Part 1 – The blowjob video

I have struggled to give Walt a decent blowjob much of our time together. Walt has a beautiful cock over eleven inches long, and nearly three inches thick. The egg shaped head is even thinker! When he fucks me I feel like a baseball has been shoved up my ass, along with the rest of the bat! Unfortunately, I have a small mouth and a problem jaw. I struggle to get the head in. Occasionally, I can get a little more in. I can make him come using my lips and tongue.

The trouble is I like sucking cock. And I am frustrated that I can't suck his to my (or his) liking.

I had a late conference with one of my professors (No, I didn't fuck him. I'm a good wife.). I came home late to find Walt sitting on the sofa watching something on his computer, and stroking his cock. After what I'd been through when I was younger, I hated porn. I no longer watched it and it bothered me that Walt seemed engrossed in it at the moment.

"Damn it, Walt! How could you......?" I screamed and stomped off to my room.

Walt found me sobbing on our bed. I slapped his hand away when he tried to touch me.

"Angie? What's wrong? What did I do?" he asked.

When I looked at him, I could tell he was genuinely confused! I could have said, "You know what you did!” But I didn't. I always hated it when my mom said that to my dad, or me. He often didn't know! Maybe Walt didn't know!

"I've told you how many times I sucked a cock while that person watched porn! You've seen some of the movies I was in! I hate seeing women used that way! hated being used that way!" I choked out between sobs.

Walt held me a moment then said, "I wasn't looking at porn."

"Then what!" I snarled.

He took me by my hand and said, "Come see for yourself."

His response was so calm and quiet, I had to go look. It was a home movie of me. Not naked......but in a tee and cutoffs....weeding the flower bed. Of me smiling at him and blowing him a kiss. A short three-minute video set to repeat itself.

I slumped on the couch. I couldn't find any words! My husband had been jacking off watching me weed a flower bed. I looked over at Walt.

"It's okay, Babe, I understand," he said. "I'm sorry this upset you."

After supper, I snuggled against him. But, I couldn't leave well enough alone. I'd come home a couple of times recently to see him masturbating, looking at nothing in particular.

"What do you think of when you masturbate?" I asked.

He looked a little sheepish, and said, “Please. Don't be angry with me. Sometimes, I fantasize about the times I watched you with Stephanie. You two are so hot together."

He mistook my stunned look for anger.

He looked down and quietly said, "I won't do it again. I promise!"

I didn't know whether to be angry, or pleased. I'd encouraged him to watch us, and to even join us. I was turned on to the fact that I aroused him even when absent!

"I guess I'm okay with that, as long as you don't fantasize while you're fucking my ass!" I teased.

Unfortunately, I fantasized about sucking Steph while Walt fucked me that night.

The next morning, I struggled again giving Walt a blowjob. He seemed distracted. I just had to ask!

"I'm not complaining," he said. "You're the only one who's ever given me a blow job and made me come."

"Out with it, buster!" I growled. I was taking my frustration out on him."

"I'm jealous," he said. "You can take all of Stephanie's dick in your mouth!”

My mouth dropped. Steph is only five inches long, and not very thick. Walt packs a damned monster in his shorts! I was nearly in tears! I try very hard to give him good head! Ungrateful bastard!

“Angie, I’m really not complaining! I know my size makes it near impossible. I just wonder what that kind of blow job would feel like!”

Walt never asks me to suck him. He’s always been grateful I tried! But I wasn’t in any mood to listen. I stormed out of our room and locked myself in the guestroom. A few minutes later, I heard him go out to his workshop.

I fumed awhile, then called my best friend for advice, but I really wanted a shoulder to cry on. Steph listened a few minutes, then interrupted me.

“I’m not surprised Walt has never complained. He’s too much the gentleman and way to considerate of your feelings!” she commented.

“You’ve been sucking my dick for several years, now. I let you because you want to. I even come, but you give damned lousy head!”

