Ok let me start this story from the beginning. I'm a twenty-seven year old college grad with a tight slim athletic build six foot even and 165 pounds. I have a shaggy haircut, a piercing or two, and a couple of awesome tats. I'm the senior IT guy at my company's Dallas office. My team of three supports 230 users and I pretty much call the shots. I would say that I've done pretty well for myself.

So tonight at the bus stop on my way home, this young skater-dude was being severely hassled by four young thugs. In no time it was a fight and skater-dude was on the short end. I've had hand-to-hand combat training so I stepped in and after a couple of grotesque sounding bone breaks the fight was over. I did get some menacingly aggressive looks and one would-be-hero pulled a chrome pistol, but before he could pull it free I had pulled my twelve inch wooden club I keep tucked on my sling-bag, it is about the diameter of a thick garden tool handle and weighted with an iron core, I threw it underhand at him. It tumbled in the space between us and hit him square in the forehead leaving a big red welt. He went down like a sack of potatoes then I kicked the pistol away. I took two long strides and retrieved my 'stick' without taking my eyes off the crowd. I backed away as I stowed my weapon then I focused upon skater-dude and offered a hand, with a look of gratitude on his face he took my hand and I hauled his scrawny butt off the ground. The transit police had been across the quad, seeing the fight break out and come to a quick end couldn't respond to it nearly as fast as they wanted. Several people gave witness statements, and four twenty-something busted up young men went to jail via the hospital. The officer wanted to give me grief about my little stick, but I made a good case for myself and said that I could have my attorney call his friend the DA and the four of us could discuss it in his office.

Well that killed my evening, I thought. I settled back in the line to wait for my bus. As I stood there I overheard skater-dude tell the officer that he was new in town started a job earlier in the week. He made the remark that it might be too late to get a place at the shelter. I stepped back over to skater-dude and the two officers, "Excuse me, he can stay with me tonight if you finish with him before my bus gets here."

There it was again, the face of gratitude. "Thank you sir." He said.

I frowned, "My name is Marc Dietz, not sir. Hell I'm not much older than you. Here is my bus, officer are you finished with skater-dude here?"

The one officer chuckled, "Yes sir, we have enough information if there are any more questions we will call you."

Skater-dude and I boarded the bus, "I can't keep calling you skater-dude so what's your name?"

"Oh yea sorry, I'm David Peters. I just arrived in Dallas six days ago. I have a job but no place to stay."

"So how did you manage that?"

"I had scrapped up a little for room and board. My contact here flaked and I had to spend all I had on a bus pass, hotel and food, it's all gone now."

"I see. Well David Peters, I was going to go home and order a pizza and eat it in front of the TV with a fire in the fireplace. You may join me, get cleaned up, eat, and have a safe warm place to sleep tonight."

"Thank you Mister Dietz, I'm very grateful."

"Just call me Marc. I have a soft spot for strays and you looked like you need a hand."

We talked all during the bus ride. I found out he had just turned twenty and he had left home at fifteen, escaping abusive parents, he moved in with his older sister and brother in law. He had decided to leave because his sister was expecting a child soon and he felt he needed to move on.

After the short walk from the bus stop to my home and a rowdy introduction to Boober my two year old Dalmatian I asked him to start a fire while I ordered a pizza. I offered him a beverage and put it on the coffee table and continued our conversation. The pizza arrived on time and I put Boober outside in the yard. I paid the delivery guy and sat the box on the coffee table; wasting no time at all we tore into it.

He ate his pieces of pizza with vigor, which I took to mean that he wasn't eating well. As we ate I found out that his modest belongings were all with him in the large gym bag he carried. Once the pizza was history I directed him to the washer and drier, the bathroom, and the spare room. "Mister David Peters, I am going to stick my neck out here and tell you that you can stay here until such time that you can afford to find your own place. It seems that we have the same schedule so we can ride together. Even though you seem trustworthy, I will spell out the rules. No drugs, drink responsibly and in moderation, and lastly theft or destruction of property will be met with harsh consequences."

"I understand but I have no money until the end of next month. I can't even begin to repay you for your kindness."

"Then I'll take a piece of ass."

That set him off. He had an angry and betrayed look on his face, he stood up shaking with anger as his eyes began to well up. He picked up his bag and violently slung it onto his shoulder. "Thank you for your help this evening but I will be going now."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Dinner and the offer for a place to stay tonight were freely offered with no strings. I assure you that you are safe here. Stay, it will be pretty cold tonight. You can leave in the morning after a good night's sleep and a hot shower. Wash your clothes if you want, I'm sure your boss would appreciate presentable attire."

He seemed to hesitate and calm down. He wiped the tears from his cheeks. With resignation, "I would be a fool to pass this up for a cold night on the street." Pausing there seeming to think through his decision, "I will leave in the morning."

"Fine with me, I leave here at 6:45. Until then, the laundry room, guest bath, and guest room is yours. While you are taking care of that I will clean up the kitchen, get you a fresh towel, and put fresh sheets on the guest bed."

The remainder of the evening was quiet. I sat on the couch reading as I listened to the fire crackle. David had sequestered himself in the guest room. Just as well, I enjoy my evenings as quiet as possible. Boober had settled down and was content with chewing up a rawhide bone, getting up from time to time to sniff at the closed guest bedroom door.

The fire had died down to a bed of hot coals and a softball-sized hunk of wood, which stubbornly flared up with random three inch gouts of flame. I decided to go to bed and read a bit longer. I was well into my book when there was a meek tap on my door, "Come in."

David walked in wearing a stained white T-shirt and a pair of my flannel jammie pants I had loaned him. He wordlessly stood about a foot from my bed, his face full of emotion and puffy bloodshot eyes. Without warning he pulled his T-shirt off and pushed his pants to the floor standing there naked and self-conscious he said, "I have never done anything like this before."

