For the umpteenth time I got up from my chair and strode to the window at the sound of yet another bus pulling up at the stop outside my flat. From my vantage point on the first floor I could see the passengers disembarking and heading off in various directions, no doubt going home to their loved ones I thought with more than a little annoyance.

Where was Scott? I wondered to myself. He's never normally this late and he hasn't even bothered to call or text me today of all days. Hmmph! Scowling I glanced at my watch, 6.45pm, home alone on a Friday night, how sad - but not for much longer I decided. Giving him another five minutes to arrive I stood impatiently watching the passing traffic before turning my attention to a couple sitting on a bench at the entrance to Heaton Park. Totally oblivious to the world around them they sat kissing and cuddling before eventually disappearing hand in hand into the twilight blurred park.

Another bus arrived, stopped and drove off but still no sign of Scott. That's it! I'm not hanging on any longer I announced to the empty room before making my way to the bedroom to change into my favourite 'hitting Canal Street' gear. Skin tight faded jeans designed to accentuate my packet and pert derriere (my best attribute in my opinion), electric blue cashmere jumper and designer trainers. Standing in front of the bedroom mirror I admired my reflection practising what I imagined to be seductive expressions. Growing bored of this childish game I turned my attention to the all important hair style.

My mobile buzzed as a text message arrived, he better have a bloody good excuse or I will not be happy! Well happiness was not on the menu because it was Nigel asking where and what time we are meeting up this evening. I thought for a minute calculating the tram times and how long it would take me to get into Manchester City centre and walk from Piccadilly Gardens to Canal Street. I replied saying that I'd meet him at 9.00pm outside GeMMini 69 wine bar and asked who else was coming. He text straight back, saying that as far as he knew it was just Julian and himself. Great I thought, things gets better and better! Julian was one of those guys who is lovely sober but once he's had a few to drink becomes loud and obnoxious before getting aggressive when totally pissed out of his head. I just know that Nigel and I will be watching how many he's drunk before attempting to get him home before he starts a fight with someone (probably the guy who has just rejected his drunken advances). Ho hum, at least it will be better than going drinking on my own I concluded and replied to Nigel's text to say that's cool and will see him soon.

The last thing I did before locking the front door behind me was to leave a note on the kitchen side which read:

'Scott, have gone into town for a drink with the boys. Will be back late, don't wait up. Love Ryan xxx'


At least that should make him feel guilty for standing me up I smiled to myself as I walked briskly down Old Bury Road to the nearest tram stop. I smiled cheerily to the driver as I boarded the tram to be greeted with a sullen scowl, happiness is all that keeps you going old man I thought as I stuck my nose up in the air and found a clean(ish) seat before the tram moved off again. The journey itself was uneventful, I have done this so many times I can name each stop on the journey - Bowker Vale, Crumpsall, Abraham Moss, Woodlands Road, Victoria, Shudehill, Market Street and finally Piccadilly Gardens. My stop at last and as I alight from the tram I can't help but notice a rather handsome blonde guy, perhaps in his mid-thirties, watch me through the window before looking away again.

Piccadilly Gardens and the surrounding roads were heaving with late night shoppers and party goers all buzzing with the energy that Friday nights in a city can create. I love the atmosphere when it's like this, it lifts my spirits and everything is alright with the world. Tracing my way through the crowds I walked briskly along Portland Street and then down Chorlton Street where there were less people before reaching my destination, Canal Street and in particular the wine bar which was already looking busy despite the fact that it was only just after 9.00pm. Waving frantically in my direction was Julian with one hand and with the other hand holding a bottle of Budweiser, ever the classy gent I thought to myself, who else would drink a bottle of beer in a wine bar? Grinning despite myself I pushed my way through the crowd and gave a heartfelt hug to Nigel and Julian.

