When I opened the door and looked in the room, he was on the bed facing me.

There was no hint of surprise on his handsome face. No sign of embarrassment. Instead he was smiling that come-on smile he was so famous for. He arched his back and stretched his legs apart.

Seeing him naked, his cock sticking straight up, hard and totally exposed, excited me, even though I was not gay. The sheer audacity of it was erotic, titillating, and caused me to wonder what it would be like to kneel down on the floor, supported by the bed, and kiss that enticing naked piece of hot male meat. I could feel a stirring in my loins, but just the fear of the possibility of liking it made me turn away.

"Don't go," he said, "You've just got here. I've been waiting for you."

and then he added, "Jesus Christ you smell, you're fuckin' covered with sweat."

"Yes, I've been running....guess I'd better shower."

"God, I love that. That fucking smell. Come here, man let me taste it."

He always did that when I just came in from running. It was what I wanted.

Secretly, that is, never even admitting it to myself. All through the run I thought of him. Thought of him on the bed, naked, waiting for me.

Waiting for my sweaty naked body. My running shorts were soaked with it.

I could feel the flow of sweat running down my legs from my balls.

I lay on the bed beside him, my hands under my head, elbows to the ceiling.

"Ah Jesus," he whispered, "God I love you. Why could't you be gay. Queer, just like me."

"I'm not Jeff. So don't get funny with me. I'm here, just like every afternoon at 4:30, and you can suck me off, but that's it, Okay?"

"Yeah man," he said, and he rolled his naked body over, so that he was on his stomach, and he buried his face in my armpit, inhaling a great gust of sweat smell. "Jesus," he whispered again, and his teeth tugged at the fine wet hairs and his tongue licked the sweat away leaving his sweet saliva in its place. God, he'd do anything for me. Anything. He already did it all, didn't he? In the three years we shared the dorm room? He moved his mouth to a nipple, then the other, sucking, tiny bites of pleasure, always slurping up the sweat.

He buried his face in the hollow of my shorts. Hollow except for the tent made by my hard-on, God that felt good. I raised my hips and he took my sweaty shorts in his teeth, and tugged at them, freeing the cock, he pulled them over my hips, down to my ankles and off.

Now I was naked too. I felt his hot breath as his mouth got closer to the moist aromatic balls. Jesus god Jeff, I'm so fucking horny, and I raised my hips up off the mattress rolling my cock and balls over his face. He hadn't shaved in days, and the stubble of his growing beard was an abrasive pleasure that can only happen with a male lover.

He opened his mouth and swallowed my cock into it. Hot and wet. Jesus!

So hot and wet. I pushed it in. All the way. The tip buried deep into his throat. My shaved balls rolled over his rough chin....... "Aaaaaaah GOD !!! AAAAAAAAAH!!!!! And the exquisite jolt of pleasure shattered down my spine. The cum shot out of my hard erect cock. He fell in a heap upon my naked body, his face buried in my hairy loins, licking again at the once more accumulated sweat.

We were exhausted from our daily pleasure. Constant and always there.

Never diminished. The intensity of it hit him as much as me. His naked body too, was inundated with the heat of passion. Our sweat mingled as he lay on top of me. He tried to kiss me, but I turned away. "I'm not queer," I told him, and I pulled away to the other side of the bed. The daily ritual completed once more. Time to return to reality.

"I do love you," he whispered, his voice tight, hoarse with the strain of giving. There was honesty in it. Truth in what he said. Yet I denied it, refused to accept it.

I got up, pulled on my shorts and grabbed a towel. It failed to cover a still soaring cock. It was shower time, time to be myself again. I left him, still naked on the bed, knowing that he was caught up in the heat of his excesses, his love and passion, unrequited.

Alone in the shower room, I noticed the reflection of a handsome man. He was young. His body was perfection, with muscles, and hair, and tanned smooth skin, all in the right places. I felt a surge of continuing sexual need, horny ..... as though the suck he gave me wasn't enough. I wanted, and needed, more. Turning to the vision of the handsome naked man pictured in the floor to ceiling mirror, I realized the image was of me. It was my naked body. And I smiled, breaking into unexpected laughter, and I began to masturbate, watching every stroke, every changed expression on my handsome face......until the face changed into the face of Jeff.

"I love sucking your cock," he said simply, a grin on his face, when I returned from the shower room.


"I'm going to miss you next year." I was a graduating senior, he still had a year to go.

"Yeah, me too." I really didn't want to talk about it, but I turned to him, "Jeff, I'm really sorry I can't get you off. You deserve more from me..."