It was my turn to be emotional, the pain and heartbreak coming from him was palatable. Torn by his emotional pain and his utter beauty, I laid my book on the nightstand. "David please put your clothes back on." I got out of bed and faced him as he quickly pulled up his pants. I reached up and wiped the tears away. "David I said that to you to see if you were for real. I now see that you are far more real and desperate than I imagined." I lifted his chin so I could look him in the eye. "David, I would never take advantage of you or anyone for that matter, and on the other hand I do not wish to be taken advantage of either. If you will accept my apology for my crass suggestion this evening, I invite you to stay as long as necessary for you to get on your feet. No strings attached, just help out around the house as needed and that will be sufficient." I held out my hand to shake on the deal and instead I got a huge emotional hug. "I guess that I am forgiven and you accept." I said with a smile.

"Ok, it is lights out for me. I will see you in the morning, sleep well." I sat down on my bed and slid my feet under the sheets, I noticed David hesitate briefly as he turned to leave.

About an hour later I woke as David crawled into my bed, he settled in and fluffed the second pillow. "Please don't kick me out." He said, sounding like a scared child. Against my better judgment, I pulled him in against me and spooned him. He responded by pushing his body even closer to me and let out a long sigh, "I feel safe with you." He said after several minutes and not long after that his breathing became slower and his body relaxed, seemingly all at once he was asleep.

I was quite beside myself as well as being very aroused. After several unsuccessful attempts I finally succeeded in willing my brain to shut-the-fuck-up and I fell into an almost peaceful sleep.

I awoke in the morning on my back, David still asleep with his face resting on my chest. His leg wrapped over mine, I could feel his morning wood pressing into my thigh. I had about forty minutes before the alarm was to go off, so I just held him. I stroked his hair and lightly rubbed his back, pulling his t-shirt back down. I felt solid muscle under my caress, I really wanted to squeeze his nice round ass. Soon my morning wood was as hard as his and I could feel that mine had begun leaking.

He began to stir, he must have noticed that his erection was pressing against me because he lifted his head and smiled. He laid back on my chest in an exaggerated snuggle and ground himself against my hip then slipped his hand under my shirt. Now I have a mostly smooth chest but there is a little patch of hair between my pecs and just a few stray hairs around my nipples, and a nice trail of downy fuzz which thickened as it went down then becoming really thick from my navel downward. David's hands slowly explored my chest; he played with the hair in the center of my chest and soon found the tuft of fur on my belly, which he seemed to like since he played with it a little longer. His hand went back up under my shirt and found a nipple. I let out a soft moan and when he pinched it produced a sharp gasp from me. "David," I said in a ragged voice, "you are going to have to stop." He ignored me and pushed my shirt up exposing my other nipple, which he suckled then nipped it playfully with his teeth. The pleasure-pain sent me thru the roof as I arched my back. "Ok... you really have to stop now."

He reluctantly complied as he crossed his arms on my chest and rested his chin on them. "I thought a lot about it and I understand why you said what you did last night. I was mad at you for suggesting sex as payment. I have never been with anyone before. Yea sure I have thought a lot about it but never acted on it. Now laying here with you, I can see that it is all good and it feels right. I don't know what all the fuss is about."

"I am sorry for putting you through that."

"Can I try something?"

"That depends." I said skeptically

David shifted his weight onto his elbows and brought his lips to mine. They parted and his tongue slowly slid past my lips. He kissed me with such tenderness and passion it took my breath away. David ended his embrace and lifted his head to look me in the eyes and said "Thank you for treating me with respect and dignity."

This kid really blew me away. He rolled onto his back and we both stared at the ceiling until I felt a familiar sensation. He had pulled his shirt up exposing his blond down covered chest, his penis was in his hand and began to masturbate. I looked at his respectably large uncut manhood and then to his face. What a mischievous grin he wore! I figured, hell, when in Rome...

I pulled my cock out and no sooner did it slap my stomach he had his fist wrapped around it. I knew that at this rate I wouldn't last long at all. I leaned over and licked, sucked, and nipped at his nipple as he had done with mine only moments before. David started bucking and breathing raggedly just before he shouted out his release. He shot several thick ropes of molten cum, a few hit him in the face. I maneuvered up and licked a large amount off his baby-smooth cheek and while the glob of his seed was still on my tongue I kissed him deeply, he went wild causing my orgasm to take me. We rolled together in the chilling cum between us never breaking the passionate embrace.

I was in a place I hadn't been in many years, and hated the feeling of separation when we parted. My head was spinning. I really wanted to stay in that moment forever and not go to work, but the alarm just went off and insisted that I get up. "Alright David it is time to shower off this mess. Will you join me?"

"Sure." He got up and kicked his boxers off from around his ankles, I sighed, such beauty. He was back in moments, towel in hand and penis swinging along with his large pendulous balls. I had gotten in the shower first and quickly shaved. I hung up my razor as he stepped in. I nudged David's head under the water as I reached for the shampoo.

He noticed a hose device draped over the dual showerhead and asked, "What is this?"

"That is for cleaning yourself out, a douche for the other end."

"That's weird!"

"Not really, it makes anal sex cleaner and more enjoyable. Now come here." I said. I pulled his forehead to my shoulder so I could wash his hair and massage his scalp. He enjoyed it so much his knees nearly gave out.

"So you use that hose and get fucked?"

"Yea but I like both, depends on my mood."

He let me soap him head to toe before he took the soap and explored every inch of my body. As he kneeled to wash my legs he became faced with my plumped uncut cock, he paused only a heartbeat or two before he took it into his mouth. David took to the new experience exceptionally well, I certainly was impressed with his new found talent as my cock began to rise and harden again. I grasped him under the arms and pulled him to his feet, "Ok David, don't be an over achiever! We both have to get to work."

