I was on a weekend retreat from the grueling summer, before the start of school at which time hundreds of boys would be coming in for their sports physicals. I was looking forward to it. I was now a certified PA, Physician's Assistant so it would be a real hands-on experience for me. The bed and breakfast was my favorite get-away.

It was 2:00 a.m. and I was sitting in the quiet of the breakfast room where the lights were dimmed to a soft hue. I heard the door and looked up to see a good-looking, built young man come in wearing a pair of short, thin running shorts and T-shirt. He was barefoot and his hair was damp and unruly. I knew instinctively that he was the newly-wed that belonged to the much-decorated sports car in the bed and breakfast parking lot.

'Good morning,' he said as he drew a cup of coffee.

'I thought I was the only one up and about.' I watched his thick thigh muscles bulge and leap as he moved.

'I've been up for quite awhile,' he said, 'all night, actually.

'Yeah, I'll bet he was!' I thought I saw a grin on his lips but maybe it was only in his deep blue eyes. 'Are you enjoying your honeymoon?' I asked; dumb question.

He gave me a grinning look, 'How did you know I'm on my honeymoon?'

'It's written all over your face,' I said.

'Oh yeah? You mean it shows?'

'Only a newly married man has that look,' I observed. 'I'll bet I could also spot your wife in a crowd.'

'And what kind of look would she have?' he asked.

'Starry-eyed, a smile she couldn't get rid of, and a look of satisfaction and great contentment.'

'Well, I'm sure trying,' he said with a mischievous grin.

'Oh, I doubt you have to try very hard,' I said.

'It's in my nature to try hard.' He stirred his coffee and motioned if it was okay if he sat down. 'Are you married?' he asked.

'I was. It didn't work out.'

'Why not?'

'It wasn't in my nature,' I said.

'I was hoping you could give me some pointers,' he joked.

'I doubt you need any pointers from me or anybody else,' I said.

'Oh? What makes you say that?'

'I get the impression that you know your way around a honeymoon.'

He smiled. 'I'm doing okay but there's always room for improvement, isn't there? Every woman is different; I'm sure finding that out.'

I smiled back. 'Would your new wife approve of you talking to a perfect stranger about other women?'

'Sorry, my name is Taylor Black,' he said putting out his hand.

'Brad Nolan.'

'Now we're not strangers,' he said. 'What do you do?' he asked.

'I'm a physician's assistant. I can see patients, give physicals, and recommend treatment. I refer anything that I think is serious to the doctor, but I can't write prescriptions. I work in a sports medicine clinic so we specialize in giving physicals to the athletes from the junior college and most of the schools in the area.'

'Can I ask what you're writing?'

'Fiction,' I replied.

'What about?' he asked.

'You don't want to know.'

'Why wouldn't I want to know?'

'It's not something I think you would be interested in. Is your wife asleep?' I asked to change the subject.

'Yeah...uhhhhh...taking a break,' he said with that grin again.

'Well, she's not like candy in a candy dish; she's going to be there for a long, long time, and hopefully anytime.'

'Yours wasn't,' he reminded me.

'Mine were extenuating circumstances,' I said.

'You're wrong, she's just like candy in a candy dish,' he said.

I laughed. 'I won't even ask where you could go with that.'

'I just know I can't get enough of her,' he said. He laughed. 'She thinks I'm crazed.'

'Are you?'

'Crazed about her. You should see her. She's beautiful,' he said.

'Yes, I'm sure she is.'

'It's just going to take awhile, I guess,' he said with a sigh. 'My dad told me it would. I'm just not sure I can be that patient.'

'Take awhile?' I sensed for the fist time that something was wrong.

'For her to get used to me,' he said, without elaborating.

'Marriage always takes some getting used to,' I said.

'I just hope she's got the patience,' he said.

'It's usually the man who has to be patient.'

'I am. But I... well; I'm pretty much non-stop once I get up and going, which can happen just by looking at her.' he chuckled. 'But you're right, I shouldn't be telling you all of this,' he said looking down.

'I don't mind listening, but you have to be comfortable with it,' I said.

'Well, you're real easy to talk to and it's just you and me, and you are sort of a doctor. Are you sure you don't mind?'

'No, of course not. You said we're not strangers now.'

'Part of the problem is...well, I...I'm...pretty big, where it counts, you know...you're a doctor, you can understand that, you've seen lots of jocks.'

'None that I considered abnormally large,' I said. 'And I'm a PA, not a doctor.'

'Almost a doctor. Close enough,' he said. 'I should have come to you for a physical before I got married. Maybe you could have recommended something.'

'There's not really anything I could recommend for that,' I said. 'Any recommendation should have been directed to your wife.'

'Oh, there's something she can do?' he asked, surprised.

'Yes. A relaxant she could take, for example.'

'A relaxant? What does it do, put her out?'

'No, no. It just relaxes her which causes her vagina to become more relaxed and pliable, which in turn lets her be more relaxed and receptive. It's a domino effect.'

'Man, I wish you could write me a prescription for some of that stuff,' he said.

'Sorry. But if the conversation comes around to it, you could gently suggest that she see her doctor. You could tell her you read something, not that you've talked to me about it.'

'I'll do that. Man, what I wouldn't give to sink all the way in.' He caught himself and blushed. 'Sorry, I shouldn't be talking like that.'

'It's okay,' I assured him.

'Well, meanwhile, I am showing her all the other ways I can make her happy so she won't be scared.'

'If you don't mind my asking.....'

'I was a trumpet player. Let's just say I have a very strong and talented tongue,' he said with a cocky grin.

'That's wonderful that you can be so comfortable with each other so early in your marriage,' I said.

'It's nothing to be uncomfortable about,' he said with a shrug.

'No, it isn't. But you would be surprised how few men are willing to use that technique. You are to be commended. Not many men are that concerned or considerate of their wife's pleasure...or that talented,' I added.

'Hey, that's what it's all about, isn't it? Her pleasure is all that matters to me... mine comes along naturally with the territory.'

'Someday very soon your wife will come to realize what a lucky woman she is, despite what you say is your exceptional size,' I said.

'I hope you're right. Right now I think she's wondering what she got herself into.'

'Actually, I was about to ask, a minute ago, how oversized do you think you are? Perhaps that's not the entire problem.' He laid his hands on the table about a foot apart. 'Oh,' I said quietly, wondering if he might be exaggerating.

'Yeah; and about that big around,' he said, curling his fingers around his wrist.

'Oh. I see.'

'Yeah; pretty monstrous,' he said.

'Don't say that. Men pray to be built like that. So do a lot of women.'

'I don't think Linda prayed for what she got,' he said, laughing. 'I think she's praying I just go away for awhile; which is what I'm doing, to give her a rest.'

'Well, Taylor, in the meantime, there are ways of taking care of your own problem--I'm sure you haven't forgotten how.'

'Oh...no. And believe me, I've had plenty of practice,' he said, laughing.

'Some women don't mind that being a part of sex. You might explore that option,' I suggested.

'Linda doesn't mind, but after all of these years of sneaking around, I'm not used to doing it in front of anybody,' he said, laughing. 'Actually, I did it last night, though and she seemed to like watching me. She went nuts when I...shot off. I thought she might get mad when I sprayed both of us, but she loved it.'

'Well, I think you've got a very understanding and loving wife,' I said. 'You're obviously very comfortable with each other. You've got a good solid foundation to build on.'

'Let's just hope the foundation is as solid as my cock is most of the time,' he joked.

'I might suggest, too--there is always oral sex...'

'What do you think I've been doing?' he cut in. 'Oh, you mean the other way around. She hasn't come around to that idea yet. She hasn't mentioned it and I'm not going to ask her. That's something she has to want to do on her own.'

'Actually, I was going to say oral sex...on the side, if you will,' I went on. 'Some people don't believe that's cheating, but of course that is a matter of preference.'

'Man, I would have to have her wore down to a frazzle before she would even think about letting me get head from some other woman,' he said.

'Then you might consider the alternative. She might not be so reluctant if it was another man instead of another woman,' I said, 'not that I'm advocating it; I'm just being clinical.'

'I never thought of that; letting another guy go down on me.'

'I'm surprised it hasn't already happened. You are an extremely attractive young man--very well built, and with your size problem--well that would be pure heaven to another male. I'm not suggesting it, necessarily, you understand; it's just a medical observation.'

'And a good one at that, but I wouldn't know how to go about it with another guy. I mean, do they have male prostitutes or something? Maybe you could give me some pointers...you counsel jocks and stuff.'

'I don't counsel teenage athletes on oral sex,' I said. 'You only have to keep your eyes open.'

'What am I supposed to be looking for?' he asked.

'Eye contact...you might not recognize the look at first but you will always be aware of eye contact,' I told him.

He looked at me and our eyes met but I wasn't sure he saw anything. He looked away. But then he looked back and our eyes met again and a think trace of a smile curled his lips. 'If I didn't know better, Doc....well, actually, I don't know better, but I, uh.....I can't help wondering if I'm seeing the look right now.'

'There has to be a look back before you can know for sure. A look that says you're interested,' I said. He looked right into my eyes, a hard, intense gaze, as if he were looking into my soul. It made a shiver run down my spine and caused a tingling feeling way back between my legs; one of those feelings that starts in your ass and moves to your balls.