"Hush, baby," he grinned, "I got what I wanted. It's okay," and to change the subject he said, "Your appointment with the recruiter is for tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. They called and set it up. Important, they said." And with that he flipped over on the bed showing his firm and rounded bubble butt and a brief surge of interest found its way to my ever pulsating loins. We never tried that, though he wanted too. And I settled down on my own bed, and reaching for Sports Ilustrated I pretended to read.


The recruiter, Jeff referred to was from Collins, Dayton. Probably the most prestigious law firm in the whole state. Every law student, reverently bowed his head and closed his eyes whenever it was mentioned as a possible destination after graduating. It was everyone's goal, but only one mans' destiny, and this year I was the one they selected to interview.

There were two of them. Two serious, handsome, well-groomed men scouting the classroom throughout the final semester. Scouting me!

At 2:30 sharp I opened the door to Royce Hall and found the appropriate room just off the main entrance. That I was polished to the highest degree of professionalism is an understatement, of course, just as to say I was not nervous is an understatement too. I wanted the job, if one could call being on the staff at Collins, a job, and the enormous possibility of it had me out on the edge.

They both looked at me as I walked to the interview table, appraising every step I took, every wrinkle in my new suit, making a judgement call even before I could defend myself. Was it a smile or a sneer that flashed across the face of the older man, the man who seemed to be in charge?

And while they looked, neither spoke, but they seemed to be waiting for me to say the first words.

"Good afternoon," I said with a stiff smile, "I'm Danny Tobin," and I extended my hand, first to the older man, who shook it with no welcoming pressure, and said his name was Bradley, and then to the younger one, who identified himself as Alex.

"Thank you for coming."

There was a long pause. An evaluation of physical presence. The academic achievements had already been presented and reviewed and apparently accepted.

"Frankly, we only wanted to meet you. We've already decided you're our boy," Bradley said with a smile, "We've been studying you for the past three years. Checked everything. Even talked to your roommate. What has to be decided is whether or not you want to join us."

Alex nodded his head confirming everything that Bradley said. He was probably the most beautiful male animal I had ever seen. Even the super nervousness of the occasion was over-shadowed by the excitement of being this close to him. I mean he impacted me. God he was one handsome macho man. And a familiar shot of sudden lust settled in my loins. Jesus! I wondered. What in the hell's happening to me.

Not knowing what to say, I remained silent, with a foolish smile flashing across my face. This was not what I expected. All the practiced speeches about how much I really wanted this job, and how qualified I felt I was, fled like a flock of frightened birds. Want the job? of course I wanted the job.

Mr. Bradley stood up and began to pace back and forth. I could visualize him in a courtroom before a jury, "We would use you in our Entertainment Law Department. Alex here would be your boss, show you the ropes...what's expected of you. It's a little different than what you might think...." he hesitated. Turning to Alex he asked in a low voice, "You want to take it from here, Al?"

The silent impasse was puzzling. There's something funny here, I thought to myself.

"Leave me alone with him, Brad. Let me handle it from this point, Okay?"

We shook hands and Mr Bradley left the room, and I was alone with this handsome man that I was beginning to have strange feelings about. God!

And they talked to Jeff? Shit! Dear Jeff, he never mentioned it.

Pacing the room, he began his dialogue. It was well prepared, sounding almost canned. "Entertainment law is interesting in itself, but what is more interesting is the excitement of the clients. They are a different breed. Brilliant, talented, sensitive, bored and full of ego. Ego so thick you can cut it with a knife. They think their shit doesn't stink."

He looked at me, calculating my reaction to the vulgarism.

I smiled, still like an imbecile, for words were beyond me. I was captured in the excitement of being with this beautiful hunk. A gorgeous male animal. He wore no tie and his shirt was open, but wasn't it just the top button, I thought? When did he unbutton the others? For now it fell open, revealing a slightly hairy chest, natural in dimension, tanned a toasted bronze, capped by two of the most luscious suckable nipples I had ever seen on a man. A womans' nipples on a firm flat muscular chest, teasing me as his shirt opened and closed with each thrust of his shoulders. God! I'm going bonkers, I thought. He smiled.

"We handle contracts, residuals, purchase of property," he continued, "And of course, scrapes with the law."

He placed his hands in his pocket causing his shirt to fall back again.

I forced myself to look at his handsome face, the angular planes that defined his features, the dark brown eyes, shaded by dark shaggy brows, the smiling full lips that moved enticingly as he spoke. I risked a glance at his bare chest, felt the now familiar stirring, and wondered where all this was heading. I almost involuntarily reached out to touch the swollen brown berries that perched on each mound of his breast. I looked at him again.

He was smiling broadly, perfect white teeth, a pink tongue rolling over his thick lips.

