Warmth in my cock. That's the first thing I felt when I laid my eyes upon him. Neurons firing, heart rate increasing, blood vessels dilating. He was supposed to be my college intern. I'm a scientist at a biotech company working on cutting edge cancer research. We hire college students during the summer to help us with our research. Usually there is an interview process but I was hiring this guy as a favor to my boss Marian who was friends with his parents.

It had been a while since I had been with someone. I was a workaholic and the company ran me ragged. Everyone worked very hard and worked long hours and you were expected to keep up. When I wasn't busy with work I was working out at the gym. It was good stress relief and I liked keeping my body in top shape. I had developed quite a physique but no one was around to enjoy it.

His name was Rommie. He was 20 years old, handsome and athletic. At 41 I was old enough to be his father. His family was from eastern Europe, and he had an adorable accent. When we met my first though was: I just wanna rub my cock against his crack, is that too much to ask?. My second though was: cool it. I thought about the sexual harassment training course I just took and told myself to calm down. I could loose my job. And he was so much younger than me, I was old enough to be his father for God's sakes.

Rommie was a studious worker and fast learner. He was also devastatingly handsome with a warm down to earth masculine face. He was incredibly well built. His shoulders and biceps bulged from the t-shirts and polo shirts hew wore to work. Rommie's presence provoked a strong response from females at work. The female interns tried to flirt with him incessantly, and even he even turned the heads of the middle aged secretaries. I myself found it hard to avert my eyes from him when he was in my field of view, but I forced myself to.

We developed a good rapport, almost too good rapport, and I was nervous. We were about to embark on experiments that required we spend time together alone in the darkroom, which was rather secluded, quiet and has a lock inside so that people in the middle of experiments in the darkroom would not be disturbed. How could I handle being alone in the darkroom with him? With the door locked no less! Don't do anything! A voice inside my head said. You will get yourself fired!.

While I was trying to act professional and suppress my desires, I started to notice that Rommie seemed to be looking at me a good deal. I noticed that when I walked through the lab, his eyes were on me the entire time. My heart would race when his eyes were on me. I told myself I was imaging things. Come on, you're dreaming! I told myself. But it reached a point where I knew I wasn't imagining things. Contradicting thoughts swirled in my head: 'He is so fucking hot. What if the boss finds out? Imagine the possibilities. I could lose my job. Wonder what underwear he is wearing?'

I tried hard to not return his glances. Then one day he caught me checking him out. It was the end of the day, I walked from the lab to my office and saw him. He had changed his clothing. 'Oh my fucking God' I said to myself when I saw him. He rode his bike to work and today he was going for a long bikeride before going home. He was wearing skin tight black bicycle shorts and a blue t-shirt with cutoff sleeves. He had a slender waist and his arms were rippled with muscles. He mad a beautiful round bubble but. He was wearing socks and sneakers. I looked down at his socks. The hair on his legs stuck out enticingly against the top of his socks. He looked like he belonged in a fitness modeling studio, not a research lab filled with science geeks. Try as I might, it was physically impossible not to look at him. He caught my eyes and I quickly looked away. He did not look away though, and continued staring at me, trying to catch my eye. I quickly retreaded to my office and tried putting the incident out of my mind.