'How's that?' he asked with a grin as he dropped one hand under the table. I saw the muscles in his arms flex as he moved his hand.

'Pretty good for the first attempt,' I said. I had him! And it was so easy!

He looked at his watch again. I glanced at mine. Then I downed the rest of my coffee. 'I think I'll go back to my room,' I said, 'room 28, third floor. If your wife won't miss you.....' There, the invitation was out there. I didn't know if he would come to my room with me but I was sure he was thinking about it. He lingered back when I went to the elevator and I wasn't sure what he would do. I guess he didn't have to think about it very hard.

'Hey, hold the elevator, will you? I'm on your floor,' he said, catching up with me. But he still wasn't committing himself to anything. He didn't look at me as we rode the elevator up to the third floor. The elevator stopped and we were waiting the few seconds for it to settle and the doors to open.

'She would probably be glad I'm gone,' he said in a husky tone. He was asking for encouragement. I glanced up but he was looking down at his feet.

'You need to look at me, in the eyes, to be sure you want to do this...so you'll know it's the right thing,' I said.

He lifted his eyes and gave me an unwavering look. 'I want to do it. I'll decide later if it was the right thing to do.'

I let us into my room and closed the door. 'Are you sure about your wife...that she won't wake up and miss you?'

'I'm sure. I told her I was going for a walk. And I did, didn't I? I walked down the hallway.'

I could tell he was uncomfortable, nervous. 'There's no need to be nervous,' I said. 'Do you want to get comfortable? Take off your clothes, or down to where you feel comfortable?'

'I was a jock in school. I'm used to being comfortable naked,' he said as he tugged his T-shirt out of his shorts, 'What about you?' he asked as he peeled his T-shirt off.

'Wow!' I exclaimed when I saw his bare upper body. His chest muscles were like two big, delicious steaks capped with dark brown mushrooms that his tits stuck out of. His shoulders looked even broader out of his shirt and his arms bulged. He had abs to die for. I got a good idea what he was talking about...his problem...by looking at the pouch of his briefs. He obviously had a lot of meat packed in there.

'What about you?' he asked again.

'Let me catch my breath,' I said, raking my eyes over his incredible body.

'I just thought we should both strip down, it'd make things more even.'

'I don't really think you want things to be even, do you?' I said.

'Okay...no...not that way... just both strip down is what I meant,' he said.

'I know what you meant,' I said, laughing. I pulled off my shirt and stepped out of my shoes.

'I said you were an easy guy to talk to. You're an easy guy to be with, too' he said.

'It's part of the practice, putting young guys at ease without their clothes on,' I said.

'Well, you're good at it. I feel like I'm undressing in front of one of my buddies in the locker room,' he said as he peeled his shorts down off his hips. He bent to take them all the way off.

'I'm glad you...feel...that...way,' I stammered as he straightened. 'My Godd!' I gasped. His cock sort of unfurled from its own weight and hung down thick and heavy, about six inches. The head itself was heavy enough to stretch the rest of his cock downward.

'Yeah, I told you,' he said.

'Was your wife... a virgin?' I asked quietly.

'Yeah, which only compounds the problem,' he said. I stepped over and took his cock in my hand. He jumped at my touch but then laughed softly and relaxed. 'I'm not used to having another guy's hand on me like that,' he confessed.

His cock was heavy. I cupped his ball with my other hand. 'They're heavy,' I said.

'They're full.'

'You're on your honeymoon, how could they be full?' I asked.

'You're holding the problem in your other hand,' he said, causing his cock to throb hard.

'No... no, there is no problem,' I assured him. 'It's just a matter of getting used to each other.'

'Come on, Doc, what would you think if you were suddenly faced with this?' he asked, motioning to his huge cock. 'Well, I guess you're gonna be...aren't you?' he said answering his own question with a chuckle.

'I'm going to try,' I said.

'See, you're having doubts,' he said.

I pulled on his cock and it grew in my hand. It very quickly out-grew my hand and I had to squeeze to get my fingers around its girth, then he was so hard I couldn't squeeze and my fingers wouldn't reach all the way around it. It stuck out through my fist about six inches. I put my other hand around the shaft there was still three or four inches of cock sticking out of my hands.

'Now you see the problem,' he said.

'Stop saying that. There is no problem,' I said again. 'The problem would be if you were impatient and concerned only with your own pleasure, which you are not.'

'Oh, I'm concerned all right,' he said, laughing. 'But that's secondary.'

'Right now, it looks pretty primary. It feels downright urgent,' I said. I glanced up and his eyes met mine, pleading. He was in such agony. I was pondering whether I could take him in my ass. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to have my asshole pried open with the huge hunk of meat. Could I even handle it? Could I take all of him? If I started, I would have to; there would be no backing out.

'Are you gonna...s-suck it?' he asked hoarsely.

'Let me see what I can do with it,' I said as I went slowly to my knees. I licked the underside of his cock from the base up to the head as it quivered over my face. At the top I lapped up the ball juice that boiled out of his cock and cascaded down over the head. He tasted good; fresh, with an acrid sweetness with a flavor or raw potency. I kissed back down his cock and nuzzled his balls. They felt formidable against my face. I sucked one into my mouth.

'Oohhnnnnn,' he moaned softly. I moved to the other one and he moaned again. They were too big to suck them both in my mouth at the same time. I munched on his balls for a moment then moved back up to his cock. He had it aimed straight outward with his thumb on the base. He wanted me to take him. I licked off the ball juice again then wrapped my lips around the bulbous head.

'Awwwhhhhh!' he gasped. His hands hung at his sides, clenching helplessly and the muscles in his thighs twitched and I thought for a moment that he might be cumming already. I slid my lips down around the thick shaft. I could see my lips distended something awful around his incredibly thick girth. Much more cock and I think my jaws would've locked; I lavered my tongue around all of his cock that I could reach.

'Ohhh, Geezussss!' he swore through clenched teeth as he put his hand on top of my head. I took all I could and held it in my mouth for a moment. The head swelled out, anxiously pressing against the opening of my throat. He put a little pressure on the back of my head but I reared back; he was just too damned big. But then he was satisfied when I moved my mouth back down his cock and began sucking him.

'Ohhhhhhh.....OHhhhh, yeahhh.....awwww, fuck, yeah, suck it!' He put both hands around my head and was thrusting his cock into my mouth. I wrapped one hand around his cock to check his thrusts and keep him from plunging the huge hunk of meat into my throat. I wanted him so bad, but he could do some serious damage. I was thinking, too, of the damage he could do to a guy's ass, but I still wasn't ruling it out.

With one hand around his cock, I explored his hard, smooth muscles with the other; down and around his thighs, down to his calves. And around his butt... Goddd, his butt was so nice and round and tight! When he clenched the muscles to thrust his cock, his butt felt like bowling balls. His legs were trembling and his abs twitched and trembled under my touch.

'Ohh, Godd, I never had anything feel so good in my life! I never dreamed anything could feel so good!' he moaned.

I was glad I was able to make him feel so good but I had to wonder about his wife; why she hadn't made him feel just as good. I sucked him with gratitude, knowing that I might not ever again find such a beautiful and huge cock, especially attached to such a gorgeous male, and one so willing and eager to give himself up to me. A couple of times I paused just to gaze at his cock, to make sure he was real; I had to remind myself that it wasn't a dream after all.

'Awww, shit!' he gasped as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, squeezing it unmercifully. 'You had me so fuckin' close...but I don't want to cum yet. I gotta have some more of this!'

'Do you want to fuck me?' I asked. The words were out before I realized it. He looked down at me, almost gaping, with surprise and maybe confusion.

'F-fuck you? You mean...fuck you...in the ass?'

'It's all I've got to offer,' I said.

'Hell, that's enough...fuck, yeah, man!' He was so hot he was shaking with lust and his cock quivered steel-hard and angry. 'I never fucked a guy before,' he said as he gripped my arm to pull me to my feet.

'That makes it even better,' I said. I had to go into the bathroom to get the Anal-Ease and lube out of my overnight bag. I got the poppers too, for good measure and a condom, just in case he asked for one. Taylor was standing beside the bed, holding his cock in one hand and rubbing his other hand absently across his thick pecs. I thought he was enjoying his fingers across his tits. I laid the stuff on the night stand within easy reach and sat on the edge of the bed. Taylor looked like he didn't know what to do next so I lay back and drew my legs up, my feet set wide apart on the edge of the mattress, hell, like a common tramp.

Taylor put his hands on my knees and ran them down around my calves. He gripped my ankles and lifted my legs up in the air and spread them wide apart. He gazed down at me; my body, my manhood, with a strange curiosity as he ran his hands up and down my thighs. 'I never felt another guy's legs or butt before,' he said as he tilted my butt up out of the mattress. He seemed hesitant and the slight hint of a droopy smile made me wonder if he was having second thoughts. Then he gave me the surprise of my life. He shoved my legs back against my chest. 'I never thought I would be doing this, but what the hell, I do it to my wife, and it just seems right that I ought do it to you if I'm gonna fuck you,' he said as he dropped to his haunches beside the bed.

I stifled a gasp of shock as I realized what he was going to do and held my breath in anticipation. 'OHhhhhhhhhh,' I moaned when I felt his tongue lavering over my asshole. There was no hesitation, no flicking his tongue, he just went for it, like he was eating pussy, which I had to surmise he was very experienced at doing. I cringed and clawed at the sheets, not believing what this big, built bridegroom was doing to me. 'Ohhhh.....Ohhhhh.....Ohhhh, Geezusss!' I heard him chuckle and he drove his tongue hard into my ass.