“You’ve never complained!” I whined. “I’ve sucked many a cock, and no one ever complained!”

“Babe, if I had sucked cock like you when I was on the street, I would have starved!”

After I let that sink in, I asked, “What am I doing wrong?”

“Nothing, really. You only use your mouth. Sometimes, you need to add a little variety. You’ll probably never be able to deep throat that thing Walt sports, but you can do things that will give him great pleasure, and you, great satisfaction.”

Steph paused, and added. “Roger is long, but Walt is even longer, and much thicker! You need to use your mouth more effectively. You need to use your hands, and your eyes.”

She took another breath, “If you really want to learn, I’m willing to teach you.”

I agreed, and thanked her. Steph promised to get back with me soon.

After lunch, I put on my skimpiest top and cutoffs. Walt had just finished mowing and was sitting in the shade. I carried a cold beer to him.

“I’m sorry,” I said, then knelt between his legs. “I want to do better. I promise I’ll learn how.”

Walt raised his hips and let me slide off his shorts. I stroked him as I sucked on the head. He moaned appreciatively and ran his fingers through my hair. He soon filled my mouth with his load.

A few days later, a letter and a thumb drive from Stephanie arrived. The note told me to watch the enclosed video with Walt.

After supper, we plugged the drive into the TV and sat back to watch. We both figured we’d probably be embarrassed: no telling what Steph had sent. It opened with a fully clothed Stephanie instructing us.

“I hope you are both comfortable. Babe, I want you to pay close attention. I want you both to see what a great blow job is like!”

The picture faded to a view of her, naked, kneeling before Roger, his cock hanging limp. Walt and I sat stunned as we watched my best friend proceed to arouse her husband. We watched her spend nearly twenty minutes giving Roger fantastic head. He groaned and filled her mouth to overflowing. Some escaped and dribbled down her chin.

“Walt, don’t be afraid to tell her what you like. Babe, you can do this. You’ll both enjoy blow jobs more!”


“Good luck with your mission. This tape will self destruct in five…four…three…..”

Walt and I looked at each other. We’d never see anything like it. (Walt had to explain the Mission Impossible reference. It was way before my time!) We sat and watched it again. And a third time!

I was stroking my cock while Walt placed his arm around me and played with my breast. I reached over and stroked his cock, too. We both came before the clip ended. Walt had to go on to bed. I promised to be in shortly, but I was mesmerized. I started watching it over and over, pausing and rewinding, as I studied every detail.

Walt came out early the next morning. I forgot his flight! I hadn’t even fixed breakfast! I barely got him to the airport on time! He kissed me and said he’d see me in two weeks!

He didn’t get to fuck me before he left! I wouldn’t have his wonderful cock up my ass for two whole weeks! I was determined to give him a fantastic blow job when he returned.

Stephanie was between jobs and wouldn’t start her new one for a couple of weeks. She’s a civil engineer and had been recently laid off. Walt helped her find a job with his company. She and Roger would be moving close to us and Roger would be going back to college and working on his doctorate. He had me for one of his electives.

I went down to help them pack, and maybe get blowjob lessons. Was I in for a surprise!

Steph called up a couple of web sites. One sight had a gorgeous blonde. Another had an equally gorgeous redhead. Both sites showed different techniques for sucking longer cocks. The third site featured an older couple. That one showed ways to suck smaller cocks. We watched them for hours, Stephanie pausing the videos and asking questions. By the time we were finished we were so horny we nearly tore each others’ clothes off!

Stephanie encouraged me to pay attention and proceeded to take me into her mouth. I was ready to come fairly quickly, but she worked at delaying me, stretching the blowjob out nearly fifteen minutes. I exploded in her mouth! I realized, now, why Steph was such a fantastic cocksucker!

Then it was my turn. Steph guided me and offered suggestions as I sucked her cock. I was really getting into it when she came. I’d forgotten I was supposed to be giving her great head.