He smiled impishly, "that's the first time I sucked cock... I like it, a lot!"

I looked down at my now throbbing member, my foreskin fully retracted, "I liked it too... but later."

"Marc," he paused and chewed on his lip. "Would you fuck me?"

"My cock says YES, YES, YES, but my head says to tell you to wait. You're only a virgin once. You should really be sure who you give that honor to."

"Would you let me fuck you?"

"Yes, in time."

Now David was hard again, the foreskin only covering half of his bulbous cockhead. "Looks like you need to go again but unfortunately we have to go to work, so go on and get dressed, I will cook dinner tonight and we can talk more."

I packed lunches and a breakfast snack for David and me as we both fought our urges to stay home in bed. We continued our conversation on the bus and before we parted for the day I gave my phone numbers to him.

At work I began my day as usual if not a little preoccupied from earlier in the morning. Janice Beaumont, the CFO's admin stopped by to get my budget plan for the next fiscal year and sat down for a chat. "You look distracted, absolutely aglow! What's going on?"

I chuckled. "God Janice, I think I stepped into it this time. I rescued some kid from a four on one ass beating at the bus stop last night. It was bad... broken bones and a pistol."

"Oh My God Marc what happened?"

"There was this twenty-something skater-dude on the ground and four twenty-something thugs kickin his ass. I broke a few of their bones and when I saw that chrome pistol come out I hit that guy dead center on the forehead with my stick, knocked him out cold and maybe a cranial fracture."

"Jesus! Don't ever let me make you mad."

"The police wanted to take me in because of my stick until I mentioned my attorney being friends with the DA. They called the supervisor, he and I had a little chat, and apparently they have had trouble with these four guys before but couldn't do anything. So I let this skater-dude come to my place... GOD what am I thinking? I am such a sucker for strays! He has a job but has had a string of bad luck. He is a real sweet kid, never asked for a thing, and you should have seen him devour that pizza I got last night, I think I only got two pieces. He ate like he hadn't eaten in days." I paused shaking my head, "I feel like I did a good thing, but like all good things they tend to come to an end... I just hope I'm not sorry. If you want to meet him, he will be by here to grab the bus together."

"Marc Dietz, you ole softie, you can bet your knickers I will be here!" Her eyes twinkled in a way that only made me worry.

At 16:00 on the dot David walked into the office and I heard him asking the receptionist for me. I stopped what I was doing and walked into the outer office, "Hello David, come on back. I walked him through the office introducing him while I watched the interactions. I was quite impressed, he was warm and friendly and professional. I noticed Janice walking in his direction, which made me a little nervous, we were good friends and as such we enjoyed being catty with each other. I wondered how she would try to embarrass me this time since there was plenty of ammunition as of late. I decided to meet her head on. "David Peters, this is Janice Beaumont the CFO's admin and a very good friend of mine."

"I'm pleased to meet you ma'am."

"A young man with good old fashioned southern charm, I like you already David." She smiled and shook his hand. "Marc, you are robbing the cradle with this one."

ARGH! There, she did it! My face heated up. I'm sure my cheeks were a bright crimson. But it was David who bowled me over with his retort.

"Not yet, but I am hoping!" he flashed that mischievous grin again.

My sexuality is no secret but I don't wear it on my sleeve either, "Oh you two are killin me here!"

The office sounded like the audience at the Improv and I was the punch line. I feigned indignation not nearly as long as I had planned before I busted out laughing too. "Ok wise guy, let's leave these eager workers to it. I know that some of them realize that it is four-fifteen on Friday, and I can see them jittering like thoroughbreds in the starting chute. I still have to approve payroll before I can go." I excused myself, David stayed a few moments before Janice led him back to my office.

"Marc, what are you doing this weekend?" Asked Janice

"I'm not sure, I really haven't thought that far out. I imagine I will make a dent in the stack of firewood though." I glanced at David, "I think David and I will be talking a lot about what happened last night and what's in the future."

"I think that is a good idea," she grasped David's hands in hers. "David, I wish you well and I hope to see you again." she hugged him then stepped beside me and whispered in my ear, "I haven't seen you this rattled since that time with Trace and your Journal. I think it's good." And she gave me a peck on the cheek.

"Thanks Janice for your vote of confidence, what are you and Chuck doing this weekend?"

"We are going to Kansas City for the dog show. We leave in the morning and get back Monday."

"I remember now, have a safe trip and have fun. Tell Chuck that I will have the information he wanted waiting for him when you get back."

"Thanks Marc, I will tell him. You boys have a great weekend, and I will get out of your hair."

As Marc reviewed and approved the payroll David walked through the office looking at my certifications and diplomas. "Wow these are impressive."

"Thank you. That's how you get up in the business world, education and lots of it. Are you considering college?"

"I want to, but first things first."

"Yea I know. Here is the thing though; if you stay with me you can go to the community college that's about a mile and a half from my house. I have taken classes there several times it's a good school."

"I will look into it once I can make a little money."

I finished up with the payroll and looked at the wall clock, "Ok skater-dude, shall we be off? I am ready to start my weekend." We said our good-byes and walked to the bus stop. I was in a cheerful mood that went beyond having a couple days off. I began telling stories of when I was little and in school.

"When did you figure out that you were gay?"

