Roaming through the abandoned streets I see no sign of life. Cars litter the street as sirens blare from car to car. Many have been stripped, their tanks empty and doors wide open. A few weeks had passed before I decided to come back to my home. The revolver glued to my right hand I venture until I reach my neighborhood, dark and abandoned like the rest of them. Glancing from side to side for any living, or once living, I make my way to the front porch of the house. Opening the door slowly the revolver leads the way in. The floor creaks under my feet as I close the door behind me, and lock it. Making my way upstairs I notice the house is barely scavenged. A weird smell catches my attention as I proceed upstairs cautiously. Spinning around a corner I notice the door to my father's study. Taking slow steps towards it, I turn the knob slowly. As the door opens I pause, and take one step into the dark room. A screeching noise startles me as I spin to notice a very large, slimy being at the top of the stairs. A tongue shoots from its mouth and knocks the gun out of my hand. Falling backwards the tentacle wraps around my body as I try to fight it off. With very little work its tongue is now wrapped around my body, and immobilizes my arms and feet. I lay helpless as it drags me into the study, the tentacle having a very tight squeeze on me.

The tentacle begins to touch me as I am helpless in its grasp. The tip feels around my face until it reaches my lips. It stops for a moment until it pushes itself past my lips. I squirm in its grip but it pushes down my throat. I gag as I continue to fight its grasp on me. It drags me to a leather sofa as it continues to play in my throat. Smaller tentacles emerge from the being. They feel around me and the travel under my clothes. Some adore my stomach while some travel straight to my shorts. The tentacles squirm until they reach my butthole. Tossing and turning in the big tentacle while it's down my throat the smaller tentacles slide into my butthole effortlessly. They push against the walls, gaping me. Three tentacles stretch my hole as a few others travel all over my body. They continue to stretch me out and eventually keep me very widely open. The being lifts me up and places me stomach side down onto the sofa, making sure my ass is up in the air. More tentacles emerge, looping around the sofas legs and quickly wrapping themselves around my hands and feet. The tentacles pull tight spreading my legs and arms out. The being removes it's tentacle from my mouth and uncoils itself from my body. It now travels down my back side and under my shirt. It feels my abs for a moment, and pops back into my mouth for a second. The tentacle makes me gag saliva all over for a few seconds before moving towards my shorts. It travels up a pant leg and into my boxers. Feeling around it finds my butthole and the tentacles making me stretch open. I bite my lip as the smaller tentacles squeeze, making me even wider. Holding my breath I wait for the tentacle to shoot into me. The smaller tentacles from my stomach have traveled to my mouth and are playing with my tongue and lips. One travels down my throat and begins to spin around. I scream as the tentacle makes its way into my butt and begins to travel very deep inside of me. The tentacle grows at random times inside me. The sudden change in size makes the tentacle feel wonderful inside of me. The smaller tentacles that were holding me open retreat as the bigger one stretches me wider then they were holding me. The tentacle continues to feel inside my ass. It travels deep into me and causes a wave of immense pleasure as it throbs inside me. I hold back my moans but orgasm as it continues to move inside me. It vibrates as it travels deep inside, acting as a vibrator. As it stops inside I begin to orgasm just from the vibrations alone. The smaller tentacles spin in my throat as moans escape my mouth. A tendril of saliva drips from my mouth and onto the sofa.

The tentacle has stopped throbbing and has now held a very large structure. It begins to remove itself until only the tip is inside, then in a split second push back inside of me. I begin to moan as it does this at a very fast pace. A second larger tentacle felt up my abs as it made its way to my mouth. Staring at it lining up for my mouth it enters past my lips and down into my throat. I gag as both tentacles fuck me, lifting me up in the air as they rock my body back and forth in a massive orgasm. Saliva drools all over the tentacle in my mouth as it continues to deep throat me. The tentacle near my bottom has begun to penetrate me at a very fast pace. After a few thrusts the tentacle in my throat pulls out and releases a very sticky, white substance all over my face. Warm thick liquid shoots all over my face and pours onto the sofa. It continues until the tentacle enters my mouth and sprays liquid down my throat. It fucks my throat while the other tentacle still holds my bottom up in the air. Both tentacles continue fucking me and the orgasm returns. After the tentacles are done spraying liquid down my throat both tentacles leave my orifices and return to the being. The smaller tentacles release from the being and stick to the floor and wall, still holding my hands and feet. The being stands for a moment before walking out of the door and down the creaking stairs. My face was still covered in cum, and I swallow what bit got into my mouth. I stood helplessly hoping that something else doesn't discover this "free meal" as I squirm away at the tentacles.

