I'm Brad Sims. I'm a twenty-seven year old straight male and unattached. I am fairly well built witn nice pecs and six pack abs. I work out three to four times a week and jog. I am muscular and the girls tell me I'm hot.

My company transferred me to the home office in a much larger city than what I was used to. I managed to find a small well kept frame house to rent in a fairly nice neighborhood at a reasonable price. The movers brought my furniture and after it was unloaded I began to unpack. I had a wek to get settled before reporting for work.

I got all the boxes unpacked and everything put away in three days so I decided to explore the town. I found a nice gym nearby and signed up. I mainly drove around, getting my bearings and learning what was where. A couple of blocks from my house was a nice large park where I could do my jogging. Everything seemed to be falling in place.

Work went well and I was accepted in my new office like I was family. Everything was going smoothly until I got a ticket for running a red light from a young arrogant cop. When he saw that I was from out of town he asked how long I had been there. I told him three weeks and he said rudely, 'Well, you knkw you only have a month to get your license and registration changed over. I'll be watching for you buddy,'

'Damn, what an asshole!' I thought. To be safe, I took half a day off to get all the paper work done so I'd be legal.

I met a few guys out jogging, had become friends with several at work, and a few regulars at the gym. One Friday night I decided to hit a few bars and see what the night life was like.

I found the area I had been told about and parked. There were numerous bars along the street and I started at one end. I'd order a beer and if it was a dud, I'd only drink part of it then leave. A few were hopping and I made note of their name. The last one I came to was packed.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a beer and began looking around. Man, had I stepped into the wrong bar. All I saw was men of all ages and types. Some were had their arms over each others shoulders, some were hugging and in one corner a couple of guys were kissing. I realized I has come into a gay bar.

I took a few sips of my beer and as I was about to leave, they announced that the floorshow was starting. Out of sheer curiosity, I decided to stay and watched the first dancer.

They announced him as 'Zeus'. The cheers went up as he walked out on stage. I immediately recognized him as one of the guys from the gym that I had met. Because of the two spotlights on him, I prayed that he could'nt see me in the crowd.

He began his dance and strip. First his shirt, then he ripped off his wife-beater undershirt. Then later in one swift movement he jerked away his trousers. There he was, dancing around the stage in just an extremely small g-string. As he'd come to the edge of the stage, money was tucked into the waistband.

After a while, he removed the cash and after opening one snap, he jerked the g-string off revealing all his manhood to the audience, and he had quite a bit to reveal. It was then I noticed that he no longer came to the edge. There was a painted line on the stage and he stayed behind it, well out of reach of the customers. I asked the guy next to me why he was staying so far back.

'You must be new around here,' he said.

'Yea, I am. Just moved here.'

'Well, welcome. It's good to see new faces here.'

'Thanks,' was all I could say.

'It's the law here. As long as the dancers are covered they can go to the edge, but if they aren't, they have to stay out of reach and behind the line.'

'I see.'

Zeus, or John as I knew him from the gym, finished his dance and I quickly turned my back to the stage. When he had left I finished my beer and left.

The next afternoon, I ran into John at the gym. I tried to avoid him without making it obvious. I Headed for the locker room and after I was there, he walked in and said, 'Did you enjoy the show last night?'

'What show?' I asked innocently.

'Brad, I saw you in the audience. Did you enjoy it?'

'Well, let me just saw I've never seen anything like it before.'

'I had no idea you were part of the crowd,' he stated.

'The crowd? What crowd?'

'The gay crowd,' was his response.

'Look, John, I'm not. I was out clubbing and when I went in I had no idea it was a gay bay. I stayed for just the first dancer out of pure curiosity.'

'Fuck, I was hoping that you were gay. You're hot as hell.'

'Sorry to disappoint you but it's just not my bag.'

'I understand. I just hope that we can still be friends.'

'Sure we can,' I said honestly. John never acted gay or let on that he was gay. As strictly a friend, I liked him.

Then, a week later, my life as I knew it changed. I had been out drinking and the night was cool. Like a fool, I decided to leave a window in my bedroom open. I crawled into bed nude as was my normal routine.