Nigel I would have to say is my best mate, we came out of our closets at school together and have shared the highs and lows of being openly gay ever since. He stands out in a crowd wherever he goes but seems totally oblivious to it all, he's around six foot tall and very stocky, not particularly muscular but not flabby either. But what makes him stand out so much is his flame red hair which acts like a beacon as he has it gelled into a type of crest which was fashionable a few years ago. Like me he has his favourite outfits which are predominantly either black or dark grey in theme, he says it contrasts with his hair and reflects his view on the world. Julian is the complete opposite, in that he merges totally into the crowd because he tends to wear fashionable but conservative clothes. He too is about six foot tall, making me the shortest of the trio, but he is slim bordering on skinny, light brown hair with no particular style but his one outstanding feature are his eyes, they are a striking blue colour which many people have mistakenly assumed to be due to coloured contact lenses. Nigel and Julian were once an item for a few months before both realised they weren't compatible and it fizzled out to become a genuine deep rooted friendship which has stood the test of time.

With drinks in hand we made our way outside and found an empty table where we could comfortably chat and watch the world go by. Giving me a thoughtful look Nigel asked where Scott was, noting my scowl he went on to say that he thought something was up from the tone of my texts.

I shrugged my shoulders and replied 'I neither know nor care because I haven't seen or heard from him since I left for work this morning. I will give him a piece of my mind when I do catch up with him!'

'Ooh, I bet you will!' Julian snorted in a rather camp imitation of me before continuing 'Not that I blame you of course, but it does seem out of character considering that he is the most thoughtful guy I know.'

'You took the words right out of my mouth' Nigel added 'it's a shame he's not here to join in the celebrations but never mind; we don't want it to spoil the evening. Come on drink up, the next round is on me.'

We didn't need second telling so we downed the remainder of our drinks while Nigel went to get more. There was a natural quiet lull in the conversation and my gaze turned to the passersby idly sizing up the guys and comparing them to Scott. To my irritation I found them wanting in one way or other and finally came to the conclusion that I was better off with the guy I had (even if I didn't know where he was at this precise moment). Just then I felt a tap on my leg, it was Julian trying to gain my attention.

Leaning over he whispered in my ear 'I think you have an admirer, no, don't look over straight away, but sitting two tables away is a gorgeous blonde guy who has been watching you ever since we sat down here.'

Nodding in acknowledgement I casually scanned the passersby once more before naturally bringing my gaze round to take in the other tables lined up outside the wine bar. I nearly did a double take, for the guy sitting two tables away was the same guy I had seen on the tram. Mmm small world, I thought, but then on second thoughts considering this is the main gay street in Manchester it's not all that surprising for him to choose one of the earlier opening establishments to have a drink at. Well if it's good enough for us...... I processed this thought in the time it took me to continue glancing round the place but not once did I catch blondie looking in my direction.

'Are you sure he's been clocking me?' I asked Julian 'I don't think he's interested, not that I am of course, because he's not looked in my direction once as far as I'm aware.'

'Here what are you two whispering about?' Nigel asked as he placed the tray of drinks down on the table being careful not to spill them.

I said nothing as I sipped my glass of red wine, but Julian ever the gossip held his bottle of Budweiser went to drink from it but then put it down, grinning broadly spilled the beans to Nigel.

Raising his eyebrows in mock surprise he said 'So where's the guy with the white stick then?'

'Cheeky beggar!' I retorted not able to hold my tongue any longer 'He's sitting behind you two tables away and got blonde hair, rather dishy I think.'

Nigel looked over his shoulder in the direction we had indicated but quickly turned back again with a puzzled expression on his face.

'Well if he was there before he isn't now. You've lucked out there Ryan, no hot date for you tonight!!'

I peered round Nigel to see for myself, but he was right the table was empty, no sign of the guy at all.

'That's just so typical!' I groaned theatrically. 'Missing boyfriend and now missing admirer, what else can go wrong?' I said before pretending to sob into my wine glass.

It had the desired effect as the three of us burst into a fit of giggles and started to discuss the good and bad points of guys we could see inside the bar. Before long our glasses (and bottle) were empty and it was my turn to buy the round. Taking the tray of empties with me I jostled my way through the throng of people standing near the bar, as I waited to be served I used the mirrors behind the optics to see if there were any faces I recognised. Only the usual ones I see from time to time in the various venues on this street. When I caught their eye I would wave back with a grin and a nod in acknowledgement. Finally the young girl behind the bar took my order with a rather harassed smile and plonked the glasses down on the tray in such a hurry that some of the wine was spilt. I was about to protest when I realised that she had already moved on and was talking to the next customer. Scowling a little to myself I picked up the tray, as I did so I felt a tingle race down my spine for I had looked up and straight into the blonde guy's eyes who had been watching me in the mirror!