'AWWWWHHHH!' I yelled before I could muffle it with my forearm. He laughed and ate my ass like a hungry puppy. I didn't know if he was enjoying it or simply enjoying hearing my reaction, but I loved that he was so willing to do it to get me ready. He rose up again, his huge cock extending out toward me like a battering ram. 'Damn, you must be one hell of a trumpet player,' I gasped. 'No wonder your wife needs time to recuperate!'

'Which of this stuff am I supposed to use?' he asked, picking up the two tubes. I took the Anal-Ease and applied it myself. I worked several globs of the deadening cream into my ass; it was going to need all the merciful help it could get. Taylor was uncapping the lube and squeezed some on my fingers when I held out my hand for it.

'Do you want me to use this?' he asked, holding up the condom.

'Only if you want to,' I said.

He tossed it aside and started lubing up his cock. Then he uncapped the poppers. 'You need this?' he asked, handing me the open bottle.

'I don't know, but I'm afraid I might,' I said. I took the open bottle but didn't use it right away.

'Oh, you're going to brave it out?' Taylor said, Taylor's hot cockhead pressing anxiously against my asshole. I'd never felt so helplessly vulnerable in my life and a little bit scared. I prayed I could take him without too much pain, without using the poppers. I prayed I could take him like a man. He worked his cock at my hole, stretching, probing. 'Ready?' he asked. I nodded and he pushed--hard. No foreplay, no more testing, he simply shoved and I could feel the broad, blunt head of his cock stretching my hole for a brief few seconds before it slipped through.

'Hoohhhhh!' I gasped, almost in shock, my mouth slack and my eyes wide. It felt like I was being torn apart. Taylor paused but the thick cock was in me and there was nothing I could do about being stretched unbelievably and he wasn't going to retreat to let me get used to anything. I tried to squeeze hard around his cock but I was stretched so that I had almost no strength in my asshole and the pain was excruciating! He waited to see how I was going to handle it. Not very well. When he started to drive in deeper I panicked and used the poppers. I sucked the stuff into my nostrils, one side then the other, several times, anxious for a buzz that would ease the awful pain and make it start feeling good. Taylor didn't wait long. 'Okay now?' he asked, giving me only a moment for the poppers to kick in.

'Yeah, ready as I'll ever be,' I said breathlessly as my head began to spin and I was warming up all through my insides. He hesitated. 'Go ahead, give it to me,' I gasped. He drove in deeper. I recovered from the excruciating pain, determined to endure the gradually-lessening pain caused from the depth that his cock would go.

'This is killing you,' he said as he suddenly stopped.

'No, the worst part's over,' I said.

'Hell, it's dumb to hurt you,' he said. 'I wouldn't hurt my wife on purpose.'

'I'm not your wife,' I said. 'You don't have to be gentle. You can fuck me,' I said, knowing I could be signing my own death warrant.

'You don't know how bad I wanta do that,' he said and his lop-sided grin grew wider. I let out a gasping whimper as he shoved his cock all the way in me. Without a doubt, he touched places that had never been touched before. His hard meat slid through the folds of my guts, stretching the muscles around his girth. The pain became secondary as pleasure subdued it. 'That okay?' he asked, holding his cock lodged deep inside me.

'Yes. Aww, yesss, it's wonderful,' I said.

'I'm gonna fuck you then,' he said. I quickly learned why he had to be so gentle and patient with his new wife. For me, the pain was part of it; more so with a man his size. His wife simply would not have the mindset for that kind of pain. But I knew what lay beyond the pain and he was bringing it to the surface as he slid his huge cock in and out of my ass. He did it slow and easy, building up speed till his thrusts became powerful lunges, ‘till he was fucking me so hard I thought my teeth would rattle. I hung on for dear life. I was laying cross-ways and he fucked me across the bed till my head and shoulders were hanging over the edge of the mattress. I held my hands over my head, against the wall to stay on the bed.

He stopped and slid one arm under me and lifted me around straight on the bed. Within minutes my head was banging against the headboard. I felt sympathy for his wife. He was going to fuck my brains out. I wanted to see him cum, but he was so intent on fucking me that I didn't bring it up. I knew he was going to cum in me, which was the way it should be to make it complete for him. My own cock was swaying around like a stick in a tornado; oozing ball-juice that was being forced out from the pounding he was giving my prostate. I wanted to cum too, and he had me so close so many times, but his position always changed with every other thrust and caused the feeling to subside. That, too, was driving me nuts. 'I wanta shoot in your ass,' he gasped.

'Yes...give it to me,' I gasped. As much as I didn't want it to end, I was ready for him to cum. It felt like he had bored me a new asshole. I felt it when he shot off. It doesn't always happen, but I actually felt his hot cum shooting deep inside me.

'Ohhhh...Awwwhhh...Aww...I'm cumming!' he cried.

'Yes, I can feel it!' I squealed as I clung to him with my arms and legs. He was filling me up. I could feel his big cock sliding and sloshing back and forth through his semen and it was gushing out of my ass. Godd, how much was he cumming! He fucked me for a long time after he shot off and I realized that he was trying to make me cum.

'Are you getting close?' he asked. Then he shocked me by wrapping his hand around my cock. 'Maybe you need some help?' He fucked me and jacked me off at the same time till I couldn't stand it. I finally shot off all over both of us. Cum flew everywhere. I fell into exhaustion. He let go of my cock and wiped his hand on the sheets. Then he slowly pulled his cock out and tumbled over beside me. 'Fuck, I never had anything like that before!' he said.

'Me either,' I agreed. 'I didn't think you were going to stop cumming.'

'Yeah,' he chuckled. 'That's happens sometimes, even I wonder where it's all coming from.' After awhile of rest he sat up. 'I gotta take a shower if it's okay,' he said. 'I can't go back to my room with dried cum all over me.'

'Sure, it's okay,' I said. 'I'll wash your back if you want me to.'

'If you get in the shower with me, you'll have to wash more than my back,' he said, laughing. He pulled me up off the bed. I followed him to the bathroom, my eyes foxed on his tight, round muscle-butt and I marveled again that he had actually tongued my ass. I was down on my haunches soaping up his butt when he turned around and offered me his cock. I took it eagerly. I sucked him off and he shot another huge load, so big I couldn't believe his balls could've manufactured so much so fast. I took the soap and washed his manhood again. I hated for him to cover up his manly beauty, even with the tiny, thin shorts, although he looked just as sexy with them on. I squeezed his butt when he was pulling on his T-shirt.

'I want this before you go,' I said huskily.

'Naw, I don't think so,' he said.

'I don't mean fuck you,' I said. He let me pull his shorts down and I went to my knees behind him. As I began lapping my tongue along the slopes of his butt muscles he bent over the bed. I pulled his butt apart and dove into the feast of his asshole like a starving man.

'Awww, fuucckkkkk!' he cried into the pillow. 'Awww, you're giving me another hardon!'

'It's nothing I can't handle,' I assured him.

'Yeah, I know. You're gonna have to handle it; I won't be able to get it stuffed back in my shorts.'

I handled it. I ate and tongued his gorgeous ass till he was ready to come then he turned around and did just what I wanted him to do. He shot all over my face. Godd, he splatterd his white-wash all over me! 'Where the shit does all that stuff come from?' I asked, amazed. He laughed as he milked his cock onto my tongue that I held out for him. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and when I returned he was dressed. When he was about to leave I gave him my card with my phone number and e-mail address, on the off chance that we might have occasion to meet up again.

'Oh, Man, this is too weird,' he said, laughing. 'You're at the Deffinbaugh Sports Medicine Clinic.'

'Yes, but how did you....' I started to say as I took the card back to be sure I'd given him my personal card.

'I'm from Linton! I graduated from Linton High two years ago,' he said. 'Well, this is going to make things very interesting. Remember you recommended sex on the side? Will you be available?'

'I could be,' I said. I couldn't believe my good fortune. Before I was sure I would never again encounter such a specimen of manhood and now I discovered that we were from the same town. Taylor wasn't so anxious to leave.

'Hey, do you ever do anything with any of the jocks that come in?' he asked.

'No, it would be too risky unless I was absolutely sure of one of them.'

'There's one I'm ninety-nine percent sure of,' he said with a knowing grin. 'He was a freshman when I was a junior. He ought to be a senior this year. He was getting into weight-lifting, wanted to be a bodybuilder. If he stuck with it, he must be a tank by now. Jason Hawke was his name.'

'Yes! He is a tank,' I said. 'But how are you so sure of him?' I asked, wondering since Taylor had told me he'd never had any experience with a guy before.

'He was always looking at me in the gym and the locker room, asking how I got certain muscles developed. He practically idolized me.'

'That could be just school-boy idolization,' I said.

'Well, he wasn't shy about looking at my cock, and I'm positive he lifted two of my jockstraps. He denied it when I asked him about it but he got real embarrassed. I know he was the only one who could've taken them. Anyway, just keep an eye out, you know...for that look,' he added with a grin.

He acted like he didn't want to leave but I knew he had to get back to his wife and his honeymoon. I saw them together at breakfast but we never acted like we'd met. I could hardly wait till they got back and settled into their life in Linton.