The morning came when we had to work in the darkroom. We gathered up our supplies and went it. We were working on microscopy studies of fluorescently tagged mammalian cell culture lines. I locked the door and looked at him. He was staring at me and gave me a warm smile. 'Don't do anything' the voice in my head said. I turned on the microscope, and connected it to the digital camera connected to the computer. We embarked on our experiment, or at least we tried to. It was difficult to focus because he moved his chair such that it was as close to mine as possible, and our legs were touching. 'Don't do anything' the voice said, but I felt my body fill with nervous excitement. I tried to focus on the task at hand. I suggested we switch chairs so he could practice capturing images of our cell lines on the computer. When we switched chairs I instinctively put my arm around his chair. I was about to pull back my arm but he turned to me and smiled approvingly. 'I am having a difficult time focusing on the experiment' he finally said. I moved my arm away quickly. Suddenly. I became very nervous that I overstepped my bounds. 'Why?, is something wrong' 'No, no, of course nothing is wrong, it's just that I have other things on my mind'. 'What things?' I asked. 'Um, I think you know' he answered. We stared into eachothers eyes for a long moment. I swallowed and took off the latex gloves I was wearing. I leaned over and kissed his supple lips. He put his hand around my head and pressed my mouth closer to his. I pulled him up. We embraced and kissed. We stood with our bodies entwined and our mouths locked in deep kisses. We made out like this for about 45 minutes, entwined, mouths locked and hands groping. I was getting sweaty and pre-cum was seeping into my underwear. I only wished we were in my bed and naked instead of being in the dark room at work with our cloths on. I fumbled with his belt and unzipped his jeans. He was wearing white jockey briefs. I pulled at the waistband slightly and out poped his adorable cock. Jackpot! About seven and a half inches, uncut. The tan foreskin was covering his cockhead. I immediately got down on my knees and rubbed it against my cheek. It felt warm and smooth. I studied the veins. I moved the foreskin back and forth over the head and tugged it gently with my lips. The way it wrinkled when it covered up the head made my cock spasm. Then I started sucking him intently. He moaned and I felt my mouth fill with pre-cum and foreskin juice. He pulled me up and kissed me while undoing my belt and pants. He got down on his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked my entire jumbo cock into his mouth until his nose was pressed into my bushy salt and pepper pubic hair. I've had a fair number of blowjobs in my day, but I could not remember ever having a guy taking me that deeply into his mouth. I felt my cock head rub against the back of his throat in an extremely pleasurable way and this was a new and wonderful sensation. This was the best blow job ever. He took my cock out of his mouth and then swallowed it again in one fell swoop till his nose was in my pubes again. I felt myself getting near the point of no return and tried to get him to stop. But he refused and started to slurp my cock more vigorously. The sensation of my cockhead rubbing the back of his throat pushed me over the edge. I suppressed the urge to scream when my body convulsed and I ejaculated what felt like gallons of cum down his throat. He swallowed, jerked his cock furiously and ejaculated all over the darkroom floor. We cleaned up and went back to the lab.

The next day my boss Marian came into my office. 'Rommie really seems to have taken to you as his mentor, I wanted to thank you for taking him under your wing'. I was nervous but tried to hide it. 'He is a great worker' I blurted out. 'And so cute!' she said. The comment was completely out of character for Marian, but Rommie had obviously enchanted her as well. And immediately after she gushed 'And so cute!' a look of regret swept her face. Marian was a highly professional and by the books project manager. She was mortified that she called one of the interns 'cute' in front of a colleague. And her friend's son, no less. Now she felt embarrassed and awkward. Lady you don't know the half of it, the voice in my head said. I tried to assuage her shame by changing the subject. 'Oh, I meant to ask you: do you think we should we schedule the meeting to discuss the protein purification experiments like we had discussed?'. 'Yeah, that's a good idea, send out an invitation'

After the dark room encounter, I invited Rommie to my place for dinner. After dinner we had an intense makeout session on the couch. I took him to my bedroom. We striped down to our undies and got under the sheets. I lay on top of him, my older bigger hairier body on top of his smoother nubile athletic body. We kissed deeply while our hands went exploring. Our hard cocks, bulging through our underwear, rubbed against eachother. He looked sexy as hell in his undies but I knew that it was past the time for them to come off already. I gently slid them off and brought them to my face. I inhaled. His undies smelled mostly of fabric softener. Underneath the fabric softener was another aroma: slightly spicy and enticing. He immediately helped me take off mine underwear and we rubbed our cocks together as I lay on top of him. It's amazing how much heat you can generate rubbing two sticks together. He moaned my name as we rubbed our sticks together. Then he moaned 'Oh, daddy' . Daddy? I thought. Being called daddy be him was unexpectedly exciting and satisfying in a primal way. I responded by hugging him tightly with all my strength and locking my mouth onto his. He moaned. We turned around so he was on top and continued kissing and rubbing our cocks together. He moved down and buried is face in my coarse chest hair. He sucked my nipples before shoving my cock down his throat. He lay between my legs with my cock in his mouth. For the first time I had a good view of his naked bubble but. It was stupendous. It was ample in size and the cheeks were very round and muscular. I new I immediately had to get closer to that bubble but. I changed positions, and took my cock out of his mouth. He seemed disappointed that my cock was no longer in his mouth. 'I need to worship your sweet ass' I said honestly.