'Sorry Sir, I didn't mean to make you jump, do forgive me please' he said in a distinctly masculine slow southern US drawl.

All a fluster now I could feel myself flushing red with embarrassment, not helped by the fact that I already have permanently rosy cheeks (thanks mum for that bit of genetic inheritance!).

'No, yes, no I mean there's no need for forgiveness, yes you made me jump but no it wasn't you who caused the wine to be spilt. That was done by the bar girl in too much of a hurry. No harm done I can assure you.'

I tried not to look into his big brown eyes which contrasted with his light blonde hair made all the more paler by the bright white lights surrounding the bar area. I felt that if I looked into his eyes I would either melt into gibbering pool of pink mush on the floor or spontaneously explode with the epicentre being my cock. I just hoped he couldn't read my mind! Time seemed to stretch on endlessly ahead of me then snapped back in an instance when I realised he was talking again.

'...... busy in here. It's got a nice atmosphere though.'

'Yes, I guess it has.' Was all I could find to answer with, praying that I had responded appropriately.

'Well, it's been swell bumping into you, I know you're with your friends right now but perhaps if you're available some other time we could go for a drink just the two of us?' he asked. 'Here's my business card, my numbers on it. My name's Austin by the way. Have a think about it.'

'Uh okay Austin; sorry you've caught me on the hop, yeah that would be nice. I'm Ryan and I'm not normally this tongue tied.....' I trailed off hoping I wasn't coming over as goofy as I felt.

'No problem, catch you later.'

With that he smiled and wandered over the bar to get a drink while I made my way back to our table where my two friends were all too evidently bursting with excitement.

'Come on, spill the beans!' Nigel announced.

'We saw you, you little tart!' Julian chipped in before spotting the business card laying face down on the tray.

With a gleeful cry he snatched the card from the tray before I had time to react and held it as far from me as possible, before his eyebrows rose in astonishment.

'Well? So what fascinating bit of information that has caught your interest?' I asked trying to sound as if I didn't care one way or other.

'According to the card' Julian glanced up at me then at Nigel before continuing. 'Your admirer is a bit of a high flyer. His full name is Austin Mannuelo, he has a PhD in Psychology and is employed by the Texas State University. He has a mobile number and an email address, apart from that nothing else.'

'So what did he say and why has he given you his business card? As if I couldn't guess!' Nigel said chuckling.

'Oh you know, the usual' I replied airily 'how wonderful I am. How he wants to worship the ground I walk on etc. Seriously though, he said that he knew I was with friends tonight but would like to go for a drink with me another time if I'm available.'

'At what point did you mention to him that you already have a boyfriend by the name of Scott?' Julian asked frowning.

'Honestly I never got a chance to say anything. One minute he was standing behind me, next minute he was gone with just enough time to say that he'd like to go for a drink, hand me a card and then disappear again.' I replied shrugging my shoulders.

'But would you have told him given the chance?' Julian asked.

Hesitating a moment too long I responded 'Of course, what do you take me for?'

'A bit of a tart, given your previous history!' Nigel retorted grinning wickedly.

'True..... you may have a point, but that is all in the past. Honestly! Can we change the subject now please? I'm getting bored with all the fuss.' I announced deciding it was time to divert attention away from me and past activities, after all with so many people around us I couldn't be sure who might over hear my sordid secrets.

Julian took the hint, glancing at his watch he pointed out that it was now after 10.30pm and time for us to be heading for the 'Gay Guns' Night Club where it would still be happy hour with drinks half price until 11pm. Downing the last of my wine I stood up (rather unsteadily) and led the way to the club famous for its muscle mutts and their admirers. Having paid our £5 entrance fees we pushed past (something I really hated having to do) the crowds of tight T-shirts and even tighter jeans, all smelling gorgeous and looking even more so!

