Standing just outside the barn doors you could see a jean clad bubble butted young man bent over hay bales, high up in the loft, tossing them like they were made of air as they landed on the barn floor below. His white t-shirt clung to his muscled young form like saran wrap with the sweat that poured from his working body. Each time he tossed a bale down, his strong legs and ass would flex powerfully.

Both of the young hunters could feel their cammo wearing hunting gear begin to swell at the sight. It was an unusually hot day for early October and the visual that they both gaped at up in the hay mow was making the heat even more noticeable. Dean reached over to his hunting buddy John and gave a playful squeeze on his raised up cock, fighting against it's cammo prison. John flinched a little and came back to reality, swatting Dean away with a reluctant brush of his hand.

'Hey!' shouted Dean. 'Where's your dad?' Ben turned around in suprise and looked down at the two hunters. 'He's gone to the feed mill' replied Ben. 'He'll be back in a couple of hours.' A pregnant silence followed as the three looked each other over. Ben pulled off his ball cap and wiped his forehead with his bare muscled arm. His head was ringed with a wet halo on his damp curls from where his hat had been removed. 'You needing something?' asked Ben. 'Yeah, we suuuuuure do!' countered Dean. 'We sure do.' 'Is your mom home son?' asked John. 'No I'm afraid I'm all you got about now' said Ben. 'She's off doing her monthy grocery shopping. I suspect she'll be home about the same time as Dad.' 'Anything I can help you with?' asked Ben with genuine interest.

The two hunters then told Ben that they were looking for a good place to hunt and had stopped by to ask permission to check out the farm and maybe get in a few days of hunting now and then in a place where they could get the owners blessing. 'Dad is pretty particular about who hunts here.' said Ben squarely. As he spoke he turned like an agile mountain cat and began down the hay loft ladder. John and Dean stepped inside to get a closer gawk as the young farmer's perfect ass winked down to the floor rung by rung. Ben's work shoes hit the soft loose hay with a strong thud and the two hunters shook themselves from their mesmerized stares. 'You two wanna help me out here a sec?' asked Ben. Both hunters felt electric shoot up their cocks with the alternative that 'help me out' brought to mind. 'Um sure.' responded Dean. 'What do you need?' 'Help me get these hay bales down the shoots to the cows and help me feed em.' directed Ben. 'I can't give you permission to hunt but if you can help me finish up the feeding I can at least walk the property with you and give you a preview of the place.' Their minds still in their sex filled thoughts, agreed and began shoving the bales down to the cattle below.

They watched Ben with lustful desire, careful not to get caught. Ben moved like poetry, jostling hay bales like small children being tossed in play. They found themselves all too soon following this young bucks bubble ass out of the hay loft and out into the sun of the day. They watched his vee shaped back under wet white cotton fabric absorb the shock of each step with rippled perfection. They gawked at his strong arms sway as he walked, in casual, masculine, easy rhythm to his wide set stride. Soon they were below in the belly of the barn, ripping open bales of hay and spreading it before the long lines of cattle, waiting for lunch. Ben shredded the bales with easy movement and stuffed the twine into his back pocket as each bale was distributed to the hungry mouths. John and Dean did the same with less success. Soon the work was done and they stood again in awkward silence at the barns cattle door, Ben grinning at them both. 'Thanks guys' said Ben. 'Now let's take care of you two!' Dean and John went dry in the mouth at the thoughts that now jumped into their minds.

'Come on then' ordered Ben. 'Gotta get back to the chores but a quick hike along the fence lines wouldn't be a bad way to go.' John and Dean once again found themselves in the wake of Ben's jean covered bubble ass as they followed him from the barn, out of the barn yard and unto the dirt road that led up to the fields and forest of this potential hunting ground. John shoved sideways into Dean, putting him off balance. Dean countered back and both smiled and nodded at each other with lustful silent grins nodding at the trophy buck they now followed and had never dreamed of encountering. 'The farm is about 250 acres more or less' Ben informed. 'Been in our family for five generations.' Ben continued to his raptured audience of two about how proud his dad was of this place and how not just anybody was given the freedom to roam it and hunt. He told them of the responsibility his dad expected of such favored hunters and how one wrong move would get them forever banned from the farm. 'Respect is a limitless credit card with my old man.' stated Ben. 'You respect my dad and his farm and he'll let you hunt here until you are too old to hunt.'