"Oh I think knew when I was nine. My older cousin came to visit on his way to college. He was nineteen, God I adored him. I thought he was so cool and I followed him everywhere I could. I thought he was so grown up, with hair on his chest and a mustache. We shared a room while he was there. I can still remember how I felt that first time he came into my room after a shower. I was doing my homework at my desk when he came in wearing just a towel. I remember feeling my world shake when he pulled off the towel standing there totally nude as he slipped on a pair of boxers. To me he was so beautiful. He had a tall lean build, chest hair, strong hairy legs, and a very large cock with bushy pubes. When I saw him nude I knew. I was fourteen when I told him I was gay and it never bothered him. Several years later at his wedding, I told him about that first impression. He just smiled and said 'thanks Cuz' right before he hugged me. He has always been really comfortable in his skin and his sexuality. He has always been a positive role model for me."

"That's a great story Marc, do you still see him around?"

"Not too often, he got a great job out of state and moved his family to DC about three years ago. You should see his kids, they are adorable and look just like him! The oldest boy is a senior in high school. The middle one is eight and she's as rough-and-tumble as her little six year old brother." I paused for a moment thinking that I didn't know anything about his family. "Do you have any other brothers or sisters?"

"Just my sister, I do have a few cousins but we don't socialize."

"That's a shame, kind of makes the holidays a tad lonely doesn't it?"

"A little." The bus was a little early or we were a little behind, either way we had to run to catch it.

That evening we changed out of our work drag and into our comfy jammy pants. I opened two bottles of beer, and gave him one. David wanted a fire so he went out and toted in some firewood, while I started dinner. I could hear him in the living room fussing with newspaper and starter logs. I had turned on the stereo and was focused on chopping vegetables and listening to Vertical Horizon. I never heard him walk up behind me. He slid his hands under my shirt and hugged me from behind.

"What are you making?"

"I thought about a pot of pork chili, sound alright?"

"Oh hell yea!"

"Good, will you get the meat from the frig and get it started with a little olive oil in that stewpot?"

"got it..." he said as he jumped to open the refrigerator.

"This is fun, I love cooking with someone." I remarked.

"My mom didn't cook much. Things were heated up or reheated. Or it was mac and cheese with a sandwich."

"I see I'm going to have to teach you how to cook."

"Unless you are a fan of mac and cheese."

I frowned, "good point." We had a great time in the kitchen and the meal turned out great. After dinner we quickly cleaned up and went to the living room. David sat on the loveseat as he flipped thru the channels finally settling on SG1 reruns, and I lay down on the couch. I fluffed and plumped a pillow that was left there from the night before... I had just got comfortable when David put the remote on the table and stood up took off his shirt and lay beside me. I was really taken by the affection David was showing. "You are really affectionate, I like that about you." David just snuggled up and pressed his body against mine. As we watched TV I stroked his bare back and arms with my fingertips and with each pass of my light touch I raised gooseflesh... The blonde hair on his arms and the peach fuzz at the base of his neck stood on end, we both enjoyed it a lot.

The plan to let David have his own room to sleep in never got past the first night. He has either come to my bed after lights out or just followed me. I must say that the first week with David staying here has spoiled me. We have dispensed with any false modesty. Sexually, we have just masturbated together and had oral sex, and I must say that David has become quite an accomplished cocksucker. He still asks me to fuck him and I keep telling him to wait, but I think his waiting is over. I am planning an intimate evening on Saturday. I'm making a special dinner, a massage or a nice hot bubble bath for us and maybe more. He has developed a liking to my shower buddy, so I will discreetly suggest that he go play with it just in case.

Saturday morning arrived and I was excited, I wanted to blow him away in the same way as he has done for me the last two weeks. We got up and did the 3-S's, shit, shower, and shave, well I shaved anyway since David can still go a few days in between. As we showered I asked David what he wanted to do today, he said that he really didn't have anything to do. "Ok, let's get the chores knocked out and then enjoy the day." Since we had the fortune of an unseasonably warm and sunny morning I carried the breakfast and pot of coffee I fixed for us to the patio table. After breakfast we cleaned up the house, went shopping, then later in the afternoon we took Boober to the dog park so she could chase tennis balls.

It was a good day with the promise of a better evening, which I began by cooking an awesome chicken pasta dinner complete with wine and crusty hard bread. After I served dinner to the table we sat down and I reached out and grasped his hand in mine, "David I wanted to show you my appreciation. In matters of the heart I always go slowly, questioning myself each step of the way. It is hard for me to admit but in these few short weeks I have become quite attached to you. I am very happy that you are here with me." I leaned over and kissed him softly. "Now let's eat!"

We talked and joked through dinner, David offered a riddle that the office manager told him at work, "You are riding on a beautiful white horse. On your left side is a drop off. On your right side are several ostriches being chased by a lion. In front of you are four large gazelles, which won't get out of your way and you can't seem to overtake them. Behind you is a stampede of horses. What must you do to get out of this highly dangerous situation?" he smiled as I tried to puzzle this one out. I'm usually good at these but not this time, so after several minutes I caved.

"Ok I give up... so what's the answer?"

He chuckled, "Get your drunk-ass off the Merry-go-round!"