The sports wing of the clinic was run differently than the rest of the clinic. We listened more patiently to the other patients, with the dual goals of relieving their pain and trying to prevent it. If someone complained that it hurt to perform certain functions we simply told them to stop doing it. In the sports section, we knew that approach wouldn't work and we adopted a whole different philosophy. If a guy was lifting weights and it hurt his shoulder to do bench presses, we knew it wouldn't do any good to tell him to stop doing bench presses. He would do it if it killed him. So we relied on therapy and sometimes pain killers. The therapy always consisted of exercising the pained muscle area while showing them how to do bench presses another away, or substituting another exercise for awhile.

Even the décor was designed around athletics. The waiting room had lockers painted on the walls and the floor was finished like a basketball court. The examining rooms were actually small locker rooms, complete with a change bench and a locker to put coats and clothes in. Some even had small showers. The staff dressed the part, too. We wore athletic shorts and t-shirts and some of them even wore whistles around their necks. The first thing I did when I got back to the clinic was pull Taylor's medical files. There was nothing out of the ordinary except for the remarks section: 'This boy is exceptionally well endowed, which may warrant counseling when he becomes sexually active.' I noted the date; it was when Taylor was a junior.

The sports physicals started and I had my hands full of boys, literally, from seven in the morning ‘till seven at night. I made a tiny mark on the records of the best-built and best hung athletes. Not for any particular reason, except that when I pulled the records, I knew what was in store for me when I walked into the examining room.

My heart thudded in my chest when I took Jason Hawke's folder out of the rack. I went to the waiting room and called his name. He stood up to his full height of over six feet and his shoulders seemed to fill the doorway when he came through it. I led him to the examining room and closed the door. I conveniently moved the chair in front of the door and asked him to sit on the examining table. 'Mind taking off your shirt?'

When he peeled it off over his head his upper body spread out wide from the waist of his jeans and his pecs settled thick and heavy on his rib cage. His stomach curved hard and ridged from his pecs down into his jeans. I listened to his heart and lungs, taking the opportunity to run my hands over his smooth, solid muscles. I checked his tonsils and then his neck and ran my hands down over his chest as I set the stethoscope against his left pec.

'You can step down and drop your jeans and your shorts,' I said as I pulled up the stool to sit in front of him. I had to stifle a gasp when he pulled is shorts down. He reminded me of Taylor, the way his cock hung down so thick and long and meaty. I went the extra mile and wrapped my hand around it and his balls to get them out of the way and pressed my other finger into his crotch. 'Cough for me.'

He coughed and I switched hands. My other hand was shaking by the time I wrapped it around his cock and balls. I asked him to cough for me again. Then I examined his balls. He winced a little. 'That hurt?' I asked.

'No, I guess it didn't. It just makes me nervous when somebody's handling the family jewels.'

I hefted them in the palm of my hand. 'Heavy suckers,' I remarked.

'Yeah,' he laughed nervously.

'How much do you have those jewels insured for?' I joked. I curled my fingers around his thick cock and milked it down as I held the bulbous head in my other hand to have a close look. 'This thing gets much bigger, it's gonna take both hands to go around it,' I said.

'What's that exam all about?' he asked.

'Are you sexually active?' I asked. He hesitated with a snort of laughter. 'Dumb question, huh?' I said.

'Sort of,' he said.

'I have to assume that every guy that walks in here is sexually active. That part of the exam is to check for STDs.'

'Oh.' he laughed again, but he sounded more at ease. 'This seems like a total waste of time, doc,' he said.

'Why is that?'

'Look at me? There's nothing wrong with me.'

'Certainly not on the surface,' I said. I took his left nut in my fingers and felt it gently, making it a point to push his cock out of the way, even though it wasn't necessary.

'Trust me, everything's working fine,' he said.

'What we see on the outside doesn't always reflect what's going on inside your body.'


'What?' I glanced up at him.

'It sounds like you're going to go in and find out,' he said. I suddenly realized what he meant. We didn't routinely do rectal exams on teenagers but Jason had brought it up and I couldn't let that opportunity slip through my fingers. 'My cousin plays for Rockdale and he said they give the juniors and seniors the finger exam,' he went on.

'Well, I save the fun ‘till last,' I joked.

'Okay, doc, how do you want me?' he asked bravely.

God, don't ask me that! I conveniently pushed the chair tighter against the door with the back of my leg. 'Well I like to go from more than one position,' I said. 'You can bend over the table, but then I would like for you to take off your jeans and shorts and lie up on the table.'

He obediently took off his jeans and shorts and stood spread-eagle, bent over the end of the table. Fuck, it was like an invitation. My eyes glued to his gorgeous muscle-butt, I reached for a glove but changed my mind. If he'd never had a rectal, he didn't know about the gloves. I uncapped the lube and paused to gaze at his trim, tight butt. I squeezed the lube on my fingers then slid my finger between his buns. He winced but then relaxed bravely and let me do it. I rubbed the tip of my finger against his hole ‘till I felt him relax then I gently pushed through.

'Mmnnn,' he moaned softly.

'Sorry,' I said.

'It don't hurt. I'm just not used to having anything shoved in there.'

I forced my finger through the thick, tight sphincter muscle, into the softer inner lining, and massaged the inside of his ass, all around. He seemed to be trying not to squirm on my finger. I took my time finding his prostate. I touched it and he sort of jumped. I rubbed it gently and his butt muscles clenched around my finger. As I massaged the tiny love nut his butt relaxed and he let me do it.

'MMnnnnnn,' he moaned again.

'Sorry, again,' I said.

'Naw, it...it's okay, doc...it just feels...funny, that's all. It don't hurt.'

Feeling funny meant it was feeling good. He was a giant firecracker ready to go off. I wondered if I dared take it that far. Hell, I had to!

'Now, if you'll lie on the table, on your stomach,' I said as I extracted my finger.

He stretched out on the table with his muscular thighs spread apart and his butt muscles relaxed apart. My mouth was watering. I wanted to use more than my finger on his butt. I longed to bury my face between those tight, round buns for starters. I shoved my finger back in his ass and probed around again.

'UUhnnnn,' he moaned as he squirmed around on my finger. 'Ohh, Doc...are y-you about d-done?' he stammered.

'Sorry I have to put you through such agony,' I said.

'It's not agony, doc. That's the problem, it's not agony... it's...shit, doc, is it supposed to feel good?'

'You can experience those sensations, a lot of boys do,' I said in my best clinical tone. 'If you'll turn over on your back, we'll finish it up.'

'I can't,' he said.

'You can't? Why not?'

'I can't turn over, doc,' he insisted. 'I've got this little problem.....'

Realizing what his problem was, I laughed softly. 'It's not a problem, Jason,' I assured him. 'It's a perfectly normal reaction to having your prostate massaged.'

'Is that what you were doing?'

'Yes. So turn over. It's nothing I haven't seen before.'

He turned over, his cock swinging around like a club as he stretched out on his back. It swayed back and forth then came to rest standing up over his stomach, reaching well past his navel. 'Well, maybe I was wrong about that,' I mumbled.


'Yeah, I haven't seen one like this before. I thought you said you had a little problem,' I joked. To put him at ease, I lifted the heavy cock and held it straight up. It towered seven or eight inches out of my hand! 'That is no little problem,' I said. He laughed nervously. I let his cock fall heavily across his stomach then it bounced back up and throbbed hard. 'Cock your knees up a little,' I said. He lifted his knees for me. I lubed my finger and inserted it into his ass again. He sort of hunkered down on it this time. Enough time had passed for his physical. If anybody was paying attention, someone would be tapping on the door. I knew I shouldn't take things any farther, but it was a situation I couldn't turn my back on. I probed around inside his hot ass, purposely taking a minute to find his prostate again, and he definitely squirmed around like he was trying to help me find it.

'Ah. There it is, if that's what you're looking for,' he gasped.

'Yes...' I rubbed it gently. 'It feels okay from this angle too,' I said. 'You're right, Jason, everything is working just fine,' I said, eyeing his big cock.

'Ohh, Doc.....!'

'Is something the matter?'

'Only...ohh, just that...if y-you keep d-doing that...if you don't stop...I'm gonna...Ohh, you gotta stop, Doc.'

'Just...a...short...moment more,' I said as I worked his prostate over.

'Ohhhh! Awww...Ohhhh, too late...Too late, Doc... Ohhhhhh...fuck, I'm gonna...cum...can't help it...I've gotta shoot!' He grabbed his cock tightly as he to ward it off but I gripped his wrist and removed his hand.

'It's okay, let it go, Jason,' I told him. He laid his arms at his sides and shut his eyes real tight and let it happen. His asshole squeezed my finger like a huge, tight rubber band, and then relaxed, tightened again and relaxed and I knew he was on his way. Suddenly, with a throbbing deep inside his ass, his cock bolted hard and quivered then exploded.

Jason flung his forearm over his mouth to stifle his outcry as the cum shot out of his huge cock. It hit him in the chin, and then aimed itself higher with a throb and the next salvo hit his forearm. Another shot high over his head and landed on the floor. Another landed on his face and in his hair and more shot up over his chest. I stood there in awe with my finger in his ass. I'd never seen anything like it. I never imagined any guy could shoot that much and so hard. He reminded me of Taylor. The stuff was streaking up across his chest, then his abs and then it was shooting out tiny spurts that ran down and formed a tiny pool in his navel. Then it boiled out of his cock. I gently extracted my finger before he began to recover. It took him a moment to gasp in enough fresh air that he could talk, and probably think. I reached for the towels.

