found his rhythm and fucked the adoring college kid that I was.

As his pace quickened, my own orgasm was impending. "Clay, I'm gonna cum. Oh my God, I'm gonna cum..." I warned. As he leaned in for one last kiss, his body began to tighten, and I felt his rod pulse within me. His triumphant growls ebbed with his orgasm as I felt rope after rope collide with my insides...the sensation that brought me to my breaking point as he stroked my hard cock. I began to shoot my load, spurting it on his furry chest and abs and on my own.

As our bodies reveled in the sexual bliss, he began to sink to his side pulling me close to him...kissing me passionately. We lay there...in the silence and stillness with my head on his chest. And, it was the sound of his breathing and heartbeat that I heard last as I drifted off to sleep in his arms.

That was three years ago that my king of a man became mine...and, even as I write this, he sits quietly reading in another room waiting for us to go to bed. And, that my friends, that is true love. Goodnight...



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