"Right now our biggest case is with our most popular star. Indecent exposure, lewd conduct, with a male hustler in Griffith Park. " His hands touched his crotch, or did they? "Naked, on his knees, sucking cock before God and everyone else. Some of these egos think they can do no wrong. Can get away with anything." He paused lowering his head as though he were suddenly siezed with a bout of shyness, "I know you're not queer. But you don't mind working with them do you?"

Still tongue tied like a blithering idiot, I nodded, trying to smile an agreeable smile. "No, I don't," I croaked, wondering if I was queer, just like Jeff and that movie star in Griffith Park.

"They expect more than just an educated opinion on a legal matter. They are beautiful, well-cared for, handsome men, idolized by fans who forgive their indiscretions. And they expect you to forgive them too." He paused for a moment, as though he were trying together courage to say somthing, and what he had to say was surprising, yet I wasn't surprised. "They want your mind, but they want you body, too. Your attendance at their parties.

Playing their games with them and their friends, is expected."

He moved closer to me. His eyes caught mine. It was as though he were hypnotizing me as he spoke. Certainly he had taken control, he was the dominate one, carefully forcing his pherenomes on mine.

I could smell him now. Not the sweet smell of cologne, but the warm harsh wet smell of aroused passion. His shirt tails were out of the confines of his slacks, floating aimlessly. How in the hell did that happen? He shrugged his shoulders, and the shirt fell away on to the floor. From the waist up he was naked. Standing so close to me, his nipples brushed against my interview suit. My god! I felt the blood rush to my cock. He was grinning, looking directly at me with those dark flashing eyes, shielded by long furry lashes. "They want sex. Just as you and I do. And they're used to getting what they want."

And he took my sweating hand in his dry one, and with a gentle pressure carried it to his right nipple, and bending forward, pressed his opened lips against mine, and his moist hot tongue slipped easily inside. I accepted it, liked it, and responded by touching the erection caught in his slacks, and he pulled away.

"You are one hot man," he whispered in my ear. His warm breath adding to the excitement.

Oh god! I was ready to do anything. For him and his clients.

"You want it too, don't you?" He asked.

"Yes," I croaked in a tight voice.

Let's go," he said abruptly, reaching for his shirt and slipping his arms into it.

We drove in silence for just a short distance. When he turned north on Stone Canyon I knew somehow we were going to the Bel Air. The attendant took the car and he led me through the simple lobby of this prestigious hotel, to a lovely garden, stopping at one of the bungalows.

He poured gin over ice. Handed one to me, sipping the other. Neither of us spoke. He smiled, and I trembled with anticipation, for it was clear to me now where all this was going. What I must do to get the job with Collins. And with the beautiful Alex I was ready. Ready to do what Jeff wanted me to do for the three years we roomed together.

He toasted me with his glass of Tanquerey. Sipped the intoxicating silken liquid, while we kissed and fondled each other in the darkened hotel suite.

He was eager, just as I was. Though we proceeded slowly, takin off our clothes, one garment at a time, loving and kissing exposed flesh, chewing on loose lips, tasting mouth juices with secret tongues, exploring all the crevisses, the secret places. Soon, except for silken briefs, we were naked, entangled in a web of horny need.

The silky hairs caught in his pits were moist and acid tasting. The exploding nipples responded to each kiss, each nibble on the erect tissue.

The hairy loins framed an engorged cock and low hanging hairy balls, creating hunger and a need to touch, to look at, to feel, to suck. Ah! To suck! A great flush of desire to suck. Jesus! In a frenzy, I slipped to my knees and tore off the silken briefs. Literally. Shredded them to uselessness. No protection. No shield. No cover of the precious jewels.

We were naked! Totally, completely naked.

He fell onto to a leather chair. Sitting quietly, his eyes shrouded by the almost closed lids. He spread his knees, tacitly inviting access.

His cock was long. Oh so fucking long. Designed for deep penetration down an open willing throat, or inserted in a tight ass hole. And it was narrow, too. Slender and graceful, yet leaking power, sticking out from a pubic patch of thick dark hair, like a giant wiener, hot and boiled, ready to be eaten.

I touched the slender shaft. A tentative kiss from timid lips, opened, yet not quite ready. I fingered the low hanging testicles, marveling at their fragile velvet touch.

Pulling away, I leaned back, sitting on my ankles, and looked at him. His brown eyes sparkled with suppressed laughter as though he were the winner.

He was, of course, or was he? Later I learned that the victory was mine, it was I who received the most complete pleasure from our sexual dance.

It would seem, considering the intensity of the moment, the electric currents surging all around us, that we would be locked in an uncontrollable embrace of giving and taking, but we were not. Instead, I savored the luscious thrill of expectation. My own swollen cock was so rich in exciting sensation, that I wanted to prolong this intense pleasure.