They walked for what seemed like hours. Ben pointing out borders and various places that he recommended as good hunting spots. 'If you get tired of hunting, this here is our family camp site.' said Ben smiling. They topped a wooded bank to take in a clearing with a make shift stone fire pit and worn out lawn chairs and loungers circling it like covered wagons encamped for the night. 'There is always a load of cut wood at the ready' affirmed Ben. 'If my old man gives you permission you are welcome to use this place like part of the family.' The guys smiled and thanked Ben through sweaty breaths. Keeping up with Ben had been a challenge and they were glad for a stop. Ben plopped down in an old lounger and looked up at the two hunters. 'Well gentlemen there are only two things keeping you from making this your hunting ground.' stated Ben. 'One, my dads permission and two, my ass.'

Dean and John rattled themselves in disbelief and replied back in unison, 'my what?' 'My ass boys' restated Ben. 'I'm a horny fucker and I happen to have a taste for men like yourselves.' 'You take care of my ass and I'll do everything in my power to get you on board as favored hunters here.'

John and Dean stood in disbelief as Ben then reached down and peeled off his Ropers one by one. His gym socked sweaty feet were soon peeled bare and he was reaching for the hem of his t-shirt before the two hunters could even begin to realize what was happening. Ben's smooth bare torso was soon revealed and a white sweaty t-shirt lay disgarded in the autumn leaves. Ben then unbuttoned his jeans and yanked them down from his waist and over his ass and strong thighs until they were carelessly flung to the leaf covered ground as well. Ben lay back now completely naked on the lounger and lifted his legs back to his chest, arms cupped behind his head. 'Who's first?' he asked lustfully. The naked muscled young farmer before them left them speechless. For the most part Ben was smooth, His dark curly hair flopped around his dimple grinning face and his blue eyes sparkled with anticipation. 'We didn't exactly come prepared to fuck' stammered Dean. 'What do you mean?' countered Ben. 'What's to prepare? It's just fucking man.' 'What he means' added John, 'we don't just happend to have condoms and lube handy.' 'Screw em both' said Ben without a moments hesitation. A good spit and a bare cock suit me just fine. Hell I see animals fuck all the time around a farm and I want my piece of the action too.' 'Lay into me boys' assured Ben. 'I'm sure you have a few loads you can blow up my farmboy ass and if you are worried about age, I'm all of twenty.'

Dean could feel the wet precum making new designs through his cammo. John no doubt was feeling the same. 'Dudes!' prodded Ben. 'I'm handing you my ass on a fucking platter here. Get naked and make me glad I did.' With that Dean and John took one more look around and stripped, cocks zinging out from their cammo pants as soon as the zippers were unleashed. 'Now that is more like it! cooed Ben. 'You are halfway to claiming new hunting ground as soon as you claim this ass!' Ben spanked himself with his dirty calloused hand squarely on the ass. Dean's cock lurched instantly at the sound. It was Ben's turn now to look over the goods. He had felt their eyes on him from the moment he first saw them and it was high time he began enjoying the view back. Dean was 6'2", dark haired with black eyes and upon stripping he revealed a well kept body covered in a thick matt from his neck right down to his groin. His legs were muscled perfection and covered in the same dark hair. Ben couldn't wait to get his hands on Dean's ass and feel him press into his hole with what appeared to be a massive 9 inch uncut flagpole now dancing between his hairy thighs. John was shorter, with auburn hair, thickly built but chisled to perfection as well. He was more smooth with a sunlit bush of red hair surrounding an even thicker cut cock with maybe just a little less length compared to Dean. Ben's cock poured over with precum and he wiped it up with his hand and lathered his hole with it's profusion while the two naked hunters looked on.

