On that day and the following night I had more cum pumped up my ass than I had ever experienced in my whole life but as I was only 18.

So I had this invitation to come for an interview as a 'Technician'. It was actually with a different Rugby team. They were going on a two month tour aboard. The thing is they were a neighbouring team to those I had met on the beach! Yea I know!!

Anyway the invite was this: I was to be at the Club-House for 7pm and it was from Bob the captain. I had made some rather intimate preparations but I won't go into that now.

'Oh Hi! come in Carl. Wow! you are looking pretty good!' Bob greeted me. He sounded a bit like he was taken off guard.

I had put on this thick woolly sweater which didn't quite reach my very tight fitting jeans. So I suppose there was bare flesh around my middle and the short sleeves did show quite a bit of my bare arms.

Yea I kind of knew I looked sexy and I made sure they could see the curves of my big well rounded bum. I'd always liked to show off my smooth brown skin but I didn't know these guys so I wasn't too sure how they would react to me.

'This is Alex, Dick and Gus' he said waving his arm at three other big hulking guys who were sitting with him behind the interview table. Gus was the typical square built muscle bound scrum player (Forward). The sight of guys like these always makes me very excited and I even start thinking about their powerful and virile pricks.

'Er yes well we were kind of looking for a guy who could see to some of the technical things that come up on tour you know such as: well er!' A brief silence then deep earthy laughter. Their voices were so deep I could almost feel the vibrations inside me!

'You were saying.' said Alex.

'OK over to you then, you're the medic, I've said my bit!'

'Right!' said Alex getting up and standing near me on my side of the table.

'First lets take your sweater off and anything else you have under it so we can get a look at your top half. Just want to see if you're up to the job you know!' There was more laughter.

'Hey I thought this was supposed to be an interview!' I protested. 'Don't you want to know about all my technical ability?'

'Yea we've actually heard quite a lot about that! You've got some impressive references you see' replied Bob amid much laughter 'so we are really keen to see a bit more of you now' he said running his big hand down my bare arm.

There were shoulder buttons on my sweater so I undid them and started pulling it down over my chest but I was deliberately being uncertain of myself. I didn't want to appear to keen to strip off. I had got as far as exposing my smooth rounded shoulders and the top part of my chest then I pulled it back up again and started lifting from below. There was some excitement behind the table already and Alex had got impatient. He came over to me and pulled my sweater right off over my head exposing my naked body from the waist up.

The other three were reclining in their seats and looked a bit flush. Alex was running his hand over my bare skin and I could see them adjusting themselves below the table. He was pretending to examine me but he was obviously getting aroused too.

The thing about rugby players I find is that they are all so strongly male and muscular they get sort of aggressively sexy when they are all together especially in the presence of an effeminate looking guy like me.

'How come you're so soft and smooth, almost like a woman? Ever thought of having a sex change?'

'No not really, anyway I like being the way I am. Yea I suppose so long as guys like me this way' I said

'Come on Alex this is taking a hell of a long time man!!' Bob interrupted. It was very obvious that they were impatient to see more of me.

'OK right!' Alex said to me. His voice was a bit shaky. 'I want you to take your jeans off next. You had probably better slip your shoes and socks off first.'

Actually I was a bit naughty because I didn't quite do as I was told. I dropped my jeans to my knees but then I bent down to attend to my shoes. You see I had just had this very skimpy pair of briefs that should have been covering those parts of me that everyone wanted to see. So I guess they could already see the top of my cleft as I bent over.

Alex intervened again and basically just ripped my jeans off me. I think that is the only way I could describe it. All of my bare legs were now visible it was obvious that any attempt at formality had gone by the board.

Many guys have told me my legs like are as smooth as a chick. Dick and Bob were standing up now trying to see as much of me as possible. They didn't attempt to hide the very pronounced bulges in the front of their shorts. Gus was still seated but he was looking very flushed. He seemed to be gripping the arms of his chair.

So as Alex ran his hands up and down my thighs even my erection was getting very obvious. I mean yea! You see my cock is quite small but it was throbbing like hell by now and stuck out horizontally. I could see it was pulling the elastic away from my body and that made it easy for Alex to look down my pants and get a good look at me.