I laughed out loud, "Clever... very clever!" I backed away from the table and cleared the dishes and David followed with the leftovers. Five minutes later and the kitchen was clean again. David refilled our glasses and went into the living room. I spread out a thick comforter I'd pulled from the closet and spread it out on the floor. David sat the glasses on the coffee table and stoked the fire. I was done and waited for him to finish playing in the fire. He stood up and faced me and we started kissing. David picked up on the clues as we slowly began to undress each other. Once we were both nude I led him down onto the comforter, I maneuvered him onto his stomach for a massage. The oil I chose was a pleasant aromatic herbal scent I had in a warmer discreetly set aside. David was purring in no time! He is a great person to massage because he isn't ticklish or tender like some people are. He was really relaxed as I worked from his neck and shoulders to his feet, which he loved. I returned to his legs and firm round butt. His legs were already parted which allowed me space to sit. Each time my fingers brushed near his tight little hole he moaned, I had done this several times so he was really getting in to it. What he wasn't used to was when I bent over and began to tongue his hole while I continued to knead his glutes and legs, his hips rolled up as a reward. His cock was hard and pointing straight down by then and his large balls rolled around in their fuzzy sack. I tongue fucked him for a long time, and I had to push him back onto the floor when he tried to roll over. I was in control now, damnit! His hole tasted wonderful and I could feel him relax. I forced my tongue in as deeply as I could. I began to work a finger inside and he began to squirm. By the time I had worked up to three fingers, I was ready. I used some of the massage oil to lube up my throbbing cock and waited for the proper timing. David seemed to be thoroughly gripped by the pleasure, his hole felt ready to be taken. God knows my cock was ready to take his cherry. I massaged my way back up his body with my strong hands and interlaced my fingers into his as my cock found its target. I pressed forward gently as his hole opened up allowing my cock past his ring. David gasped at the bite of pain but moaned as he tried to take more of my cock by arching his hips. I stopped him and backed out just resting the tip of my cock at his hole, I felt him relax then I pushed in again going a little deeper and this time grazing his prostrate. I repeated this two more times and then on the third I slowly sank to the hilt and he sucked in a deep breath, all the while our fingers still entwined and me kissing his neck and ears. He met each of my slow deliberate thrusts with his hips. David seemed to have worked thru the pain and now it was pure pleasure. I fucked him deep and slow until his breath became ragged. I turned him on his side while I straddled one leg and held his other up high, this position allowed me to go deeper, my first thrust was a surprise as he emitted a gasp and eyes wide open. Changing tactics I began to really hammer his ass. I felt my balls tighten in preparation for my orgasm, and by the signs coming from David his would be soon too. David was moaning and breathing hard and covered in a sheen of sweat. I felt my orgasm build as my legs began to quiver and my breath coming in gasps, I was so turned on. David got louder and I knew his orgasm was eminent. When David's orgasm spontaneously gripped him, his hole constricted around my cock. That pushed me over the edge and my cock delivered several globs of my seed deep in him. I felt his hole spasm each time a thick rope of his seed shot out onto the blanket. We both arrived at the same point in time and it was the most profoundly beautiful thing I had ever experienced. We lay there a long time after, catching our breath. My cock went soft and slid out and I kissed him deeply, we just laid there in each other's arms neither of us spoke for fear of breaking the spell.

I propped up on my arm and with my free hand I lightly stroked his handsome face, tracing every contour. David was the first to break the silence, "Marc, describing this as 'incredible' is so not enough. I have no words that fully express my feeling and the feelings I experienced. You were right to insist that I wait. For this and everything else you have done for me, I am so in love with you."

I hugged him close, "I love you to David." I captured a drop of his cum off the head of his cock with my fingertip and smeared it all over his nipple before I leaned over and licked it off. "Let's go jump in the hot tub."

Several months later, my good friends Trace and Jennifer were getting married next month in Cancun, they had planned a simple wedding and they had asked me to go and be a witness. Jennifer wanted me to walk her down the aisle, and Trace wanted me to be his best man, both of which I was most honored to do. David has since improved his occupational opportunities and enrolled in fall classes at the community college. Trace and Jennifer loved David immediately and had absolutely no objection to him coming with me. David took to them quickly as well. As much as I loved Trace and Jennifer, they didn't need to entertain a third wheel, besides David was excited to go to Cancun too and I was happy to bring him with me.

On a side note, I published my journal I kept when I met Trace. The story I wrote was about being alone in the city, with a gorgeous homophobic straight man, and then falling in love with him. I got a lot more money than I thought I would.

The wedding was minimal and low tech outside in a pavilion at a local church. I treated them to a luxurious dinner and presented them with their wedding gift. The dinner was intimate just the four of us, I toasted the newlywed couple and handed them a plain white envelope. "This is for your future."

Trace took the envelope, he opened it and looked inside and looked at me in shock. Jennifer saw his expression and took it away from him and peeked in it too. "Oh My God!" And Trace said, "Marc that is too much. We can't take that."

"Now you both listen to me, no it is not too much... and yes you can take it. Besides if it weren't for you Trace I wouldn't have it in the first place. I have done well this year and I published my journal."

Trace sputtered, "But ten grand?"

"Yes ten big ones, add it to the down payment on a house or whatever you want. I love you guys more than even I can understand, I want to do this for you. Just say thank you and let's move on."

Jennifer kissed me and hugged me with tears in her eyes. Trace was next, I could tell that the tears were welling up and he was fighting them back. He kissed me deeply, he withdrew and as he had my face in between his hands our foreheads still touching, "Thank you."

Once we finished dinner David and I went to our room to leave Trace and Jennifer alone for a while. David and I were really enjoying each other and I can honestly say that I haven't felt this way about anyone in years. David had said that he hadn't felt love before and was unaware that it could be so intense. In our room I opened a complementary bottle of champagne, "Marc that was a really hot kiss that Trace gave you. I thought he was straight and you were just friends. What's the story there?"

"Yes he is straight, but he isn't narrow like he was when we first met. We shared a really weird time once. We could be lovers really but it isn't in his nature and we both recognized that at the beginning. But we still love each other deeply, he and I learned and grew a lot from the experience. That is what my journal I mentioned is all about. You can read it when we get home." I paused and bit my lip, "David I know we have only known each other for nine months, but it has been an incredible nine months. How would you like to take a trip in the fall to Vermont and get married?"

David was all 'puppy dog eyes' and I could see that it might have been something he had thought about as well, "I do." was all he could say. That night we made beautiful love to each other all night.

At breakfast the next morning we arrived after Trace and Jennifer. Jennifer was the one to notice, "you two look like your dragging," and after a moment or two of scrutiny she added, "but quite content. You boys had a busy night I'd say." She said flashing a huge smile.