'Oh, Shit!' he swore as he swiped at the cum on his forearm He made another swipe at the cum on his face and his hair, and his other hand was discovering the ropes of thick cum all over his chest and abs. 'Goddamit!'

'Hey, don't worry about it,' I said soothingly as I handed him damp towels and began wiping the cum off of his stomach myself. I was cleaning it up off the floor when he stepped down off the table. He stumbled and caught himself but his big cock swung around and smacked a wet streak of cum on the side of my face.

'Fuck, I'm sorry, Doc.'

I stood up, wiping the cum off of my face. 'I said, don't worry about it. It's nothing that hasn't happened before, and will happen again,' I told him. 'It just happened a lot more with you,' I added with a soft chuckle.

'Yeah, I tried to warn you but you weren't done with the exam and I couldn't hold it back.'

'It's okay,' I told him again. 'It only proves just how well everything is working in there.' I waited till he got dressed then showed him out. Then I made the specially coded notations on his medical file.

Jason wasn't the only boy I had during the weeks of giving physicals. There was a tight-muscled little gymnast named Park. I detected right away that he was very aware of his body and thus, his sexuality; the two go hand-in-hand. I had never met him before but Park came into the locker/examining room and immediately started taking off his clothes without me asking. I quickly shoved the chair against the door, vowing that I had to figure out some valid reason to put some kind of lock on the door.

'I know the routine, Doc,' he said as he peeled his T-shirt off to expose his well-muscled upper body.

Yeah, I would like to show you a routine, I thought as I tried to busy myself with his records in order to keep from looking openly at the boy. He boldly stripped down to his jockstrap and sat on the table. I did the routine of listening to his heart and lungs and examined his lymph nodes in his neck. I clasped my hands around the balled shoulder muscles.

'If I find anything wrong with you, it'll be a miracle,' I said. When I rolled the stool over he stood down off the table and set his feet apart. I shoved the pouch of his jockstrap aside.

'Want me to take that off for you?' he said, and peeled his jockstrap down and left it lying on the floor. I checked him for hernia and took my time examining his balls. Then I milked his cock. Like Jason, he wanted to know what I was doing. He didn't seem to mind; he was just curious. He was satisfied with my explanation.

'Well, it looks like you're in fine shape on the outside,' I said. 'Let's take a look inside. Let's start standing up.'

He turned around and bent over the table. My mouth watered. He had the typical tight, hard butt of a gymnast. His butt muscles stuck out nice and round and hard like somebody had stuck two half melons on his lean hips. I lubed him up and worked my finger into his ass. He squirmed around on it, without even a moan. It made me wonder if he liked it. A lot of guys did, although they would never admit it. Some did admit it, because they wondered if it was supposed to feel good; they were afraid they were discovering a feminine side they didn't know they had. I was always quick to reassure them of their manhood. Park seemed to be enjoying it more than most, almost as if he were trying to convey to me that he liked what I was doing to him.

'Okay, up on the table, on your stomach,' I told him.

He didn't question me, although this was something new for him. I stood at the side of the table and when I touched his butt he spread his legs out for me. When he folded his arms under his head, his elbow brushed against the front of my gym shorts. I didn't lurch away and Park didn't move his elbow, so it stayed pressed against me. I took it as a good sign. He was squirming around on my finger like he was humping the table and his elbow pressed harder into my crotch. I boldly pressed back. I think it took him by surprise that I didn't move away. I couldn't help the way my cock was responding and Park didn't seem to mind that I was getting hardon, which he could surely feel.

'Feels like you got a problem, there, Doc,' he said, laughing nervously.

'It happens to the best of us,' I said casually, then added, 'I'll bet it even happens to you.'

'You would win that bet,' he said.

'I could place that bet on any guy your age, any hour of the day or night, and win it,' I said. I asked, jokingly, 'What, did you think I'm too old to get a hardon?'

'Oh, hell no,' he said. 'I always figured you for a stud.'

'Well, that might be stretching it a little,' I said modestly.

He elbowed me in the crotch. 'Doesn't feel like it's stretching it any,' he said. Then he asked, 'Hey, can I ask you something, Doc?'

'Ask me anything,' I said.

'What's the average size of the guys you get in here? I've wondered how I stack up, you know...with a hardon.'

'We don't keep statistics on it,' I lied.

'But you've got a good idea, in your head,' he insisted.

'Well, yes...I know boys these days are built a lot better than they were when I was a teenager. I think it must be the diet, and the supplements and vitamins they take. As for the average size...not every boy who comes in here gets a hardon but of those that do, I'm going to say eight to nine inches.' I watched closely for his reaction. He didn't seem surprised one way or the other.

'Well, I guess I'm well within range,' he said. 'How about you, doc?' he asked with a sly grin. 'Did you make up for what you didn't have when you were a teenager?'

'That's not up for discussion,' I told him.

'Heck, we don't have to discuss it, I can see it,' he said. I didn't realize ‘till then that he had moved a little to my side of the table with his face lying on his folded hands, pretty close to my shorts. 'Hey, doc,' he said with a giggle.


'Like we used to do when we were kids, I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours.'

Park was beginning to make me nervous. The kid was putting the make on me! Things escalated fast. When Park saw that I wasn't objecting he got bolder and took it over the top. I didn't stop him when he tugged on my shorts. I knew I should stop him but I couldn't. I was too excited to think about anything but what was happening and he was too aggressive for me to stave him off. When my jockstrap was hanging out he wrapped his arms around my thigh and pulled me closer so my jock was smashed in his face. I could feel his hot breath as he mouthed my manhood through the mesh material. I made a feeble attempt, tried to brush his hand away when he pulled at my jockstrap but he was persistent. I was contributing to it the whole time, fingering his hot ass, and he was loving it and with him mouthing my jock the attempt to stop him was little more than symbolic.

'Give it to me, Doc,' he begged.

'Somebody might come in,' I hissed. Not ‘stop, we've gone far enough' or we can't do this'...not even to ask what he meant by giving it to him. Park was undeterred, and by that time I was helpless to fight him off. I was bigger and stronger but that was no match for his will and determination; and my weakness. A moment later he had my cock free.

'Man, you've got a big cock.'

I felt his hot breath on my raw meat then a second later the wet heat of his mouth closing over the head of my cock. I looked at the door, terrified that someone would try to come in. I calculated that there would be just enough time to pull my shorts up at the sound of someone at the door but then there would be the problem of my shorts being tented. Not to mention that I had the door blocked with a teenage boy stretched out naked with two fingers in his ass. I could explain it to a layman but not to a medical professional. It was not the accepted position for giving a rectal exam, and teenage boys weren't given rectal exams anyway.

But none of that good common sense stuff mattered a fuck with the boy's mouth on my cock. The way he was lashing his tongue around the head of my cock this was no experiment for him. He had done this before. Within minutes he had my legs trembling and I was so excited I was fucking his ass with my three fingers now. I had visions of climbing up on the table and fucking him for real. It was more fear than common sense that stopped me. I thought about pulling him off the table and fucking him standing up but I was too afraid.

He sucked my cock like a hungry puppy. I didn't try to hold off; I willed myself to cum because I knew that was the only way to bring it to an end. He was moaning and slurping on my cock and humping the table and I wondered if I could make him cum. That would end it but it would be safely over. He was working me up fast and I was letting it happen; willing it to happen. How I would welcome it! When he had me almost to the point of no return I pulled back, but the boy went after my cock.

'I'm getting close!' I hissed.

'Okay,' he said and still went after my cock.

'Park, I'm going to cum!'

'I know...I want it...I love cum...Give it to me!' With those words there was no reason not to go off; absolutely none. I stood my ground and let him do his magic with his mouth. His tongue was coaxing it out of my balls the same way his mouth sucked it up through my cock. My legs shook and my stomach muscles twisted and my hips lurched. Suddenly, my cock exploded in his mouth.

'UUuhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnn!' he squealed as I pumped my hot cum into his mouth. Along with the bulk of my cock

I could have filled his mouth with my semen but he swallowed the stuff as fast as I shot it out. He sucked my come like it was his life-blood, ‘till he had me drained. I could barely stand up and I realized that I had foolishly forgotten all about the door in those frenzied minutes. Shit, someone could have easily been standing there watching us! I also realized that Park's asshole was clenching and spasming around my fingers...he was cumming! In a split-second state of frenzied lust I pulled my fingers out, stretched his hole wide open and buried my face between his butt muscles. He squealed as I drove my tongue into his ass in place of my fingers. I had a vague concern about the door at that point, but in that frenzied moment, it didn't matter. Nothing mattered but this young teenage boy's muscular ass against my face and his hot, velvety asshole around my tongue and the feel of his come belching out of his cock.

Suddenly, finally, it was over and I was wondering what the hell happened. I managed to come to my senses and make a stab at professionalism.

'You can get up now and get dressed,' I said.

'I made a bit of a mess,' he said as he pushed himself up out of the pool of cum and stepped down off the table.

'I'll take care of it, you go ahead and get dressed,' I told him. I handed him some paper towels to wipe the cum off of his stomach.