“Better,” she said, “You can practice on me later.”

We sat back and drank a beer while she critiqued my performance. I still had a long ways to go, but I had an excellent teacher! I was soon ready to suck her again. I sucked her twice that evening, and several times each of the following days.

We’d be packing and moving boxes when she’d remove her shorts and say, “I need a blowjob.’

I’d immediately find different ways to suck her off. We’d watch the videos over and over each evening. I soon mastered many of the techniques and received glowing reviews from my teacher. I was now getting great pleasure from giving great head!

“Babe, you’re doing great!” my lover said. “Now it’s time to practice on something Walt’s size!”

We watched the video of her and Roger several times with her asking questions and backing up to make a point. This was all fine and dandy, but, what was I going to practice on? Steph smiled wickedly. She called Roger in. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It wasn’t as big as Walt’s, but is was still nice. It was ten inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick.

“Steph!” I cried out. “I can’t suck his! He’s your husband! What would Walt say? I haven’t slept with another man since we’ve been together!”

She just shook her head. “One…you sleep with me all the time. Two…you won’t be sleeping with Roger. You’ll only be practicing sucking on his dick! Three… I don’t think Walt will mind! And…four…we won’t tell him!”

I shrugged, but started working on Roger. It was nice being able to take a cock his size into my mouth. I could take almost half his length. Stephanie coached me and encouraged me. I practiced on him several times that weekend. I felt guilty, but I was having a great time! The last attempt, Roger grabbed my hair, groaning as he filled my mouth.

“I think he’s pleased!” Steph teased.

“That was almost as good as one of yours!” Roger exclaimed. No small praise to be considered favorably with Steph!

We took a break for supper and a couple of beers. Roger teased me and said I could practice on him any time! Steph snorted at that, but said if I kept sucking like I was, Walt would never leave me! I’d have him eating out of my hand! 

Steph had Roger sit on their sofa, legs spread wide. She had me strip and kneel. She quickly did the same.

“Babe, it’s time for your final exam! And, Roger, for being such a good practice dummy, we have a special treat for you. We’re going to give you a double blowjob!”

I hadn’t given one of those since I worked for Jackie. This was going to be fun!

Roger moaned as two mouths worked his cock over. Two sets of lips slid up and down his shaft. One of us would take the head while the other licked the shaft. He couldn’t hold it and filled my mouth with his cum. I kissed Steph and shared his juices with her.

After we rested, she pulled Roger away, saying he needed to fuck his horny wife. I lay in the next room listening to her loud cries when she came. The next morning, I went home. 


I picked up Walt at the airport the following afternoon. We picked up some carry-out on the way home. After supper, Walt undressed and went to bed while I cleaned up supper. I joined him shortly after.

Wearing only my blue teddy, I started at the foot of the bed and crawled towards him between his legs. I could see his bulge forming, lust in his eyes. I unfastened his boxers and pulled his cock free. I gently kissed the head, the licked underneath his shaft as I worked back up to the head. I slid my lips over the head until I reached its rim, sliding back off with a slight sucking. 

While I sucked the head, I ran my tongue around it paying particular attention to the slit. I stroked his shaft with my fingers, not gripping it. I looked up into his eyes gauging his reaction. His breathing grew rapid and he writhed beneath me. He came sooner than he’d ever come before! I let his juices flow down over his shaft, then ran my lips along his length until I’d licked it all back up.

I kissed my way up his stomach and lightly sucked and bit his nipples. I worked up to kiss him. He pulled me close and kissed me deeply. His eyes shown brightly as he smiled at me.

“Wow!! That was fantastic!” he exclaimed. “That was the best blowjob you ever gave me!”

I smiled, then unfastened the bottom of my teddy. His cock had stiffened again and I guided it into my ass. I sat up on his cock and slid one strap off my shoulder exposing one small breast. His gasp of delight told me I was doing everything right. He held my hips as I rode him to another orgasm. As he filled my ass, I creamed his stomach.