Trace smiled widely, "I thought so! Ok details?!?!"

David blushed deeply and smiled like a little boy that just got caught stuffing a hunk of chocolate cake in his mouth. "Mark proposed to me last night." he said coyly.

Jennifer let out a hoot and clapped her hands together and Trace said, "Marc, way to go buddy. David, what did you tell him?"

Still in his coy mood, "I do."

Trace and Jennifer laughed "Guys that is wonderful news." Trace said. Jennifer was sitting beside David and hugged him, "Welcome to our family David."

"And I want you both there. The four of us will fly to Vermont in the fall to see the trees turn." I said.

Trace ordered Bellini's all around and toasted his friends' good fortune.

That day the four of us hung out at the beach and just enjoyed ourselves, it was late afternoon by the time we returned to our room. The rooms were connected and we entered through our room and I flopped on our king size bed, Trace poked me in the ribs, "Move over." I grumbled and rolled over pulling David down with me. Trace and Jennifer lay down next to us. I woke up about two hours later, my cock was hard and David was gently sucking it. I rolled my head over and Trace was watching, and soon Jennifer was watching too. Things were happening too fast. David took my cock all the way down his throat which got Trace all worked up. He and Jennifer started kissing and soon their clothes were off. I was so enjoying the blowjob, and when I opened my eyes it was just in time to see Trace penetrate Jennifer. GOD this was the hottest scene ever. David crawled up and whispered into my ear, "Would you be upset if I asked to eat her pussy?"

I smiled and said, "Hell no! Go for it!"

David went back to sucking my cock building up his nerve I guess. Trace alternately kissed Jennifer and watched David work on my cock. When it was obvious that Trace had shot his load I guess David got his nerve and crawled up and whispered into Traces ear, "would it be too weird if I asked if I could eat her pussy?"

"God that would be hot, ask her."

David smiled and whispered in her ear, "Jennifer, can I eat your pussy?"

She looked at Trace and he was smiling like a goon! "You better get at it before I change my mind!" Trace pulled out of her wet pussy, still hard as a rock. His wet cock lingered near Jennifer's pussy; I think he wanted David to lick it off, which David did quickly. David looked back at me looking for my reaction. I smiled and winked before David dove onto Jennifer's pussy. I haven't ever eaten pussy, nor have I had the desire to. He must have been doing a good job because she was going wild, and all I could think of was David's beautiful ass sticking up in the air. I moved around behind and worked his ass with my tongue driving him crazy. I palmed a small bottle of lube and shucked off my jamms and lubed up my cock. I took my position behind David and started to push into his hot little hole, Trace was watching intently as my cock disappeared into David's fuzz covered bubble butt. David was going to town and Jennifer already had one orgasm so far and heading for number two. I was not going to hold out long before I bred my boy, I grabbed Trace from the back of his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss, I came immediately. Still kissing Trace I pulled out and moved him in behind David and guided his cock into David's hole. Trace sucked a deep breath as his cock sank into David's tight hole pre-lubed with my cum. Trace had never fucked a guy before and it happened so fast the he just went with it and hammered David's ass like a wild man, and in less than thirty seconds he flooded David's ass with his seed. I stopped kissing him and looked into his eyes, "I love you Trace." I lowered myself to the bed Trace lay down beside Jen... he and I shared a kiss with Jennifer, she was out of her mind with pleasure. Once David finished eating her pussy, he rolled me over grabbing the lube and pushed his cock in my ass, and before I could stop to tell him to go brush his teeth he locked me in a kiss and didn't let me go until he shot his load deep into me. It wasn't bad, the kiss that is.

We were all exhausted; David pulled out snuggling up to me, his cock still hard and twitching. "Thank you. I love you so much Marc".

"Did you like eating Jennifer's pussy as much as Trace fucking you?"

"Both blew my mind, and I never expected you to let him fuck me, let alone allow him to cum in me."

I laughed, "Keep talking like that and I'm gonna have to give you another load and that would make three." and pulled him in closer.

Trace pulled Jennifer in tightly as her chest still heaving. "Baby that was so hot."

"Yes it was, I had another orgasm watching you kissing Marc, but when I saw him move you around and guide you into David I got a little jealous... but only for a moment."

We fell into a sound sleep waking up close to nine PM in time to get cleaned up and go out for one last night on the town. Going to the restaurant in the hotel we ordered something light before going out. Trace looked nervous and seemed to want to talk, "I don't know how to bring this up so I will just say it. Was any of what happened earlier weird to anyone?"

I was quiet for a moment looking them all in the eye, "No not to me, what happened does not threaten me in any way. Because I love you all so deeply so for me it was just the ultimate display of trust and affection. It was beautiful. David, Trace, Jennifer are you ok with it?"

"Yea I'm good, it was the hottest thing I have ever done... it felt so right on many levels." Trace said with sincerity.

"Yes I'm ok with it, it was a wonderful experience!" she said winking at David, he blushed deeply.

"Thank you Jennifer, I have always wanted to do that." David said sheepishly.

Jennifer leaned into Trace, "You could learn a thing or two from him." She giggled.

"Ok now I'm worried!" Trace smiled.

I laughed, "Well I'm not!" We rose our glasses in a toast, "Cheers!"

Our flight back was rather uneventful. Once we got back, I made reservations for the four of us to fly to Vermont in three months. David was still reeling about the sex that the four of us had thirty hours before on top of being euphoric about getting married.

Trace and Jennifer added the 10k I'd given then with the 5k they already had and went looking for a house. Only after one day with the realtor they had found three that they really liked close by in the area where I live.