'Was everything okay in there, Doc?' he asked as he donned his clothes.

'Everything was fine,' I assured him.

'It felt fine to me, too,' he said. 'I never had anybody do that to me before. It was unbelievable, what you did with your tongue. Did I do okay, Doc?' he asked.

'Yes...yes, you did great,' I told him. I couldn't believe the boy was looking for validation that he was a good cocksucker! I gave him his validation. I didn't want to have a conversation with him about it but the perverted side of me wanted to establish a link with the boy for future contact. He was dressed and ready to leave. Godd, he looked so young and innocent.

'Hey, Doc.....'


'Any chance we can do this again?' he asked.

'Same time next year,' I said.

'I don't mean the physical.'

I stayed within my professional element. 'Well, if you have any problems or suffer any kind of sports injury, I can treat it,' I said, in a tone that I wanted to close the matter and put the incident behind us for the moment. But Park wasn't going to let that happen so easily.

'That'll probably happen, Doc. Probably a pulled hamstring, or something you'll have to take a look at.' I was sure I would see him again, injury or not, and I was just as sure that I would succumb.

Taylor made it a point of stopping by the clinic to say hello when he got back form his honeymoon. I was glad to see him. My heart skipped a beat when he appeared at my office door in an undershirt and very brief-cut athletic shorts that hugged his massive thighs. He was as sexy dressed like that as I remembered him wearing nothing at all.

'How'd the rest of your honeymoon go?' I asked as we shook hands.

'Great, with my patience,' he said with a grin. 'I wish I could've gotten some of those pills for Linda, though.'

'I'll see what I can do. There is a notation on your file that should clear the way for a prescription.'

He frowned. 'What kind of notation? And when was it made?'

'I'll show you.' I went to the records area and got Taylor's folder. I took it back to the examining room and opened the folder to the notation, made several years before. He read it aloud: 'This boy is exceptionally well endowed, which may warrant counseling when he becomes sexually active.' I didn't know they put in the records how big a guy's cock is.'

'Only in exceptional cases,' I said. 'Did you guys get settled in?'

'Yes. Linda had to go right back to work, though. I still have a couple of days. Fuck that sucks, spending the last two days of my honeymoon alone.'

'Where does she work?' I asked. I knew Taylor worked at the lumber yard.

'She's starting out in insurance. She has to travel a lot. In fact, she's gone for three days, to Denver.' The way he said it, I was sure he was letting me know that he was home alone; an invitation. If it was, I was eager to accept.

I asked him outright. 'Is that an invitation?'

'I was hoping you would catch on,' he said with a grin. 'Do you want to come over tonight?'

'Hell, yes. Can I bring someone along?'

He did a double-take. 'Who?' he asked with a scowling grin.

'Do you member the kid you told me about who stole your jockstraps?'

'Yeah, Jason Hawke. Hell, yes, you can bring him if he wants to come.'

'Oh, I think he'll want to come,' I said.

'Do you think there's a chance there might be something there with him, like I suspected...you know, the way he used to look at me?'

'It'll be a good chance to find out,' I said.

I called Jason personally and asked if he could come in for a re-exam; I told him that there seemed to be some irregularity in his initial exam. He readily agreed to re-schedule, without the slightest hint of concern. I was sure he knew it was a ruse to get him back in my examining room.

'I can accommodate you after hours if that will help get you in quicker,' I offered. 'How about tonight?'

He eagerly agreed and I called Taylor to set it up with him tentatively. If I couldn't work something out with Jason, I would have him come over alone. Jason's appointment was at 7:00. He was on time. I was waiting for him in the lobby. I let him in and locked the door then took him back to the examining room.

'What's up? Cause everything is still working,' he assured me.

'Actually, it's an administrative error,' I said. 'Your records don't indicate that you were checked for hernia. I'm sure I did, but there's no notation in your file and I have to show that I had you back in and checked you out. I'll make the notation myself this time.'

'You did, but we can do it again,' Jason said as he undid his jeans. I pulled the stool over in front of him as he shoved his jeans and shorts down to his knees, revealing his massive thighs and equally massive manhood. 'Actually, I wasn't gong to mind all that much if we had to do the complete exam all over again,' he said, jokingly.

'That won't be necessary,' I said.

'Just joking,' he said.

I didn't think he was and I would have jumped at the chance to get my fingers in his hot tight ass again to check his prostate, but if Jason was going to break out of his macho hetero world, I wanted to save that for Taylor.

'Hey, do you remember a guy named Taylor Black?' I asked.

'Hell, yeah, I remember him. He was a senior jock when I was a freshman. He was the team stud. Everybody said he fucked every girl in school and half the girls in the county.'

I doubted there were that many girls who could have handled him. 'I ran into him at a bed-and-breakfast where I was staying. He was on his honeymoon. And we got to talking and discovered that we're both from the same town.'

'Now, there is one lucky bitch, the one who married him,' Jason said.

'She apparently wasn't thinking so on their honeymoon,' I said.

'Couldn't handle him, huh.'

'There was a slight problem. But they seemed to be taking it in stride.'

'I feel sort of sorry for her. The guy was a stallion,' Jason said.

'He remembers you, too,' I said.

'He does?'

'Yes. He said you were just getting into weight lifting when he knew you. He said if you stayed with it you were probably a moose by now. I told him you were.'

'I'm surprised he remembered me,' Jason said.

'He remarked that he would like to see you sometime, see how you turned out.' I smiled and added, 'He, uh... said he thought you lifted a couple of his jockstraps.'

Jason's face turned soft red. 'I did. Four in fact. I still have them.'

'Well, I'm going over to his apartment tonight. Do you want to come along?'

'Yes. Hell, yes.' He said it a little too quickly and seemed embarrassed by his eagerness. He looked away from me then down, nervously. 'Doc, could I...since I'm here, could I talk to you about something? You're a doctor, right? I can tell you anything, right, and it'll remain confidential.'

'I'm not a doctor; I'm a physician's assistant. But the same rules apply about confidentiality apply. So yes, you can talk to me about anything and it will remain confidential.'

'Well, I...I think...I think I'm gay, Doc, he blurted. He scoffed and added, 'Hell, who am I kidding...I know I am. I still like women and I date a lot but I've always had these feelings...an attraction for guys. Big, muscle guys, good-looking jocks, you know the kind gays go for. I still date, but I know if I had a gorgeous knock-out woman and a big, good-looking, muscle-jock both naked, I think I would choose the guy.'

I nodded my understanding, waiting for him to go on.

'What I'm saying is...well, I had these feelings for Taylor Black. It still gives me a thrill just wearing one of his jockstraps. I wanted to tell you before I come over to his apartment with you, because...well, I wanted it all laid out...there so you know.' I nodded again. 'Aren't you going to say anything?' he asked.

'You didn't ask me a question,' I said.

'But you're thinking something,' he said.

'This may come as a surprise to you, Jason, but Taylor suspected as much when you were both in school.'

'He did! Aww, Mann, that means it showed,' he lamented.

'No, I don't think so. It certainly doesn't show now. He just caught the way you looked at him in the locker room.'

'Man, I idolized him,' Jason said

'Yes, he thought you did. I told him it was a natural thing between younger and older boys.....freshmen and seniors. Senior boys can be pretty intimidating to freshmen.'

'He was...that's for sure. I worshipped all those muscles. I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to be him; that's the reason I started lifting weights. It's no wonder he caught on; shit, I was probably drooling!'

'He said you seemed to have a hard time keeping your eyes above the waist a lot of times,' I said with a kind smile.

'He had the biggest cock I ever saw.'

'He still does; the biggest I've ever seen,' I said.

He looked at me funny and I knew he was wondering how I knew. I wanted the meeting with Taylor to be an opportunity for them as much as Jason did.

'I'm going to go out on a limb, here, Jason. I'm going to tell you something and we'll each have a secret to hold for the other. I could see the wheels turning in your head; you were wondering how I know such intimate details about Taylor.'

'From giving him a physical, I guess,' he said.

'No, he was graduated before I came here,' I said. 'He, uh...Taylor found me to be a satisfying substitute for his wife when she couldn't handle him.'

Jason's mouth slowly dropped and his eyes bugged out. I smiled, confirming what he was thinking.

'You mean...he...y-you had sex with him? He f-fucked you?'

I nodded, 'He about fucked my brains out.'

'Oh, wow. You got fucked by Taylor Black! It's too good to be true. I'm almost afraid to believe he would even go for anything like that.'

'Believe it. If you don't, you can ask my ass. It still remembers,' I said laughing.

'Oh, man, that means there's a chance...tonight, maybe...if I come with you—I'm coming for sure, now!' He was almost too excited to speak. And his hands were shaking as he pulled his shorts and jeans back up. 'What time?' he asked.


'I'll be there,' he said. He was about to leave when he paused, 'Doc....now that we know about each other...do you think there's a chance that you might be calling me for a more thorough exam?'

'Not here,' I said, 'but we'll talk about that later, after tonight. I would be afraid to give you a more thorough exam here, with people around.'

I was at Taylor's house early. He was delighted when I told him that I had pretty much confirmed that he could pursue things with Jason. He asked me how I knew but I didn't go into details. Rather, I pleaded professional confidentiality and told him to trust me.

He was nervous waiting for Jason to arrive. 'I need a drink,' he said.

