He never knew it, but he became a part of my morning routine. I would drink my coffee, stare out the kitchen window, and like clockwork he'd come jogging down the street, just as he had for years.

What I found most remarkable was his transformation over the years. When he first started jogging, he had a noticeable paunch filling out his shirt, and he hid his legs under baggy sweats. I could tell jogging was a slog for him back then. From day after day of watching him, I could not see the change in his build, but then one day his sculpted body was obvious. His chest protruded while his gut shrank, and his workout gear became as snug as taut muscles.

I admired him. Working as a sports doctor, I've seen my share of fit bodies, but I've usually seen them at their peak. My involvement usually meant maintaining their physical status, not helping them get there. But this guy did it all on his own.

Then it happened.

As usual, he was jogging by down the street when suddenly he stumbled and fell into the lawn. He clutched his ankle and winced. It pained me to see him hurt. I set my coffee down and rushed out to meet him.

"I saw it all happen," I said, "nasty fall. Are you okay?"

"My ankle," he said.

Up close, I could see he had a chiseled face, rugged with a hint of stubble across his square chin. I had to divert my eyes so he wouldn't notice me noticing him.

"I'm a doctor," I said. "I can take a look if you'd like."

I held out my hand to help him up, which he gladly accepted. Grabbing him at his meaty forearm, I hoisted him up. The touch was electric.

He teetered on his one good foot. I helped him find his balance, bracing him with my other arm. Selfishly I took the opportunity to feel the contours of his chest, my hand bowed under the firmness of his pecs. His shirt was damp with sweat.

"Let me help you inside," I said.

I swung his arm over my shoulder. The scent of his sweat wafted from under his arms. The dewy sweat from his arm trickled down the back of my neck. Slowly we limped back to my house.

"Thanks," he said. "I don't know what I would have done without your help. My name is Brad by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Brad, I'm Joe."

We hobbled our way inside, making our way to the bedroom, where I deposited him on the bed like a sac of potatoes. He went down with a huff, and pivoted onto his back. He tried to reach for his shoes to take them off, but I head him off.

"Let me get that," I said.

The shoe from his good foot came off with hardly a flip, but I took more time with his hurt ankle. I positioned his good foot onto the bed before tenderly taking his other foot into my hands. He grimaced as I undid his laces. I sat at the end of the bed with his good foot between my legs, then I began to examine his injury.

"Does this hurt?"

He nodded.

"I'll wrap it up. When we're done, keep it elevated and iced."

As I tend to his foot, I struggled against my own arousal. The scent of sweat off his feet filled the air. Even injured, his leg was firm and tight. My cock awoken from the stimulation, then I realized it was pressed against his foot. I caught myself, and looked up to see if he noticed. He was looking back at me, his face unreadable.

"Since you stopped your workout so abruptly, you might want a rub down before your muscles cramp," I said.

"A massage would be great," said Brad, his tone revealing a hint of eagerness.

He struggled to sit up and removed his shirt. It flopped to the floor, wet with sweat. His torso was far more defined than I realized. His chest had a thin layer of hair down the middle, his nipples pink and round. I could see his abs even as he sat casually. He rolled over, planting his hands under his chin, ready for his massage.

I started at his shoulders, pressing my thumbs into his traps. Gradually I worked my way down, kneading every muscle in his back. I continued down his legs pressing my fingers into his thick thighs and sinewy calves.

"My lower back has been giving me problems if you don't mind working on that," Brad said.

I climbed onto his backside to get a better angle at his back. My cock nestled into the valley between his ass cheeks. As I worked at his lower back, I noticed he wore no underwear. My cock grew more aroused. I re-positioned so he wouldn't feel my erection, but it was too late. He clentched his cheeks together, closing in around my cock. Surprisingly, Brad turned and smiled.

"Just go for it," he said.

"Go for it?"

"I know you want it. I felt your cock against my foot when you took off my shoes, and I felt it now during the massage." His face was inviting.

I took the opportunity, and pulled his shorts off, gingerly removing it when I got to his injured ankle. His ass glistened with sweat as his hole puckered. After I take my clothes off, I climbed back on him, and rubbed my dick along his crack. He moaned with pleasure. I grabbed a bottle of lube from the nightstand and applied a generous amount into his hole with my fingers.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I said. "You're injured."

"It'll help me feel better."

I plugged in, starting with just the tip of my cock before withdraw. Then I returned inside, deeper than the previous time. Each thrust built more momentum. We start rocking together, swaying to our pleasurable rhythms.

"That's it," Brad said between moans. "Keep going."

I lay down on his back and pump into him harder. My shaft penetrated deep in his ass. I wrapped my arms around him, clutching his ample pecs. I felt his nipples harden in my hands. My chest rubbed against his back. I edged closer to completion.

Before I do, I pulled out, and turned him over. Instinctively, he lifted his legs, taking care of his tender ankle. I insert my cock back into him, and see a wave of pleasure wash over his face. His mouth opened wide.

I continued pumping into him again, watching while he closes his eyes to focus on the sensations overwhelming his body. I wanted to add to his pleasure. I lower myself down and take one of his nipples in my mouth, flicking my tongue over it. He gasped. With my one arm bracing myself, I take my other hand and grip his dick, stroking him to the beat of my thrusts.

He arched his back from all the stimulation. His gasps increased.

I could feel myself coming closer again, but this time I did not hold back. My cock throbbed with pressure, want to release its load into him. Just as I could not withstand the pressure, I stop my thrusts, and my cock pulsed wave after wave of cum into him. I could feel it mixing with the lube inside his colon.

And his cock throbbed in my hand. With our stomachs sliding over each other, I could feel his cum on my abs, thickened in my belly hair. Brad moaned loudly, excitedly with each pulse of cum he ejaculated.

Satisfied, I collapse onto his chest with heaving breaths. He was also breathing heavily.

"Is that usually part of your massages?" he said with a smile.




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