I was so excited by then that I just didn't care anymore about being correct or what so I just pulled my pants right down in front them. It gave me a huge thrill.

Alex immediately started pulling my bum cheeks apart. 'Looks like you're just the sort of gal er I mean guy we're looking for' he said as he started fingering my ass hole in front of everyone.

Although my back was turned I could heard some commotion across on the other side of the desk.

Oooh! Fuuuck!! Aaaahhh! Oh! Aaaahhhhh!' is all I heard. Then in the corner of my eye I saw Gus staggering towards the door.

'What's the matter Gus? Hey you've not got to change your pants already? I thought you wanted to give him a trial run like the rest of us!' Dick taunted him as he hurried out. The others were too excited even to laugh properly..

'He's going to have to change more than his pants. Anyway Carly boy I think we're going to have to give you a really good seeing to' said Bob.

I was bending right down now and Dick and Bob had come over to get a closer look at me. Bob was fondling my cock and balls as well as my ass but then Dick presented me with his massive cock. It was so hard and stretched! I was going to have to suck him and it was the first time I had ever taken a guy in my mouth.

It was just amazing! He was so natural and not at all embarrassed; he had just thrust his huge cock right there; I didn't even have to reach out to get at him. It was so luscious! I took as much of his length as I could in my mouth. I began working my tongue around his knob. His whole body was reacting to me. He was actively working his cock in my mouth.

But while that was happening Alex had started working his finger right up inside my anus.

'Hey you're all bright red around here. Is it all that shagging you got on the beach the other day?' he was pulling my boy cunt apart and stretching out my cherry for the others to see.

'It's lip stick' I said cheekily. 'I always like to look good for an interview.'

Dick had pulled away from me in a state of frenzy, leaving me with a taste of his precum in my mouth. But now I could now feel someone licking me. It was Dick, he was behind me now and he must have made me relax as I could feel his tongue exploring right up inside me.

'Hey you're all sticky in here. What's this?' they were getting hugely excited know. They had discovered I had lubed myself well and the sight of my sticky sphincter and slimy asshole was driving them mad.

Dick had been fighting a loosing battle to keep himself under control. He just came up behind came up behind me and grabbed the sides of my ass firmly. I could feel his big strong hands holding me like a rugby ball when he was about to score.

'Hey Dick steady on!' said Alex. It was too late. Dick was up me. Oh it was so wonderful! I felt this huge warm hard thing coming up me as he slid his hot meat right up my bottom with utmost ease. He felt Big!! Oh man he felt SO BIG!! inside me.

Then somehow he must have flipped my whole body over as I found myself on the floor and on my back.. He was so strong he didn't really need help but the others were keen to help and were holding my legs up. I lay there helplessly while his huge meat was way up inside me massaging my gland as he thrust in and out of me with increasing vigour. I was completely overwhelmed by him. I just loved him dominating me with his great huge muscular hulk. Sweat beads were forming on his biceps as he worked himself in and out of my bum; he just pounded me harder and harder. All his strength was going into servicing my boy cunt. I could feel his huge male determination focusing on my bum as he rammed me right up my rectum.

Then suddenly he stopped for a moment, his face contorted, then he let out a yell. Almost immediately I felt the hugely powerful pulsations of his penis inside me and then I felt the first waves of hot cum gushing into me as his cock released his pent up spunk and spurted his semen. I could feel his hot fuck fluids flooding into my bottom. It was like feeling great warm waves of the sea come surging up inside me.

The others were well ready to do me. Bob come over close to me with his very horizontal erection which turned out to be massively hard. I had begun sucking him just as my cunt had briefly closed as Dick had finally withdrawn his slimy meat from my oozing ass hole.

But then the door burst open and in came Gus!. Even Bob moved aside which made me loose contact with his cock. Somehow all the others just stood by Gus he flung his clothes off in a great rush and literally dived on top of me spearing my cherry as he forced his huge fuck pole straight up my boy bum. He was like a huge piston pumping me with massive force.

Only some 20 minutes ago he had orgasmed in his pants and here he was hard as steel and ramming my ass with all his might.