I did not hear the intruder enter through my open window. When I woke and realized he was there my left wrist was already handcuffed to the iron headboard and he was in the process of doing the same to my right wrist.

He was wearing a ski mask with only his eyes and mouth showing.

'Just relax stud and everything will be okay.'

I began kicking as he reached for my right leg. He slipped a rope around my ankle even as I fought and tied it to the leg of the bed. He then did the same to my right leg.

'Look, all the cash I have is in my wallet. Take it and let me go and leave. Please.'

'Stud, it's not your cash I want, it's your body. I've wanted you since the first time I saw you.'

'Wha... What did you say?'

'I want your body, and I'm going to have it, so just relax and enjoy.'

He began to strip off his black shirt and pants. He wore nothing underneath. Then he removed his black cotton gloves. The ski mask remained. I tried to see if I could place the voice, but to no avail.

He began to gently rub his hands along my calves then thighs. He began gently caressing my balls and it sent tingles through my body.

As he caressed my balls, he leaned toward me and pressed his lips to mine. I quickly turned my head. 'Don't be like that, stud. You'll change your mine soon enough.'

He then went to my nipples and flicked them with his tongue then began gently sucking one then the other. I was loving the feeling but I'd never admit it to him. My soft moans gave me away, however. He then licked and kissed his way down my stomach and stopped at my pubes, gently sucking the long hairs into his mouth. As much as I tried to fight it, my cock was rock hard.

When he took the head of my hard cock into his mouth, I let out an 'Oh.'

'So, you like that do you. You ever had a man suck you before?'

'No, and I don't want one sucking me now.'

'Well, just relax, because you have no say so in the matter.'

He returned to my cock and swallowed the entire eight inches. Never and any girl I dated ever come close to doing that and it felt great.

'Man, that's even tastier that I thought it would be. I can't wait to taste and eat your load. You shoot big ones?'

I remained silent. I just wanted the whole thing to end and soon.

He returned to my cock and sucked eagerly. I held out as long as I could but the inevitable happened. My load burst forth and as it did I heard him go 'Uuummmmmm' as he began swallowing.

When he was through, he looked at me and said, 'Stud, that was absolutely delicious. Now, you're going to kiss me.'

He held my head and kissed me, trying to force his tongue into my mouth. When I refused to let him, he pinched my nose so I had to open my mouth to breath. When I did, his tongue entered and we kissed. I gave in and returned the kiss, tasting a strange yet erotic flavor. I realized that it was the taste of my own cum.

When he broke the kiss, he said, 'Now stud, you're going to suck me and if you bite it or hurt me, when they look for you they'll find you dead with your own cock cut off and stuffed in your mouth. Got it?'

'Yea,' I answered. I was scared shitless with his last remark. He straddled my face and placed the tip of his hard cock against my lips. It was wet with his precum. I tasted it and to my surprise it was sweet. I took the head in my mouth and he slowly eased his cock in further.

'That's it stud. Suck that cock, just don't scrape it with your teeth. Remember how I did you and do me the same way. I did as he instructed and he began fucking my mouth. After a few minutes, he said, 'Get ready stud. I'm close and you have to swallow. No spitting it out.'

His cock erupted and he held it in my mouth, forcing me to swallow. I managed to do it and found it was kind of erotic. He pulled out and lay next to me. As he did he began to caress my body again and I couldn't believe that I was actually beginning to enjoy it.

He kissed my neck and nibbled my ear and whispered, 'When mines ready again, I'm going to fuck your ass.'

'No, please don't,' I begged.

'Like I told you before, you have no say so in the matter.'

After a few minutes of caressing my body with his lips and hands, he got up. he untied first one leg and raised it and tied it to the headboard. Then he did the same to the other. My ass was now exposed. He grabbed a pillow and as he lifted my hips, he slid it under me.

He got down at the foot of the bed and knelt down. He slowly leaned forward and I soon felt his hot wet tongue working on my hole. He used his hands to spread me open and each time he did he fucked me deeper with his tongue. I thought I would go mad from the feeling he was giving me.

He stopped and reached for his bag and got something out. I felt a cold slick mass on my ass and knew that he was using some type of lube.

