Renee, Sir,

I just got back from the gym. Sweat is beading on my chest; my triceps, shoulders, thighs and butt are sore from a hard work out, and yes, my muscles are bulging. More than that, my little white butt is moist just thinking about you and our times together.

I used the same corner of the locker room and the exact same locker....I couldn't smell your I reached into my gym bag and pulled out your sweat-laden and piss stained jockstrap....and sniffed it right there in the locker room. Needless to say, my dick got rock hard and my butt started quivering....

I closed my eyes and thought of you as I breathed in deep the aroma of your big bulging crotch. To tell the truth, I did suck on your jockstrap just a little: I wanted you in me, Sir. Just to feel your thick manmeat lying in the crack of my ass, your chest rubbing against my back, your tongue licking the back of my head....

Before I knew it, you were there, your big hands rubbing my ass and forcing me down onto the locker room bench. "Yeah, boi, you want this fat Jamaican dick, don't you, pussyboi?"

"Yes, Sir, please, Sir. I need you inside me, Sir!"

"So, tell me, boy, will you give me all of you, boi. Will you serve me, boi, everywhere and at any time, slutboi? Like now, boi?"

"Yes, Sir. Please, Sir, let me be your pussyboi, Sir! I'll serve you

Sir and "little Junior", Sir. I love your 12 inch black dick, Sir. I love the way you love me, Master."

"OK, my pussyboi, strip!"

I dare to turn and stare in your eyes as I remove my wife beater, red shorts, black boots and socks, my dick throbbing and poking out of my tightie whities, precum already staining the front....

"Take off those briefs, boi! You think I want to look at that piss ant dick of yours, boy? Turn around and show me that ass. Now, slut!"

Trembling with anticipation, I remove my briefs, and turn around, shocks of energy course through my body making my white, bulbous butt a mound of gooseflesh. "Take me, Sir, I am all yours, Sir".

I feel your fingers kneading my butt.....a finger slips through my tight sphincter and I gasp with excitement....

"Little bitch ass boi....this is my butt now, pussyboi, isn't it bitch?"

"Yes,Sir. My ass is for you, Sir. Please take me Sir!"

All of a sudden, I feel a swoosh in the air. Your black belt lands on my white ass...and I fall forward onto the bench. "Grab that bench boi, cause I'm gonna make that nice white ass of yours pink'll bleed for me, wouldn't you boi, you want my monster dick so bad, don't you pussyboi?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll take whatever you give me, Sir."

"You wouldn't run away, boi, will you, pussyboi? Afraid of "Little Junior", your Master's huge dickmeat, boi?"

"Yes, Sir. I mean, no, Sir, I will not run away, Sir, but I am afraid of your massive dick, Sir. I have never seen such a large dick, Sir. It's as thick as my wrist, Sir, and longer then my forearm -- twelve inches long Sir. Please don't hurt me, Sir."

"What's wrong, little leather boi? Am I too much for you, white boi? I think I better tie you down to this bench, cumhole, cause I don't want you running away from Little Junior. You wouldn't do that, would you, boi?"

My Master reaches into his black knap sack and takes out long lengths of white rope. He binds my wrists together behind my back. "Spread that ass boy. Hug that bench with your legs boi." I straddle the bench with my legs and feel the rope being tied securely to each ankle and firmly secured to the posts of the next bench, first one ankle, then the other. My legs are spread apart and my butthole is twitching, feeling the draft of cold air from the air conditioning vent blowing on my rose bud.

Then the rope secures my chest to the bench. I look up and see a crowd of gym boys standing around gaping, talking with each other, and I close my eyes in embarrassment, my face beet red with shame.

"What's wrong, little bitch? Afraid to show your stuff at the gym? But you can sure show it on the dance floor and in the dark corners of bars, can't you, slut boi? Come on, boi, put a show on for these horny boys! See their bulging crotches, boi? Maybe I'll let them work you over first and get you ready for my horsemeat."

"Anything you say, Sir. My ass is yours, Sir."

"Is that right, boi?" Slap. Slap. Slap. Your belt lands across my ass, I can feel the welts forming. "Getting you ready for some heavy fucking, boi. That's what you want, isn't it pussyboi? You can't get enough of hard dick up your ass, can you, bitch? Little Junior isn't even enough for you, is it buttboi?"

"No, Sir. I mean, your dick is enough for me Sir, it's that your Jamaican dick is so big Sir."

Slap. Slap. Slap. Tears are streaming down my face as each lash of your belt falls across my butt. Splunk....a big gob of spit lands on my left check, your hands rub it in, and slap, another lash falls on my sore ass....and another...and another....

"Thank you, Sir. I need to be disciplined, Sir. I'm a nasty buttboi, Sir. Make me your white bitch, Sir."

"So that's what you want, white pussyboi? You want to serve me and Little Junior...and the rest of the gym don't you, bitch boy?"

"Yes, Sir, I want to serve you and your wonderful dick Sir...and whomever else you want me to serve, Sir".