As we lay snuggled, he asked how I managed to improve s much. His cock started twitching when I described my training. I hesitated when I got to the part about Roger.

I blurted out, “I practiced on Roger,” half expecting he’d be angry, and hoping he’d forgive me.

“Did you do a good job? Did he like it?” was all he said. "Did you like sucking him?”

Since he didn’t seem the least bit upset, I answered yes to all the questions. I then told him I was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. I wouldn’t cheat on him ever again! Walt just laughed and tousled my hair.

“Steph called and asked if it would be okay if you learned and practiced on Roger. She called before she ever suggested it to you!”

His stiff cock beckoned to me. Walt said I was free to practice on him all I want!


Part 2 – Stephanie and Me

I though back on a comment Walt had made about fantasizing about me and Stephanie together. He’d seen us sucking and fucking each other on several occasions. He’d even participated in a threesome, with me in the middle. He was turned on watching two beautiful trannies going at it with each other. I knew he was mildly interested in my best friend, but he’d never make a move on her while in a relationship with me, and her being married. He’s honorable that way, and I dearly love him for that.

I asked Steph if she’d make a video or two with me for our husbands. I asked her who filmed them. She said she’d done it. She’d worked as a fluffer in the porn industry for a while, and learned a few things about video production. She’d even edited some family movies for some co-workers!

Stephanie set up a room with exotic oriental hangings and candles all over the place. She draped a sheet over a day bed. Every thing had a light amber glow to it. I have no clue where all the cameras were, but she covered many angles. I didn’t get to see the final results until after she edited it.

Stephanie invited us over for dinner and for the unveiling of our movie. Roger hadn’t even seen it! Steph served wine as we all sat on the long sofa.


Two gorgeous long-haired trannies were in a tight embrace, lips locked together, hands cupping nice round bottoms. Angela, the taller of the two, was slender with firm, small breasts. She had jeweled nipple rings and matching jewelry in her navel. Stephanie was a little thicker with, long dark hair and 

beautiful dark eyes. She wore hoop earrings and a chain around her waist. Her bottom was fuller and rounder. Both had small cocks. Both had eyes only for each other.

Stephanie raised her head as Angela kissed her neck down to the hollow between her lover’s breasts. The camera zoomed into capture moist red lips kissing and sucking a dark brown nipple. Teeth lightly grabbed a nipple. The camera zoomed out to capture Angela slowly kiss her way down to Stephanie’s navel. Angela moved down to kiss the hollows of her lover’s hips. Moans of pleasure escaped Stephanie’s lips as she purred’ “Yeeesssss!” 

Angela moved lower and took the now erect cock into her mouth. She lightly stroked it with a thumb and two fingers while she slowly bobbed on the head of the small cock. Angela slowly took the whole cock into her mouth, caressing her lover’s balls with one finger. She rolled her head side to side as she sucked. Angela looked up into her lover’s eyes. The camera zoomed into the same moist red lips as they moved along her lover’s shaft. The camera zoomed back out as Stephanie looked down and smiled as she filled the taller tranny’s mouth with cream.

Angela let a little dribble from her mouth, and used a finger to clean it up. She rose and offered her finger to her lover to suck clean. The two lover’s, now covered with a light sheen of sweat, drew each other into a deep kiss.

Then It was Stephanie’s turn. She lay Angela back on the day bed and licked her way to the taller tranny’s breast. The camera zoomed in to capture a moist tongue flicking across a nipple, causing it to stiffen. Lips closed over the tip and sucked. The tongue played with the nipple ring, twirling it around. The camera zoomed out to show a face licking its way down her lover’s sweat covered body as it traveled down to the cock below. 

Stephanie sucked the small cock enough to moisten it before she straddled it and guided into her shapely round bottom. She rocked on the cock as both trannies played with each other’s breasts. Stephanie leaned over and kissed Angela, the taller girl now thrusting into that delicious looking bottom. Soon Angela stiffened and filled her lover’s ass with her cream.