He began fucking me with his finger, and ever few minutes he would add another. When he said he was at four fingers, he greased his cock with the other hand and as he pulled out his fingers he inserted the head of his cock. I let out a scream of pain.

'That's all I'm going to do for now. Once you get used to it, I'll start going deeper.'

He held his position and the pain slowly subsided. He slowly began fucking me and with each forward thrust he would go deeper. After a few minutes, he said softly, 'Stud, your virgin ass has all nine inches of my cock in it. It feels great for me. How does it feel for you?'

'It still hurst some.'

'I'll make that go away,' he said and began fucking my ass. As he did there was one spot that the head of his cock hit that sent shock waves through my cock and body. My cock began to stiffen again.

He continued fucking my ass and the more he did the more I was liking it but I'd never admit it to him. He told me to get ready because he was about to cum. I didn't say so to him but so was I.

Without either of us touching it, my cock burst it's load out onto my chest and chin. As it did, I felt his load erupt and fill my hole with huge spurts of his hot cum. He slowly pulled out and looked at me.

'We can't let that hot sweet cum of yours go to waste now can we?'

He began licking it up. When he had it all in his mouth he kissed me again. I figured he had swallowed it but to my surprise he spit it into my mouth and kissed me hard making me swallow my own cum.

he got up and dressed and as he did, I asked, 'You're not going to leave me like this are you?'

'Oh, no. I'll take care of things.'

He used a piece of rope to tie my left wrist to the headboard before removing the handcuff. then he removed the other handcuff.

'There. You have one hand free. You should be able to untie the rest with that one hand. He slipped his gloves back on and as he stepped to the window, he said, 'I'll see you again soon stud. You just won't know when.'

He climbed back out the window. I bagan untieing my restraints and glanced at the clock. It was nearly five. He had been there for right at three hours. I finushed untieing myself and got up and turned on the lights. I saw an envelope on the night stand. On the front was written 'STUD'.

I opened the envelope and read.

'I know you won't report this because I know you don't want the humiliation that it would bring you to have it go public. Thanks for a great night. I'll be back.'

I paced the floor remembering the events that had taken place. After a while, I closed and locked the window and managed to drift off to sleep.

For the next two weeks all I could think about was the events of that night. For some unknown reason, I had enjoyed it, but why? I was straight. I tried despeerately to try and figure out who it could have been. He said he had wanted me ever since he had seen me, but where?'

To try and get over it, I went out with a group of guys from the office one Friday night. I got home about one , and after checking all the window and doors and I now did nightly, I went to bed.

I awoke a while later to find the events repeating themselves. My wrist were cuffed to the headboard.

I was helpless. 'Who the fuck are you?' I asked.

'Stud, you'd be totally shocked if you saw my face,' he said.

As he reached for my legs, I said, 'Please don't tie them this time. I promise I won't kick.'

He paused then said, 'Okay, I'll take you at your word.' He left my legs free.

The entire scene from the previous time was repeated with two exceptions. This time he made me eat his ass and before he left, he got me hard again and sat on my cock and had me fuck him.

When he fucked me this time, I wrapped my legs around him and found myself pulling him toward me with my legs on his inward thrust.

'Of, fuck stud, you're really getting into being fucked. I can tell you like it.'

As he tied my left hand and removed both cuffs, I asked, 'How'd you get in? I double checked all the doors and windows before I went to bed.'

'Stud, there are so many ways to get into these old houses it isn't even funny. Some day I may tell you.'

Before he left, I asked, 'Are you going to come back again?'

'Do you want me to?'

'Yes. No. Fuck, I don't know.'

'Questioning youself are you? I might be back. If you decide you want me to return sooner, leave your poarch light on.' With that he was gone.

For the next few weeks I was questioning myself. At the gym, I caught myself looking at the other guys cocks. I was doing the same thing more casually in the restroom at work.

Then one Saturday, I turned on the porch light and waited in the darkened living room, nude. This time I hadn't had anything to drink. From out of nowhere, he appeared from behind me.

'AH, waiting for me are you? How nice. If you promise not to pull off my hood, I won't cuff you.'

'I promise.'