Looking at him, and knowing I could have it all at any time, was exciting enough to satisfy the moment. And so I postponed the moment of doing it.

His piercing brown eyes, and serious cast to his face, reflected a horny hunger that equaled mine. He wanted it too, but he wanted it now. He raised his hips off the chair so that his cock brushed against my lips.

His testicles, low hanging and hairy, swung forward and rubbed against my chin. There was a drop of pre-cum resting on the piss slit and my tongue flicked it off. My first taste. I was so fucking hot from the sight and smell of this beautiful animal that I kissed those humid balls licking away the sweat. I traced my tongue up the shaft of his cock, and licked the tip. I made love to his cock and balls, just as Jeff had done to mine, every afternoon for the past three years, and I loved it. Loved the exquisite sense of giving pleasure to this beautiful man who lay naked in front of me. God! And for a brief it was as though it was Jeff's cock i lusted for.

I was beyond control now, licking and slurping and sucking on his giant erection, loving the humping of his hips as he fucked it deeper into my throat. I loved the moan and cry of pleasure, knowing that I was causing it, giving him the enormous pleasure of the suck, and then the explosion, the great wads of cum shooting down my throat as though fired from an automatic weapon.

I knew in an instant the pleasure that had been Jeff's, the pleasure that only one man can give another. Jeff. Ah Jeff! As I swallowed the flood of salty love-cream, I thought of Jeff, sweet Jeff who had been so patient, so loving and caring. Waiting for me to awaken to what and who I was, and I fell back on the soft carpet that covered the floor, exhausted with pleasure, relieved and happy in my new knowledge.

"So you're not queer," he whispered, after a long moment of silence. There was humor in his voice, like as though he knew all along I was. "You're good, you know. sucking my cock and balls like a hot queer man. You ready for some more.....?"

God! Yes I wanted more! Lusted for more! Needed more to satisfy this new horny erotic hunger for sex! I nodded my head, licking my lips with my tongue, And I bent forward to take his still swollen cock. "Not me man, You already did me." And he turned his head toward the door that was to the bedroom of the suite. "He's all yours," he yelled with a chuckle, and the door opened.

Standing there was the most famous movie star in America. Stark naked! Oh my god! Naked, and grinning that famous smile, frankly open and welcoming, yet shy at the same time, his head tilted down in a bashful way.

"Come into the bedroom, Danny, I've been waiting for you......" he said, and he put his famous arms around my naked shoulders, and kissed me with a passion even greater than the hot searing passion reflected so many times on the giant screen. And the heat of his body combined with the heat of mine.

He led me to the giant bed with silk sheets. It was big, and easily accommodated the three of us as we explored the ways of gay sex, and the famous Matt Cruise sucked my cock, and my new boss, Alex, washed his wet tongue in the crack between my buttocks preparing me for Matt's fuck. And all the while I thought of Jeff. But when it was over I knew I got the job.

Several hours later, after we did it all, I went back to the dorm. When I opened the door and looked in the room, Jeff was on the bed facing me. A smile of welcome flashed across his face. He was naked, of course, as he always was, and seeing his cock jutting up out of the patch of pubic hair excited me.

"How did it go," he asked.

"Okay. I got the job."

"I knew you would." His voice was wistful, almost sad as though he would rather I hadn't passed the interview. "I guess things will change now," he said quietly, almost in a whisper.

Seeing him lying there on the bed, as he had all the other afternoons of the last three years, I knew my decision was the right one. "Jeff," I said. "I want to ask you something."

"Yes? Okay, what is it?"

"You said you loved me. Not just once, but lots of times. 'I Love you,'

you'd say. Every afternoon when you got me off."

"Yes, I said it. So what about it now?" He stopped for a minute, smiled,

"It's true. Danny, I do love you, As much as anyone can love anyone."

"I learned a lot this afternoon, Jeff, different things than what you might think." He looked up at me, a questioning expression on his handsome face, and he waited for me to continue. "I guess the best thing I learned, Jeff, is that I love you too. I guess I'm queer, just like you, Jeff. I realize that now. It's something that's always been there. I love you so much, my dear Jeff, with all my heart." I paused a moment, and then I Looked directly into his blue eyes, "I'm not taking the job with Collins, Jeff.

Don't ask me why. Not now. Someday I'll tell you the whole bit. But I don't want to work for them. I'm going to take some classes next year.

Stay in college for another term, so I can be with you.....if that's okay, with you, I mean. If we can still room together." And as I said what I wanted to say, I took off my clothes, dropping them to the floor, one by one, and when I finished my speech, I was naked, and I fell into his open arms.

Pressing my naked body against his, I kissed him, and slipping my tongue into his warm open mouth, we began to make love.


Joe Wilson

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