I was salivating at the sight of the mouth-watering packets by the time we had bought drinks and made our way to the main dance floor. For the next couple hours we drank, danced, drank, sat and people watched, drank and drank some more. Somewhere around midnight I crossed the point of no return and lost all track of Julian and Nigel in the crowds without noticing their absence. I felt no sense of concern firstly I was too drunk and secondly 'Gay Guns' was my favourite haunt so it felt like home to me. I was happily dancing in my own little world until someone abruptly bumped into me. I whirled round in response trying to maintain my balance, while ready to give the guy some verbal abuse but I was stopped in my tracks by a simple

'Hello Ryan, we meet again!'

Despite my drunken state I recognised the southern drawl. He had grabbed hold of my arm to steady me and I did nothing to break away. All I could think of was those big brown eyes and how handsome he was. Finally I managed to connect my mouth to my brain and say

'Hey Austin! How long have you been here? Great place isn't it?'

'Oh I've been here a little while taking in the view. I liked what I saw so I decided to stay. I'm glad I did.' He smiled leaving me in no doubt of his meaning.

I felt his other arm snake round my waist and pull me closer to him; I looked up in surprise just as he leant down and kissed me hard on the lips. My arms which had been hanging down reflexively reached up and wrapped themselves round his neck pulling him closer still. The world around me melted away leaving my senses totally focused on his lips crushed against mine and his invading tongue exploring my mouth. My cock was now rock solid and straining against the denim material while my hands felt every inch of his head and torso before settling on his tight buns. Despite myself I groaned lustfully and thrust my hips into his no longer caring if I was creating a spectacle of myself. I don't think I was the only one for Austin was equally full on, only occasionally coming up for air.

Reluctantly I had to pull away wiping my mouth on the back of my hand, smiling apologetically as I did so, for if I hadn't done I would have cum in my shorts. A large wet patch in my jeans would not have been an attractive sight!


Austin gave me a searching look before asking me if I would like to go somewhere a little more private and perhaps we could get to know each other better. Logic and reason had long since left me to be replaced by pure drunken lust. I couldn't think of anything but getting this gorgeous man out of his clothes and fucking him senseless! In answer to his question I simply nodded and let him lead me off the dance floor, out of the club and into the cool night air. Canal Street was relatively quiet and no one paid attention to us as we walked along hand in hand stopping every few steps for another passionate kiss.

Austin seemed to know exactly where he was going, leaving Canal Street and cutting down back streets in the direction of the hotel district. The cool air and exercise were beginning to sober me up and slowly thoughts of Scott filtered into my brain. He must have sensed the change in me, because he became more amorous and as we walked past the entrance to a darkened alley he steered me into it before pushing me against a wall and sliding a hand down the front of my jeans. Instantly I sprang to attention to again, wrapping my arms around him I kissed him again and again.

'Ere lads! Look what I've found, a couple of poofs! I think it's time they were taught a lesson!' a loud voice suddenly shouted in my ear.

Paralysed with shock and the beginnings of fear I looked in the direction of the voice. I wish I hadn't. Standing just a couple of feet away was the menacing figure of a thug dressed in trackie bottoms and a hoody. The hood covered his head and shadows obscured his face. Two similarly dressed figures emerged out of the shadows surrounding us and now I really was scared.

'Hey guys' Austin began raising his hands in the air placatingly 'There's no need to be like... ooof!'

His words were cut off mid-sentence, a fist had punched him hard in the stomach, winding him and he collapsed to the ground writhing in pain. The fight or flight instinct kicked in, with flight being the preferred option, unfortunately the selection process had taken too long because as I turned to flee I felt a hand grab me by the wrist, spinning me around and then I heard an evil chuckle.

'Where do you think you're going sweetheart? Don't you want to play? Eh? Well? ANSWER ME!!' he shouted in my face.

'Uh, nowhere I guess.' I replied gulping audibly.

'Got in one!' he laughed menacingly 'Now get down on your knees, I got something for you.'

As he said this I heard a groaning noise from Austin as he stumbled to his feet catching his breath. Unsurprisingly he had a very pissed off expression on his face but as he squared up to my tormentor the other two thugs stepped in between them and pushed him backwards out of the alleyway and telling him to go and not look back if he knew what was good for him. He threw me a guilty glance before admitting defeat and making a hasty exit, leaving me to my fate.