I got him a beer and he guzzled it down; not to enjoy it--he needed the buzz.

'Try to get him to drink a couple of beers, too, when he gets here,' he told me. 'And I got this, just in case.' He took a bottle of poppers out of his pocket.

'Poppers on top of beer might be too much for him,' I said.

'Not for him; for me,' he said.

Taylor and I had already had two beers by the time Jason showed up. Taylor was too nervous even to go to the door so I answered it.

'Am I late?' Jason asked quietly.

'There was no set time carved in stone,' I said. I took him into the Living room where Taylor was slouched on the sofa.

'Hi, Taylor,' the younger said in his best voice.

'Hey, Jason, glad you could make it.' Taylor said as he leaned up to shake hands. I went to the kitchen to get Jason a beer but I could hear them talking.

'I'm surprised you remember me,' Jason said.


'You were a senior, I was a lowly freshman, I didn't figure you noticed any of us freshmen.'

'Did you notice any of the freshmen when you were a senior?' he asked.

'Yes, but the tables were turned by that time,' he said.

I came back with the beer.

'Yeah, the tables were turned and the freshman guys were taking notice of you big senior studs, just like you did me,' Taylor said.

Jason blushed something awful. 'I was hoping you didn't notice that,' he said.

Was Taylor going to bring up the jockstraps, I wondered. That would most surely embarrass Jason. But if it helped break the ice, it would be worth the boy's discomfort. I was surprised, then when Jason brought it up.

'Hey, I brought you something,' he said as he dug into his rear pockets.

'You didn't have to bring me anything,' Taylor said.

'Yeah, I had to bring these back. I think these belong to you,' Jason said holding out a handful of jockstraps.

Taylor laid his head back and laughed. 'So you were the one,' he exclaimed.

'I never thought I would have a chance to give ‘em back to you, or the guts,' Jason said. 'I kept one, though. I hope that's okay.' Taylor scowled at him as he took the jockstraps. 'If you want it back, I'll bring it to you, but I'd really like to keep it. I wear it all the time,' Jason went on.

'You can keep it. You can keep ‘em all,' he said, handing them back.

'No kidding? You're not pissed at me?'

'I was at the time, but hell, it's a pretty high compliment to know somebody wants your jockstraps that bad,' he said.

'Since you're not pissed, Taylor, could I...would you autograph these for me?' Jason asked.

'Autograph them?'

'Yeah, with a black marker or something. It would mean a lot.'

Taylor shook his head in bewilderment as he got up to get a laundry marker. He leaned over the coffee table and carefully wrote his name in the waistband of each one and handed them back to Jason.

'Thanks, man. Thanks a lot,' Jason said, blushing.

'Sure, that's okay, if they mean that much to you.'

'The only thing better would be to have a picture of you wearing one.'

Taylor was taken aback. 'Well I guess that could be arranged,' he said.

'It could!? No kidding, you would pose in one of your jockstraps? But I didn't bring my camera; I had no idea about any of this......'

'I think I've got some film,' Taylor said. He left to go get his camera.

'He's going to pose for me,' Jason said excitedly.

Taylor came back with his camera and handed it to Jason. 'There are six exposures left on that roll.' He picked up the jockstraps. 'Which one do you want me to wear?'

'The most worn,' he replied. 'That one, it's nice a ragged and real dingy looking, like it's been through the mill.'

Taylor looked around the room. 'Let's go upstairs in the hallway,' he said. We all went upstairs. Taylor went into his bedroom and started taking off his clothes. Jason was so anxious to go in the bedroom that he was practically dancing and he kept looking at me then at the bedroom door with that excited, questioning look on his boyish face.

'It's not like you haven't already seen him in he locker room,' I said. 'So what the hell, we don't have to wait out here.'

I wanted to see the big stud undress too, so Jason and I went in the bedroom just as Taylor was pulling a jockstrap up around his butt.

'Aww, mannn,' Jason moaned when, looking at Taylor's butt. 'Awww, I want a picture of that.' Taylor laughed, looking over his shoulder. 'Yeah, just like that. Hold that pose for me,' Jason said.

Taylor clenched his butt muscles for Jason to take the picture.

'God, you've got a great ass,' Jason said, 'even better than I remembered.'

'You remembered my ass?' Taylor asked, laughing.

'I remembered everything about you; every ripple of every muscle.'

Taylor turned around. 'Do you remember this?' he asked, hefting the heavy, bulging pouch of his jockstrap.

'Aww, you know it,' Jason said, his eyes glued to the bulging jock. He took another picture and then his eyes raked up and down the man's muscular body. 'Do some muscle poses for me,' he said.

Taylor did several poses and Jason took two more pictures. 'There's one more pose I just gotta have,' Jason said. 'You know what it is.'

'Yeah, would it be this?' Taylor asked as he shoved his jockstrap down and tucked the waistband under his balls. His cock hung out long and thick and heavy over his protruding balls.

Jason stood there, gaping quietly. 'Geezusss!' he whispered finally. 'Looks like it grew even more.'

'I guess I wasn't done growing when I graduated,' Taylor observed.

'Godd, how big is it?'

'Do you mean now, or how big is it going to get if you keep standing there staring at it?' Taylor asked.

'Aww, I want one more of you hard...please?' Jason said.

'It might take a minute, and I might need some help,' Taylor said.

'Want me to help?' Jason asked incredulously. 'I'll be glad to help if you want me to.'

'If you want to.'

Jason stepped up and wrapped his hand gingerly around the big cock. It swelled in his hand, growing longer through his fist and thicker, and harder, till it expanded beyond his fingers' reach and stuck out two more fists in length.

'Holy shit! My Godd...I never seen such a big cock!'

'Better take the picture before the film melts in the camera,' I chided him.

'Here, I'll take one of both of you,' I said, picking up the camera. I moved to several different angles and finally knelt down for a sweeping view upward. I took the picture.

'I think that was the last of the film,' Taylor said when Jason didn't move away or let go of his cock. 'Anything else you want?' he asked.

'Only everything I ever dreamed of,' Jason said.

'I can't get inside your head, man, you'll have to tell me or show me what you dreamed,' Taylor said.

Jason was mesmerized. 'I don't know...if I can...handle all of this,' he said, swallowing hard between his words.

'I'll give you all the time you want to practice,' Taylor said.

'I want to, so bad,' Jason said. 'I want to take it all, any way you want to give it to me.'

'Don't say that unless you mean it,' Taylor said with a chuckle. 'I was noticing what a great butt you've got, too.'

'It's yours,' Jason said without hesitation.

'Are you sure?'

'Yes, I don't care if you have to rape me to force it in.'

'Aww, I couldn't do that,' Taylor said. 'Much as I wanta fuck that pretty, tight ass, I wouldn't rape you.'

'Fuck me then,' Jason said. 'Just fuck me, and promise you won't stop just because I might yell.'

'Wouldn't that be rape?' Taylor asked.

'Not, it'd be fucking me only I would be taking it like a man, not like a baby.'

'Don't you want to suck it first?' Taylor asked.

'No,' he said, shaking his head. 'I want you to fuck me first. I have to know what it feels like to be skewered by that thing. I have to have that fantasy fulfilled. I'll suck you after. I'll do anything you want me to do, Taylor.'

I wasn't a part of the scene. I hadn't been for several minutes. 'Guys, I think I'll sneak out for awhile,' I said.

'No, don't,' Taylor said. 'You don't have to go.'

'Don't leave me here alone, Doc. I might need medical attention when he gets done with me,' Jason said.

'Take two aspirin and call me in the morning,' I said. I left them alone. As much as I wanted to stay and watch and participate, I knew there was something there that Jason had for Taylor and I thought they might come nearer exploring it if left alone.

The clinic was on the way home and on the spur of the moment I decided to stop in and review the files of all the boys I had examined so far. It was a good crop this year, which presented the challenge of seeing which ones I could lure back in for repeat examinations. I would also go through some of the older files, boys from recent years, like Taylor. I put a cup of left-over coffee in the microwave and pulled out a stack of files. There were some interesting notations in the boys' files.

'Very muscular.' ... 'Very Well Built.' I thought it was interesting that 'built' was underlined. I had to wonder what some of these boys looked like. An idea came to me then, that I should start taking pictures of the boys to slip into their files. I would have to come up with a good reason first. There was another interesting notation in another boy's file. 'Counseled this boy on his sexuality.'

I jumped at the sound of someone tapping on the door. I walked down the darkened corridors to the lobby to find Park standing at the door.

'Park? Is something wrong?' I asked as I opened the door.

'Sort of, maybe...pulled hamstring, I think...like I said would happen.'

I new immediately that it was a ruse. Despite his attempt to try to appear to be injured he wasn't walking like he had a pulled hamstring. But he was there and looking so damned cute and sexy and I was still itching all through from leaving Taylor and Jason in the middle of having sex so, I went along with his little ruse.

'I saw your car and wondered if you would have time to look at it,' Park said. 'I parked my car down the block so nobody knows I'm here.'

'Sure, go on back to the examining room and strip down,' I told him. I locked the door and double bolted it so if anyone from the clinic happened by they couldn't use their key to get in. On the way back through the lobby I realized that I was suddenly breathing hard with anticipation.

Park had closed the door to the examining room for some reason. I opened it to find him totally naked, lying back on the examining table. He took my breath away, and I think he knew it.