If his bubble but were any sweeter I would have gone into a diabetic coma. Perfectly shaped and covered with smooth fine hair that felt soft as silk to the touch. I kissed the cheeks repeatedly. I spread his cheeks and looked at his sweet young manhole. The sight of it made me pucker my lips and suck in air. I moved in for a closer inspection. His manhole smelled like the fabric softener from his underwear. I gave it a thorough visual inspection. It was slightly different then other assholes I had seen. More purplish-blue than pink. It beckoned to me. I had never rimmed someone at such an early point in a relationship. But I new I could not resist eating Rommies manhole. I kissed it repeatedly and then plunged my tounge in. He made a sound that sounded like a squeal. I buried my face in Rommies sweet bubblebut and rimmed him for a long long time as he lay moaning my name interspersed with 'Oh daddy'. Having my face buried in his sweet fresh perfectly shaped 20 year old bubblebut was sheer nirvanh.

We had fun the next few days. He loved to put his head on my chest and play with my chest hair. He said it felt ticklish against his smoother body. We explored each others balls. His balls were quite distinctive: large, naturally hairless and purplish. They were my two little eggplants of joy. My balls are hairy, big and tan with a dark brown stripe down the middle. My balls also tend to be sweaty. Rommies balls had a very faint sweet honey like aroma. I had never smelled balls with such a delightful aroma. I can only imagine what my very sweaty older balls smelled like. I'm certain they did not smell as sweet and fresh as his. But Rommie could not get enough of my balls. In fact he was so exuberant I had to tell him to be more gentle because he was sucking them so hard that it felt uncomfortable for me.

As I previously mentioned, the first time I saw Rommie my first thought was 'I just wana rub my cock against his crack, is that too much to ask?'. I indulged this urge with relish and it seemed to drive him wild. He would push his sweet bubble but against my cock and jerk off. My cock rubbed against the outside of his tight asshole. 'So nice to meet you' my cock seemed to be saying to his manhole. 'Let's get to know each other more intimately'.

One day at work we were in the midst of a heavy make out session in the darkroom and he told me there was something he wanted to talk about. His words shook me: 'I've been thinking There has always been this one thing That I've been curious to try I really think I'd like to try it with you'. He wanted me to fuck him for his first time. No more 'fooling around on the outside'. He said he desperately wanted my cock inside him and that he had an overwhelming desire to pleasure me in this way. I felt the room spin. I gathered my wits and replied calmly: 'I'd really like that' (fucking understatement of the year!). He said he really wanted to do it with me but he was nervous because he was inexperienced. I told him we were in no hury and that all he had to do was say the word when he felt ready. I gave him advice about how he could tell physically if it was a good time to have anal sex. I told him it was no big deal and that I would be very gentle and go very slowly. 'Just say the word when you feel ready'.

A week later we were frolicking around in bed: He was on his back and I was lying to his side caressing his dark shortly trimmed hair. He was playing with my balls with one hand. We stared into each others eyes and we kissed. It was a very romantic and warm moment. He looked into my eyes and whispered 'Maybe tonight?' The voice in my mind screamed 'YES!' and my heart raced. 'If you feel ready we can do it' I said calmly.