'You've got some fucking balls on you Gus!' I said as he pumped me wildly with his thick dick.

'I've got fucking balls and what's more I've got more cum to pump up your bum!' he said while quickening the pace even more.

I was loving it so much I was laughing.

'You're the biggest fucking man I've ever had up me and you can spunk me whenever you like' I said.

Somehow at that point we both lost control together. I felt my sex gland tightening into a massive spasm as Gus's cock started pumping his fresh semen up my ass. I was in ecstasy as I felt his huge heavy balls slapping against my buttocks as he rammed his rod right up my rectum.

Gus collapsed with his full weight on top of me. He almost crushed me he was so heavy. For a few seconds he lay there and I could still feel some of his cum oozing into me then in full view of us all he withdrew his massive meat from my boy cunt. I felt so thoroughly fucked by him and there was this massive cock somewhat softer but still hugely fat emerging from inside me. There was cum everywhere!

Bob fucked me next. He seemed determined at first to put on a very deliberate display of fucking me with the composure if a team captain. But it didn't last long! Because he had watched the others do me in detail he was very excited from the moment he pocked his dick up my anal canal.

'I guess you've got the job', he said as he started thrusting his length right through me. But in seconds he had lost control of himself totally. I have never seen a guy go so wild. He was shouting out while his long workmanlike cock started shooting spunk straight up me. Oh how I loved it! He was adding even more to the reservoir of manly sperm that was already filling me up.

Alex, who was still in state of great excitement now took me next door into a rest room where he said he wanted to give me an internal examination before doing me himself. The others followed so we all ended up in this small room.

Alex stripped off his clothes and laid them neatly on a chair. Then he pulled out a little silvery thing called a speculum from the bag. He told me to lie down on a bed on my side and pull me knees up to my chest. I felt him inserting it into my anus. Then I felt myself being stretched.

'This is the medical bit now' he explained 'Tell me if it hurts. What we want to do is to get a good look up inside your ass see how well you have taken it'

He secured the speculum so that my anus was held wide open. Then he got a slim torch and began examining me internally.

'Oh fuck!! you're really gooey, you've got a hell of a lot of cum in here.' he said looking up my open hole.

I had to role over on my back as some of the semen was leaking out. He suddenly jumped me suddenly and with a big show of strength rammed his cock up me with tremendous force. I was already speechless and utterly overpowered by him. The others giggled as they watched him ram his massive dick in and out of my ass but it was then that I began to feel this huge thrill somewhere deep inside my bottom..

But Alex couldn't hold out for long. His cock started a sort of jerking action inside me as his cum started shooting out with huge pulses right up my bowels. I had started this orgasm somewhere deep inside, I couldn't control myself at all now; Alex had somehow propelled me into huge spasms .

All I could remember in the end was feeling these thrilling sensations somewhere deep in my groin as he pumped a huge load of cum up my bum.

The presence of his big penis inside me must have prevented me from ejaculating because as soon as he pulled out I just gushed semen everywhere. I never remember producing so much, there was a huge mess all over the bed sheets.

After that we were both fairly exhausted. Alex was panting as if he had just run a mile.

We lay naked together for several minutes. I hadn't noticed but the others must have gone then he said, 'You haven't heard what they have planned for tomorrow I suppose?'

'Well, that team you met on the beach are coming over to play us in the afternoon.'

'After that we all meet up in the club you see. Bob was supposed to tell you that you would then be officially presented to the team. Then I expect they'll all want to get a good look at you so I guess you'll have to strip off again!'

'I had better get you home now to get some sleep because I don't think you'll be getting much tomorrow night! Er sleep I mean' he said

There wasn't much time to get dressed so I just put on my sweater with nothing underneath. I remember this terrific feeling as I felt my bare sticky slimy thighs rub together as I walked with cum oozing from my freshly fucked boy cunt. Alex had put some newspapers down to protect the seat covers. They stuck to my sticky bum when I got up so Alex had to peal them off me.

I felt so proud to be fucked by such fabulous guys. And I knew I could look forward to stripping off for lots of them and getting even more spunk pumped up my boy cunt.



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