'What's the matter Doc? You look like somebody punched the air out of you,' he said.

The little fucker knew how studly and gorgeous he was and he was blatantly using it to his advantage. I didn't reply. I set about examining his leg. He lifted his leg and winced a little when I wrapped my hands around his thigh and pressed my thumbs into the side of the hamstrings.

'You can cut the charade Park,' I said. 'You've no more got a pulled hamstring than I have,' I said as I laid his leg back down on the table.

He turned a little red. 'No, that's not what I wanted you to check out Doc, I admit it.'

'So, what is your problem?' I asked.

'I think you know,' he said.

'No matter what I think might be the problem, you're the one who has to tell me,' I said. He told me.

'Do you give all the guys the same kind of physical, Doc?' he asked.

'Pretty much.'

'Do a lot of guys come back for a re-exam?'

'If I detect some reason why I need to call them back,' I replied as I shuffled through the files on the desk till I found his. I hadn't checked Park's file yet. It was ludicrous that I was trying to put up façade of professionalism when I knew damn well what was going to happen. He lay there naked and beautiful, moving one hand back and forth across his chest as he watched me.

'Is that my file?' he asked.


'Are you finding anything in there? Any reason why I need to be called back?'

I didn't answer him right away. I found a note scrawled at the bottom of one of the sheets; 'This boy seems to have some serious confusion about his sexuality. Will/should advise professional counseling if the traits persist.'

Confusion--my ass! I thought. He wasn't confused; he was more attuned to his own sexuality than any kid ought to be. He knew exactly who he was and what he wanted and he obviously wasn't afraid to go after it, with no fear of the possible consequences.

'Nothing that I haven't already observed,' I replied finally, as I closed the folder and laid it aside.

'What have you observed, Doc? You know it's not a pulled hamstring, what do you think the problem is?'

'An overdose of hormones and testosterone,' I said.

'Yeah, I seem to have a lot of that going on,' he said. He reached down and brushed his hand over his rubbery manhood and hefted his balls. It was almost like an invitation; something I didn't need. The mere sight of his youthful nakedness was tearing me up and I knew it was going to be only a matter of time before my professionalism would crumble. Yeah, I was still holding out...lying to myself into believing that I could resist the boy. Yeah, right, I was going to resist...that's why I bolted the front door?

'Park, you shouldn't have come here,' I said.

'You shouldn't have been here,' he fired back. 'Besides, I told you, I parked my car down the block, so nobody will know I'm here.'

I devoured him with my eyes for a wavering moment, so close to putting My hands on his body that my hands were shaking with want.

'Have you ever fucked another guy, Doc?'

I was stunned. I did a double-take; a gentle wisp of breeze could've bowled me over. 'You're awfully bold and personal, young man,' I said.

'I call it being open and honest...but you didn't answer my question,' he said. 'If I can be open and honest, I don't see why you can't be.' The little fucker had me and I think he knew it. He was working me like a fine musical instrument and I found myself falling under his spell.

He was also right, I wasn't being honest. I knew what he wanted but I didn't have the guts to come right out and admit that I wanted it just as bad...maybe worse. But I tried one more time. 'You didn't come here with a pulled hamstring,' I said. 'Do you call that being honest?'

It was a lame and feeble attempt. I was playing a stupid game with myself. Then he put a full-court press on me.

'Do you want me to leave, Doc?' he asked.

Godd, why did he have to be so beautiful? Why did he have to have such deep, innocent, devouring eyes? I thought of Taylor and Jason back at Taylor's house, no doubt still in the throes of their sexual passion, and I felt left out. Park started to rise up. I quickly put my hand on his chest to stop him.

'No,' I whispered. 'No, Park, I don't want you to leave.'

'Good, ‘cause I don't want to,' he said as he lay back down.

I'd never done it before but I leaned down and brushed my lips over his. He let out a little whimper; I think he was surprised. I pressed my lips on his and he responded. As I kissed him I unbuttoned my shirt and shrugged it off, and then undid my jeans and shoved them down as far as I could reach, along with my briefs.

Park responded more by putting his arms around my shoulders. He kissed like no woman I had ever kissed and I wondered if it was his first time, too. His lips parted first and it was his tongue that darted out in search of mine. It was my turn to whimper with excitement.

'Oh, Doc,' he gasped when we parted. 'I think we're being honest now.'

I quickly shucked off my jeans and shorts so I was naked with him. I ran my hands down his stomach but bypassed his manhood and moved on down his muscular thighs. His legs felt like rock. His entire body was like carved stone except that he was warm and his muscles rippled under my touch. On the way back up, I was kissing him again, and I found his manhood. His groan reverberated in our mouths.

'Is that the first time you ever kissed another guy?' I asked.


'Have you ever had anybody suck this for you?' I asked as I pulled on his cock.

'No, I've sucked a few cocks, but nobody's ever done it back,' he replied.

'I want to do it back,' I said.

'I sure wouldn't mind, Doc,' he said.

His cock was thick; I had to squeeze my fingers to encircle it. He was about eight inches in length, which looked huge on his smallish, compact frame. He was a perfect mouthful. I sucked him slowly and gently, moving all the way up and down his thick cock. He moaned when I forced my throat down around his cock. He moaned when I drew back up and slathered my tongue all around the head. That was when I got the flavor of his ball-juice.

I used the spit that ran down his cock and over his balls to lube up between his buns. He cocked his knees up and set his legs wider apart to give me more freedom. I found his tiny hole and it clenched anxiously against my fingertip. I massaged and rubbed my spit till he relaxed for me to shove my finger inside him. He took my finger anxiously, squirming around on my hand.

'Ohhh, that feels so good...your finger...and your mouth on my cock.....'

I probed deep inside him. I found his prostate but didn't spend a lot of time with it. I didn't want to make him go off too quickly. He tried to squirm around to touch his prostate against my probing fingers. I worked a second finger inside him and gently fucked him. Then three. His asshole was opening up nicely.

'Ohhhh.....Ohhhhh......Ohh, Godd.....!'

'That feel good?' I whispered.

'Aww, you know it. But you never answered my question, Doc,' he gasped.

'What was the question?'

'You know......have you ever fucked another guy?'

'No,' I replied. I lied but it was what I thought it was what he wanted to hear.

'Do you want ‘ta fuck me?' he asked.

'Have you ever done it?' I asked.

'No, but I want to,' he said. 'I really want you to fuck me Doc, because I want to feel it so bad and I don't know anybody else to do it.'

I reached in the drawer of the table and groped for the large tube of lubricant. I uncapped it with one hand and squeezed some onto my cock. Then I squeezed some into his asshole land worked it around. 'Stand down off the table,' I said.

Park scrambled off the table and took the stance, facing the table, feet set wide apart.

'Bend over and relax across the table,' I told him. I gazed at his tight, bubble butt stuck out for the taking. I ran my hands over the twin mounds, digging my fingers into the muscle.

'Do you like my butt, Doc?'

'I love your butt, Park,' I replied. 'I like your butt so much....' He was lubed up but my mouth was watering. I had to taste him first. I knelt down and pulled his butt apart and dove between them.

'AWwwhhhhhh! Awwww, Dock!' he cried as I lapped his hole with my tongue. The lube allowed me to penetrate his hole deeper. I loved his ass; I could've stayed there for the duration, without fucking him, but I knew he wanted something bigger than my tongue or my fingers.

'Ohhhh, that's feels so good...b-but I want you to fuck me, Doc.'

I stood up and finished lubing my cock then set the head into the deep crevice of his butt. The heat of my cock met the heat of his hole and it was like we were suddenly welded together. He pushed back at the same time I shoved and my cock slipped through his hole with ease. He stifled his outcry as I shoved deeper. I was in him, my loins smashed against his backside, before he finally raised his head with a loud gasp.

'Ohh, Goddd!' his breath gushed out of him.

'It is okay, Park? Do you want me to stop...pull out?'

'No! Oh, no...you're so big...but I want it...I want you to fuck me, Doc. I've wanted to get fucked for so long...please, Doc, don't take it out for a long time.'

I couldn't believe my ears...I couldn't believe my luck. I clasped my hands around his hips and began fucking him. He seemed to like my cock being so big so I used all of it with each stroke. He liked it enough that he bore back on it each time I thrust forward. His shoulder muscles hunched and bunched up and I could feel his abs with my fingers, rippling hard and tight. Park was in the same heaven I was.

'Doc?' he said over his shoulder.


'Can we do it another way...turn around with me on the table? Like a girl?'

'Sure, if that's the way you want it.' I eased my cock out of him and he climbed up to lie crossways on the table on his back, his head and shoulders extended out over the other side.

'I know I don't look like one, but sometimes I feel like a girl,' he said as I was positioning my cock at his hole again.

'You're no girl, Park,' I told him as I penetrated his hole again. 'Nobody could ever mistake you for a girl.'

As I fucked him I thought of Jason and Taylor. After they had their chance to be together and get good and acquainted, I would join in next time, and bring Park along. Taylor would love Park's tight, hard body and his tight, bubble butt. Then for the first time, I thought of Taylor's wife and the thought came to mind...maybe she could more easily take one of the younger boys. Godd, it was a wonderful image, of Park or Jason fucking Taylor's wife while Taylor fucked one of the boys. I didn't picture how I would fit in...but I knew I would; I would fit in anywhere they wanted me.



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