He took my hand and led me to bed. I lay there as I watched him strip in the dim light in the room. For the first time, I was going to be able to feel his body as he had done mine.

I took the lead and when he lay beside me I began kissing him, our tongues exploring each other mouth. I moved down his body, licking and kissing. I sucked his nipples, then moved lower to his pubes, inhaling the manly odor. I kissed and licked his cock, balls, then raised his legs and ate his ass. I returned to his cock and sucked him off, eagerly swallowing his huge load.

When I again lay beside him, he laughed and said, 'Stud, that was quite a switch. What brought that on?'

'I just wanted to see what it was like to do it all voluntarily.'

'I see.'

Before he could add to his statement, I quickly said, 'And don't ask any more questions.'

He kissed me and then worked me over. When he has finished swallowing my load he again lay beside me. We kissed and cuddled for a while when he asked, 'Would you like to fuck me now?'

'Yea, I would, my way.'

I moved between his legs and raised them and applied lubricant to both of us. After entering him, I leaned forward and kissed him. When I raised up I held his ankles and began fucking.

'Oh, That's it stud. Fuck my ass. You know how to do it.'

I soon enptied my load up him and we changed positions and he fucked me. It was hot to be able to use my hands to caress his body while I got fucked.

When it was over, he asked, 'Are you still trying to find yourself?'

'Yea, I think so.'

'Look, go out and find some cunt and fuck your brains out. If you want to see me again, leave the light on as before.'

He dressed and left.

I did just that. I fucked several girls over the next few weeks, but I didn't fine the excitement or satisfaction that I did with my mystery man.

The next weekend I turned my porch light on. He again slipped in without my knowledge.

'Hi, he said.

'Hi, yourself,' I replied as I stood and kissed him. 'I'm ready if you are.'

'Stud, I'm always ready for you.'

We had wild passionate sex, far superior to what I had received from the girls I had screwed.

It became a regular Friday night affair. One Friday i asked, 'Can you stay the weekend?'

'Stud, I can't stay in this mask all weekend.'

'Then take the damn thing off. I'd like to see just who in the hell I've fallen in love with.'

'Yes, damn it, I love you. I never thought I'd ever tell a man that I loved him in the way I love you but I do. I love having sex with you and I can't wait for these Friday nights. I just want to see who I'm in love woth.'

For the first time, he used my name.

'Brad, I've always loved you but not as much or in the same way as I love you now.'

Who was this guy? He slowly began removing his mask. When I saw his face, my legs went weak and I had to sit down.

'Jack? Is that really you?'

'Yes, Brad, it's me.'

Jack is my brother, two years older than me. He left home when he was seventeen and we never heard from him again. We all assumed he was dead.

'Jack, what the hell happened to you?'

'Like I said in the note, I had to go find myself. I traveled and worked odd jobs and what not to earn money. Then I got in with the wrong crowd.'

'What do you mean 'wrong crowd'?' I asked.

'Drugs. I was a runner for the boss. I got stopped and had a shipment in the car. I was arrested, but made a deal to name names. For my cooperation, I got a lighter sentence. I never used the drugs, just transported them.'

'Where did this happen?'

'Miami. They all received very long sentences and when I got out I moved way out here to get away from them. I'm working now for a recovering addict that gives others a second chance. I'm warehouse manager for a major distributor and making good money.'

'But when did the sex thing start?'

'When I was in jail. My cell mate made me his and we were considered a couple. No one messed with him or what was his. He was good to me and never mistreated me. But when I got out, I couldn't get it on with a woman. I totally was turned on by men.'

'Where did you see me?'

'At the gay club you were at. I nearly ran to you when I saw you but I could tell from the look on your face that you were there by accident. I know Zeus and he told me that he worked out with you at the gym. he tld me about you being straight. If you hadn't invited me back, I'm not sure if I'd have let you know that I lived here or not. But Brad, I do love you like I said.'

'Oh, Jack, I love you so much, and not only as my brother. Like I said, I've fallen in love with you.'

I grabbed him and hugged him and we kissed.

'Does that offer of the weekend still stand?'

'Fuck yea, more that ever now. Let's go back to bed.'

'Lead the way, lover.'




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