The couple eventually settled on a 3br; 2bath; 1600sqft ranch style, a real cute house. Even though it needed lots of work they got a good deal on it, David and I were over there often helping them with various projects during the weeks after they moved.

The time for me and David to marry was fast approaching, for us there was nothing to do except get on the plane. Five days before we were to leave, the four of us had all went out for dinner and drinks. David dropped everyone off in front of the pub and took the car and parked around the corner. David was in the crosswalk running to join us when tires were heard screeching and then a crash and David remained laying in the street.

Time stopped for a moment. I saw him lying in the street, "OH DEAR GOD... NO-NO-NO-NO-NO-NO!" I began screaming and sprinted to David's side, whaling in grief. David was in shock, in and out of consciousness. His clothes were in tatters and he was covered in blood. I wanted to hold my lover, but there was something stopping me. My Army training as a medic was active and that part of me knew that there could be spinal and neck injury, I rested my knees on either side to immobilize of David's head. "Stay with me baby. David, come on look at me. Help is on the way baby, just stay with me." After what seemed an eternity the ambulance that Jennifer called came screaming toward us. Trace had run after the driver who had run down his friend, the idiot had crashed into another car and hit a light-pole. Trace bodily ripped him bawling from the car and threw him to the ground near where David lay. "You need to see what you have done to my friend you drunk ass scumbag." He said as he kicked him hard in the side. The ambulance pulled up and the two EMS techs flew out, one carrying a backboard and the other had a trauma kit. They worked very efficiently at stabilizing him, one tech asked after the driver and Trace said, "He isn't your priority, he is going with the police." After a quick check and smelling the guy's breath, he agreed. I helped the tech get David on the gurney and the tech said, "Thank you sir we can handle this." I pretty much ignored them.

Jennifer told one tech, "Marc is an Army medic and David's lover... they are going to Vermont to be married, I'm not sure you could stop him, and just a bit of warning, you shouldn't try. In his state of distress he could hurt anyone that tries to keep him from David's side. They have a medical power of attorney I will get it after we get him to the hospital."

I climbed into the ambulance and got around so I could face David in case he regained consciousness. I barked at the driver to get moving, as I took over squeezing the respirator bulb. I had shut down and was operating on instinct. The tech opened David's shirt looking for internal injuries as he placed the EKG pickups.

I gave a report on the injuries I had noticed, "He has a fractured clavicle and three broken ribs, there is swelling above the left kidney. His left tibia is fractured on top of the obvious severe contusions and possible cranial fracture."

"You're sure of the ribs and swelling?"

"Yes, I probed around his sides after I immobilized his neck"

The tech gently slipped his hand under David's left side confirming what I had told him, he got on the radio, "Parkland Emergency, update on our patient: possible internal injuries an apparent impact to left DV with fractures."

My training as an Army medic was specialized in trauma/triage, so when David coded twice in the ambulance, I was at work and my emotions watched from the nose-bleed section.

The ER team was really good. I knew most of them one way or another, except this new male Doctor that tried to make me leave. The older staff nurse and a Doctor that had been around a long time told him it was ok, and they would keep an eye on me. The two EMS techs hung around longer than usual talking with the ER staff, I suppose they had other work to do.

Three hours in ER, X-rays, a CAT scan, and emergency surgery they released him to ICU still in critical condition.

Trace, Jennifer and I were with David in ICU, the paperwork finished, medical power of attorney presented and accepted. We had so many people stop by either business related or personally since I knew so many on the staff thru work.

Trace and Jennifer went home about midnight, Jennifer said that she would be back in the morning while Trace apologized for having to go to work. I just hugged them both and shooed them along. I didn't sleep well since my medic self was still on patient watch.

At 8:00 the doctor came in. I asked all the questions I would have been able to answer for myself if I had access to his records. I saw the x-rays and the CAT, it wasn't good. Jennifer came around noon with food for me. Janice and several people from work had come by, but later that afternoon I had an unexpected visitor, my company commander. When he knocked on the doorjamb I snapped to attention. "Colonel Spears. Good afternoon sir."

"As you were Corporal, neither of us is in uniform. May I come in?"

"Yes sir, of course."

"My mother-in-law is in the next ward with a heart attack. Curious I began hearing about an Army medic who came in with a young man and had helped the EMS techs when the patient coded twice and had the audacity to go nose to nose with a doctor in the ER when he was told to leave." The Colonel laughed, "I knew it could only be you. Come on let me buy you a cup of coffee, I have it on good authority there is a fresh pot in the lounge."

"Yes sir, thank you." I walked with Colonel Spears down the hall to the coffee machine in the waiting room. "How is your mother-in-law?"

"She is stable now, thank you for asking." He offered me a steaming cup of fresh coffee. "So what happened?"

"The two of us and our friends Jennifer and Trace Evens went to dinner last night. David parked the car and was jogging across the street in a cross walk when a drunk driver mowed him over. Emotionally I took the high road as my training took over; in fact I think I'm still there."

"Is he your 'significant other'?" he asked.

If it had been anyone other than Colonel Spears I would have ignored the question. "Yes sir, we met almost ten months ago. I stepped in and saved him from a four-on-one ass kicking. We bonded almost immediately, and aside from last night it has been an upward spiral since. We were going to Vermont this weekend with Jennifer and Trace in tow as witnesses."

"Vermont? What's in... ok, gotcha." He was thoughtful for a moment, "I know this Texas Two-step all too well and I hope he gets better soon. Your weekend is coming up at the first of the month, are you going to make it?"

We started to walk back to David's room, "I should sir, Jennifer and Trace are awesome and no doubt can be available to help out."

In the room the Colonel asked with a chuckle, "He is a bit young isn't he?"

I smiled, "not too, sir..." David stirred and moved his hand and the Colonel excused himself.