Both lovers smiled at each other, then Stephanie placed her ass over Angela’s mouth. She slowly stroked Angela’s cock while her lover’s tongue probed her asshole, lapping up the leaking juices. Angela soon came and Stephanie licked the cream from her lover’s stomach. 

The camera faded with the two trannies intertwined.

The wine remained untouched. Sometime into the movie, I freed Walt’s stiffening bulge from his pants. I moved my panties aside, and with my back to him, guided his huge cock into my ass. I didn’t care we had no lube. I slid down until he was balls deep inside me. He reached inside my blouse and played with my breast. I held onto his thighs and ground against him. With his other hand, he played with my cock. Walt filled my ass about the same time I filled my panties with my cream.

Stephanie sucked on Roger and watched all our reactions. She stopped to turn to me. Roger happened to come and cover her face with his sticky goo!

Stephanie handed us a copy and said she’d keep one for her and Roger. This was not like the sleazy videos I’d previously been in. These were high quality, romantic, erotic porn. I could easily watch this over and over, and I knew Walt could, too!

After we got home, I handed Walt the thumb drive and said, “I made this for you. I want to always be in your fantasies and your dreams! Enjoy this whenever I’m away, or when you travel. I love you very much, darling!’

He tossed it on the dresser and replied, “Fantasies are nice, but I prefer the real thing.”

He then pulled me to our bedroom.


Part 3 – Our Special Home Movie.

Walt loved my video so much, I wanted to make a very special one for him. I asked Stephanie to help me make a movie with Walt. He couldn’t know about it until it was completed! Steph said she’d think on it. I needed to come up with a theme.

Steph came over a few weeks later and set up her cameras. She would film us in the guest house and monitor from our guest bedroom. Roger would pick her up later.

The guest house had a large bathroom with glass block walls that would allow plenty of light, but not let anyone see inside. The bathroom had a lot of copper and bronze fixtures and hangings. The bath tub would hold six people, almost a small swimming pool! I had candles all over, giving everything a warm glow. (Hey! When I find a romantic setting that works, I stick with it!)

When Walt came home, Steph directed him to the guest house………

Two weeks later, Steph brought another thumb drive over. She pulled me close and gave me the deepest kiss she’d given me in a very long time! She had me ready to take her to bed when she released me.

“Babe,” she throatily said. ”This video is even better than the one we made together! Roger and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I couldn’t get his cock to stay down! My ass is still sore!”

She kissed me and left.

Walt stepped into the guest house to find his transsexual wife neck deep in the bath. Her hair was pulled above her head, eyes sparkling with delight at the arrival of her lover. She rose slowly from the bath, her wet body glistening in the candle light, droplets falling from her breasts and small cock. She stepped from the tub and walked slowly to her lover, a sensuous sway to her hips, a Venus rising from the depths.

Angela looked small against her six foot two husband. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply. She wrapped her leg around him. He ran his hands along the lovely leg and cupped her bottom. He moved to nuzzle her neck. Her lips parted slightly and a low moan escaped.

The young tranny stepped back and gazed into her lover’s eyes as she unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. She slowly kissed down his chest and kissed his nipples gently. They were soon erect under 

the gentle caresses from her lips and tongue. She slid lower and kissed his navel before kneeling in front of him. 

Looking up into his eyes, she unfastened his belt and pants and slid them to his feet. She rubbed her hands along his legs as he stepped out of his clothes. She kissed the head of his now freed cock. She again gazed in to his eyes as she took some of the head of his huge cock between her lips.

The camera zoomed in to show her as she kissed along one side of the shaft, returning to take in the head again. She repeated her lavishments along the other side. Holding the cock with the finger tips of both sides, she ran her tongue all over the head, before taking more of it into her mouth. She looked up at her lover often.

