My Aunt left me the house because she hated my parents. I knew that. I knew why she hated them, too. She wasn't all that crazy about me either, but I was the lessor of two evils. So I was now the proud owner of, if memory served, the ugliest fucking house ever built. When I pulled up in front of it, I groaned. Memory hadn't done it justice. The shingles had faded to a nice zombie gray. It was littered with pointless gables and trim. Every bit of the landscaping had died and mummified. The front porch drooped. It wouldn't just need a carpenter. It would need an exorcist, a therapist and a dose of Prozac. I fought with the iron gate and finally, begrudgingly it let me in the tiny yard. I tripped twice going up the cracked walk. I used the key, and the door swung open with a screech that made my spine tingle. The voice behind me made me go straight up into the air. I whirled on him. 'Don't do that!' I howled.

He just stared at me, face composed, hands deep in his pockets. 'You're the nephew,' he said finally. 'I'm A nephew,' I snapped. 'Hardly THE nephew.' He shrugged, and I noticed how muscular he was. 'Whatever,' he said finally. 'You'll be putting it up for sale.' It was a statement, not a question, and it irritated me. 'I'll decide what I want to do with my property when I decide,' I a pompous ass. He looked at me the way calm people look at pompous asses and shrugged again. 'You'll sell,' he repeated. Boy, I hated...whoever this was. I really hated the guy. Which made it really surprising when three feet inside the foyer we were ripping each other's clothes off.

He had followed me inside without being invited, stepped over the creaking board my foot hit and looked around at the dingy interior with affection. I had turned to him to...pitch some kind of a fit, when I noticed how big his brown eyes were, how thick his hair was, how lush the chest hair peeking out of the open collar was, how solid and muscular his body appeared. And how incredibly huge the bulge in the front of his jeans was. He looked at me and I felt his gaze. Then all hell broke loose, I was in his arms, his demanding hands were stripping me, as mine stripped him and we ended up doing a humping, rutting 69 on the dusty floor. At first I was on top, then he was on top, then we were on our sides, suctioned to each other's cocks with mouths that wouldn't let go. He wasn't always composed, I discovered. Sometimes his breath was ragged and loud. Sometimes he yelled 'shitfuck, that is GOOD!!' at the top of his lungs. I rang the rafters a few times myself, and normally I'm kind of quiet. It felt like we pumped a quart of cum into each other in a violent dual explosion. We kept sucking way past the point of sanity, until the sensations were painful and we twitched like we were connected to live wires. Finally, it dawned on us both what was causing the sensory overload, and we stopped sucking simultaneously. He gathered a bunch of scattered clothing for a pillow. I used his stomach for a pillow. We lay there, smoked cigarettes and stared up at the darkness.

'My name is Dennison,' he said finally. I repeated it, testing it on my tongue. 'What do they call you for short?' I asked. 'Dennison,' he replied calmly. You bastard, I thought, only this time affectionately. 'My name is Eric,' I said. 'Really?' he said, and I could hear the eyebrow arch in his voice. 'What do they call you for long?' I turned my head to look at him. The full lips were smiling and his eyes shined. I grinned at him. 'You really are a pain-in-the-ass, aren't you?' I asked. His grin was wicked. 'You'll find out in due time, Eric-the-nephew with the fine silky tush. In due time.'

He showed me around the house, both of us naked, both of us copping elaborate feels at every possible opportunity. I missed half the rooms because I was too busy sucking his tongue. He tried explaining why my aunt let the house deteriorate, but he didn't understand it himself. He just loved the place, and the more I saw the relic through his eyes, the more I loved it, too.

He bent me over the mahogany dining room table, knelt behind me and licked and kissed my ass. 'Do you want me?' he asked hoarsely. I put my head down in the dust and groaned by way of response. He stood and rubbed my back. 'What's wrong?' he said with pain in his voice. I turned and looked at him, smiling. 'Nothing,' I said lightly. 'I just realized I'm falling for the world's dumbest man. Do I want you? C'mon. Really.' My little whimsy was worth it from a lot of perspectives. The teasing answer to the serious question got my point across better than anything else could have. And he dropped to his knees and gave my ass a lifetime's worth of attention, condensed into a few minutes.

