Hi my names Mason Im going tell you the time I had hot steamy sex with a hot football player. It was Jan. 19 2011 and we we're out practicing for a big game just me and my friend Luke. He is a hot big guy with giant muscles and nice six pack and blue eyes and blonde hair. So we we're practicing and out of the blue he comes up behind me and he says 'Are you gay or bi' and I think about it for a few mins because I always thought he was straight so I say 'Im bi because I like girls but I think that guys are hot to' and he says 'Thank god there is another person who is bi' by then I started to freak out because I thought he would go tell everyone else but he seemed very calm. So over the past few weeks we've been talking about which guys are hot and stuff like that. So one night he was over in my house just me and him watching tv when I stop at a channel with gay sex. We both start watching it then in a min or so we both have our penis's out and we're rubbing them and finally we look at each other and we kiss it was the best kiss I have ever had then he stops kissing me and goes straight for my penis and he sucks it so good I start to breath heavily next thing I know im sucking his big penis it was so good I couldn't stop but then he pulls my head up to his and he turns me around and he starts to insert his penis into my anus and it starts to feel so good that I start to scream but he puts his hand on my mouth and I get calm. A few mins later he pulls out is penis and we both jack off until we both cum on me once we both cum he licks it all off my abs and he kisses me and I swallow the cum it was the best tasking thing I had. After that night me and Luke have moved in together and every night we have a little fun.





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