Yes, you did read the title correctly.  This new trick is from Honduras. For those who follow my escapades, you'd think all that I ever suck is black guys.  No true any more.  A cum slut should not be limited to one ethnicity.  Due to necessity, I am expanding my horizons. Plain and simple, I'm stuck in a rut.  Oh, I still have a little thug I suck now and then but lately the black dick has been few and far between. Most of the thugs have either skipped the state or been locked up.  That shit happens from time to time.  On this occasion, it was a blessing in disguise.  The dick I got tonight was some of the most delicious and most exciting I've ever had.  He's also got the potential to be a regular and to refer some more uncut Latino dicks for sucking.

Let me give you some background.  I work a weekend job at a gas station to help supplement the shitty income I make during the week at my day job.  Working in a gas station is fun.  You get to come in contact with a lot of people, talk a lot, drink free pop, get free food, etc.  It's much more fun that working at a fast food joint.  I am basically my own boss since I'm the only worker later in the evening.  It's a nice arrangement.

The station I work at does not require cashiers to do any cleaning.  We hire a person to do the dirty work like mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, and taking out the garbage.  For me it is a gravy job.  I just conduct transactions and count the money at the end of the night hoping to hell that the books balance.

A few nights ago I popped into the station to top off the car with overpriced gas and was startled to see a hot young Latino guy doing the cleaning.  I got to talking to him in Spanish - the only way we could communicate.   Most of the regular readers probably think I just speak Ebonics since I usually do black guys.  Note true!  It's helpful now days to know another language.  I do speak Spanish reasonably well and frequently hit on Latinos where I dine.  I just can't seem to bag the Mexicans and Hondurans as easy as the niccas.  (Also, I do think the blacks are prettier to look at!)

Anyway, the other night this hot little stud told me his name is Juan and he's 21.  Juan came to the United States four months ago from Honduras and can only speak a little English.   He is really cute.  Juan is short, with jet black, wavy hair, flashy brown eyes, and medium dark brown skin.  His teeth are very white and he has a really cute smile.  He also has a hot, tight, round little ass which I am eager to bury my face into.  While is not the most handsome specimen I have encountered, he is still very pleasing to look at.  I would let him cum in my mouth or ass in a heartbeat!

During our conversation, he asked if I was married and I told him no, I am bisexual (a stretch, I know!).  He seemed intrigued and very gay friendly.  This is unusual for many Latinos.  He made a habit of adjusting himself and asking me a lot of questions.  Even in private many Latinos put on this macho bullshit act, but Juan didn't.  When I went home that night, I jacked off thinking about that hot little guy and I would suck the shit out of his uncut dick if I ever got the chance.

Last night I got to see Juan again.  I had to work a closing shift and after the other workers went home, Juan did the cleaning for the station.  We got to talking again and Juan started asking me a lot of questions about sucking dick.  I told him I love to do it and I am very good at it.  He asked why I like to do it and I said I like to drink the "leche"  (translated, leche = milk which is slang for cum, semen, etc.) He also seemed intrigued when I told him that I like to lick a guy's ass.  He told me that licking ass is gay and I am a "joto" (faggot) and I agreed that I am a whore for hard cocks.  He picked up on how much I like to be humiliated and smiled.

As we continued to talk, Juan kept adjusting his crotch which I could see was bulging nicely.  I told him I could see his verga was getting hard and he asked me if I wanted to suck it.  I told him in his native tongue that yes, we could do it in the closet where the security system is located.  He was concerned that there might be a camera but I told him it was only a television and there are no cameras in the room.

Anyway, Juan and I went into the tiny security closet.  The room itself has a one-way mirrored window for peering out into the store.  Thankfully it was later in the evening and there was a lull in the business so the place was empty.  I asked Juan to sit up on the desk but he declined and pointed to the floor in a sort of commanding fashion.  I nodded and took my place on my knees on the floor where all filthy cocksucking faggots belong.  Turning off the lights, I closed the door and Juan pulled out his young hard cock.
I never did see the cock because of the extreme darkness but I can still describe it.  It was probably about five and a half inches long and, as you can predict, it was uncut.  Juan did have a little odor from sweat and the dick tasted a little tangy at first.  I didn't care.  That added to the turn-on.  I immediately deep-throated his dirty dick and cleaned the sweat off it with my tongue and saliva.  Juan moaned.  As I went up and down on his shaft, I was surprised how thick it was for a smaller guy.  It was pleasing to suck on.

The next part was exciting.  I tried to do my usual blowjob where I control everything.  It always works for the black thugs.  But it didn't work for this guy.  Juan must be a control freak.  He really got into the blowjob and started pulling my head up and down on his baby maker while at the same time thrusting really hard.  He fucked the shit out of my throat with his Latino meat.  Hours later, my throat is still a little sore.  At the same time he was swearing at me in a mix of English and Spanish.  Several times he said "Suck it, beech" or "pinche joto" (fucking faggot).  I sucked him hard and fast with a lot of spit.  He savagely fucked my throat and kept degrading me verbally.  I took my hand and tried to jack his cock as I sucked but Juan slapped my hand away.  I took his hand and placed it against my cheek.  He took the cue and slapped me in the face.  This time I moaned.  I love that shit!
I sensed the brown dick was going to erupt.  It just kept getting harder and thicker.  Juan commanded me in Spanish to swallow it and then came in my mouth. The load was fairly small, probably just two or three squirts. It wasn't as big as I am used to but it was a nice change!  The sticky jizz had a nice flavor to it, actually a little spicy like pepper.  I guzzled his juice down and thanked him.

It dawned on me that there were now customers in the store as I stood up and gazed out the little window. The whole time we were in that room it only took two or three minutes.  As we both exited the security room into the store, I saw a couple of people milling about but nobody seemed to pay attention.  It didn't dawn on me until later that anyone who looked over that way would have known we had been in the room together in the dark!  Fortunately, nobody was any the wiser.  Let that be a lesson - don't be like me.  Keep aware of your surroundings when sucking cock in a dangerous place!

Juan took my phone number.  I told him any time he needs his cock sucked, I will do it for him.  I want to be his bitch.  He wants to fuck my ass, too.  I told him in Spanish, "Chinga me como conejo"  (Fuck me like a rabbit).  He laughed and said "Como perro" (like a dog).  I guess a cum sucking dog is what I have sunk to.  That's okay.  Many readers already know how addicting it is to be white trash for a Negro or a Latino.  I wouldn't have it any other way.



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