Jennifer had just returned from the hospitality station and with a hopeful tone Jennifer asked, "He moved his hand?"

I gripped his hand and felt him move it like he wanted to squeeze back, "David it's Marc and Jennifer, Trace is on his way. He used you as an excuse to get off early." We laughed a nervous laugh. "You got banged up pretty good by that drunk dude in the red car. If it makes you feel better, Trace kicked his ass for you. The ER crew patched you back together pretty good, you just have to concentrate on getting better and save your strength. I will be here." His hand went limp in my hand. I went out to the nurses' station to let them know. Trace walked up with burgers, fries and drinks for the three of us. We went to the lounge and I passed out as soon as I sat down, sound asleep. I woke up with a start. It had gotten dark and I had a hospital blanket covering me. Trace sitting beside me reading a book said, "Welcome back." He closed his book and placed it on the seat beside him. "David is stable. Your burger can be resurrected but I'm afraid there is no hope for the fries. You can go back to his room after you eat it ok?"

I nuked the food in the staff microwave, and yea the fries were DOA... I realized I was hungrier than I thought. I even ate the dead fries... by then they were like eating french-fry flavored rocks. "Thanks Trace, I was hungrier than I thought." I went and checked on David, no change. Just as I left his room to go sit with Trace again David coded a third time. I spun around back to his bed-side and yelled out for help. I backed away as the crash team came in and went to work. Trace was instantly at my side.

The crash team worked on David for twenty five minutes with no luck. The attending physician called time of death at 19:07 hrs.

If Trace hadn't had a hold of me I would have hit the floor when my knees gave out. I began crying, Trace pulled me to him and I bawled on his shoulder. The anguish of the last day came crashing down upon me, unabated by the Army medic side of me.

The crash team left and the nurse began removing the IV and breathing tube. She pulled the door closed when she left. Trace walked me over to the bedside. I leaned over and kissed David and said good bye. Trace leaned over and kissed David, he was so choked up he could only whisper "bye", if he tried to say any more I knew he would lose it right along with me.

The door opened and Jennifer came in, seeing what had happened she began to cry as she stepped to our side.

I have no conscious memory of when we left. Trace being the pillar of strength for us all drove us back to my place. They tell me I was more like a zombie that night. Jennifer guided us to my room and tried to put me to bed but I wouldn't let go of her. They managed to get me down to my boxer-briefs. Trace shrugged, "I'll lock up the house and I guess we will stay here for a while. Jennifer managed to get out of her clothes. Trace came back a few moments later and just stood there looking at his wife standing by the bed in nothing but her black lacy panties. "Absolutely stunning!" he said with a huge smile. They told me I pulled Jennifer down into bed and held on to her for dear life. Trace laughed at Jennifer's reaction as he took off his clothes and climbed into bed on the other side of me.

In the morning I woke in a mass of confusion. Why was Jennifer nearly naked in my bed? I turned my head seeing Trace sleeping soundly spooning me in that distantly familiar way. It took a while to puzzle out why David wasn't spooning me instead.

I lay my head back down and tried to process the events leading up to this moment, but there was a hole in my memory. I remember the accident, the ambulance ride to the ER, the emergency surgery, the ICU... oh god! I wept quietly. Jennifer rolled over and stroked my face and smoothing down my hair. I could feel Trace's hot breath on my neck and shoulder, the contact of his hairy chest against my skin, and the beating of his pulse in his tender touch and my head on Jennifer's chest resonating in my head. Their presence was calming in spite of the overwhelming emotions I was feeling.

In the days that followed, Jennifer and Trace helped out a lot with the memorial service. I called his sister with the only number I had and it was wrong. The only other thing I could do was to send an overnight letter to their address, she called the next evening and talked to Trace since he had my phone and had been screening my calls. They managed to get here too late to see him. His mother and stepfather came to the memorial service and left angry. I guess they didn't realize that David was in a relationship with me, oh well shame on them. They seemed to be the only ones that had an issue with it. Several of his cousins came, and for the most part they were friendly people. One in particular took me aside and spilled her guts, she said she was twenty three and a closeted lesbian and was very pleased that David had found happiness with me. I was moved and encouraged her to keep in touch, if only David had known he may have grown to know that part of his family better.

I didn't have anything of his to give to his relatives since everything he had that would have meant anything to them was in that ragged old gym bag. I did have some photos and some writing he had done since he and I met that I shared.

I was finally relived when the last of our relatives had gone and it was back to being Trace, Jennifer and me.

I was numb.

Jennifer sat down next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. "What is next Marc?"

"I wish I knew."

Several months later I was going thru our papers and archiving most of it when I came across documents from Fairfax Cryobank, I had totally forgotten about this. It was something David wanted to do so we deposited sperm in case at a later date we wanted to start a real family of our own. It gave me an idea. David and I had talked about asking my cousin Debbie, Matts younger sister to surrogate for us. I called her that afternoon. "Hey Debbie, its Marc are you and Bob doing anything this weekend? I thought of coming up there. I have something really important to talk over." I flew to Denver the next evening.

I made it a practice to stay in touch with Matt and Debbie's families. When their two kids went in the other room to play I jumped right into it. "I don't know how to start so I will just say it. I want to ask if Debbie would be a surrogate for me." I let it hang for a moment. "I found some documents that made me remember that David and I had made donations for a future family. You have always been my first choice Debbie because you're a Dietz. You don't have to give me an answer now, just think about it." I was fairly sure that Debbie would do it, but Bob was the wild card it was worth a shot.

"Would you please excuse us a minute?" Bob asked.

"Of course." Leaving me feeling a bit off balance, I went to the kitchen for a drink of water.

Less than ten minutes later they both came into the kitchen, "Yes I would be honored Marc." Debbie proclaimed.

I was relieved, "Thank you both.



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