Dean went first. He positioned himself squarely infront of the lounger and pulled Ben's folded up legs by the ankles until he was on the edge of his perch and waiting for entry. Dean bent his legs and practicially fell forward as his cock slipped easily into Ben's waiting ass. He was bent leg and balls deep before he could even think of going slow or being careful to allow Ben time to adjust. Ben gave out an animalistic howl and turned red in the face. Soon the redness gave way to a dimpled grin as Ben leaned up and grabbed Dean's neck to pull him into a kiss. They both were in a heated panting sweat within minutes as Dean drilled in and out of Ben's hungry welcoming hole. the velvet interior of this hot bottom fuck was incredible. Autumn breezes tickled the hairs on Dean's ass and the back of his legs as he flexed and pushed his way into the heart and the lands of this young farmer's son. Ben was an expert and obviously no amature at getting fucked. Dean bet that every hunter, fellow farmer and farm supplier that ventured unto this farm more than likely got Ben's ass. Ben squeezed his ass around Dean's thrusting cock and with that flexing tightness it was Dean that was soon doing the howling as he unleashed his sperm load into the bowels of Ben's accomodating backside. Dean let go of Ben's ankle and wiped his forehead. He pulled back with a pop and reeled back into John's naked arms who was still standing cemented on the spot where he had shed his hunting gear.

Like a man under a trance, John firmly steadied Dean away from him and to his side and walked the few steps from his previous voyeur view to the now cum dripping hole of this hot smooth bubble butted farm boy. He turned Ben around and had him repostiion doggy style on the same edge of the lounger where his good friend Dean had just consumated their new hunting ground owners son. With the same ease, John sunk into Ben's waiting ass. Ben took in a breath and forced himself to consentrate on the thicker girth of John's red haired fuck tool. Soon John was pistoning Ben's ass like a well oiled machine. John's own ass jutted out and then dimpled in as he thrust deep into this wild assed farm boy, eager for man milk. He too felt the re-occurring tightening of Ben's hole upon his cock, making the hot cummy interior of Ben's fuck hole beyond words. He too was soon howling out in pleasure as his sperm load joined Dean's and their merged semen empregnated the wild squirming ass of this crazy uninhibited boy. He pulled out with an effort as Ben tried to hold him in with his tightening clamp upon him. John finally emerged with a pop and stood again beside his hunting buddy Dean in disbelief but satisfied beyond imagination.

Ben turned around and smiled at them both. He sat on the edge of the lounger now and pulled them both to him. He washed down both of their cocks back and forth with a final milking. He licked and sucked any remaining cum he could pull from them. Their combined manly scents drove Ben over the edge and he stroked himself into an explosion of cum that sprayed over all of them and left Ben to begin again to lick them clean, now of his own cum. The shot load of this farm boy put both hunters into a second wind and they again took turns mating with this wild assed muscled farmer before finally surrendering their ravished cocks back into their hunting gear. Ben too finally surrendered back into his clothes. 'Looks to me that you are one easy step from making this your hunting ground' said Ben. 'With what you guys just gave me, I will guaruntee that you will be hunting here as often as you like.'

The three of them sauntered out of the woods. Ben walked between them with a hand down the back of each hunters cammo. He brushed his hands back and forth in the sweaty crack of Dean's dark hairy ass and in the sweaty crack of John's smooth bubble butted ass. Every now and then he would pull out his hand and take their scent to his nose. He contorted with lust as the scent filled his lungs making him long for their manhood to engorge him again. They were still in the woods but within sight of the farm when Ben pulled them off the road and fumbled with Dean's pants. He shoved them down to his ankles and ripped down his own jeans and backed once again unto the nine inch uncut cock that had already bred him twice. With the excitement of being close enough to being caught or seen, this close to the farm, Dean gave up a third load of sperm into the hungry ass of Ben. As soon as his shots subsided, Ben was off his cock and shoving down John's pants. John was all too ready and spewed a third load into Ben's full ass with the same unbridled lust as the first and second times.

Once John's last shudder of cum poured into Ben, they all quickly pulled themselves together and re-entered the road that led down from the fields and the camp. A red truck could be seen in the barn yard and Ben stepped a little quicker until he was ahead of them as he led them to the final task that stood between them and the blessing to hunt these farm lands. Dean nudged John and pointed to the bubble ass that was once again winking at them as Ben's steps showed off his ass to it's best degree. They both smiled and their groins twitched yet again to see a dark wet spot in the center of Ben's jeans about the size of an orange. They knew their sperm was draining from his well used hole and soaking his perfect bubble assed jeans. It was a hunting ground they hadn't expected to get permission to hunt but knew they wanted to hunt it again. Somehow they knew that this sexy bitch would make sure it happened. If they never bagged a single shot of game they at least knew that their were two guns that would always get a good shot or two anytime they wanted to hunt.


Matthew Barrett

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