Angela stroked the now erect cock with her fingertips as she slowly bobbed on the head, her eyes looking up into her lover’s. She slowly took in more of his cock until she had a third of his length inside. She gradually picked up her pace. One hand stroked her lover’s torso while the other caresses his balls and tickled underneath his shaft. She rolled her head from side to side as she sucked on his head.

Walt groaned and arched slightly as he came. The camera zoomed in to see the head resting on her tongue, her mouth open, ready to accept his offering. His cum filled her mouth and some escaped her lips as she swallowed. She used her fingers to scoop up what had licked out and looked into his face, smiling as she licked his load from her fingers.

Angela now knelt, head to a cushion, ass raised and legs spread wide, offering her pucker to his eleven inch cock. The camera zoomed in enough to show her small cock dangling beneath her. Walt placed his face in her crack and began licking her asshole.

“Oh, yeesss!” she moaned.

Angela now appeared on two images. One camera showing her face as another showed the huge cock pushing against her asshole. Her eyes widened and her mouth formed an “O” as the head pushed against her.

The camera showed her asshole resisting, then surrendering to the huge cock shoving its way into her. Angela’s face relaxes and a smile appears as she purrs in delight. Walt grabs her hips and buries his cock balls deep into his lover’s beautiful round bottom. He slowly pulls most the way out then quickly shoves back in hitting the end of her channel. Angela rocks slightly with each powerful thrusts. She quietly gasps as each thrust hits the end.

“You feel soooo gooood in my ass!” she purrs. “Please, fuck me harder!”

She reached behind her to spread her cheeks as the camera zooms in to show the huge cock disappearing into her small ass. The camera captured the slow withdrawal and the fast shove back into her asshole. Walt fucks her hard a few more minutes, then withdraws completely, exposing her widely gaping hole.

Walt reached down to Angela’s hand and helped her to her feet. He swept her up into his arms. She gazed lovingly into his face, arms around his neck, as her carried her into the tub. He laid her on a cushion near own edge. He raised her legs and let her feet rest on his shoulders as he pushed his cock 

back into her. Angela moaned as the huge cock traveled the length of her channel and massaged her ass walls. 

Angela’s body flushed from her face to her breasts as she neared orgasm. She screamed as wave after wave of cream spurted from her cock. Walt groaned as he thrust one last time and filled his lover’s ass with his load.

The camera slowly faded as he lifted his tranny lover, still on his cock, and carried from sight. Her arms were wrapped tightly around his neck. Her legs around his waist.

I had never really seen Walt’s cock in me like that. I was amazed at how stretched my asshole actually was. I felt warm and knew I need to have his cock in my soon. We tore each other’s clothes off. I was kissing him wildly as Walt rammed his cock into me. This was no gentle love making. This was raw animal passion! Walt fucked me for nearly two hours! We both came several times that session and fell asleep exhausted,

Steph had outdone herself! This was a fantastic video. (No, I won’t post it! You can see so many like it on the web, you don’t need to see mine!). Walt and I each had copies of both videos.



Steph and I made a couple more videos over the next few weeks. One was of me taking a slow shower and finishing by masturbating to an orgasm. Of course, I creamed into my hand and licked it up while looking at the camera. I mouthed “Come fuck me” as the video faded. As I was drying off, Steph dashed naked into the bathroom and dragged me back into the shower.

“Damn, Woman, I need to fuck you right now!” she exclaimed.

The video had the same effect on Walt. He’d rush in every time I took a shower. Soon he was suggesting I needed a shower! Sometimes, I had to wait until he’d left before I could take one in peace.

Steph and I made another shower video together, with the same results.

Walt and I both had copies of all four videos. Whenever I have to travel without him, I play them and masturbate. I’m so turned on by the time I get home, I keep Walt fucking me the whole weekend.

I may hate porn, especially my older videos, but these hold a special place in my heart.

I made them for my lover!



Angie K


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