I was rooted to the spot from fear, my mind a complete blank. Now that we were alone the three thugs surrounded me and dragged me further down the alleyway deeper into the shadows hidden from any possible salvation. I was shoved roughly against a wall and forced onto my knees, despite myself I whimpered in fear making them laugh in sadistic pleasure. The thug who had shouted at me stared down at me not caring if I saw his face or not. I tried to outstare him but failed miserably and looked towards the alley entrance praying someone would appear, of course no one did. I heard rustling of material and looked back reflexively to see him slowly pushing his trackie bottoms down to his ankles, his cock and balls swung freely in front of my face, he was already semi-erect in anticipation.

Leaning forward he took hold of my head in both hands and guided me towards his rapidly expanding cock. My stomach churned because I could smell a mixture of stale sweat and urine, god knows how long it had been since he last washed! Yuk! The choice to refuse him was not mine to make, for as quickly as the smell hit me his cockhead was pressing against my lips and his fists were tightening their grip in my hair. Youch! It hurt and my mouth opened in response allowing my assailant entry. He thrust his cock into my mouth in one rough shove hitting the back of my throat before withdrawing and then thrusting in again. I gagged and choked but he paid no attention to my plight, simply slapping my face hard and telling me to take it all like the fag that I was. One of the thugs had his back to us keeping a look out while the other had his hands down his trousers playing with himself and saying words of encouragement to the one fucking my mouth. On and on he fucked, despite myself I grew accustomed to his taste no longer noticing it and began to co-operate by giving him a proper blow job. Realising my receptiveness the level of aggression reduced and I even received words of praise. Before long I noticed a change in the tempo and braced myself for the inevitable, sure enough within a few strokes he held my head while he buried his cock fully down my throat shooting load after load of jism into me. With a final shudder he withdrew, pulled his trackie bottoms up quickly and stepped to one side. Then before I could react thug number two took his place and slipped his cock into my mouth, he smelt just as strongly but his cock was smaller so it was a more comfortable face fuck.

While he was fucking my face the lookout switched places with thug number one and started stroking himself in readiness. After what seemed an eternity the cock in my mouth spat its jism, unfortunately for me it landed on my tongue and not down my throat, it tasted foul! Without thinking I spat it out retching, what a mistake that was. I heard an angry grunt as he realised that his fluids had just hit the floor with a splat, then a split second later the flat of his hand made contact with my face and I was sent sprawling to the ground. Sheez that stung!

'Let that be a lesson to you punk, don't ever do that again....' he growled menacingly as he stood over me before pulling me upright by my collar.

'Now lick my dick nice and clean, no funny business or you'll get another slap.'

My stomach heaved and I could taste bile in my mouth but the thought of getting another slap was enough to galvanise me into action. Closing my eyes and trying not to think about what lay ahead I stuck my tongue out tentatively licking the now flaccid and slimy dick still dripping its bitter fluid. This clearly didn't satisfy him because with one hand he forcefully shoved my face into his sweaty crutch and didn't release me until I had licked him clean.

I just knelt there as he pulled his trousers up and stepped away allowing the third thug to take his place. Mentally I braced myself for the onslaught as he tugged his jeans down around his ankles and stood there in his boxer shorts. Even in the darkness of the alley I could make out the sizeable bulge in the front of his shorts and unconsciously licked my lips in anticipation, somewhere in the darkness I heard a snigger; I guess my action must have been noticeable.

'Well do you want it?' thug number three said with a distinctly Scouser accent. 'If so come and get it!'

Embarrassed but unable to deny it I nodded and reached for the waistband of his boxers, only to have my hand slapped away just as they brushed the material.

'Not so fast sunshine' he laughed 'I haven't given you permission to touch me or my clothes yet. Go on then, ask me, you know you're going to.'

Now feeling totally humiliated but keen to see what lay behind the material through gritted teeth I said 'Please can I pull your shorts down and suck your cock?'

'As you asked so nicely, yes you can.' He replied standing with his hands clasped behind his back.

I reached up again and slowly pulled his shorts down to reveal his still flaccid cock and hefty balls.......

Please note that this is a short extract (three chapters) to give you a flavour of the story. If you would like to read the complete story please visit my website.



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