His hands were very strong, and they massaged my ass with determination. I felt all my muscles relax, and even felt a mild case of the maidenly trembles. He was so damned strong. So...intense. He parted my cheeks with his thumbs and gasped as he looked at my hole. My cock was so hard it hurt. No one had ever looked at my hole and gasped before. He rubbed my asshole with his thumb, and I gathered he was just staring at it, admiring it. I spread my legs and balanced myself over the table. I opened my mouth to say something, but just then his tongue touched me, and all that came out of me was a helpless moan. He licked my hole, licked all around it, slid his tongue up and down the crack of my ass, then finally, when I was helpless and ready to beg, thrust his tongue in my ass and tongue-fucked me hard. The strong hands kept massaging, and his face was pressed into me so hard...he wanted that tongue as deep as it would go. So did I. I had trouble controlling my hips. I wanted to thrust back at him, but I feared for his nose. He tongued my ass like a man completely out-of-control, and my cock dripped precum.

All of a sudden, I was on the table. He'd hoisted me up there without warning. I stared up at the ceiling, briefly wondering what he had in mind, when I felt his mouth descend to my cock. He licked and sucked me gently, carefully, then raised his head and his eyes burned at me. He spun me like a top, and my head hung off the edge of the table. He fed me his huge hardon and I sucked it in as deeply as I could. I discovered that was very deep indeed. He pumped slowly and carefully at my mouth, and I relaxed more and more, finally going completely limp. His cock slid deep, over my tongue, to...and finally in, my throat. I closed my eyes and let it happen. It was incredible. I couldn't believe how much of that huge thing he could slide into me. Or how much I wanted him to slide into me. Fuck my mouth, I thought. Fuck it deep, my lover. Fuck it so deep. I felt his cock swell and throb, and he slid it out of my mouth, pulled my head up and kissed me. 'Not yet,' he whispered. 'Not yet.' I think I whimpered.

He spun me again, until my ass was at the edge of the table. He pushed up my knees and had me hold them, then vanished briefly. He came back with a triumphant grin and something in his hand. Something very cold and slippery, which I knew because he immediately took a fingerfull of it and slid it into my ass. I groaned with a mixture of exotic pleasure and pain. The cold was intense. His finger pumped in and out, sliding easily, warming me and making me want his cock so badly I couldn't stand it. 'Fuck me,' I whispered. 'Fuck my ass, Dennison.' He smiled...wickedly. 'I intend to,' he said softly. 'Oh, yes, Eric. I intend to.' A second cold, slippery finger entered me and my back arched. Damn. Not knowing what he was putting inside me turned me on so damn much. The painful cold turned me on. Anticipation for his cock nearly drove me insane.

I heard him gasp, and watched as he rose up on his toes, his face contorted with mild shock and pain. I felt his hand moving, and knew that his cock was now coated. I felt the swollen head against my hole. He held it there, then thrust forward, taking me with his huge, cold cock. There was a minute of erotic agony deep within me, then my body warmed him. He put my legs up on his shoulders and started to pump. I gripped the edge of the table and thrust my ass at him as hard as I could. I wanted him to fuck me hard. My ass felt impaled by him. His face had darkened, and he looked at me with such intense hunger. 'Fuck me,' I managed to say. 'Fuck me hard. I want...I need...your cum in me.' He closed his eyes briefly as he fought for control, his hips still moving with solid, rhythmic thrusts.

I sensed his hand moving, and suddenly a cold, slippery hand closed around my cock and began to stroke. My back arched and I gasped. I couldn't tell if it was intense pleasure, intense pain or a combination of both, but I knew I wanted it to go on forever. He slid his cock out of me for a second, and I moaned at him. I wanted it back. When it came back, it was coated and cold. The incredible feeling shot up the center of my body. I started to shake as he pumped me. I also started to howl. His hips moved faster, and his hand slid up and down my throbbing cock faster, and suddenly there was a hot flood in my ass. He'd gone rigid and silent as his cock pulsed cum into me. I watched as my cock fountained cum out of his fist, my body twitching with the most extreme pleasure.

He hooked a chair with a foot, dragged it over and dropped into it, my legs still balanced on his shoulders. He leaned forward, licked at my cock and smiled. 'Fuckin' with food,' he said lazily. I grinned at him.

Dennison never did get to buy the house. He got half the house, though. I signed it over to him when he moved in with me.


Morgan Grayson

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