I see you staring at the boys in the audience, scanning their crotches. You point at three of them and tell them to strip. "Get over here, boys for some real boipussy!"

Before I know it, three fat dicks are hanging in front of my face, my tongue is straining to lap at the precum falling from their swollen heads...and the beating continues...Slap. Slap. Slap. "He's almost ready boys. Yeah, look at that nice red hot ass.....give him something to chew on while I finish getting his pink butt prepared for the fucking of his life...."

One after the other, the mandicks are forced down my throat. Spittle and mucous drip from my Fu Manchu and fall onto my chest. They don't seem to care that I'm gagging and that tears are flowing down my face, these horny dudes just want to get their nuts off....and they do, one blast after the other coats the back of my throat. I take every drop of their black seed.....and I still want more!

While the first load of hot cum fills my mouth, I feel your fingers sliding up my ass.....while your other hands continues to smack my butt.....I'm in ecstasy and my dick is throbbing as you massage my prostate with your fingers.....and more manjuice slides down my throat.....

Just as the second dick slips into my raw throat, I feel your lips on my rosebud, and then your tongue darting in and out getting me ready for Little Junior.... All I can do is moan and groan as your tongue probes my butthole and your fat dick swells getting bigger and longer.....

I can't wait to get more hot cum inside of I suck harder and rub my tongue all over the shaft, milking the fat dick with my throat muscles as I force my butt harder and harder on your face.....and then I feel the dude's nuts pulling up closer and closer to my chin....Yeah, he's ready to feed me now...One last lunge of his hips, his dick all the way down my throat, and bam, one stream after another of fresh cum.....

My butthole is on fire now, you just about have your fist inside of me. You timed that last push just right, when the dude unloaded his jism in my mouth..."Come on, studboi, open up for me, pussyboi". All of sudden, the third dick is forced into slowly grows to full stature in my I breathe in deeply the poppers you are feeding me...."Yeah, baby, inhale deeply....feel that dick fill your throat, feel my fist making its way inside you?....breath deeper still, boi....That's right, pussy boi, push that ass on my fist, breath deeper still....ride that fist....suck that dick"....and then I feel it, my butt ring opens up and your fist slides through....and slides deeper and deeper into my ass...

You slowly unclench your fist and I can feel every one of your long fingers massaging my insides....and that dick ripping my throat apart.....more poppers....more fist....more dick.....

"Untie those ropes around his chest, boys, I want to pull his ass up into the air so I can fuck my pussyboi real long and hard." As the two studs loosen the ropes, I increase my suction on the feast in my mouth, I need a dick inside me.....Your hand grabs my aching dick and balls, and you pull me up close to yourself all the while your other hand explores every part of my insides...You have me placed just right...your monster dick pokes at my butt and slathers precum all over my red welted cheeks...."

OK, boys, tie him down real good"....and once again the ropes secure me to the sweat covered bench...

I can feel my ass juices, your spittle and lube dripping out of my ass as you pull your hand butt aches...I need to be filled..."Don't worry, boi, I'm gonna fill you up real good, boi....but first I gotta clean off this dirty fucking butt....come on guys, help me out"....and then i feel three streams of hot piss on my ass, my chest and my face, the sweet piss flowing down the shaft in my throat....It tastes so fucking good...."Oh, give me more" butt wiggles in the air...and you get the message...

"So pussyboi wants some hot piss deep in his ass?"....Your hot stream of piss lands right on my rosebud....and as I feel your dickhead slowly enter me..."Oh, fuck, fill me up, SIR, I want all of you inside me, SIR, please, SIR", I think to myself as I suck on the piss soaked dick in my throat and shove my ass onto Little Junior....Your all the way inside me now, Sir...

You slowly fill my cavity with your hot piss, one last spurt, and your dick begins to swell, and swell, my butt expands around it....God, it's so fucking big!

Your hands grab my hips and the fuck of my life begins...wham, wham,

wham, you pull your dick almost the entire way out and lunge back in, your hot piss seeps out of my hole, long and hard, deep and hard, faster and faster, your monster dick takes my hole.....Every time you push Little Junior in, my chest is forced forward on the slick bench, making my mouth take all the dick and balls of the third goes on and on...more poppers.....faster and faster.....finally,the dick in my throat erupts....a geyser of cum drowns your dick splits me in two...firing volley after volley of your hot seed in my hole.....and I quake as my dick shoots its cum all over the bench....

Slurp....your dick leaves me....piss and manseed flow out of my hole, cum drips out of my mouth....."What a fucking mess, pussy boy!".....I look up and see a room full of gym boys gathered around staring at us, their dicks in their hands...."OK, guys, give this slut a golden shower and clean him off...."

Oh, the ecstasy of stream after stream of hot piss covering my body....the ropes are untied....I'm lifted off the bench, thrown over your shoulder and carried to the shower...just you and water....and Little Junior swelling back to life again.....

Respectfully yours, Pussyboi



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