Minutes pass by. Fighting with the smaller tentacles is hopeless, their grasp is too strong. Some of the cum has reached my lips and enters my mouth. I swallow as much as I can to try to keep hydrated. A shuffling sound comes from the doorway. My eyes dart from side to side but can't get a good look at what it is. The sounds get louder until the being is right behind me. Closing my eyes I hope for the best. Hands quickly remove my shorts and boxers and stare at my gaping hole. Arms reach around and release my limbs from the tentacles, but toss me onto the ground on my back as soon as they do. A very large hand wraps around the back of my head and pushes my body upwards. A huge cock is shoved into my mouth as I scream. It pushes deep down my throat as I try to pull my head back. The hand acts as a wall as it continues to control my head. The cock pushes down my throat as I gag. It pushes until my lips are at its base. Holding my head I begin to pass out from lack of air. The massive hands make my head bob at a very fast and powerful pace. My body quivers from the lack of air. Closing my eyes I daze off with the cock still down my throat, scared of what I may wake up to.

I wake up after passing out and feel hands pinning my shoulders down to the ground. On my back my ass stands up in the air as the beast stands over me, holding me up. Startled, I begin to try to free myself. I am shocked as the beast penetrates me with his enormous cock. His pelvis smacks against my bottom as he thrusts powerfully. The beast pushes a finger into my mouth as he begins to fuck me. Slapping noises continue to get louder as he beast continues to increase in speed. I moan as he travels deep inside of me, stretching me out farther than the tentacle did. I orgasm very quickly at the size, and the cock makes me continue with its fast movements. Moaning loudly at the orgasm the beast continues his very hard and fast pounding of my butt. It begins to make grunting noises as it begins to fuck even faster. The grunting gets louder as I continue to moan. The orgasm still continues in my ass and makes me go crazy with ecstasy. My legs flail in the air as the force from the beast makes my body rock back and forth on the floor. The cock gets pulled from my ass in one quick motion. The beast stops grunting as I lower my now sore ass onto the floor. My shoulders are still pinned, but I squirm trying to escape. I open my eyes but my body quickly gets spun around onto my stomach. My hands catch myself but the beast rests his hand onto my lower back, pinning me again before I can runaway. Lifting my head the beast thrusts back deep into me. Closing my eyes and opening my mouth my body shakes as he fills my bottom with his enormous cock. It breaths onto my neck and begins with his very fast and powerful fucking. It begins to grunt very quickly as the orgasm returns to me. He thrusts deep and grunts loudly as he holds it deep inside. My body slides on the floor as he pumps hard. Inching towards the wall it increases in speed, until my head is against the wall. A moment of grunting the beast pushes hard against me as he enters fully into my ass. I lift my head up as he fills my ass with his huge cock. He grunts very loudly and his body begins to shake. My mouth is wide open as I scream from the orgasm and his cock. He holds his cock in me as I feel the warm cum flowing through my body. Holding me down I shake with pleasure. With a few more powerful thrusts the beast pulls out and stands up rather quickly. I rest my head on the floor as the beast stays for a moment. He grunts one more time, inspecting my gaping ass. It leaves and the creaking of the stairs ensures that he is gone. I stand up trembling from the orgasm moments after. Cum escapes my gaping hole and lands onto the floor. I take a moment to collect myself and stand up completely. Walking to the door I find my gun and rush down the stairs.