He said he definitely wanted to do it, it was all he thought about, but he was slightly nervous because it was his first time. I told him not to worry, that we would take it slowly. I got up to get some lube. First I had him lie on his back. I lifted his legs over my shoulders, kissed his asshole repeatedly and proceeded to rim him ferociously, pressing my tongue into the center of his hole. The anticipation as I rimed him was intense. Soon my cock would be exploring where my tongue was. I moved my tongue upwards to his balls and then to his cock. I shoved his tasty cock in my mouth. I slathered a generous amount of lube on my fingers and then put some on his asshole. I sucked his cock while I worked his asshole gently with my fingers. I felt his asshole relax around my fingers. I slid in an entire finger and felt around. Soon two fingers were in. His insides felt moist and warm. When I felt he was ready, I had him flip over and lie on his stomach. I slathered my cock with a generous amount of lube and added more to his asshole. I lay on top of him and rubbed my eager cock against his lubricated manhole. His head was turned and we kissed. He moaned and pushed his ass into my cock. I used my hand to position my my cock and slowly I started to enter him. I asked him if it hurt. 'No, not at all, it just feels good.' 'Tell me if it hurts or if I go to fast.' He pushed his sweet virgin ass into my groin and slowly my cock was completely inside him. My cock felt enveloped by warm silkiness. 'How does that feel?' I asked, 'how does it feel to have me inside you?' 'Even better than I imagined' he said 'It feels so good'. 'My cock is in heaven right now' I said. Our lips locked as much as they could in this position. I probed his mouth with my tongue while my cock probed his moist silky insides. I felt privileged that my cock was the first to penetrate his sweet manhole. My cock was surrounded by tissues that had never been in contact with another man's cock. That idea was highly pleasurable and I moved my cock around inside him. I felt for his cock. It was rock hard. I jerked him while gently moving my cock inside his virgin manhole.

I wanted my cock to remain in his sweet virgin ass for eternity. Out of nowhere he clenched his muscles down on my cock. I drew in a quick hissing mouthful of air. He repeated this and again I hissed. 'fast learner' I thought as I caressed his cock and balls with one hand and stuck my tongue in his ear. I told him I was very near orgasm and to let my cock rest inside him for a while. I started up again by pushing into him as deeply as I could. He responded in kind, pushing his ass against my cock so I was in as deeply as possible. I started playing with his cock and caressing his balls while I gently thrust my cock inside him. He started moaning 'Oh Daddy'. 'Daddies cock is inside you' I whispered in his ear. His response was to clench his muscles down on my cock and I felt myself tittering on the verge of exploding inside him. I continued: 'Your making daddy very happy. Soon daddy is going to flood your manhole.'Would you like daddy to flood your manhole?' He responded by squeezing down on my cock and moaning: 'Oh yes please, flood me daddy, flood me'. We picked up the pace and I felt his cock swell in my hand. I gritted my teeth as I felt myself very close to orgasm. He came first. When he did I felt his his asshole squeeze my cock with each spasm of his orgasm. That was all it took. My body convulsed repeatedly and I screamed loudly as I emptied what felt like gallons of sperm inside him.

We spent the rest of the summer making out, sucking and rimming. 69 was our lucky number. I delighted in playing with his ample foreskin. And he loved to have daddy flood his manhole. He frequently initiated things by pushing his bubblebut into my groin. We fucked like bunnies: Doggie style. Face to face. Side by side. We tried every position. Once with him lying on his back, his legs lifted high in the air. Me on top, my cock buried deep inside him. I lifted each of his feet to my face and kissed his feet and sucked his toes while fucking him. Another time me on the bottom, with him on top straddling my groin. My cock snugly inside of him while he bounced on top of me, caressing my chest and jerking his cock while moaning my name over and over with his cute accent. He jerked his cock furiously while squeezing his muscles around my cock. I laid back, smiled and watched with pleasure as this hot young guy enjoyed the feeling of my cock inside him. His muscles were squeezed tightly against my cock. I watched in awe as he ejaculated, shooting his sweet young sperm all over me. I scooped some up and put it in my mouth. I felt it coat my mouth and throat. Then I thrust into him while tasting more of his ejaculate. I brought his lips to mine and kissed him deeply as I thrust harder. When I came it was so intense I would have screamed except that my mouth was locked with his.

But alas, all good things come to an end. In the fall he had to return to college on the opposite coast. We vowed to stay together. And I really wanted to. But he became distant in our phone conversations and I felt like he was talking to me as a friend rather than a lover. I realized he was young and sexy and wasn't ready to settle down with someone twice his age. I was deeply saddened. We avoided the issue but I knew it was over. At the same time, I met someone else, a cute muscular hairy cub the same age as myself. I told Rommie. I was very disappointed he did not appear to be the least bit upset: 'Don't feel bad if you've met someone who will make you happy' he said. Huh? What the hell kind of a response was that? 'But what about us?' I thought. Se la vi. Just before he hung up he said 'I'll never forget you'. And I will never forget him either.





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