Gathering some food and supplies I lock myself in the study and sleep on the couch the tentacle had fucked me on. Waking up to the sun rising I gather the things I collected and head down the stairs. Walking cautiously down the stairs I remember a bunch of food supplies in the basement my father had collected for just such an occasion. Finding the hidden door under the carpet I make my way down to the dark and damp basement. A light switch is at the bottom of the stairs. I turn it on, but only a dim light bulb flickers down the walkway. Walking towards the food supplies a noise catches my attention. Aiming the gun in the direction I hear a familiar screeching noise. A tentacle emerges from the shadows and knocks me hard onto the ground before I could react. The tentacle wraps around my ankles and drags me across the floor to the darkest part of the basement. Larger tentacles emerge and wrap around my other leg and arms. Pulling my limbs apart and raising themselves I become suspend in the air. Another tentacle wraps around my lower back and forces my butt high into the air. Facing the floor they suspend me high above the ground. The dark basement makes my heart race, as I stay helpless in the air waiting for the tentacles to have their way with me.

Small tentacles travel down my arms and up my legs. Wrapping around my arms the tentacles reach my mouth. They squirm their way past my lips and stop. Pushing against my cheeks the tentacles make my mouth spread open. Fighting against them causes them to pull harder, making my mouth spread wider until I surrender to them. The tentacles near my legs have entered my shorts and boxers. Traveling towards my stomach and past my waist, the tentacles pull against my clothes until they rip off of my body. It does the same for my shirt, until my naked white body is suspended. The tentacles retreat until they are back at my bottom. They rest on my butt cheeks as the large tentacle holding up my lower back emerges. It starts from my back and travels south until reaching the top of my butt crack. Pushing towards me it glides slowly downward past my butthole and rests shortly after still pushing. It continues to glide up and down while the smaller tentacles push my cheeks apart. The tentacles near my mouth continue to hold it open, as saliva begins to drool from my lips. An enormous tentacle drops from the ceiling and stops in front of my open mouth. It pauses as my eyes glare at it. It moves towards my lips as my body shakes with fear and a form of pleasure. Stopping just barely inside my mouth the tentacle gathers all the saliva it can. The smaller tentacles push harder against my mouth, and the enormous tentacle pushes itself down my throat. At first my body can handle it, but as it continues to push my body begins to quiver and my throat gag. My eyes roll back as the tentacle holds itself deep in my throat. Panicking for breath it pulls out from my throat. Taking a deep breath as it exits my mouth the tentacle from my bottom now pushes against me. I hold my breath as it penetrates, and begins traveling very rapidly into me. Opening my mouth to exhale the enormous tentacle shoots back into my throat. Gagging and moaning the tentacles work together to rock my body back and forth. Both push in and pull out at the same time. With a few deep thrusts a wonderful orgasm begins in me. The tentacle in my ass grows steadily, and before long is stretching my butt. The smaller tentacles on my cheeks have traveled inward, and spread my cheeks out even farther. The enormous tentacle stops abruptly. It throbs once, and rests itself on my lip. It spews warm thick cum on my tongue. The cum runs out of my mouth and lands on top of a puddle of drool. The tentacle enters my throat and continues to spew cum as the tentacle from my bottom thrusts fast and also begins to spew cum. Gagging on the cum the tentacle from my bottom exits. Still spewing cum is covers my butt and a good portion of my legs and back. It stops after a good minute or so, as the enormous tentacle stays deep in my throat. Gagging and losing consciousness it holds itself until I almost pass out again.

As I gasp for air the tentacle retreats quickly. The smaller tentacles keeping my mouth open exit as well, but the larger tentacles still keep my suspended. They lower me a few feet closer to the ground but still hold strong. Squirming in their hold they don't budge. Glancing up horror takes over my body. Three huge beasts from the study stand in front of me. Hoping they don't see me as I stay still, they wander towards me. Holding my breath one walks up to me and grunts. My body shakes as it stands in front of me. It grunts again and thrusts its cock down my throat. I try to pull my head back but the tentacles prevent me. The two other beasts travel around me and stop near my bottom. I begin to pass out from the lack of oxygen as the beast fucks my throat. Drool escapes my mouth as I pass out, helpless in the tentacles.




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